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Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 2, 1595-1603. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1896.

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Abbergeldy, Gordon of: 15.

Abberwick Edge: musters at (24th Nov.), 73.

Abbey holm: men of, let slip a vessel, 639.

Aberfuird, one Schillington's at: 680.

Abernethy, Tho.: servant to Sir John Forster, 345.

Acrigge, William: surveyor, Berwick, report on works, 3, 28; master mason, fee, 42; report on workmen, 49; to Burghley (6th Dec.), 82; (7th), 83; with estimate for Norham Castle, 91; surveys store, 124; the gates of Berwick, 172; works, 194, 257, 273; surveys the six gates (1st April), 288.

Adamson, Robert, Long Houghton: raided, 148.
-, Walter: burgess of Edinburgh, 754.
-, William: passport to, 22.
-, Mr: Lowther's physician sent for, 469.

Ager, Captain: takes Powrie Ogilvyaltercation with Sir R. Carey and gives him up (12th Jan.), 7267.

Aglionby, Edw: 268; report by, to Scrope, 367, 465, 483; late Mayor of Carlisle, murdered by two Carletons (21st Dec.), 634.

Ahab, "wicked": Scrope disclaims likeness to, 394.

Ailsay, Isle of: attempt to surprise, for the Spaniard, 357.

Ainsley, Raphe: raid by, 165; of Clythaugh: a pledge, 350.
-, Tho., of Clythaugh: pledge, 230; fyled, 345, 541, 592; attempts escape from York
-, recaptured and put in irons, 5935; offer for freedom (24th Apr.), 645; Cesford's pledge, but Fernihirst's servant, 646; his relief agreed on (4th June), 788.
-, William: raid by, 165.
-, William: murdered by the Scottish Rutherfords and his brother prisoner, 553.

Ainsleys: their Scottish blood feuds, 111; raids by, East March, 148.

Aiscough (Askough), Christopher: alderman of Richmond, deposition on the assault of John Browne, recorder of Berwick (21st Nov.), 457; letters between the Bishop of Durham, Lord Eure and himself (31st Oct.5th Nov.), 45961; his examination of Browne's assailants (30th Oct.), 461; attests their recognisance for the assises, &c. (3rd Nov.), 462.

Aklington: muster of, 74.

Albone, Tho.: 78.
-, Will: 78.

Aldger, Rob.: Vernon's surety, 372.

Allenson, Cuth.: 75.
-, Henry: 75.
-, John: 75.

Allerdon: muster of, 76.

Allergarth: waste, 558.

Allertoun: the postmaster's house at, full, 680.

Allondale: outlaws resetted in, 58; East, and Forest of: mustered (24th Nov.), 73.

Almayne corslets: Berwick, 233.

Alnam: muster of, 74; a weak place, 113.

Alnmouth (Aylmouth): 821.

Alnwyck: constable of, 56; Forster's house near, 62; lordship, muster of, 76; bridge, 821.
-, Tho.: 76.

Alston (Athelston) Moor: murders in, 80.

Alyson, Cuthbert, of Waperdon: files bill, 264.
-, Rob.: burgess of Jedburgh, taken hunting, 559.

Ambassadors: privileges of great, an example, 610.

Amberos , the, of Wells: 49.

Amiens: Henry 4th beforesecret attempt on, defeated by Spanish governor, 360; late surprise of, noticed (15th July 1598), 548.

Amisfield, Laird of: horses stolen from, 539; assiser, 751.

Ammound Law: on the March, 470.

Amsterdam (Anserledam), N. Holland: 27; merchants of, come to Newcastle (4th Dec.), 226.

Ancrofte: assessed for a wreck, 820.

Anderson, Edw.: 76.
-, Henry: commissioner, at Newcastle, unwell (29th Oct.), 66; Lord President's instructions to, &c. (17th Nov.), 70; musters bishopric at Abberwick Edge (24th), 73 77; received rolls, &c., from Forster at Alnwick for Lord Eure, 80, 132; elder: Newcastle, weapons with, 221; report on works, &c., there (24th Nov.), 223.

