Border Papers volume 1: September 1577

Pages 7-9

Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 1, 1560-95. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1894.

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18. Bowes to Burghley. [Sept. 8. 1577.]

"For as much as I fynde no resolution or order come for direction and handling of the loysse causes in Scotlande, that being laytly falling into gud way of apte curse, begynne eftsones to stagger and stert from the same,—and seyng evidently soundry of the nobles ther infected with French traynes and gredy of innovation, that without spedy remedy and prevention will undoubtedly be hastily attempted, with extreme danger to follow theron—therefore I have both signyfied to Mr Secretary this perillous estate needfull to be tymly consyderd, and [in] the dyschardge of my particular deuty, moved hym that the same may be reported to hir Majesty for seasonable provision to be first taken, and after solicyted by more sufficyentt mynyster to be employed there, then myself, that many wayes am insuffycyent for that negotiation. And as I know your lordships greatt care for the gud successe of these weighty causes, so am I bold to lament and open to your lordship the delay of resolution and spedy direction to stoppe this dangerous gappe. I fynd that the Regent holdeth me entred into some acquayntance of some suspected to hym, as your lordship well noteth. But so fytt is his service for hir Majesty and necessary for all gud offices, as no scruple may be left in hym towardes any that shalbe imployed to advance these affayres to happy ende, I wysh therfore that some chose may be made of some more apte servant for this service, that surely requyreth expedicion and tymely execution of well digested directions.

For the purchase of Hartford in the county of York late parcell of the possessions of Richard Norton att[ainted], her Majesty haith or will (I trust) gyve order to your lordship for me—wherin for no profytt, but by constraynt to save me from greater losse, I am of necessity dryven to seke yt and for the same to putt from me the most part of all myne other possessions, with greatt incumbrance of my poor estate." I have addressed this bearer my servant Thomas Appilby to attend your lordship's pleasure therein.

The charges of the works by fall of walls and such like, increase daily. The most part of next year's provision is in readiness, and the present "deffray" thereby much advanced,—howbeit we must keep within our limits. If your lordship will order convoy for the 700l. balance of the sum to be employed this year on the works, the bearer will take care of it on his return. Berwick. Signed: Robert Bowes.

pp. Addressed. Indorsed in a later hand: "This bundell is from Salesbury Hous and not from Whitthall."

19. Accounts of the treasurer of Berwick. [Sept. 29.]

(1) Sums allowed to Robert Bowes esquire, paid by him to Thomas Sutton esquire, master of the ordnance in the north, by warrants or otherwise, 938l. 17s. 8d.
Examinatur per me, "Barth' Dodington."
1 p. Indorsed.
(2) A brief report of her Majesty's charges there for works, &c., for a year from last of September 1576 till 29 September 1577.
Sum total, 2092l. 15s. d.
pp. Indorsed.
(3) Imprests by Mr Bowes to Mr Sutton for same period, at Berwick, 590l. 16 8
At Newcastle, 746l. 19 4
1337l. 16 0
Examined as above.
4 pp. Indorsed.
(4) Account of the Treasurer of Berwick for same period, showing balance in his hands, 2086l. 4s. 7¾d. Out of which allowed for money paid by him to John Selby gentleman porter, for riding charges and carriage of letters to the Lord Regent and wardens in Scotland for 2 years, 14l. 10s.
3 pp. Indorsed.

20. Note of yearly pay at Berwick, &c. Michaelmas. [1577.]

At Berwick for the old and new garrisons, Holy and Ferne Islands, 10 gunners at Carlisle, I master gunner and his mate and 2 others at Wark. Sum total, 22,622l. 19s. 2d.
More for Christmas quarter, captain and garrison at Tynemouth, and 500 workmen, officers and others left by Sir Richard Lee to remain all winter, by estimation. Sum total, 10,914l. 4s. 6d.

1 p. Indorsed.