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Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 1, 1560-95. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1894.

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Fafes, Wil.: his arms, p. 58.

Fairfax, James: pensioner, 545, p. 455.
-, Sir Thomas: commissioner on marches, p. 35.

Fairley, Leonard: master carpenter, surveys Berwick, 477.

Fairlye, Peter: alderman, Berwick, 805, 818, p. 451; 841.

Falcons: Hunsdon's casts of "Skotshe," p. 73.

Falder, Anth.: unfurnished, p. 45.
-, Christofer: juror, Carlisle, 232.
-, John: unfurnished, p. 45.
-, John: absent, p. 50.
-, Tho.: unfurnished, p. 49.

Falkland (Faukland): the King refuses Bothwell and Mar's company to (23rd April 1586), 422; the King writes from, to the Lords of the Articles (July), 526; Mr D. Lindsay sent to remonstrate, 526; a convention to meet at, on 2nd Sept., 536; the King at, despatching ambassadors to Denmark, 538; Bothwell's repulse at (30th June 1592), 753; complaints of Englishmen's help in, 760, 761; names of 14 sent to Lowther, 765; 771, p. 415.

Fara (Farra), Hen.: horseman, Chatton, p. 160.
-, Ric.: horseman, Tilmouth, p. 159.
-, Tho.: horseman, Tilmouth, p. 159.

Farenes, Geo.: horseman, Stamford, p. 160.

Farie, Geo.: his arms, p. 54.
-, John: his arms, p. 54.

Farlam parish: muster of, p. 39.
-, Chris.: bowman, p. 51.
-, John: (1) bowman, p. 51; (1) unfurnished, p. 51.
-, John: his arms, p. 58.
-, Leonard: his arms, p. 58.
-, Ric.: his arms, p. 46.
-, Ric.: bowman, p. 51.
-, Tho. (2): bowmen, p. 51.

Farnton: one horseman in, p. 23.

Fast Castle: Heron and other hostages died in, (temp. James 4th), p. 195; (Faus castle): Laird of Restalrig's house, 490.

Fast days: Wednesdays and Fridays proclaimed (3rd June), 518.

Fawdon town: horsemen in, p. 20; (Redesdale): forayed (1587), 535; Sir C. Collingwood's "gimmers" and "dinmonts' stolen from, p. 359.
-, John: horseman, Newtowne, p. 157.

Fawnes, Rob.: horseman, Embleton, p. 160.

Fayre Island: the Spanish Armada reported about on 10th Aug. (10th Sept.), 633.

Feildinge: to see after Jesuits (3rd Oct. 1586), 457; Scrope's servant, 474; Scrope's servant, favoured by Walsingham in his "poore sute" (31st July), 647; William: to Burghley, with list of border treaties in his custody at Carlisle (8th Oct.), 778; note of these, 778; to same, that he finds no more (13th Oct.), 782; to Burghley, for direction as to march treatiesis going to Richmond (5th Nov.), 913.

Felkington village: tenants, &c., p. 18; muster of, p. 153.

Fell, John: spoiled, p. 431.
-, William, alias "the ostler," of Mowe: raid by, p. 364.
-, William: bowman, 92.

Felton, Old: one horseman in, p. 21.

Fence, Anth.: absent, p. 50.

Fenham village: tenants, &c., p. 19; Queen's land, p. 34; muster of, p. 153; Lord Hume hunts and stays with Sir W. Reade at (28th Oct.), 987.

Fenkell, Ric.: horseman, Ellingham, p. 160.
-, Tho.: horseman, Horton, p. 157.

Fenton: tenants in, p. 16; muster of, pp. 153, 157.
-, Chris.: absent, p. 46.
-, Edw.: absent, p. 46.
-, Hugh: unfurnished, p. 48.
-, John: absent, p. 46.
-, John (2): unfurnished, p. 48.
-, Leonard: spearman, p. 46.
-, Ric.: unfurnished, p. 46.
-, Tho.: unfurnished, p. 44.
-, Tho.: unfurnished, p. 46.
-, Wil.: spearman, p. 49.

Fentrie, Laird of (Graham): gone or going to France with news of Stirling (13th Nov. 1585), 389; confers with Crawford and Montrose (5th Nov. 1586), 465; receives English Jesuits (21st May), p. 259; expected to be secretary, greatest papist in Scotland, and a Jesuit (16th July), 523, 524; the King demands his relaxing in parliament, 526; "is dead" (18th July 1593), p. 475.