Anderson, John: passport to, 22.
-, Jo.: 74.
-, John, of the Cragg: 756.
-, Rob., of Dundee: report by, of the King's designs, &c., 364.
-, Robert: 755, 756.
-, Tho.: 74, 77, 79.
-, widow, vintner, Berwick: lodges the four Scottish commissioners, 259.

Anderton, Mrs: writes to Earl of Cumberland, enclosing young Dacre's letter, 652.

Andrewes, Richard, LL.D.: temp. Hen. 6th, 100.

Andro, John: depute clerk of secret council, 218, 223.

Angerton: muster of, 78; defects, 79.

Angus, Earl of: Archibald (6th)his marriages, issue, &c., 103; Archibald (8th), when warden general (ante 1581), the Borders in good order, 224; William (10th), popish, 274; made lieutenant, to ride on Johnston (4th July), 546; letters from and to Scrope (24th Nov.1st Dec.), 579; meets Scrope at Sark foottheir indent (14th Feb. 15989), 588; has ridden on the Johnstons (25th Sept.), 626; to Scrope and latter's reply (21st25th Sept.), 627; saw H. Leigh with the King at Lythco (in Sept.), is siding with the Maxwells, &c., his wife, "great with child," coming to Dumfries (15th Oct.), 628; agreeable with Scrope (27th), ib.; to Scrope from Douglas, of Carmichael's appointment under him (2nd Jan. 1600), 636; Scrope to, with bills (16th), 637; dispute with Huntly for precedence (8th Nov.), 708; nearly yielded, but forced by Morton, &c., to maintain his right; at Dalkeith with the Douglases (16th), 712; letter to, from Powrie Ogilvy, 726.
-, Buccleuch's descent from house of, 139.

Ankewson (Enckhuysen?), N. Holland: 27.

Annan, town of: raid on, 309.

Anne, Queen: reconciled to the Chancellor, 15; dispute with the King on keeping the young prince, 21; much spoken of, 22; at Stirling with the King (8th April), 25; dispute renewed (19th), 28; desires to see the Merse, Berwick bounds, Lauderdale, &c. (25th), 29; comes to Edinburgh (8th May), the Merse progress rejected by the King, 30; at Stirling (3rd June), 34; at Lithco, her miscarriage, continued dispute about the prince, &c. (13th), 36; her faction, ib.; at Edinburgh, "severed" from the King, and still demands the prince (2nd July), 38; will not meet James and thinks of force (18th), 40; her dispute about the prince ended, is at Falkland with the King, and to receive sacrament together at Perth, 50; together at Perth, but refuses to see the prince at Stirling (5th Oct.), 58, 59; reconciled to Mar (9th Nov.), 68; at Edinburgh with her "great belly" (14th April 1596), 124; works for Erroll and Huntly's pardonbut opposed by the ministers, &c., and unpopular (7th Sept.), 185; names Lady Huntly godmother to the princess (4th Dec.), 226; the Octavians' secret dealings with her in State affairs, and her course with the King, 241; all in accord, 242; does nothing but dance and sport (7th May), 321; is on a tour through various towns of the Merse, &c. (1st June), 336; gives the "H." in jest to Lady Erroll for a night, 504; King jealous of her affection for Gowrie (15th Aug.), 678; two sisters of G.'s waited on her, ib.; is at Dunfermline, her jointure (7th Sept.), 685; reported to be reconciled to the King (22nd Sept.), 689; is narrowly looked to, till brought to bedenmity to Gowrie's murderersher bracelet and letter to him found (21st Oct.), 698; reconciled by Huntly to the King, ib.; lies at Dunfermline (8th Nov.), 708; a messenger to, from Denmark reaches Berwick (18th Nov.), 712; Willoughby's joke of her and her son, 713.

Anne , the, of Lynn: 49.

Apilgirthe, Laird of: out of the country, 306; assiser, 751.

