Border Papers volume 1: August 1582

Page 89

Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 1, 1560-95. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1894.

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131. Scrope to Walsingham. [Aug. 8. 1582.]

On the 7th I received your letter of 28 July, with the Council's resolution to write to Cesford, first for redress of loss of lives, second, of goods—which letter is to be shortly sent me, as I hope and pray it will be without delay.

I am most highly comforted by her Majesty's gracious goodness towards me and care of my health and welfare, "beinge redie in her highnes service so to imploie my self and all that I possesse, as I trust to clame and enjoie the contynuance of her Majesties good opynyon, and favor towardes me, without which, I wishe nether to leive, nor yet to holde any thinge in the wordle, and . . . right hartelie praie yow (as oportunytie shall serve) to present to hir highnes my most humble thanckes and service." Carlisle. Signed: H. Scrope.

1 p. Addressed. Indorsed.

132. Border Complaints. [Aug. 21.]

"Complaint Michaell Waules of Stewardsheiles in Ryddesdale, upon Arche Elwet of the Hill, James Elwet his brother, younge John Elwet of the Parke, Hob Elwet of the Parke, sonne to James, Jock Elwet of the Parke, son to Scots Hob, Martyne Elwet of the Hewghouse called Red Martyne, and their complices to the noumber of ane hundreth persons, for that they came to Eleshawe and there reft, stale and tooke awaye lxxx kye and oxen, vj horses and meares and howsehold stuf, to the value of xlli sterlinge, a slew dog, and then murdered and slewe Roger Waules and John Waules, the xxjth of August 1582. Wherof he dothe aske redres." No signature.

¼ p. Written by Foster's clerk. Indorsed: "Complaints of the Midle Marchemen of England against the opposit Scotts."