Fenwick (Fenneck) village: tenants, &c., p. 19; belongs to Norham castle, p. 34; muster of, pp. 153, 159.
-, John: petitions Burghley, p. 342; to Burghley, for the two years' pay due at Berwick (Oct. 1590), 693; petitions for balance of two years' pay (March 1593), 816; petition against Vernon (20th April), p. 452.
-, Mich.: horseman, Lesbury, p. 160.
-, Oswald, of Middleton: raid on, 174.
-, Raiph: Radclif of Cartington's man, robbed and taken, p. 364.
-, Richard, of Stanton: his horsemen, p. 21; present at Lord Russell's death, p. 190; makes charges against Forster, who declares them false and ungrateful, as he owes his life to his forbearance (3rd March 158990), 662; sues Thomas Karr of Cavers on "band" for 25 kye, p. 359; sues Thomas K. on his bond to enter Jock Hall of Sikes, p. 364; and Andrew Kerr of Farnehurst to restore his "dun" horse, p. 364.
-, Roger, of Cammo: raid on, 174.
-, Roger: Radclif of Cartington's man, robbed and taken, p. 364.
-, Stephen, of Longshare: resets Jesuits (Oct.), 458.
-, Tho.: pensioner, p. 455.
-, Tristram: raid on, 595.
-, William, of Blogdoun: raid on, p. 364.
-, Mr William, of Wallington: his tenants, p. 22; commissioner, East and Middle Marches, p. 35; raid on (Aug. 1583), 174; in a rode to Liddesdale (29th Sept. 1584), 258; present at Lord Russell's death, p. 190; reports Fernihurst's behaviour before the King and council (23rd Aug.), 341; (of Wallington), took Fernihurst's water serjeant as a march traitor in England, 359; bill against the Olivers, and "tryst" to settle it, 476; 557; of Northumberland: "a brave gentleman," the Queen specially thanks (23rd Aug.), 630; gentleman, deputy for Sir John Forster, 668; to Huntingdon, of Tynedale forays on 30th Sept. and 6th instantmurder and great damages (14th Oct.), 903; keeper of Tyndale, his report of these at Alnwick (16th), 904; nine years' spoils, &c. from him and others, 998.

Fenwicks (Fenickes), the: gentlemen of the Middle March, 166; at feud, 168; feud with the Elliots, p. 126; route of their forays, p. 126.

Fenyle, Cutbert: horseman, Rooke, p. 159.

Fergie, "Wills," &c.: intruders on Maxwell's lands, p. 422.

Ferne islands: 20; fort, &c. damaged by storms (1590), 686; chimneys blown down and house "unslated" (13th April), 943.

Fernihurst (Farnehirst, Pharnehirst), Laird of, (Sir Thomas Kerr): 47; made provost of Jedburgh and restored to his own and his late father-in-law's lands (Sept. 1581), p. 76; Lennox moves the King for his restoring (23rd Nov.), 113, 114; at feud with Cesford the warden (Oct.), 111; in great credit with Lennox, and little in his wardenry (May), 120; at Dalkeith, conferring with Lennox on French news, 121; sends to Forster for leave to pass through England (1st Jan. 15823), 145; professes devotion to Elizabeth, 145; his licence from the King to go to France for five years (from 16th Dec. 1582), p. 92; his departure for France reported to Elizabeth (7th March 15823), 155; two Englishmen in his house (Feb. 15834), p. 129; arrives at Kyncarne with money for the King (13th May), 228; his wife to meet him in Edinburgh, 228; in great credit with the King, his dissension with Cesford the warden (25th June), 239; meets Sir J. Selby secretly (29th Sept.), 258; arranged between Arran and Hunsdon, 258; dispute with Cesford for the wardenry, 258; succeeds Cesford as warden (6th Nov. 1584), 265, 266; also keeper of Liddesdale, suspected of design on Carmichael's life (22nd Dec.), 270; lies at Jedburgh with an extra strong garrison (8th Jan. 15845), 278, 280; meets Forster and gives names of late conspirators (4th Feb.), 282; ciphered letters taken from his messenger and sent to Lord Russell, his anger thereat, 341; his demeanour, and false statements before the King and council, when accused of Russell's death (23rd Aug.), 341; his delivery in England to be demanded, 343; notes as to him, 344; instructions as to proof against him (4th Sept.), 346; his dealings with Arran suspicious, p. 196; the murderer, in Forster's opinion (15th), 348; or bound to find him, 348; though "fowle" of breach of truce, and likely of the murder, will not be delivered (5th Oct.), 358; special charges against him, his great force and conduct at the meeting, &c. (11th Oct.), 359; will not be delivered and the King appealed to (7th9th Oct.), 361, 362; Dacre's suggestions as to, 363; Dr Colmar's view, 364; Sir W. Bowes as to, 365; the King's reply to the demand (12th Oct.), 366, 367; his non-appearance before commission, 368; King will not deliver him, 369; the Queen's remonstrances (16th Oct.), 370; Dacre's further proofs (19th), 371; Scrope's persistent demand (21st), 373; Bowes', also, 374; King's qualified assent, 375; Scrope abandons hope of delivery (23rd), 376, 377; commission dissolved, 376, 377; delivery not granted (28th Oct.), 381; lately provost of Jedburgh, 382; fled and great search for him (11th Nov.), 388, 389; Cesford his successor as warden and provost (26th), 395; Lord Hume looking for him, 395; report of his death in Aberdeen (24th Feb. 15856), 417; Forster's wish he had been hanged (18th April), 421; his "traitery," 439; (Andrew Ker):raids by his people (1587), pp. 2623; his foray at Sydewood in Tynedale to be redressed (11th Feb. 158990), 657, 659, 660; Sydewood bill filed on (12th March 158990), p. 357; bond to Sir John Forster by him and the Lady of F., his "mother-in-law," for money lent his late father when banished to England, p. 358; he and cautioner to appear before the King and council on 22nd iust. (6th Jan. 15901), 700; still at feud with Cesford (18th April), 709; keeper of Liddesdale under "young" Duke of Lennox (1592), p. 395; promises to appear before the King and council for resetting Bothwell (10th Sept.), p. 406; Master of Gray at his house, 776; meets Forster for justice (15th March 15923), 808; for Liddesdale and the Duke, as keeper, 808; deputy keeper of Liddesdale under Lennox (Aug.), 879; on assize at Bothwell's trial (10th Aug.), p. 492; his house to be pulled down by the King for succouring Bothwell (16th Oct. 1593), p. 507; reported to have fled (19th Oct.), 908; Hamilton and Hume "not content" at the King's severity, 908; in Bothwell's new scheme upon the King at Lithco (31st Oct.), p. 510. See Carr, Sir Thomas, and Andrew.