Arbroath, abbey of: to be given to Lord Hamilton, 503.

Archdeacon, Daniel: charges against F. Moubray before Lord Hume in Londontrial by combat advised (2nd Oct.), 800; Carey expecting him (22nd Oct.), 805; arrives (27th), 807; importance for combat, ib.; received by Lord Hume for escort (4th Nov.), 808; sent to Edinburgh Castle, 809.

Archduke, the: suspends hostilities with States (19th Aug.), 679; is before Ostend (May 1602), 786.

Arche, Martin's: Eure's scheme to take him in Scotland, 240.
-, Sime's: raid by, 199; outlawed, 743.

Archerbeck: meeting at, of Buccleuch, the Grames, Carletons, &c., to concert the rescue of Kinmont (7th April 1596), 368.

Ardern, Robert: offer to victual Berwick (157480), 820; opinion thereon, ib.; (Arding), late customer, 22; to Burghley on providing Berwick, &c. (15th April), 27; one: pretends kindred to Harding, deceased, 658; pretended kinsman to Hardinga suspected papist, &c., backed by Lord Treasurer, 675.

Argyle, Earl of (Archibald): sent to Edinburgh Castle, 12; dealt with by Lord Treasurer for the ministersthe King has spies in A.'s Court (Jan. 159697), 242; passes through Berwick (7th Nov.), 709; his welcome doubtfulstays a night and sends Sir T. Erskine in advance, ib.; at Dalkeith with Angus, &c. (16th), 712; refuses peace with Huntly, and is gone home (28th), 714; still refuses, though asked by the King (12th Dec.), 719.

Arkle, widow: 79.

Armorer, Clement: to be sent up (7th Dec.), 716; now in Scotland, 759; his recal from exile moved for (29th Aug.), 795, 813.
-, Cuthbert: 14; constable of horse, petitions Burghley (29th Oct.), 66, 155; t. 64, born in Northumberland, constable of horse, 540; dispute with Captain Jackson, 748, 759; settled, 770.
-, David: at Daglisse's death, 181; at deadly feud with Cesford therefor, 189, 191, 778.
-, John: passport to, 30.
-, Thomas: post of Belford, 759.
-, William: Sir R. Carey's servant, 180.

Armorers, two: garrison horsemen, discharged at assises, 794.

Armstrong, Alex., "Henxie amiser": bill on quit, 309.
-, Sandy: horse stealer, 307.
-, "Lang" Sandy, in Rowanburne: fugitive, 743.
-, Rob's Sandy: fugitive, 743.
-, Sandy: son to Sym of Whithaugh, outlawed (18th April), 743.
-, Hebby's Sandy: at Kinmont's rescue, 122; first to break in, 126, 127.
-, Andrew, "bundgell": hership by, 63.
-, Andrew, of Whithaugh: son to old W., outlaw (18th April), 743.
-, Archie, "whitehead": John and Sym his brothers, outlawed (18th April), 743.
-, "Alexander's" Archie: and brother, outlawed (18th April), 743.
-, Ebbie's Arche: Scrope's reasons for hanging him, 770.
-, Archie: son to Sym of Whithaugh, outlawed (18th April), 743.
-, Bartram: 76.
-, Christie, of Barneglesh and brother (Rob.) at Kinmont's rescue, 122; in the plot before, 127; nephew of Rob. Grame of the Fauld, and his wife George Grame's daughter, 476; 736; delivered to Scrope's deputy, 785.
-, David "bangtail": arraigned at Durham assises, threatens Fenwick of Wallington, his captor, with death (7th Aug.), 45.

