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Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 2, 1595-1603. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1896.

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Earsdon: defects of, 78, 79.
-, Edw.: 76.
-, Jo.: 76.

Edenbridge (Carlisle): the posts for the iron chains of, cut up by Scots forayers (20th March 1601), 7367.

Edenhall (Ednell): the best house of Musgrave, 571.

Edgar (Adgeor), Patrick: merchant of Edinburgh, passport to, 775.

Edgerston, Laird of: raids by, on West March (July), 198; (Philip Rutherford) has built on head of Reed water, 204; (Rutherford): forays in Gilsland (Midsummer, 1596), 254, 755.

Edington: defects of, 79.

Edlingham: muster of, 76.

Edmeston, David, of Charter house: bill quit, 346.

Edmonson, Jo.: 75.

Edonbr', the bailiffs of: quit for "troblance," 345.

Edward, Antoines: outlaw, betrayed, escapes Scrope's men, but his son taken (9th Feb.), 254.
-, Thomas: passport for, 636.
-, Wil.: quarter master, 725.

Eglefeld, John, esq.: 93.

Eglestone: a dependency of Rabie lordship, 380.

Eglingjam, muster, 75: town of: spoiled, 187.

Elder, Christofer: 74.

Elderton: muster of, 75.
-, Mr Jo.: his tenants, 75.
-, Tho. (2): 75.

"Elece, the baron of": not known to Carleton, 476.

Elington: muster of: 78; defects, ib.

Elisheugh, the Goodman of: raid by, 165; chief of the Bournes, slain near Alnwick by John Browne, 477.