Ferrour (Ferer), John: horseman, Myndrom, p. 157.
-, Ric.: horseman, Horkley, p. 159.
-, Rob.: horseman, Myndrom, p. 157.
-, Tho.: horseman, Yesinton, p. 161.

Fesell, James: horseman, Lesbury, p. 160.

Fetherstonhaugh: horsemen in, p. 21.
-, Alexander: to appear before the council, 214; of Featherstonhaugh: raid on (Aug. 1587), 595.

Fetiplace, Edward: 25.

Fettes, Charles: horseman, Tilmouth, p. 159.
-, John: horseman, Twysell, p. 159.
-, Rob.: horseman, Tilmonth, p. 159.
-, Roger: horseman, Lermouth, p. 157.
-, Tho. (2): horsemen, Tilmouth, p. 159.

Feuds: names of borderers engaged in (1583), p. 106.

Fewell (Fuell), Hugh: alderman, Berwick, p. 453; 837, 841, 995.

Fife side: the "Kirk" barons and boroughs of, join Bothwell's scheme on the King at Lithco (31st Oct.), p. 510; the barons of, to meet Bothwell, &c. near Stirling on 30th (17th April), 946; press him more than his purse will stand, 946; Bothwell among them (29th June), p. 539; (15th Aug.), 975.

Fingland, Syme of: raid by, p. 558.
-, and Whitrigg: muster of, p. 58.

Finletor (Fyneletour) castle: besieged, 2; "baron of" [Gordon]: waits the King's answer to King of Spain for liberty of conscience, &c. (15th Aug.), 975.

Fishe, John: horseman, Lesbury, absent, p. 160.

Fisher, Chris.: unfurnished, p. 49.
-, John: his arms, p. 37.
-, John: billman, p. 52.
-, Martin: his arms, p. 37.
-, Nic.: unarmed, p. 56.
-, Richard: his arms, p. 37.
-, Richard (Torpenhow): spoiled, p. 431.
-, Robert: his arms, p. 37.
-, Thomas: his arms, p. 37.
-, William: absent, p. 52.
-, William: deputy auditor of exchequer, 798.

Fishergate, the, Carlisle: 232.

Flattertoun: horsemen in, p. 21.

Flecks, William, of: assures with Forster, &c., p. 170.

Fleitham village: tenants, &c., pp. 17, 33; (Fleeton): muster of, pp. 154, 158.

Flekhame parish: muster of, p. 65.

Fleming (John 6th), lord: contends with Home for precedence in parliament (July 1587), 523.
-, Anthony: unfurnished, p. 44.
-, Anthony: absent, p. 46.
-, John: master gunner, Berwick, 86.

Fleming's work, Berwick: 17.

Fletcher, George: bowman, p. 44.

Fletchers, two, of Tynedale: prisoners, p. 110.

Flike, Hen.: horseman, Doddington, p. 157.
-, Tho.: horseman, Doddington, p. 157.

Flimbie: muster of, p. 43.

Flukes, the: a surname of the East March, 166.

"Flusshiner," a: owns a ship of value brought to Holme, p. 424.

Fogo moor: the Merse mustered by Lord Home at (31st Aug.), 536.

Foljambe (Fulgem), Godfray: writes to his Derbyshire friends, p. 259.

Football: Bothwell and other traitors seen playing at, on Esk (12th Oct.), p. 415.