Armstrong, David, "bredsworde": bill on, 309.
-, Antony, alias Anton Edward: resetted from West March by Buccleuch, 105; Anthony Edward, "Williava": a great thief and maintainerhis daughters married on Tyneintercedes with Eure for his son-inlaw Charlton, 33940; "of Wilzeton": a pledge for England (25th June), 350; a pledge, his son in Scrope's hands, offers to enter, 500.
-, "Rynyons" Edward, of Thornthwayt: robbed, 64.
-, Francie: Simon A.'s brother, &c., offer by, 604.
-, Francis, of Whithaugh: bill on, 309; son to old Whithaugh, outlaw (18th April), 743; "Whittow," &c.: taken prisoners to Rowcliffe Castle, 818.
-, Gawen, of Daperlyneholm: robbed, 64.
-, George: signs Forster's award (1586), 111.
-, Hector (Eckye), of Tweden: 19; hership by, 63.
-, Hector, of Daperlyne: robbed, 63.
-, one Hector: 144.
-, Ekie, "braidbelt": raids by, 199.
-, James, of the Leishills: raid on, 199.
-, Jamie "howneif": kills Cesford's herd, 182.
-, John, of the Graynes: robbed, 64.
-, young John, of Hollace: and Kirste his brother at Kinmont's rescue, 122; in the plot before, 127; his cattle, &c., driven 181; justified as a reprisal by Captain Musgrave (9 Sept.), 187: 308; a pledge, 350; gives up assurance with the Musgraves (28 June), 613.
-, John, of Chollerton: 754.
-, Joke, "Calfehills": raid by, 199.
-, John, of Kynmont: &c., offer by, 604; "Kinmonth" Jock: a pledge, 350.
-, young John, Goodman of the Langam: 141.
-, Jock, of Munkhurst: slain by Scrope's men (15th July), 152; of Monkbehirst: raid by, 199.
-, John: son to old Whittaugh, outlaw (18th April), 743.
-, Lancy, of Whithaugh: bill on, 309; offer by, 604.
-, Lancye: Simon A.'s son, &c., offer by, 604; t. 20, offered by his father Whithaugh in his room (24th April), 645.
-, Michael, of Daperlyne: robbed, 63.
-, Rinion (Ninian): Thomas A.'s brother, murdered near Askerton Castle (9th Aug.), 379.

Armstrong, Rynion: takes Sir Thomas Dacre, &c. (ante 1563), 447.
-, Ninian, in Auchenbedrigg: 308; and six sons fugitive for Sir J. Carmichael's murder (18th April), 743; Sandies Rynyon: and "bayrns," outlaws resetted in Cumberland (7th Dec.), 776; Sandie Rinion: and sons sought by Johnston about Langholm (29th Aug.), 795.
-, one Paton: no friend to Braconhill, 144; "Pawtie Harelaw": raids by, 199; Petti, a murderer of Carmichael, slain, 811.
-, Dick, of Leven: robbed, 64.
-, Richard: spoiled (July), 183; (Gilsland), raid on, 198.
-, Hob (Robert), of Leven: robbed, 64.
-, Hob: bill on, quit, 309.
-, Roby, of Langholm: at Kinmont's rescue, 122.
-, Rowie, of Brumholme: a true honest man, 466.
-, Sim, of Calfhill: 199; the King wishes to hang him, or that Scrope would (24th Nov.), 465; outlawed (18th April), 743.
-, Simon (Symy), Laird of Mangerton: a pledge, 350; delivered to Scrope for Gilsland bill in "free ward" at Carlisle (15th Aug.), 383; in Carlisle with Scropeabsent from Norham ford (29th Sept.), 409; &c., offer by, 604.
-, Sym, of Puddingborne, &c.: taken red hand, to be changed or delivered to James 6th (17th Nov.), 4534; with his thieves in wait for passengers to St Johnston's fair, 653.
-, Sym, of the Rone: son to Sym of Whithaughe outlawed (18th April), 743.
-, Sym and Lantie, of the Syde: fugitives, 743.
-, Simon, of Whithaugh: delivered at York (17th Sept.), 562; broke his leg escaping from York (15th March), 592; deals for escape from York, 593; breaks his legrecaptured and put in irons, 5945; offers his son, Launcelot A., in his room (24th April), 645; was delivered by Buccleuch, ib.; 646; escapes from York Castle (19th Oct.), 699, 700; defies Buccleuch, ib.; Sir R. Carey's scheme against, 701.
-, Symy, young Laird of Whittasse: a pledge, 350.
-, Thomas: examined by Scrope, &c., on Kinmont's rescue (2nd May), 129; his brother murdered by Braconhill's nephews, &c., ib.; Buccleuch's signature to examination of, 290; his confessioncalls Andrew Grame traitor, &c., 325; declaration before Scrope, &c. (28th May), 330; at Buccleuch and the Carletons', &c., meeting (7th April 1596), concurs in Andrew Grame's examination (25th April 1597), 368; his demeanour, &c., on being ordered to go before the Councilmuch troubled by his brother Rynyon's late murder near Askerton Castle (9th August), 379; how Scrope secured him and brought him on his kneeshe calls Andro Grame "traitor," 380; his keeper sent up by Scrope (10th), 381, 382; the examinations of, as to breach of Carlisle Castle, &c. (25th April26th July), 393.