Elizabeth, her rents of Richmond, Durham, &c., outgoings (1595), 39; Bishop Mathew's sermon before her on Palm Sunday and its contents, 47, 48; orders 100 foot to Carlisle (Sept.), 55; Eure's suit to, 58; appoints him Warden of Middle March with a house (7th Oct.), 59; Sir J. Forster to her thereon (19th), 62; Eure to, of his difficulties entering office (28th Oct.), 65; her commands to Bowes and Fairfax (7th Nov. 1595), 70; warrant as to Bowes' arrears, &c., 92; to the Council of York for Eure's horsemen (8th Jan. 159596), 94; to Bishop of Durham for Forster's summons thither, 95; commands Forster to go to Durham (9th Jan. 159596), 97, 98; Dolman's book on succession to her Crown, 103; Eure entreats her compassion for Forster in his old age (25th Feb.), 107; her dismissal of Sir R. Carey from Court, disgraced, 108; refusal to let Lady Scrope stay at Carlisle, 109; instructions to the Council of the North (26th), 109; her remission to Forster, 112; pay allowed her horse abroad, ib.; lands held of her in Burgh and Gilsland, 145; averse to severity with the Grames (15th July), 151; refuses to spend money on Norham, thinking Hunsdon should do repairsSir R. Carey expostulates (17th), 154; Scrope desires to resign office (20th), 155; commands John Carey's return to Berwick on his father's death (22nd), 158; Scrope's advice to keep three, and let home three Grames to see what happens (31st), 160; thinks John Carey acts like a barbarous Turk, 167; proclaims peace and her intended Border commission (20th Aug.), 177; appoints four Border commissioners (2nd Oct.), 199; to Sir R. Carey to act as deputy warden of East March, but to hazard nothing and be careful (10th), 201; Scrope about to sue for lease, &c. (12th), 202; lately wrote to James 6th by Fowlis, touching Buccleuch's offence (20th), 205; orders 100 foot at Carlisle back to Berwick (12th), 206; commands Scrope to give immediate answer about the Grames, 207; Eure's suit for grant of Simonburne parsonage (24th), 208; reserves Buccleuch's surprise of Carlisle to her own ordering, 242; will prosecute Cesford too, 243; suit by Forster to end his days in Bambrough (1st Feb.), 247; her warrant for Scrope's reprisal kept secret, 248; her anger against Buccleuch and Cesford causes jealousy in Scotland, 249; John Carey's suit for his wife's dispatch, 252; Coronation day kept by Lord Eure at Newcastle (20th Nov.), 222; to Scrope to see treaty performedto Sir R. Carey with sharp rebuke for asking a patentto do what he is ordered, and await her pleasure without further importunity, &c. (7th June), 337; Carey's humble acquiescence (12th), 343; Lord Eure's petition to be heard before her (11th July), 358; offers to bring Buccleuch alive or dead to her, 359; or his and Cesford's heads, 360; James fears to displease her by releasing Buccleuch, 371; the Northumberland gentlemens' offer to her (30th July), ib., 372; J. Carey's urgency for leave to see her (2nd), 374; instructions to the Bishop of Durham and Sir W. Bowesas to pledgesreconciling Eure and his opponents, &c., 375; Sir R. Carey intends to risk her displeasure by coming up (4th), 378; but postpones (7th), 379; Scrope's fears of her justifying the Carletons (15th), 382; Cesford's wish for her favour and to do her service (18th), 384; question on Dacre's lands, with Lord William [Howard], 386; is disposed to pardon and free the Carletons (28th Aug.), 3878; her loan from Bishop of Durham of 200l., 389; her demand by Sir W. Bowes to be satisfied, 390; Council's suggestions to, for preachers and grammar schools in Northumberland, 391; strengthening castles, &c., 392; reserves Buccleuch's breach of Carlisle to her own decision and demands his delivery, 385, 393; desires Scrope to forgive the Carletons, 395; her censure of Sir W. Bowes at audience (16th March), 524; commands his opinion on Middle March, 525; instructions to Sir W. Bowes as Treasurer of Berwick (20th April), 529; warrant to, for 1000l. (8th June), 539; styled Scrope's "load star," 577; agrees to an assise to try the Redesdale hunting (2nd Jan. 159899), 584; would "at no hand" trust late Robert Bowes with money, 660; Herries asks her favour as to his late father (10th July), 668; new orders for her Berwick worksbankrupts, and the chamberlain's oath of office (July), 673; to Willoughby from Nonsuch, granting him leave on sudden attacks of illness (18th Aug.), 678; her good wishes to him (19th), 679; Cesford wishes her leave to pass to France and kiss hands (8th Sept.), 685; her pleasure as to the two young Ruthvens at Berwick (15th Sept.), 688; Willoughby to, on behalf of Cesford (14th Nov.), 710; excusing his showing her the defects of Berwick (22nd), 714; displeased at his employing Sir W. Eure (12th Dec.), 717; sends R. Musgrave to the Fleet for contemptand regrets Willoughby's illness (14th), 719; may save 1000l. a year at Berwick, 722; Essex's attempt on, 732; Carey doubts her showing herself too soon (16th Feb.), 733; summons Scrope to Court, ib.; her clemency asked for John Selby (18th), 734; King James's congratulation, &c., to (22nd), ib., 735; to Willoughby admonishing himbut to take care of his healthlaments Essex's ingratitude (21st March 1601), 737; Willoughby to, in reply on her deliverancelikened to the Queen of Sion, &c. (29th), 7389; appoints Richard Lowther Scrope's deputy, 739; Lord Eure sues for his brother's liberty (10th April), 742; hates David Fowlis beyond all others, for telling the King she was dead, 773; Carr of Ford's evil speeches of her, 778; keeps the Berwick governor's fee from Sir J. Carey, 780; informed of Sir J. Carey's and wife selling places, &c., her displeasure, 7867; advised to look about her Court, 7878; plans to take or kill Tyrone laid before her (17th July), 7923; sends 4000 men to Ireland (Aug.), 794; Roxburgh desires to kiss her "fair hands" (29th), 795; keeps the governor's feeif in good humour to be moved for Carey (24th Sept.), 798; approves Scrope's avoidance of seeing James 6th at Dumfries (16th Oct.), 804; would rather hear from, than see Scrope (19th), ib., 805; averse to his leave, 805; thinks James might get Rob Grame to executelenient to young Butler's case (29th), 807; keeps her purse tight, ib.; orders Captain Skynner to be sent up from Berwick (16th Nov.), 810; allows Scrope's leave next termnot now (26th), 811; offer to, of Tyrone's head renewed, ib.; Sir J. Carey's remonstrance at her giving away Skynner's officeskeeping up his own pay, &c. (21st Dec.), 814; Captain Skynner's petition to, 815.

Ell, George: to Robin of Pickell, 797.

Ellice, Captain, &c.: Buccleuch's attack on, 123, 171.
-, Captain Stephen: powder delivered to, 221.

Ellingeam (Luke Ogle's): raid on (3rd Nov.), 213.

Ellott (Ellwood), Andrew, "the woer," of Burngrange: raid by, 165.
-, Arche, of the Hill, &c.: raid by, 198.
-, Arche: signs Forster's award (1586), 111.
-, Arche, "brunt hand": defendant, 309.
-, Arche, "dogpyntle": robberies by, 63, 64, 198.
-, "Martins" Arche: resets English outlaws, 338; a pledge for his clan, 350; a great rider, 356; pledge entered at Norham ford (29th Sept.), 409; a chief man, delivered Buccleuch his son, the boy at York, 701.