Forbes (Furbos), Lord: a juror on Bothwell's trial (10th Aug.), pp. 488, 492; his daughter married to Sir John Seton (8th Sept.), p. 333; in Edinburgh, for parliament (13th July 1593), 860.

Ford (Fourd): tenants, &c. of, p. 15; castle: p. 32; muster of, pp. 153, 157; Lord Hume comes to, for hounds (21st Oct.), 987.
-, Henry: horseman, Akeld, p. 157.
-, John: horseman, Akeld, p. 157.
-, Rob.: horseman, Crokam, p. 157.
-, Rob.: horseman, Shipley, p. 161.
-, Wil a.: horseman, Doddington, p. 157.

Fordham, Geo: pensioner, p. 455.

Foresse: Murray laying men at, against Huntly (13th Feb. 15901), p. 376.

Forfar: the old feud of, with Glammes, stirred up again by Crawford (Feb. 15901), 703.

Forrette, Mr: Cecill forbids his coming up (23rd Aug. 1594), 977.

Forster (Foster), Sander: his arms, p. 40.
-, Allayne, of the Lynecholme: p. 124.
-, Andrew, of the Neuk: p. 123.
-, Andrew (the Rone): p. 123.
-, Andrew, of the Stangorthsyde: p. 123.
-, Andrew: his arms, p. 40.
-, Anthony: his arms, p. 40.
-, Arche (the Rone): p. 123.
-, Bartram: raid on, p. 364.
-, Cutbert: horseman, N. Charlton, p. 159.
-, Cuthbert, of Charltoun: raid on, p. 362.
-, Davy, of the Rotterford: p. 123.
-, Edward: unarmed, p. 40.
-, Edward, of the Neuk: p. 123.
-, Florye: horseman, N. Charlton, p. 159.
-, Florence (Hobberslaw): raid on, p. 363.
-, Francis, of Kyrsopfoot: married Martin Ellot of Bradley's daughter, p. 123.
-, Geo.: horseman, W. Lilborne, p. 157.
-, Geo.: horseman, Neasbeat, p. 157.
-, Geo.: horseman, Newham, p. 158.
-, Gib.: raid by, p. 348.
-, Gorthe, of the Stangorthsyde: p. 123.
-, Henry: billman, p. 62.
-, Hobbe, of Kersope alyes: his daughter married the "Lordes Johns" Joke Armstrong, p. 121; his wife daughter of Will Foster of Grenna, p. 123.
-, Hobby: at feud with the Ladeleys for his son's death, makes a raid in Teviotdale (20th July 1585), 329; worsted, but rescued by Scrope's men, 329; delivered up at march meeting (17th Aug.), 339.
-, Hugh, of Edderstoun: raid on, p. 361.

