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Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 2, 1595-1603. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1896.

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Dacre, Thomas, late lord; lease granted by, for service, 335; Thomas, 3rd lord: grandfather of Francis D.his base daughter grandmother of John Musgrave, 571.
-, William, 4th lord, late: 93; the late: insulted and "hooved" at by the Grames on Edenbridge, 123; Geo., last lord: died the Queen's ward, 446; Duke of Norfolk his tutor, 447; Anne, Mary, and Elizabeth his three sisters and coheirs, 446.
-, Christofer (the late): a weak man, abandoned his Lanercost tenants to the Scotsthe Lord Scrope's measures thereon, 1434; his son the Queen's ward, their tenants in Gilsland raided (July-Aug.), 199; Mr, of Lanercost: his tenants pay blackmail, 312.
-, Francis: his restoration feared by Sir W. Bowes (23rd April), 304; his receipt in Scotland to be complained of (30th April), 313; secretly at Burgh sands (10th Sept.), is very poor, and will take from any, 562; grandson of Thomas, Lord D., no kindred in law to John Musgrave, 571; the West March gentlemen, Gilsland, &c., tenants, dangerously affected to him (Oct.), 5723; is seeking a match for his son with Lord Maxwell's sister, 573; to the Goodman of Bonshaw, 610; Leigh's speech with him at Edinburghhis promise (Sept. 1599), 650; again with him and his son theretheir conferencethe latter nearly of age, and writes by Leigh to his sisters, &c. (1599 1600), 652; Mr Francis: "no good subject," the Grames think, 688; a plot for him by followers of Lord Cumberland, 710; (Francis), lord: his letter to John Musgraveexaminations as to (9th Jan. 1603), 817.

Dacre, young: Francis D.'s son, 644; in Edinburghaverse to marry in Scotlandof full age (Whitsunday 1600)writes by Leigh to his sisters, &c., 652.
-, Henry: &c., present L. Carleton, 689; petition the Council, 690.
-, Leonard: attainted, his baronies of Burgh, Gilsland, &c., 133; his bondthe tenants under Carey the Queen's lessee of W. Harlsey, distressed, &c. (28th Aug.), 17980.
-, one John: his treachery to an outlaw Bell, 267.
-, Ranulf, of Dacre: of 100 marks only, m. Margaret Multon of Gilsland and Burgh, 446.
-, Sir Thomas: taken near Naward Castle (ante 1563), 447; deputy warden of West March (temp. Edw. 6th), 821; commissioner on Northumberland wreckers (156074) 819.
-, Scrope's "cosen": his Gilsland tenants forayed, 289.
-, Mrs: her tenants spoiled, &c., 151.

Dacres lands, the: unfit to be in Lowthers' hands (14th Oct.), 60; Dacres, the: at feud for 300 years with the Musgraves, 730; their war cry"a Dacre, a Dacre, a red bull, &c.," 737; a Lord Dacre calumniated by a Musgrave, 738; commission sent down as to their landsquestion between the Queen and Lord William [Howard], 386.

Dakyns, one John: 598; Mrs: ib.

Dalgleish (Dawglise), Dandy, in Lempetlaw: slain, 182; slain sixteen years ago, 198.
-, John, of Wideopen (Lynton): horse stealer, 148; John Carey's revenge on him at his housecut in pieces, &c. (3rd July), 14950; a landed man and chief rider, ib.; steals horses, &c., 163; Cesford's anger at his death, 166; compared to Turkish barbarity but defended by Carey, 167; called a sackless gentleman by the King, to Carey's surprise, 168; Cesford intends bloody revenge (19th), 174; not cut in pieces, but lived till next morning, 178; names of his slayers, 181; not a penny taken from him, 187; had a pistol in hand when slain, 197; Cesford still seeks revenge for (4th Nov.), 213; his murder to be charged on J. Carey, 245, 248; filed on J. Delavall, 248.

Dalgleish, Robyn, of Lynton: steals Carey's, &c., horses, 14950.

Dalkeith (Dawkeath): Redswyre prisoners taken to the regent (1573), 101.

Dallerlyne: mustered, 558.

