Border Papers volume 1: October 1581

Pages 77-78

Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 1, 1560-95. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1894.

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111. Woddryngton to Burghley. [Oct. 3.]

Having received "the Kinge of Scotland his lettre the second of this present instant, directed to my lorde governoure, or in his absence to his deputie, requyring licence for twoe gentlemen travellers with twoe servantes with theim to passe thoroughe this towne and the boundes of the same without anie stop, troble or impediment, whose names are Thomas Macklellane of Bombie and David Cullace of Auchfersey, who intendes to make there accesse to the Court and so into France and other forreyn countreys,—accordinglie I have granted theim pasporte"—and they left the next day. The King and his council will be at Edinburgh within eight days at furthest, when they look to receive news from France, till which they stay proceedings.

"Also there hathe bene consultacion amongst the ministerie with certen noblemen and gentlemen whome thei called unto theim, who have concluded to propound certen matter to the Kinge at his return to Edenbroughe, to what end or effect, I can not as yet understand, but suspected to be for variance in religion, which thei require to have refourmed.

Moreover there is like to kindle great displeasure amongst the Humes, as, betwixt the Lorde Hume and Maunderston, the Lorde Hume and Sir James Hume of Coldingknowes. That matter which is betwixt the Lorde Hume and Sir James, is like to rise to be hote; the cause is for that the Lorde Hume hath dischardged Sir James of the lordship of Lawder—who will take no dischardge at his handes.

Further Sir William Carre warden, and Sir Thomas Carre nowe provost of Jedworth, are at point of falling furth, and great enmytie is like to growe betwixt theim. The King and Counsell are verie much offended with the burninge of Langeum in Eusdale in the West Marches of Scotland, and keaping the capten of the same prisoner, being the Lorde Maxwell his lande. Wherfore the said Lord Maxwell threatneth to revenge yt with burninge in like maner in England." Berwick. Signed: Henry Woddryngton.

1 p. Addressed. Indorsed.

112. Forster To Burghley. [Oct. 13.]

"At this present a greate parliament is appoynted to houlde at Edenbrowghe by the Kinge of Scotland, whereunto letters is directed to all the nobellmen to make their present appearance. Greate controversie is like to arise betwene the nobilitie of that realme, and in speciallie betwene the Dewke and the Earle of Arrantt, and the Duke doeth labor all the freindes he can make for his purpose to be there, as Arrant doeth on thother side in like maner. But if this meanes noe daies of trewe can holde, but are shott by the warden of Scotland. Also I am credibelie advertised that the mynesters of Scotlaund doo dailie preache in everie browghe of that realme agenst the said Dewke, and that he seiketh to be made second person, myndenge in tyme to goe abowte to alter the religion. Letters are casten into the Kinges privie chamber, wheareat his Majestie is greatelie moaved. The copie of which letter I have thought good, accordinge to my bounden dutie to send yowr honor humblie here inclosed. The contrarie partie against whome this letter is ment, have made great offers not onelie by greate rewardes gevenge, but also to defend the same action theie are chardged, by the sworde, and that have done by publick proclamacion, to have the authors knowen. What the sequell will growe unto, as yet is not unknowen, but as I shall learne secreatlie by those whome I use for perfect intelligence, so I shall not faile but from tyme to tyme impartte the present occurranttes thereof to your honor." At my house nigh Alnwick. Signed: John Forster.

½ p. Addressed. Indorsed.