Border Papers volume 1: December 1582

Pages 91-92

Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 1, 1560-95. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1894.

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141. Captain Case and William Selby to Walsingham. [Dec. 30.]

"On the xxixth of this instant, the Duke of Lennox and Monsieur la Motte mett hard by Toplif on the way, wher after accustomed salutacions, they parted, having very small conference togither. On Thursday the third of January, we purpose God willing to be at Ware, wher we shall attend your honours further directions." Wetherbye. Signed: Jhon Case, Willm. Selby.

¼ p. Written by Case. Addressed. Indorsed.

142. Woddryngton to Walsingham. [Dec. 30.]

"Mr John Colvile servant to the King of Scottes, came to this towne the xxxth of Decembre at xj in the forenoone, who was recommended unto me by his grace his lettre, as also being direct to her Majestie with lettres and instructions in certen his graces speciall affaires, desyring effectuously to graunt him favorable and ready passage with commission for post horses for himself and his company … which accordingly I graunted. So that he passed furth of this towne the last of Decembre at 9 in the morninge towardes the Court, accompanied with twoe." Berwick. Signed: Henry Woddryngton.

½ p. Addressed. Indorsed.

143. Woddryngton to Walsingham. [Dec. 30.]

"Your pacquet dated the xxijth of this instant at the Court at xj at night—being for lyfe with a paier of gallowes for the more expedition—came not unto my hands before the xxixth of the same at 7 at night."

The fault is either in the post of Alnwick or Belford, into which after I have examined, I shall signify it to you for your pleasure as to punishment. The pacquet on receipt, was passed away to Mr Treasurer in Scotland. Berwick. Signed: Henry Woddryngton.

¾ p. Addressed. Indorsed.

144. Scrope to Walsingham. [1581–82.]

First; to make his honour acquainted with certain enquiries as to Jesuits since November last.

Lord Scrope having, under letters from the Privy Council, ordered one John Sowthaike to search certain houses for Jesuits and other lewd persons, who found none—suspects from the enquiry made by a sister-in-law of John Boost "Whether Mr Francis Dacres house of Crogelyinge was to be searched?" that Boost the Jesuit was in it. He was seen near it within a month. Neither Dacre nor his wife have received the communion "this twelmonth, nor at Easter last, since he became her Majesties man." Boost was met in Westmoreland about 24 November last, in company of a man much favoured by Lord Wharton and Mr Dacre. If Scrope had authority to search there, he would make discoveries. One Andrew Hylton a companion of Boast, examined before Lord Scrope, confessed he was one night in the house of Lancelot Boaste his brother, but did not see John. He confesses meeting since Christmas last, one Persevall Kirkebrid a Jesuit, in the fields near Carlisle, and in the beginning of last Lent, one Wille Eringeton and Georg Rumpnaye, in Lancelote Boast's house,—both are very lewd persons. Roger Huckenbodome says about 12th December last, he and William Hutton met two persons in the dark of the evening riding two white horses.—one he well knew to be John Boast. Not signed.

2 pp. Indorsed: "Information against Boast and the places of his resort."