Dalston, Christofer: juror, 276; &c., verdict by, 31112.
-, John: juror, 276; &c., present Lancelot Carleton, 689; petition the Council, 690, 734; Mr John: assiser, 751; desires to be Scrope's deputyhas the Grames' assistance (17th Dec.), 814; got the two Grames placed at Rockliff Castle till the Queen's pleasure, 816; John, of Dalston: recognizance by, for two Grames (9th Jan. 1603), 817; examinations before, ib.; to Scrope, of seven Scots captured (15th), 818.
-, Tho.: juror, 276; &c., petition the Council, 690; Mr: Leigh's "brother," 652.

Dalton, Mr Robert, of Hull: 5.

Dalzell, Robert, younger, of D.: his claim for 300l. Scots, 445.

Damportes, one Mrs, in Lancashire: harbours a seminary priest, 597.

Dande, Tho., senior and junior (2): 76.

Dargon, James: flies York on suspicion (16th March 159899), 592; concerts Scots pledges' escape by boat, 593; locksmith, York"a treacherous fellow"his examination and dealings with the Scots pledges for escape (25th March), 5969.

Darman stead: waste, 558.

Darnton bridge: levy for repair of, 220.

Darrishall: muster of, 78.

Darwent: hostile to bishopric, 49;water: outlaws resetted on, 58.

Dassoglen: tenants blackmailed, 136; 156, 157.

David, "good": Scrope wishes to act like, 395.

Davesoun, Alex., of Killam: raid by, 182.
-, Dand, in Hoislaw: raid on, 182, 754.
-, Dand: pledge, 230, 350; of Brumfeld, pledge, 541, 592; Primside: Cesford's pledge, York, 646.
-, Geo.: brings 20l. for Scots pledges, 597.
-, Hen., of Morbottle: fyled, 264.
-, James, of Burnyrig: raids by, 1478.
-, James (Gilsland): spoiled, 363.

Davesoun, Ja.: slain at Killam (14th April), 297.
-, Ja., of Lynbrigs: fyled, 346.
-, John, of Hawdon: foul, 345.
-, John, "hande pande": fyled, 264.
-, John (Pawston): nags stolen, 148.
-, Rob.: 76.
-, Tho.: 74.
-, Tho.: of Birnyrig: foul, 345.
-, William, of Camma mills: raided, 148.
-, Will., of Craggsheel: fyled, 263, 345.
-, Will., "the Devil's chaft blade": foul, 345.

Davisons: two, taken by Eure, 129; raids, &c., by, 1478; killing one, a blood feud, 189; a choice of, offered to Sir W. Bowes as pledge (8th Oct.), 418; &c., raid by, 441.

Davye, Runnion's: murderer resetted by Wills Jock, 142; denied, 153.
-, Tho.: 74.

Dawse, John: to Burghley on Berwick custom, 17.
-, Ric.: 78.

Day, Nicol, of Killam: steals Cesford's sheep, 182.
-, Will.: 74.

Dayholm, in Cresoppe: Border meeting at (7th March 159495), 19.

Debateable ground: bounds of, both English and Scottish, contents 4600 acres, 301; partition of, and extent of English part (1552), 821.

Deer: 1000 red, in Geltesdale forest, 446; parks of fallowin Gilsland, ib.

Delavell, Anthony: 77.
-, Edw.: 77.
-, Henry, of Callerton: juror, 133.
-, Josua, constable of horse, 33; petitions Burghley (29th Oct.), 66; of [ ]: juror, 133; at killing Dalglish, 181; Cesford's deadly feud therefor, 189; fyled of Daglecce's death, 248; constable, Carey's cousin, complaint by, 291; John [Joshua?]: born in Northumberland, constable of horse, 540; strikes and stabs an alderman, 749.
-, Master Peter: merchant, recommended to victual Berwick (Jan. 159495), 6, 7; sent by Carey to Lord Burghley (22nd), 8.
-, Robert: 56; his servants mustered, 77; named for Middle March, 100; &c., hold sessions at Hexham, 119; recommended as sheriff (26th Oct.), 208; takes oath of new sheriff (17th Feb.), 265; named to Burghley, 369; juror, Newburne, 405.
-, Tho.: 77; horseman, 542.

Denmark, King of: expected visithow to be received at Berwick? (12th June), 343; further report (18th), 348; his late sudden going to repress disorder in Norway, under pretence of visiting Scotland (June), 355; has gone back (7th July), 357; James 6th threatens to join him against the Low Countries (21st), 364; reported in Scotland with James 6th (30th March 1598), 527; sends to Scotland for shipwrights (29th May), 659; his messenger to Queen Ann "well treated with drink" by Willoughby (18th Nov.), 712; refused to read King James's version of Gowrie's death sent to himgave it to the Queen motherhis shipbuildingfortifications, &c., ib.

