Border Papers volume 2: Appendix

Pages 826-827

Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 2, 1595-1603. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1896.

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"A breefe relation of the begininge and discent of the Grames nowe inhabitinge the Debateable grounde neare the River of Eske in England, accordinge to my presente understandinge; where the Stories in former tyme were cheef inhabitors, and nowe expelled by the nombre of the said Grames increased.

William Grame, (fn. 1) alias Longe Will, bannished out of Scotland about 80 yeares since, came into England and brought with him eight sonnes, whome he planted neare the said River of Eske as followeth:—

1. Richard of Netherby. Richard, who m. a daughter of Edward Eglyonbye of Carliel. By this marriage the Aglionbyes and the Musgraves of Crookdake are "cosin-jermans" to Walter Grame and the Armstrongs of Hollas in Scotland: and the Salkelds of Corkby near allied unto them, whereby the Grames receive great favour and secret oversight, and by their means the Armstrongs, which are principal spoilers of the Queen's subjects. For good service done by him, the King Henry VIII. gave him "good lands," and the Duke of " North[folk]" gave him arms. Walter of Netherby, now chief, who m. with Robert of the Fald. Richard, who m. a daughter of Richard Grame of Breckenhill,with other sons and daughters, young.
Davie William m. with Scotland.
John, with others unknown.
Marie, m. to Jo. Armstrong of the Hollas in Scotland. John, a principal actor with Buccleuch. "Richard," (fn. 2)
William, who m. an Elwood, a Scotswoman, John, "vel Wills Jock," m. with Scotland. William, who m. a daughter of Richard Grame of Breckanhill.
Fargus, m. a daughter of Kinmonts.
Richard, George, Arthur, and James, with others unknown, mostly m. with Scotland.
George, who dwells at the Red-Kirk in Scotland, and m. a Maxwell,
Thomas of Galawaye, m. a Scotswoman, Seven or eight sons besides daughters, mostly m. with Scotland.
Another base,
2. Arthur of Canonby in Scotland. "no here male." One daughter, m. to Christofer Armstrong of Langham in Scotland, John Armstrong now of Langham. John, who m. with Kinmont, a principal actor with Buccleuch.
3. Fergus of the Mote. William, who died s. p.
Arthur, m. with the Johnstons of Newby in Scotland, William, now of the Mote, m. a daughter of ThomasCarlton by Richard Lowther's sister.
This William has 20l. yearly pension of her Majesty, because his father "Arthur" was slain by Thomas Musgrave, captain of Bewcastle, but if his service hereafter be no better than as yet, the pension might be better bestowed, for he is a daily abettor of evil.
Arthur with others.
Richard of Brecouhill, who m. with Batison in Scotland, Richard, who m. a daughter of Wills Jock. Divers daughters, whereof one m. Wills Jock's son. "Note.—That these marriages were made by the policy and wit of Mr Richard Lowther and Tho. Carlton, to unite friendship between the houses of Netherbye and Mote, who had been long at civil dissension and much bloodshed. The agreement of whom hath disturbed the peace of her Majesty's better subjects, and according to their purpose, disquieted the government of the Lord Scrope." (fn. 3)
George and Francis, m. and dwelling in Scotland. One daughter m. to Armstrong of Cafell in Scotland, another to Hector Armstrong of the Harelaw in Scotland. Jock of the Cawfell, &c., now common spoilers of the Queen's subjects.
4. John of Medoppe. Richard, William, Robert, and John, all m. with Scotland, Their issue a great number.
5. Thomas of Kirkanders. George, m. with Armstrong of Mangerton, Alexander, principal guide to Buckclughe. A daughter m. to Thomas Carlton, and another to Christofer Armstrong of Barnleis in Scotland, which was with Buckleughe, a common spoiler of the Queen's subjects.
Christofer, and Davie, both m. with Scotland,
6. George of the Fauld. Robert, m. with "Caruddoses" in Scotland, William, m. a daughter of Armstrong of Whithaugh. A daughter m. to Walter Grame of Netherby, with other sons (?).
William, who m. with Armstrongs of Whithaugh,
7. William of Carliell. Arthur, dwelling at Blotewood in Scotland,
Fargus, m. to "Barro," William and Robert, " dwelling inward in England—very good subjects."
Richard, dwelling at Longriggs in Scotland,
William of the Rosetree, Several young, by a daughter of Hutchin Richards. This man hath lands in Scotland given him by Lord Maxwell for service done and to be done.
George and Walter, and one daughter, m. to Bell in Scotland, and another unknown. William Bell alias "Redde Cloke," a principal with Buckleugh.
8. Hutchen, Base. William, slain, without issue,
Andrew, now chief of that branch, This Andrew hath lands given him from Lord Maxwell for service. It is thought "divers of the rest have pentions from noblemen in Scotland, for service to be done as occasion shall requier."
Robert, slain. Davie, slain, left issue,
Richard, m. with Urwins of Hodham in Scotland, Hutchin, who m. a daughter of John Armstrong of Hollis in Scotland.
George, Richard, and William, with divers daughters.
Arthur, m. a daughter of Richard Grame alias Gares, Four sons, young.
A daughter m. to William Armstrong, alias Kynmont, late prisoner in Carlisle, and taken away by the Lord of Buckclughe. Note.—In the wars with Scotland, Alexander Armstrong, father to this Will of Kynmont, with eight others of his sons, were pensioners to King Henry VIII., who, for good service done, gave them lands in Cumberland called Guilcrookes, which his grandchild yet possesseth.


  • 1. "By this William doe the earles of Mounteth and Montrosse in Scotland claime interrest of the service of all the Grames, as discended out of their howses, as the Lord Grame which of late lay amougest them for the same purpose, did manifest."
  • 2. Written above by Burghley.
  • 3. "It is to be collected out of this that John Armestronge of the Hollas, sisters sonn to Walter Grame, Christopher Armstronge of Barngliese, sisters son to Robert Grame of the Fald, John Armstronge alias Jock of Kinmount, sisters sons to Andrew Grame alias Hutchins Andrew, John Armstronge of the Cafell, sisters sons to Richard Grame of Breckanhill, William Bell alias Redd Cloake, sisters sonn to William Grame of the Rose Tree, Alexander Armstronge, sisters sonn to William Grame alias Riches Will, Sym Armstronge, lard of Whithaughe, father-inlawe to William Grame of the Fald, were all principall actors with Buckclughe at the losinge of Kinmont; besydes William Urwin alias Kange and his bretheren, which were brothers to Hutchins Andrew by the mothers syde. Therefore, it is convenient that the Grames above said be sent for, being all privie to Buckclughe proceedinges, togeather with young Hutchin Grame and Alexander Grame, whoe are thought both to be in person at the assault of her Majestes castle. There are also another sort of Grames which inhabit upon the rivers of Levyn and Sarke, which are not of this race, but by course of tyme, have maryed together, and are become of one partie to the nomber of foure or five hundred, all most all evel disposed, besydes Stories, Taylers, Fosters, and Hetheringtons, and Bells, which are matched with them, and like disposed." 4 pp. On a large broad sheet in tabular form, in a hand resembling that of No. 257. Copiously annotated by Burghley and his secretary. Indorsed as title, and also by Burghley " The Catolog of the Greames," &c.