Forster, Jeme, of Stangerthsyde: his daughter married to Hobbe Armstrong (Whithaugh), pp. 122, 123.
-, James: son of Adam Forster, raid on, p. 70.
-, "Adam's" Jeme: p. 123.
-, James, of Synywhait: raid on, p. 70.
-, Jenkinge: his arms, p. 40.
-, Sir John: p. 13; his tenants, &c., pp. 15, 16; lands, &c., p. 18; to the council (May 1580), 50; musters the middle march (March 1580), 50; to the council (10th May), 51; (July), 57; Scottish news, &c. to Walsingham (Sept.), 63; (Dec.), 70; commissioner of marches, p. 35; to provide wheat, 88; to Burghley, of the parliament in Edinburgh (13th Oct. 1581), 112; to Walsingham, about the banished Scots nobles, &c. (24th April), 118; of the presumptuous carriage of the Scots ministers to the King, &c. (3rd May), 120; to same, of capture of a supposed Jesuit (June), 126; examination of his captors, p. 85; to Walsingham, in favour of Fernihurst, leaving Scotland (1st Jan. 15823), 145; to same, in favour of Lord Claud Hamilton, now at Alnwick (16th Jan.), 146; council minute to (Feb.), 151; reports to Walsingham Fernihurst's departure to France (7th March 15823), 155; King James' ride from Falkland to St Andrews with Crawford and Rothes (1st July), 163; to the council, on border questions (4th Aug.), 171; to Walsingham, on his return from Scotland, of raids (11th Oct.), 177; to Burghley, commending Robert Lisle and his suit (21st), 179; to Walsingham, excusing the terms of his letter to the Queen, as unaccustomed to address her (30th), 180; charged with partiality to Scotscattle breeding and private profit (Oct.), p. 113; Cesford to, on border raids, p. 113; to the council, of musters, the plague, and charges against him, 181; to same, of Cesford, and demanding leave to answer charges against himself (11th Nov.), 185; to Walsingham thereon, 186; of Scottish news to same (Dec.), 190; Cesford to, 190; to Walsingham (9th Feb. 15834), 201; to same, Scottish news, Angus evil handled, Gowrie, Andrew Melvine, &c. (20th Feb.), 202; letters to and from Cesford (16th17th Feb. 15834), p. 129; council instructions to (8th March), 203; to Walsingham, with reply, &c. (18th March), 204; to same, of the King's hard dealing with the ministers (27th), 205; of the Scots nobles meeting at Perth (2nd April), 206; and Cesford's letter to him, 207; of Gowrie's capture, &c. (23rd), 214; Cesford to him, p. 132; of the King's, Bothwell's, &c. proceedings (26th), 215; Burghley and Walsingham to, with 2000l., 216; to Walsingham, with Cesford's letters to him, 217; to Davison, of his missing letter (17th May), 227; to Walsingham, of Seton and Fernihurst's arrival with money, the King's dealing with Bothwell, &c., 228; complaint of a Liddesdale raid on his lands of Ridley burn, 229; to Davison, in Edinburgh, with Scottish outrages for redress (13th June), 236; to Walsingham, about Fernihurst, &c. (25th), 239; to Walsingham, of Lord Russell's complaints at Tynemouth (11th Aug.), 250; of meetings without his privity, 250; of samea road in Liddesdale by his ordersthe plague in Scotland, &c. (30th Sept.), 258; meeting with Scrope delayed by a heavy mist (Nov. 1584), 268; Scrope to, agreeing in the assurance with Liddesdale (28th Dec.), 271; council minute to, 272; to Walsingham, with the Liddesdale assurance (8th Jan. 15845), 278; the "assurance," 278; to same, of meeting with Fernihurst and new plot against the King (6th Feb.), 282; pays the banished nobles 300l., 282; of the justice clerk's mission to demand them (16th), 285; 287, 288; sending Master of Gray's letters (15th March), 294; examines a Kent man (March 15845), 296; sends Walsingham, Maxwell's letter to Lord Hamilton, with him at Alnwick (26th), 297; Hamilton's hard case, 297; to Walsingham, with Lord Hamilton's letter to John Colvill (31st March), 300; of border affairs, Maxwell and Johnston, &c. (20th April), 305; to devise with Scrope for secret aid to Maxwell (12th May), 313; to Walsingham, with Scottish news (24th June), 323; with letters and message from Lord Hamiltonhis curious dealings with a stout recusant, who defies him, &c. (13th July), 328; to Walsingham, that Lord Russell his son-in-law slain at a march meeting by a chance shotcommending his infant grandson to Lord Bedford, &c. (28th July), 330; statement by himself and gentlemen at the meeting, that the crime premeditated, 331; sends the late lord's man to Walsingham (29th), 332; sends the statement to Wotton, the ambassador in Edinburgh (31st July), 335; to Walsingham, further on the affair (1st Aug.), 337; to Scrope, 338; meets with Fernihurst, 339; to Walsingham, of Fernihurst's enmity against Lord Russell, his demeanour before the King and council, &c. (23rd Aug.), 341; that he and Arran are the guilty men (15th Sept.), 384; Scrope expected at his house (26th28th), 354, 355; keeps young Lord Bedford till his father buried, 354, 355; his evidence should convict Fernihurst of breach of truce, 358; his proceedings on the day, 359; at Berwick, for the commissioners' meeting (7th9th Oct.), 361, 362, p. 203; to Walsingham, that he had attended the commissioners for a week and had to leave (13th), 368; with excuse for not sending young Bedford till his father's funeral over, &c. (25th), 379; to Walsingham, of the lords' proceedings (29th Oct.), 382; their letter to him, from Jedburgh, p. 209; Knollys's passage to ScotlandLady Hamilton's to Berwick, &c. (24th Nov.), 394; from Chillingham, 394; sends him Lady H.'s letter to the Queen, and that Knollys is despatched from the lords (26th), 395; to same, with letters (8th Dec.), 396; Bothwell to, in friendly terms (24th), 397; to Lord HuntingdonScots news, survey of Harbottel, and thanks for his goodness to young Lord Bedford (27th), 398; to Walsingham, with his letters to the Scottish council, 399; letter and reply (18th24th Dec.), p. 215; extracts of his letters to and from Fernihurst (Feb. 15834July 1585), 402; John Young to, of Edinburgh news (14th Jan. 15856), 405; to Walsingham, of Cesford and his dealingscomplaints of himselfand death of Fernihurst (18th April), 421; sends Colvile's letters to Walsingham (17th July), 439; and a cast of jerfalcons (25th Aug.), 445; writes to, of border affairs (30th), 446; the Queen orders inquiry into his conduct as warden (Sept.), 451; detailed charges against him (27th Sept.), 452, 453; his detailed replies, 454; further replies, 455; to Walsingham, with Lord Hamilton's letter (2nd Oct.), 456; Cesford to, adjourning march meeting (10th Dec.), 470; the same, further adjourning it (23rd), 472; Cesford postpones their meeting (4th Jan. 15867), 473; to Walsingham, denying transport of corn to Scotlandthe threats of the Scots if the Queen executed (18th), 475; Cesford to, postponing meeting (21st), 476; to Walsingham, of the King's feelings on his mother's death, and Cesford's letter to himself (16th Feb.), 485; Cesford to, postponing meeting from bad weather (25th), 489; to Walsingham, of his preparations against invasion (26th), 491; to same, in defence of the charges of negligence in office, &c., meetings with Cesford, preparations against Scots (6th March), 493; enclosing Cesford's letters, Scots news (18th March), 499; of inquiry by Huntingdon into his conduct and acquittal (25th March), 501; of the King's march to