Dennickle: Scots raid in, one killed, 137.

Dent, one Mr: of Newcastle, 360.

Denton: muster of, 78, 557;hall, &c., in Lancelot Carleton's hands, 558.
-, Over: mustered, 557.
-, Henry, of Clyffe: commends his wife's kinsman to Walter Grayme, &c., 797.
-, John, alderman, Berwick: 1, 5, 17, 32.
-, Richard: &c., petition the Council, 691.

Deputy, the Lord: his victory in Leinster, horse killed under him (19th Aug.), 679. See Montjoye, Lord.

Destampes, Nicholas: Scotsman, passport to, 26.

Dethick, Mr: chancellor of Carlisle (15th Nov.), 219.
-, one: is in Edinburgh Castlehis bloody deed due to drunkenness or fear (11th June), 7889.

Dichborne, Jo.: 76.
-, Ric.: 75.

Dichunte: assessed for a wreck, 820.

Dickenson, Cuth.: 74.

Dick's Davie: outrages by his sons at Whitlaw house, 717.

Dickson (Dixson), Alex., of Nether Bolton: foul, 346.
-, Geo.: 79.
-, Hector, of Hammyltoun: &c., raid by, 182.
-, John, bailiff, Cumrew: 446.
-, Tho. (Rothbury): 756.

Dilstone: F. Ratclif, recusant, deserts it, 106.

Dinsdale (Dounsdall) sike: on Esk, 821.

Dithmersh: fortified by the Danes (18th Nov.), 712.

Dobson, Herrie: his bill, 19.
-, He.: 76.
-, Umfray: his bill, 19.
-, Rob.: horseman, 542.

Dockerin, Sir Henry: slain near Monaghan (24th Aug.), 686; 742.

Dodd, Arch.: slain, 300.
-, Charles, of Tylmouth: foul for three score sheep, 346.

Dodd, Emery, "Plucke": burnt to death, 300.
-, James, of Donkleywood: slain, 300.
-, Jock, "Jock Pluck": to be delivered to Buccleuch, 96.
-, Jock, of Grenehaugh: Tynedale pledge, 350.
-, John, of Ryclose: burnt to death, 300.
-, Mich., of Donkleywood: burned to death, 300.
-, Mich., of Hordley: burned to death, 300.
-, Raph: 75; slain, 300.
-, Tristram, of Sydwood: fugitive, &c reset by Eure, 338; unknown to him, 340.
-, Will., of Caryteth: slain, 300.
-, one, of Tynedale: in revenge slays Martins Gibb Ellott (5th July), 356.

Doddes: reprisal in Liddesdale, 118; of Tynedale: Buccleuch's murders of, 98; their raid on his charge, 101; Forster's award on their blood feuds with Scots (1st March 158586), 111.

Dogsdon: muster of, 74.

Dolman, one Mr: his book on governments, deposition of princes, rejection of the King's title to English crown, &c., delivered to James 6th (1st Feb. 159596), 103.

Doncaster, the Bear, Mr Lovet's: 680.

Done, Ralph: surety, dead, 372.

Donell, a rebel: at sea with Angus Maconnel of Kintyre to spoil Isle of Man (2nd Aug.), 43.

Donkeleywood: burned by Buccleuch, 300.

Donnell Gorme (Macdonald of Sleat): "King of the Islands," a household man to Huntly (21st Nov.), 775.

Douglas, Archibald [sheriff of Teviotdale?]: order by, on the Marches (18th Dec. 1468), 270.
-, Master Archibald: traitor and rebel received in Newcastle, demanded (31st Jan. 159697), 244; rebel demanded for counterfeiting the King's great seal, and pretending to be ambassador (18th Feb.), 261; is reported to be at Carlisle (4th May), 315; "seeks home," offering service (May 1598), 538.
-, James: who killed Arran, his castle of Torthorald given to Lord Ochiltree (3rd Dec.), 483.
-, James, of the Cavers: bills fyled on, 263, 264; by, on England, 264; sheriff of Teviotdale: bills by and against, 755, 756.
-, James, of Spot: rebel resetted by Lord Evers, demanded, 244; rebel demanded (18th Feb.), 261; reported at Carlisle (4th May), 315.
-, Robert: passport to (4th Jan. 1600), 636; Master Robert: passport to France, 785.