Armstrong, one Tom: licensed by Eure, 257.
-, Tho.: condemned to death at a Warden Court, 268; condemned at Carlisle assises (c. Nov. 1596), still prisoner there (Nov. 1597), 455.
-, "Sandy Rynyons" Thom: shoots Sir John Carmichael (16th June), 662; demanded by James 6th (20th), ib.; further outrages by, ib., 671.
-, "Ectors" Thome, elder: murders, &c., by, 761.
-, "Ectors Willes" Thome, Scotsman: outrages, &c., by, 761.
-, Tho., of Cheswick: bill on referred, 346.
-, Thomas (2), of Spadeadam: robbed, 64.
-, Thom, "boutfute": kills Cesford's herd, 182; "bolts foote": bill on referred, 346.
-, Will: spoiled, 183.
-, Will (Gilsland): raid on, 198.
-, Will, alias Kinmont: Scrope's account of his taking for breach of assurance on 17th (18th March 159596), 11415; is not within Buccleuch's office, 115; his rescue from Carlisle Castle (against his promise of assurance), by Buccleuch, &c. (midnight, 13th April), 12123; his sons and kinsmen at, 122; Buccleuch's ring sent to, 123, 125; Richies Wills' account of the plot (24th), 126; his wife a party, 127; of Kynmont: raid by, on Ricardgate, &c. (20th March 1601), 736. See Kinmont, Will.
-, Will, of the Leishills: raid on, 199.
-, Will, of Tweden: delivered for bill, 19.
-, : the Queen orders him kept in the pledge chamber, Carlisle, till Scrope returns (22nd Oct.), 431.

Armstrongs (Liddesdale): intermarry with English Reades, 102; their English blood feuds, 111; the "Bangtails": Fenwick, &c., assure with, 71; of Harlaw: raid by, 177; of Tweda; three at Kinmont's rescue, 122; of Whittleye: murder by, 198.

Arnold, Cuth.: 74.

Arran, Isle of: gentlemen in, scheme to take or slay Tyrone (17th July), 7923.
-, late Earl of: Sir James Steward, killed by Douglas of Torthorald, 483.

Arrowsmith, Anthony: Queen's lessee of Egleston, attainted of felony, 380.

Arthuret (Arthred) church: list of "blackmailed" in, 136; decayed for sixty years, patron not known (30th April), 312.

Artophilax , the: waits a fair wind, 645.

Arundel, Earl of, Philip (Howard), and Anne (Dacre), Countess of: appoint Thomas Carleton land sergeant of Gilsland (17th June, 22 Eliz.), 554; appoint leader of Graistock tenants for life (21 Eliz.), 568.

Ascame: Scrope and Lowther at, 207.

Ash, Lancelot: complaint against Bowes, and answer to, 697.

Asheton, Ralph (of Leaver): to pay Berwick garrison (6th June), 35; comes to Berwick (16th July), 40; reports to Burghley with reckonings (28th), 42; recalled to Berwick by Carey (6th Aug.), 44; as to pay at Berwick (16th Aug.), 49; cannot finish it, 50; in London (9th Sept.), 54; his reckoning with Bowes (29th Sept.), 56.

