Border Papers volume 1: May 1581-June 1581

Pages 67-68

Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 1, 1560-95. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1894.

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97. Extracts from Hunsdon's Letters. [May 17–June. 1581.]

(1) 17 May.—Extract of a report to him from Edinburgh that Mr Errington had sued for the English merchants' goods taken at sea by Scots, and "having one of the sayd merchants in his companie whose name is Thomas Shotton, beyng at the Cowncell chamber dore, was called for into the presence of the Kying and Cowncell, whom the Kyng tooke by the hand and committed him unto the Lorde Seton, whoe had medled with the sayd goods, with commandment that he should not only deliver all suche goods as he had in his owne hands, but should also ayde him in recovering and obteinyng the rest, beying for this tyme admirall; which he promised to doe with all diligence."

(2) June.—Last week a pursuivant came hither authorised to deal for the English merchants spoiled by the Scottish pirates—and was sent by me with a letter to Lord Seton on their behalf, and another to the deputy warden of the Marches, to pass him safely to Edinburgh—but was returned to me by the warden with "playne word" that he could suffer no one to pass except to the King himself. I will therefore stop all Scotsmen passing here, and would advise the like to be done elsewhere in England, till the Queen sees further of their doings.

1 p. Contemporary copies. Indorsed: "Extract out of certayne lettres of the L. Hunsdons concernynge the Englishe merchants spoyled by the Scottes."