Border Papers volume 1: November 1581

Pages 78-79

Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 1, 1560-95. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1894.

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113. Sir John Selby To Thomas Fowler. [Nov. 29. [1581.]]

I enclose a letter which I pray you deliver to the Earl of Leicester with speed. "The parlyament in Scotland doth yet contynue; the Duke of Lynnoxe dealt with the Kyng for the restoring of Bawfoure and Fernyhurst by parlyament—who aledged that actes of parlyament heretoaffore have bene made that none of those which are accessary to the murther of his father, grandfather, or any of his regentes, should be restored. Wherwithall the Duke seemed discontented. I cannot knowe what will ensue therof.

The common voyce goeth that ther is grett apparance of dissention betwene the Duke and the Earle of Arraine. I pray yow commend me unto my friend Mr Roger Ashton, and tell him the lettre which my lorde of Leycester sent unto him which came not to his handes before he came out of Scotland, is saffely retorned to me unbroken up, which I would have sent herin, but expecting his comming, I thought yt best to retaine yt with me." Berwick. Signed: John Selby.

"I do not heare but that the Earle of Angusse and his followers shalbe forfeyted att this parlyament.

The Protestantes there conceaved some feare of late, occasioned by the entertainement geven to George Norton and one Markenfeild—but God be thanked for that this feare is converted into so ernest an hatred against Papistes and their favorers, that there was never greater appearance of the contynuance of relligyon."

1 p. Addressed: "To …Mr Thomas Fowler at his house in Aldersgate streete." Indorsed.

114. The Same To Burghley. [Nov. 29.]

"The names of the lordes that sate in counsell, when the awnswer was given for Captaine Heringtons going into Schotland, were the Duke of Lennox, Lorde Rithven, Lorde Ogilby, Lorde Seton, Bishop of Hallyroodehouse, Abbot of Newbottle, Abbot of Dumferling. The Protestantes were in some feare that the papisticall religion was favoured by divers great ones, which proceaded of the intertainement that two English papistes lately arrived in Schotland, received of the Lord Seton. This matter passing from hand to hand amongest both the nobilitie and people, haith engendred in them all a wonderfull hatred against all Papistes, protesting that whosoever maketh any least motion of alteration of religion shall not live. On the xxiijth of Novembre, the Duke dealt with the King for the restoring of Bawlfoure and Pharnehirst, who alledged that ane act of parliament was maid heretofore, that none of those which wer at the slaugehter of his father, his grandfather, or any his regentes, should be restored; wherwith the Duke departed discontented. Whither the King haith maid hym any graunt since or not, I doe not heare. The Earle of Arraine, the Lord Lindsay, and many other of the nobilitie doe altogither dislike that either they or any other accessary to those murders should be received into favour. It is thought that the Earle of Angus and his followers wilbe forfaited about the ende of this parliament." Berwick. Signed: John Selby.

"I have presumed to writ a lettre unto your lordship which as I think is not yet come to your lordshipes handes, in the behalf of George Douglas of the Parkehead, a gentleman unto whom I was greatly beholding for the intelligence I continually received from hym, whilest he was in Schotland."

1 p. Addressed. Indorsed: "Mr Jo. Selbye."