Ashfeild, one: a Buckinghamshire gentleman, misconducting himself, seized by Willoughby's orders near Leith (13th June), 607; manner of his capture related to Cecil, 608: complicity with Cesford, ib.; Edmund: 609, 610, 611; sent with small escort from Berwick to Cecil (28th June), 612, 614, 616; King still displeased at his taking (27th July), 617, 618; to Cecil for interview, 618.

Ashton, Roger: 249; the King awaits his return (17th Feb.), 259; brings the King's letter to Berwick (23rd July), 366; Mr Roger, with the King at Newby (24th Nov.), 464; his wife, Ochiltree's sister, 483; at Berwick (12th Dec.), 484; hung his pedigree in Lithco palace when keeper, 653; visits "Haddock's hole," a loathsome prison, 781; at Berwick for London (4th June), 788, 801; &c., with Scrope (Oct.), 802; to get 200l. if Rob Grame spared, ib.

Askerton, manor of: customary tenants in, 134; Thomas Carleton's house, 138, 141; bailiff's account for rents, &c. (20th June), 142; Thomas Carleton's house, 254; parcel of Gilsland, arrears for, 357;castle: murder near, 379; Richard Grame, bailiff, 554, 558; no tenants, is in Thomas Carleton's hand, ib.; house, &c.: refused to new land sergeant (20th Sept.), 562; (11th Oct.), 568; a perquisite to the office, 571; late Thomas Carleton's lease good for three years yet (June 1598), 575; the land sergeant's warrant for (1st Aug.), 766.

Asshun: Hesketh's cousin at Fernihirst, 741.

"Atchisons": inferior Scots money, loss on, 16.

Atherton, H. Butler's "son": to marry one Mr Cavelley's daughter, 802.
-, Jack: had "childer pox," 801: "small pox," 802.

Atholl, Earl of: committed to Lythco, 12; dead, the King as next heir takes his lands, &c. (12th Sept.), 55; a new one (John Stewart of Innermeath) created by James 6th (March-April), 118; his brother returns from Italy (12th Sept.), 623.

Atkynson (Atkins), Anthony: quarter master, 725.
-, Henry: 75.
-, Peter (Thornnay more): blackmailed, 136.
-, Raffe: Scrope's agent for his son's marriage, 228; to wait on Burghley thereon, 229; is with Burghley (21st Jan. 159697), 238; inquired of, by Scrope at Burghley (9th Feb.), 253.
-, Richard, of Barton: 5, 12; claims 536l. due from Vernon without success, and borrows 5l. from John Carey to get home (2nd Aug.), 44; of Hull: Vernon's creditor, 53.
-, Rob.: shipmaster, Lynn, 286, 294.
-, Tho.: 78.
-, Mr: peremptory order to, 822.

"Attorney, Mr": sent down about the Dacres' lands, 386.

Aubery, Walter: affray at Berwick (26th April), 748.

Auchinbetrig (Debateable Land): assaulted by Scrope's orders, 181.

Aucopswire, on March: 470.

Averishe (Averied) holme: near Carlisle, raided (12th June), 661, 687.

Awdir, Jo.: 74.

Awdley, Sir Thomas: chancellor temp. Hen. 8th, 100.

Awtonburne: sheep tracked to, 137; (Altonburne): Berwick garrison "showtit at," 182.

Aykley: 520, 522.

Aylsdon: Scots' sheep feeding on, seized, 401.

Aynstaplyth: bailiff of, 446.

Ayr (Eyre), sheriff of: committed to Edinburgh Castle, 12.

Ayton, Laird of (Hume): Bowes to, on Powrie Ogilvy, 729.
-, (Eaton), young Laird of: protects Bowes, &c., at Norham ford (8th Oct.), 418; highly commended by Bowes (10th), 4201.