Dumfries to take Maxwell (3rd April), 503; of the King's return to Edinburghhis own acquittaldearth in the country (13th), 507; to Walsingham, of disorders (13th May), 514; Cesford to, thereon, p. 258; accused of releasing Liddesdale forayers (21st), p. 259; in bond with them, p. 259; to Walsingham, with the secretary and Cesford's letters on disorders (3rd June), 517; accused of apathy in office by Sir C. Collingwood (12th July), p. 262; and of treating and freeing Liddesdale Elwoods under his "band," pp. 2623; and taking assurance with Cesford, pp. 2623; to Walsingham, with secretary's letter on redress (20th July), 525; with Cesford's letter on meeting, and as to force at Harbottle (14th Aug.), 529; Bothwell to, as to meeting at the Redswyre (15th), 530; minute of meeting with Cesford (18th), 531; Angus to, promising redress, 532; to Walsingham, of these meetings, and redress, &c. (20th), 533; the Queen to, that Hunsdon is to confer with him on charges made (21st), 534; foray near his house, 535; late warden, Hunsdon's charges against him (27th Sept.), 546; his reply, 547; attends Hunsdon at Newcastle, 548; Hunsdon thinks charges frivolous, and "hatched" by his enemy Sir Cuthbert Collingwood (7th Oct.), 552; decay of middle march charged on him by Collingwood (11th Oct), 554; when publicly accused before Hunsdon, no one spoke to their truth (18th), pp. 2801; others put in frivolous and malicious and mere trifles, p. 281; confers with Hunsdon on defenceless state of border, p. 283; border forays brought on by his removal from office (14th Nov.), p. 287; the Herons and Ridleys akin to him, p. 287; to meet Scottish commissioners at Foulden (25th Jan.), 586; his bill against Ellots sworn, 22nd June 1585, filed (24th Feb. 15878), p. 314; his valuable aid to Hunsdon, 596; who advises his restoration, as freed from all charges, and the fittest man for it (25th), p. 316; his replacing not yet settled (31st March), p. 321; to Leicester, of the Spanish fleet near Aberdeenthanks for his friendship, &c. (19th Aug.), 627; to Walsingham, of dispute on march law with Sir Cuthbert Collingwood (22nd June), 646; R. Bowes to, from Edinburgh, of redress promised by the council for outrages by Fernihurst (11th Feb. 158990), 657, p. 343; to Walsingham thereon (14th), 658; Bowes to, of the "great storm" preventing the lieutenant's journey to Jedburgh (26th), 659; Cesford to, of the storm stopping his journey; and to meet 10 days later (27th), 660; to Walsingham thereon (3rd March), 661; to same, with surprise at Richard Fenwick's false tales against him, 662; of meetings with Cesford, the plague at Alnwick, &c. (13th), 663; his deputy warden and Bothwell's meet for mutual redress (13th-30th April), 668; his own and tenants' bills against Liddesdale, pp. 346, 348, 349, 350; to Burghley, of Hamilton leaving the borders, and his letter (17th April 1590), 671; Hamilton to, 671; to the council about a coiner (13th June), 673; to Burghley, with bills against Teviotdale, &c. (30th June), 678; march bills, pp. 357365; his own tenants' bills, pp. 3589; to Bowes, on a later day for Bothwell's meeting (4th Feb. 15901), 701; to Burghley, of Bothwell's "huge" gathering for their meetinghis fears of outrage, and sending his son as his deputy, on a later day (10th Feb.), 702; his letters to and from Bothwell (21st Jan.4th Feb.), pp. 3745; asserts his equal official rank, pp. 3745; to the council, of Bothwell's imprisonment and effects (18th April), 709; to Burghley, of Bothwell's new league with Hume and Buccleuch by the chancellor's means, to secure the King (19th July), 713; to same, of his sudden change, hostile to the chancellor, and joins the other nobles (30th July), 715; their only object to get money from Elizabeth, 715; Walter Ker of Lochtour to, of the strife in Scotland (11th Aug.), 723; to Burghley, that Hume and Buccleuch are coming through Berwick on 25th (23rd Aug.), 729; Bowes to, p. 386; to Burghley, of the chancellor's disfavour with the King, &c. (16th Dec.), 739; to same, of Bothwell's rash attempt, conduct of his alliessuspicions of others (4th Jan. 15912), 741; to same, that the King and Queen are at LythcoHuntly in Blackness (18th March), 742; to same, of Bothwell taking Lochmaben, and the King's proclamation against him (25th June), 750; that the King is coming to pursue him on west border, asking instructions (2nd July), 755; to Burghley, of factions at the King's Court (21st Aug.), 767; note of these, p. 405; with further news (10th Sept.), 768, p. 406; the King and chancellor at LithcoQueen's refusal to go therehis great doubts of the King (3rd Oct.), 775; to Burghley, of the bad state of the borderthe King's proceedings against Bothwell and Gray either show his wrath or great dissimulation (25th Oct.), 786, p. 418; to Burghley, of his meetings with Cesford and Fernehurst (17th March 15923), 808; suggested to the Queen as a commissioner on abuses in Berwick, 810; said to exchange corn for wine (18th April 1593), p. 450; his "slack" answer about a corn ship near Bambrough, and occasions "dearth," p. 450; his order for watches, p. 458; his selling corn, 841; ordered to renew the Queen's proclamation against Bothwell, as the King thinks it disregarded (20th July), 862; to Burghley, of report of Bothwell's restoration to favour, and has delayed it (25th), 867; his opposite warden at point of death, p. 478; to Burghley, of Bothwell's pardonand message in passing through Alnwick (2nd Aug.), 873; with result of his trial, the King's grudge at his acquittal, &c. (12th Aug.), 879; Scotsman's letter enclosed, p. 490; to Burghley, of agreement against Bothwell instigated by the King (20th Aug.), 881; news of Scottish Court, 881, p. 493; from Bambrough, to Burghley, of the King, Bothwell, &c. (16th Sept. 1593), 891; orders to the gentlemen of his wardenry for watches, &c. (9th Oct.), 901; six of them meet at his house near Alnwick (16th Oct.), 904; the Scottish council to, from Jedburgh (17th Oct.), 906; to Burghley, of late foray, his proceedings with the King and council, &c. (19th Oct.), 908; to Huntingdon thereon, 909; to Burghley, with the King and council's letter to Bowes, &c. (21st Nov.), 915; asks her Majesty's pleasure thereon, p. 512; to Burghley, that he came to Durham as ordered, at some risk of life, and fears he will get worse in "this homely inne"desires the Queen's leave to return with credit, having always been her diligent servant (16th Feb. 15934), 931; to Burghley, that Bothwell entered Scotland on 1st, with but 60 horsemustered his party at the Mosse tower, and rode to Kelso with 600to Leith on 2nd, followed by Humetheir fight at Niddry on 3rd, and Hume driven back with loss, to Edinburgh, &c. (4th April), 939; forbade Henry Woddrington, with 100 horse, joining him, on pain of death, 940; to Burghley, of Liddesdale stirrings up since Bothwell's proclamation and expulsion from England (28th June), 958; can get no redress through Bowes, p. 538; Bowes to, that he has moved for it, but has doubts (6th July), 961; to Burghley, of Bothwell's offer to make redress, advising its acceptance, as the King is "so slack" (5th Aug.), 972; commanded to keep order, while the King is in the North, against the Papist earls (8th Oct.), 983.

