Border Papers volume 1: September 1582

Pages 89-91

Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 1, 1560-95. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1894.

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133. Scrope to Walsingham. [Sept. 5.]

"On Mondaye at night last, certein Scotes theyves of Gretnoe came into this realme a stealing, and so seased halfe a skore of nagges, who in dryving them awaye, were discryed by the watche, so as by affraye and hughe and crye, they were pursewed into Scotlande by Humfrey Musgrave my deputie, John Dalston stewarde of Burghe barronrye, and Capten Carvell and his souldioures, with myne owne servauntes, and some of the inhabitauntes of this citie, who followinge the troade as the maner is, and comming to the dwelling places of the theyves for the reskewe of the foresaid goodes, were by them and their neighboures and freindes showted and pricked at, in suche sorte as stroakes were bestowed on both sydes, but none hurte, saving a man of myn eowne, who is no whyt the worse. But the borderers our countriemen (having receyved many wronges and injuryes heretofore at their handes, whereof they have had of long tyme no recompence at all by justice, nor knowing well how to comme to any remedy), seing the Scottishe goodes nere unto them and before their eyes, entred unto and seased upon certein nolte and sheepe, which were all putt to havocke, and nutshawed, as they terme yt." The Scots never cease riding, and our borderers will not be restrained though I do my best. I will obey the Council's directions as occasion serves. Carlisle. Signed: H. Scrope.

Postscript.—The Scots who lost their goods threaten that they will burn and revenge against Dalston and the others, so if I can, I mean to apprehend some of them even at their own houses, and stop such attempts.

1 p. Addressed. Indorsed.

134. Sir John Selby to Walsingham. [Sept. 9. [1582.]]

Recommending to his good offices the bearer Mr George Douglas,—who having occasion to repair to the Court had asked an introduction to him—as one always ready to pleasure her Majesty's subjects in their lawful causes—"and one of good respect and accompt in his countrey, as having bene sometymes captaine of the castle of Edenbrough, in the tyme that the Earle of Morton was regent, and singulerly favoured by hym." Berwick. Signed: Jhone Selbye.

½ p. Addressed. Indorsed: "9 Sept. 1582. Mr Selby on the behalf of Mr Geo. Douglas."

135. Sir John Selby to Burghley. [Sept. 9.]

Your letter of the 5th inst. came to my hands on the 7th, by which "I perceive your lordship looketh for such occurrants as shall happen in Scotland since this late alteracion, at Mr Treasurers handes and myne. The matter being of so great importance, I tooke upon me to advertise the same to the Court, thinking it very expedient to be signified thither—not that I have any speciall order from Her Majesties Counsell for seaking advertismentes in that realme, her Majestie specially having dispatched Sir George Carey into thiese partes to goe into Schotland; since whose comming for my owne part I have deliverid to hym whatsoever I did know concerning those affaires; who I doubt not haith from tyme to tyme made it knowen to her majesties counsell. Neverthelesse upon direction from your lordship I shall both now presently and alwayes hereafter imploy all the meanes I have to that effect, trusting that your lordship shall have no cause to accuse me of negligence." Berwick. Signed: Jhon Selbye.

I was in the country giving order for the frontiers, which was the cause of my so late reply. Mr George Douglas the bearer can instruct your lordship of the present state of Scotland.

1 p. Addressed. Indorsed: "ixth Sept. 1582. Sir John Selby to my Lord."

136. Sir John Selby to Burghley. [Sept. 11. 1582.]

I received your letter of the 7th this day at noon, and last week another to Mr Treasurer and me, which I have answered by Mr George Douglas, and therein signified "the cause of my not advertieseng; most humblye prayeng your honour to be a meane unto her Majestie, that I be not evill thought uppon for not advertieseng, but shall in tymes comeng not be unmyndefull to do my dentie and carefull dilligent to the uttermost of my power. Sir Georg Cary and Mr Treasurer being at this present in Scotland, they no dowbt maye certiefie the statt of causes in those partes much more perfictlye then I can … Such occurrantes as I have at this present I have sent unto your honour hearin closed." Berwick. Signed: Jhon Selbye.

1 p. Addressed. Indorsed.

137. Sir John Selby to Leicester. [Sept. 15.]

Sending him such "occurrantes" as he has at present. Berwick. Signed: Jhon Selbye.

¼ p. Addressed. Indorsed.

138. The same to Walsingham. [Sept. 15.]

I have received your letter of the 11th this day, and shall not fail to write as occasion shall serve. I enclose such "occurrantes" as I have at this present. Berwick. Signed: Jhon Selbye.

¼ p. Addressed. Indorsed: "Sir John Selby."

139. Sir John Selby to Walsingham. [Sept. 19. 1582.]

"Souch occurrantes as presentlye are come to my knowlege forth of Scotland, I have hearin closed signefyed unto your lordship—and as farther occaseon of writeng shall by just occaseon be ministred unto me, youe shall not faill to be advertiesed therof." Berwick. Signed: Jhon Selbye.

¼ p. Addressed. Indorsed: "From Mr Selbye."

140. Sir John Selby to Burghley. [Sept. 26.]

"Your honoures last of the xvijth of this instant did come to my handes uppon the xxij of the same, most humblye thankeng your honour in makeng my excwese unto her Majestie and Counsell. I suppose that your lordship haith bene advertiesed by my lord ymbasador, that the Dewk did ymbark hym seilf uppon Satterday (fn. 1) at night last at vj of the clock, and accompaned with xx of his owne servantes and the Master of Leveston. Wheras I am perswaded by my latt advertiesmentes forth of Scotland, he lyeth still ther within the ryver of Cloyd, for lack of convenyent wyndes."

I send inclosed the names of the principal gentlemen in the East and Middle Marches of England. Berwick. Signed: Jhon Selbye.

½ p. Addressed. Indorsed: "Sir John Selby to my Lord."


  • 1. "22 Sept." Note by Burghley.