Border Papers volume 1: July 1581

Pages 68-69

Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 1, 1560-95. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1894.

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98. Hunsdon to Walsingham. [July 5.]

As you requested, I sent this bearer Thomas Shotton to Scotland—where he found that the merchants' goods were in Lord Seton's hands—on which I caused Mr Errington to deal for them, who did so, and on coming away from the Council chamber, was ordered by the King to bring in Shotton, when the King commanded Lord Seton to deliver all the goods in his hands and procure delivery of the rest. He promised to do this and that the King "should be no more troubled therewith." But after long delay, Shotton not only finds them mere "Scotishe promises," got nothing from Lord Seton but "lewde and harde speches," and also had secret warning "he would be shote at with a harquabuse" by one of the pirates newly come to town. There is no way to get these goods, but by a letter from the Privy Council to the King or his council, threatening unless restitution is made, that a "lettre of marte" will be granted to the merchants, and all Scottish merchants shall be stayed. "This lettre will make them looke about themselves." I stayed ten merchant men from France that landed at Holy Island for "a sennyght," till the King sent about them, when I discharged them, telling them how ill Lord Seton had used the bearer contrary to their King's orders, and to inform the council that her Majesty could not in honour but grant her merchants "letters of marte" to satisfy themselves as they might; who promised me to do my message faithfully, but I think as little will come of it as did before. Berwick. Signed: H. Hunsdon.

p. Addressed. Indorsed.

99. Cessford to Sir John Selby. [July 25.]

I have been at Court complaining of the disobedience "of them bewest the streate," (fn. 1) and the King has sent 200 men to see me obeyed. I thought good to advertise you, and to know how soon you can meet me, when I hope to satisfy you in reason, looking for the same at your hands. Cessforde.

½ p. Contemporary copy. Indorsed: "From the Lairde of Cesford to Mr John a Selbye deputie warden of thEste Marches."

100. Bowes to Burghley. [July 29.]

"This bearer Mr Archibald Dowglass is chardged with some grevouse offences by thaccusacions of his enemyes in Scotland, that seeke by bokes and other meanes devised and sett fourth to carry awaie the creditt of the matter against which he laboreth, and is carefull to make hvs case and innocency knowne to all good men, and especiallie to hir Majestie and Consell. In whome he woulde be loth any conceat of his evill behaviour herein shoulde enter and take roote, to his prejudice and contrary the truth. For which purpose and other waightye causes, he hath (with her Majesti leave) taken this jorney to the Courte.

And forasmuch as he hath well testyfied his devoted and good affeccion to her Majesti by many servises, grett charges and sondry dangers sustayned (as myselfe and such other as served in that realme and weare greatly furthered by his care and devotion to advance her Majesties ervice, can beare wittnes)—whearin he hath bene the more forward, by the comforte and encorragement of lettres (as he sayth) received sometyme from your Lordeshipes selfe, and that he is presently ready to doe all in his power, that will (I trust) be found able to performe services worthie thanckes, therefore I have thought it my dewty, both to accompany him herewith and also to recomend him and his cause to your Lordshipes good favour and curtesye, humbly besechinge your good lordship to receive and commend him further as to your lordship shall seme convenient, and as his good desertes and devotion to her Majesti will deserve. The state of that realme and novelties thereof with all others, I leave to his owne discourse and reporte." Awkland. Signed: Robert Bowes.

1 p. Addressed. Indorsed: "29th Julij 1581. Mr Robert Bowes to My L. by Mr Archibald Dowglas."


  • 1. On margin: "West Tyvydall and Lyddesdall."