Douglas, Will., of Iveley: fyles bill, 345.
-, Wil., of Whittrick: 756.

Dowe, Rob.: 79.

Downall, Mr: his Scottish servant, 719.

Downeham, town of: spoiled, 187; (Luke Ogles): barmkin resists assault (20th Oct.), 213.

Drake, Sir Francis: reported beset by the Spaniards (20th March 159596), 113.

Dreadnought , the: Queen's ship, 10.

Dreridge (Dredridge): muster of, 78; defects, 79.

Drewe, Edward, serjeant at law: to Lord Huntingdon from Durham assises of a Scots outlaw's threats, &c. (7th Aug.), 45; Burghley's letter to, 274.

Drumbewgh: spoiled by Scots, 811.

Drumlanrig, Laird of (Douglas): escapes from Edinburgh to attack Johnstonoutlawedhis houses razed (5th March), 274; the King comes to put him down (10th), 277; (Dumladericke): Johnston's affray on, 370; to be made warden of West Marches (19th Sept.), 396; gone from Newby by the King's command (24th Nov.), 464; Johnston breaks assurance with, 538; has agreed, and to marry with Johnston (19th June), 611; 628; commanded before the King to sign bond with Johnston (7th Feb. 15991600), 638; to tryst with Johnston before the King and Council (25th April), 647.

Drummont, Alexander: passport to, 644.

Drury (Drewry), Sir Will.: 231; praises of, 353, 495; and his character highly commended as a model warden, 496; his mode of meeting the Scots warden, 564.

Drydon, Wil., in Eshott, 755.

Dryupp, Dick of: is out of Liddesdale, 19.

Dryver, John: horseman, 542.

Dublin: St Thomas street, Mr Saul's house in, 681.

Duckett, Francis: to his cousin Lowther (1st June), 606; assiser, 751.

Dudley, Ambrose: named steward of Bywell, under Forster's patentobjected to as resident in Durham (28th May), 330; to have full benefit of his patent of Bywell and Bulbeck (24th Nov.), 459; to stop waste in Chopwell (4th June), 535.
-, Edmund: juror, 276, 312; one Mr: leading the Graystock men, threatened and hindered by Gerrard Carleton, &c. (24th July), 3689; to advise Scrope's deputy, 400; at a marriage, 483; deputy leader of Graistok tenants, authority unknown (10th Oct.), 568; John Musgrave his son-in-lawhonest and sound, heir of Richard D., nephew of John and Thomas D.disinherited his eldest son, a Jesuit, and disclaims hima justice of peace, &c. (20th), 571; an old servant of the Dacresin a dangerous league for Francis Dacre, as Carleton reports, 5723; negligent in duty, 661; &c., petition (11th Aug.), 678, 690; assiser, 751.

Dudley, Richard: John and Thomas D. his brothers, father of Edmund D., 571; "old" Richard, of Yenwith: his grandson and heir, a seminary priest taken in Lancashire (1st April), 597.
-, , the Jesuit: son of Edmund D.a seminary priestplots with Francis Dacre, &c., 572.
-, Mr (of Newcastle): 533.

Duke, the. See Lennox, Duke of.

Dumfries: James 6th at, and sees the Grames privately (2nd April), 289; walks out of, to meet Cesford, Buccleuch, and Johnston, 298; his stay at, for no good, 301; the provost of: the Urwens, &c., punished for his murder (22nd Nov.), 464.

Dun, Dr Daniel: opinion required from, 261; joint opinion on Scrope's reprisal (9th March), 276.
-, James: 75.

Dunbar, Castle of: to be rebuilt for the King's residenceJames 6th engaged thereon (28th July), 3701; secret watch at, 519.

Dunbarton Castle: to be delivered to Lennox (on 21st Jan. 159798), 503; Traquair likely to be constable, 504.

Duncalf, Thomas: a surety, 372.

Duncanhaugh: cattle driven from, 182.

Dundee: convention at, threats against Huntly by clergy (May), 321.

Dunfermline: convention to begin (29th Sept.), 185; the Queen at, sick (7th), ib.

Dunglas: Lord Hume asks John Carey to (31st Jan. 159495), 11; James 6th at (10th Feb.), 13; Lord Hume's, 29; the King at (13th18th March 159596), 114.