Forster, John: horseman, Chatton, p. 160.
-, Joke, of the Closse: p. 123.
-, John: "Meikle Rowies" son, of Genehawghe, raid by, 174.
-, John, of Heathpole: servant to Sir John Forster, raid on, p. 348.
-, John, of Krakrop: his daughter married to Elle Armstrong "Chengles," p. 122.
-, John, of Kyrsopefoot: his daughter married to the Laird of Mangerton, p. 121.
-, John, of the Rone, younger: married John Armstrong of Whethaugh's daughter, p. 123.
-, Joke, of the Neuk: p. 123.
-, John (younger), of the Rotterford: p. 123.
-, Lowrie: maimed, p. 70.
-, Margaret, of Allergarth, Bewcastle: raid on, p. 558.
-, Mat.: horseman, Fleeton, p. 158.
-, Mylys: present when Lord Russell shot, p. 190.
-, Nicholas: deputy warden, meets Cesford at Stawford (12th March 158990), p. 357; raid on (1588), p. 361; keeper of Harbottle, 454; "Mr Nycolas," 470; sent to meet Bothwell (8th Feb. 15901), p. 374; sent by Sir John his father to the King at Jedburgh, 906; demands justice for Tynedale outrage before King and council (15th), 908, p. 512.
-, Quinting: his arms, p. 40.
-, Ric.: horseman, Tugall hall, p. 160.
-, Robine (Dalton): raid on, p. 361.
-, Rob.: horseman, Ford, p. 157.
-, Rob.: horseman, Neasbeat, p. 157.
-, Rob.: horseman, Stamford, p. 160.
-, Robin: his daughter married to Sim Armstrong, Whitleside, p. 122.
-, Robin: his daughter married to Wat Urwen of Gratney hill, p. 123.
-, "Robin's" Rowye: his daughter married to "young" Sime Armstrong, p. 122.
-, Rowe: married "Sands" Creste Armstrong's daughter, p. 123.
-, Thome, of Allergarth: raid on, p. 559.
-, Thomas, of Berwick: due 400l. by Vernon, p. 427.
-, Thomas, of Etherston: his lands and tenants, pp. 14, 16, 17.
-, Will, of the Closse: p. 123.
-, William, of Fowlesheils: assures with Scrope and Forster (15th Dec. 1584), p. 170.
-, Will, of Grenna, Liddesdale: his daughter married to Hobbe Foster of Kyrsope leys, p. 123.