Dunkeld, Bishop of: P. commissioner on Borders, 236; safe conduct for, 237; comes to Berwick and agrees to articles for business (22nd Jan. 159697), 239; demands five rebels, 244; answers to English commissioners (9th Feb.), 253, 262; a senator of the College of Justice: demands five fugitives (4th May), 315; signs treaties at Carlisle (5th), 31617; to Bishop of Durham on commission business (16th Aug.), 390.

Dunkirkers: many infest seas off Berwickharboured in Scots ports (14th June), 661; Act of Scottish Parliament against (31st), 664; Willoughby's complaint oftwenty at least (5th July), 666; one of sixteen guns infest the coasta Castilian in command (28th March), 738; has taken a Lynn ship into the Forth (19th April), 743; the King's evasive letter as to (24th), 747; still plague Berwick, Holy Island, &c. (May), 786; many of them Scots (30th June), 790.

Dunluce (Dunlyps) Castle: cunningly got by Tyrone from Sir James Makonell and given to Maksurle buy (17th July), 793.

Dunnovage: kept by Angus McConnel's bastard son, 538.

Dunse: execution at, 129, 520.

Dunstan lordship: the Queen's, raid on (27th Oct.), 442.

Durham: the Queen's rents, &c., of, 39; privileges in Border service, 113; levies for bridges, &c. (156596), 220.
-, Bishops of: James (Pilkington), late, 93; Robert (Neville), temp. Hen. 6th, 100; (T. Mathew): to Huntingdon, of late assises, insolence of a Scottish outlaw, state of country (7th Aug.), 45; his seal, ib.; to Sir R. Cecil on his sermon last Palm Sunday before the Queen, King of Scots' complaints thereon, &c.denial of charges (11th), 47; ordered to summon Sir John Forster to Durham (8th Jan., 159596), 95; to Forster, to come with his son to Durham (16th Jan. 159596), 97; that he cannot be excused by infirmity, &c. (23rd), ib., 98; to be added to Eure's commission, &c. (29th), 98; Forster is with him at Durham, 99; commissioner, 100, 102; reports escape of thieves from his gaol, 105, 110; sends ten horsemen to Eure, 129; should get his churches roofed, &c., 131; to lend Eure 200 horse at a truce day, 140; to reprieve a horse-stealer, ib.; asked to remit fine on a justice (2nd July), 146; on assise (24th), 151; commissioner on March causes, 193; his offence at Tailbois (27th Sept.), ib.; commission to, &c. (2nd Oct.), 199; to Burghley, accepting though unworthy, &c. (3rd), 200; as to his fellow commissionerspost-horses, &c. (14th), 203; acknowledging receipt of the commissioninstructions, and as to meeting at Berwick, &c. (12nd), 205; on Tailbois' offences, 206; to Burghley of the Scots' delaytreaties, &c., in his handsTailbois' objections to levies, &c. (29th Oct.), 209; meeting the Scots uncertain (9th Nov.), 216; of surprise at not hearing from themecclesiastical commissionTailbois' questionsnote of levies, &c. (15th), 219; to Burghley, of progress of business (15th Dec.), 227; has paid the commissioners one month in advance (10th Jan. 159697), 234; charges Sir Robert Kerr formally of invasion, &c. (17th), 236; and reports progress to Burghley (19th), 237; to Burghley, with articles agreed on with the Scots (24th), 239; &c., to Burghley (2nd Feb.), 247; commissioner, 259, 262; to Burghley commending their six weeks' reception at Berwick (23rd Feb.), 265; to Cecil (24th), ib.; to Burghley, on charges of not writingof their constant sittings and work, Sundays included (27th), 268; his fees, 100l. (28th), 270; to Burghley, with Scrope's letter, for orders as to Buccleuch's action (1st March), 271; that his letter sent to Sir W. Bowes, ib.; to same for legal assistance in the expected treatyas to recusants on West March, &c. (2nd), 272; &c., to Burghley, of their fruitless journey to Penrith for Carlisle meeting (9th March), 275; Bowes to, from Edinburgh, ib.; impannels jury for West March, and delivers articles to them at Penrith, 276, 277; to Burghley for instructions at meeting the Scots, his colleagues being absent (15th), 282; questions to, and answers by, the Privy Council, 283; to Cecil for instructions on next meeting at Carlisle (3rd April), 289; assures the Carletons' safety at Carlisle (18th), 300; to Burghley of meeting the Scots (20th), 302; agreement with them, ib.; of difficultiesoutrages, &c., 303; to Burghley from Carlisle (29th April), 310; reply to demand for five Scottish rebels (4th May), 315; proclaims the peace (5th), 315; signs treaties, 31617; to Cecil on special matters intrusted to him (7th), 318; to Burghley (jointly), 319; to Burghley, with originals of treaty, by special messengerstate of Marchesopinion of Lord Scrope, & to dealing with recusants severely (14th May), 3224; his dilatory treatment of the Carletons at Carlisle complained of (16th), 3245; instructions to his servant attending on Burghley as to treaty, fees, &c., (20th), 326; to Burghleysurprise at, and denial of Scrope's charges as to the Carletons, &c., and thanks for his servant's reward (27th), 328; letter to the wardens, 329; to Burghley, as to the effects of the treatyverdicts of March juriesand urging greater severity against recusants in the North (2nd June), 3324; to Burghley with bills of Marchesfailure of exchange of rollsof murmurs as to favour shown to hypocritical recusantsurging justice against these, &c. (14th June), 344; bills enclosed, 3456; his fees paid (20th June), 349; Queen's instructions to, by Sir William Bowes (2nd Aug.), 375; to Burghley from Stockton as to meeting Bowesthe plague about Newcastlefor indulgence at Exchequerhis 200l. loan to the Queen, &c. (28th Aug.), 388; John and Sir R. Carey to, of the plague all round Berwickno markets, &c., 389; Bishop of Dunkeld to, 390; his fees paid (3rd Sept.), 394; to meet Eure, the juries, &c., at Newburne, 20th (15th), 396; presentments against Eure, &c. (21st), 397; requisitions to Eure and the two juries (22nd), 398; to the Council at York to receive twenty Scottish pledges on 2nd Oct. (23rd), 400; Ralph Gray to (23rd Sept.), 401; Richard Fenwick of Stanton to, in behalf of Eure, &c. (24th), 4013; his sermon in Righton church on the mole's blindness, 403; the two juries' reply to requisition, 404, 405; Sir W. Bowes to, of abortive meeting with Lord Hume, &c., at Norham ford on 29th (3rd Oct.), 411; to Burghley, is coming to parliament unless countermanded (3rd), 412; to Cecil of Bowes conduct of proceedings singlehanded (4th), 413; to Burghley with Bowes' letter of 3rd, 414; to Cecil from North Allerton with the juries' verdict, &c. received from Eure at Wetherby (18th Oct.), 427; to same with Eure's officers' answersand as to secrecy for the jurors (20th), 428; takes Cuthbert Cowling's deposition on the assault on John Browne, recorder of Berwick (19th Nov.), 4556; also Mr Alderman Aiscough's (21st), 457; to Burghley with thesehis letters to and from the aldermanto inquire closely into charges against Eure and his officers, &c. (24th), 4589; his letters to and from the alderman, 45960; to Burghley, with suggestions (if Eure returns), for his correctionmuch needed and to avoid papists' company (2nd Dec.), 481; to be again a commissioner (28th), 490; to CecilDavid Fowlis' claim on late Robert Bowes a "fowle" oversighturging clemency for Woodrington and Fenwick, the warden's "arms" (2nd Dec.), 579, 580; Raphe Bowes to, denying such debt (26th Nov.), 581; to Cecil, on the same, Fowlis' claim on Robert Bowes, junior (22nd Jan., 159899), 585; Robert Bowes, junior to, that his bargain was with Fowlis' brother for lead (18th Jan.), ib., 586; to Cecil on behalf of Woodrington and Fenwickdesign against Newcastle, &c. (17th Feb.), 5889; to Cecil, with King's letterhis own life threatened "poor gown man" (3rd April), 599; to Cecil, has obeyed his directions (20th Aug.), 679; examines two Scotsmen stayed by his servant (22nd), 6801; to Cecil, praising Henry Woodrington, and to consult him while in London (8th Feb. 1601), 731; neglects his own business as to recusantsto Carey's, &c., surprise, 732.

Durham, Dean of: W. James, to Cecil as to Laird of Weemes, &c. (17th Nov), 630.

Dwre, William: passport to, 26.

"Dyeforcalde" one: Scottishman, 397; "Dye for could": betrays Mansfield's foray to Cesford, 429.

Dykes, Mr: found alone at Carlisle by Lowther, 748.