Forster, Will, of the Lyneholm: p. 124.
-, Will, of the Rone: p. 123.
-, Will, of the Rotterford: p. 123.
-, "Gawins" Will: his daughter married to Alex. Armstrong "the gatwarde," p. 122.

Forsters (Fosters), the (English): of the East March (gentlemen), 166; of the West March, a "surname," 166; also of Liddesdale: 166; on Lyddal: p. 120; their alliance with Scotland, &c., p. 123; of Kyrsopfoot and Liddell: "dear neighbours" to the Armstrongs, p. 123; feud with Jedburgh forest, p. 126; in ward at Berwick, wish Selby to release them on bond (11th Aug. 1590), 680; dwell on Leven and in Soupert, pp. 3934; in Bewcastle: "sore decayed" (1592), p. 394; a disordered surname, the principals to give security for all under them (Sept. 1593), p. 500.

Fortescue, John: letters to be sent to, p. 251.

Fothringay: Walsingham lately at (29th Oct. 1586), 461.

Foulden: the King's envoys to meet Robert Carey at, 490; the day fixed (14th March 15867), 497; 574; Hunsdon to meet Angus at (11th Dec.), 577; Carmichael, &c. (12th Jan. 15878), p. 303; border commissioners to meet at (25th Jan. 15878), 586, 587, 593.

Fowbury village: Roger Fowbury's, his tenants, p. 15.
-, Mr: his tenants, p. 16.

Fowler, Thome, the, &c.: intruders on Maxwell's lands, p. 422.
-, Thomas: letter to Leicester enclosed to him by Selby (Nov. 1581), 113.
-, William: merchant, "a special eye to be had to," p. 521.

Fowlys (Fowles), Mr David [or John]: passes through Berwick for London, to "get money of her Majesty" (8th June), 955; David: takes 4000l. from Elisabeth to the King (22nd June 1594), 988.

Fownes, the: Lord Gray's house, p. 470.

Frame, Richard (Richie), of the Woodend: raids by, p. 359.

Framlengton: a horseman in, p. 21.

Frange, Jacbot: his arms, p. 58.

Frankeland, Richard, gent.: equipment at muster, p. 162.

Fraunces, Tho.: horseman, Ellingham, p. 160.

Freirs, the, Kelso: the chancellor at (Sept. 1587), p. 296.

Frenche, Jesper: horseman, Wark, 259.
-, Robert, of Whynatlie: raid on, p. 351.

Frenchman, a: the King's footman, weary of service, unable to get his wages, escapes with the Queen's jeweller and some jewels, by Kelso and Tweedmouth to Shieldstaken by Bothwell, and delivered to Carey, who hands him over, and is hanged in Edinburgh"very quick justice," pp. 5389.

Frenkell, John: horseman, Lucker, p. 158.

Frevile, George, gent.: land and equipment, p. 162.

Frisell, Andrew, of Overton: raids by, pp. 357, 361; the laird's brother, pp. 357, 361.
-, Andrew: son of Laird of Overton, raid by, p. 364.
-, William: son to Laird of Overton, raid by, p. 364. See Overton, laird of.
-, one: appointed by Maxwell captain of Lochmaben (28th Aug. 1585), 342; dismissed for treachery (20th Sept.), 349.

Frosoment, M.: a French Jesuit harboured at New Abbey, 411, 412.

Frost, John: horseman, Lermouth, p. 157.

Frude, the Laird of: (Fraser?), taken by ambush, p. 148.

"Fryzadowes": customs on, at Berwick (1594), pp. 5523.

Fullupson, Wil.: his arms, p. 59.

Furnes, John (2): their arms, p. 59.
-, Rob. (3): their arms, p. 59.
-, Wil.: his arms, p. 59.

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Fydler, Humphrey: his arms, p. 40.
-, John: his arms, p. 40.
-, Michael: his arms, p. 40.
-, Richard: his arms, p. 40.
-, William: his arms, p. 40.