Ellott, "Ibbels" Arche: robberies by, 63, 64.
-, David: signs Forster's award (1586), 111.
-, David, alias "Carlyne": murdered William Ogle, slain in revenge by the Ogles (4th July), 5467; a notorious thief, ib.
-, Gawen: signs Forster's award (158586), 111.
-, Gawen: deputy, excuses Buccleuch's absence at Cannoby holm (2nd May), 314.
-, Gawin, of Brough: &c., offer by, 604.
-, George, "buggerback": thefts by, 63, 64.
-, Gib. (Fawnesh): robberies by, 63.
-, Martin's Gibb: a soldier trained in Flanders and France and a chief leader, slain by Eure's men in Liddesdale (5th July), 356.
-, Gyb, brother to Redheuch: his release asked (26th Nov.), 466; declined by H. Leigh (28th), 467.
-, Gilbert, of Hardlisdalle: &c., offer by, 604.
-, "Robes" Gib: at Archerbeck with Buccleuch, &c., 368.
-, Isack: robberies by, 64.
-, James, of the Hyll: robberies by, 64.
-, Jamie, "todde": raids by, 199.
-, John, of Copshawe: 19; at Kinmont's rescue, 122; has built Blackstone Lee tower at head of Liddell (18th Oct.), 204; offers to Eure (4th June), 334; &c., excuse their breach of Eure's bond, by the King and Buccleuch's threats (8th June), 3412; reasons of their offer, 342.
-, John (3): sign Forster's award (1585 86), 111.
-, Wills John, of Burnheads: robberies by, 64.
-, Mark: robberies by, 64.
-, Martin: signs Forster's award (158586), 111; raid in Gilsland by his sons John and Gib, &c., 198; his strong tower at Liddell head with powder "ventes," 204; his folds raided by Tynedale men in reprisal (5th July), 356; his tower besieged by late Lord Scrope and Sir J. Forster, ib.; his clan great riders, ib.
-, Martin, "mend the kail": raid by, 165.
-, Ryche, of the Lewlands: robberies by, 63.
-, Riche, of Hewghouse: thefts by, 64.
-, Robert, of Readheugh: &c., offer to Eure (4th June), 334; &c., excuse their breach of bond to Eure, by the King and Buccleuch's threats (8th June), 3412; reasons of their offer, 342; his brother Gyb Ellot a pledge for Gilsland, 466; &c., offer to Scrope (4th April), 604; his football match with Thomas Musgrave before Ridley's slaughter (13th May), 605.
-, Robert: signs Forster's award (1585 86), 111; within twelve years has built a tower called Lariston at head of Liddel (18th Oct.), 204.
-, Rob (Hob.): bill on, 19; of Bowholmes: robberies by, 64; taken redhand and condemned (10th Feb.), 106; executed at Hexham, 110.
-, Hob, "Burnheads": robberies by, 63; laird of Burnhead: meets Carleton secretly, 254.
-, Robert, "Hob of the Leys," alias "the troche": robberies by, 63, 64.
-, Hob, of Stanesheel, "bane pryck": robberies by, 63.
-, Robert, "officer" alias Laird of Thorlesop: robberies by, 63; foul and in Hexham gaol (28th April), 309.
-, young Robyn, of Thorlesope: robberies by, 63.
-, Hob, "kyll of the spade": thefts by, 64.
-, Rob.: t. 20, son of William E. of Clintwood, offered in his room (24th April), 645.
-, Tho., of Newbrough: fugitive reset by Eure, 338; who knows nothing of him, 341.
-, William (2): sign Forster's award (158586), 111.
-, Wil., of Clintwood: hostage delivered at York (17th Sept.), 562: the elder: pledge, 592; breaks York Castlerecaptured and put in irons, 5935; offers Robert E. his son in his room (24th April)), 645; is Buccleuch's pledge at York, ib., 646.
-, Wil., younger of Dinleybyer; t. 12, hostage delivered at York (17th Sept.), 562: pledge, 592; "the boy": breaks out at Yorkrecaptured and put in irons, 5945; of Eshes: delivered by Buccleuch, 645; a young boy, his friends at variance with Clintwood, 646.
-, Will, "Cowfaughes": delivered for bill, 19.
-, William, of Faweneshe: his bill refused at West March, 20; thefts in Gilsland by his brother, Archie and Hob his sons, 63.
-, Will, goodman of Gorrombye: at Kinmont's rescue, 122.
-, William, John of Hewghouse's son: robberies by, 63, 64.
-, William, of Larestone: his bill, 19; his servants' thefts, 63; of Harscarth: delivered to Forster, 96; Hob, of Bowholme, his servant taken redhand and condemned to death (10th Feb.), 106; murders by, in Tynedale, 101; his "bill,' 'ib.; his man Hob E. taken redhand, 106, and hanged at Hexham, 110; of Larreston alias Harskarth, 115; in wait for a foray, 116; his man kept, 130; &c., raid by, in West March, 198; of Hardskarth: Buccleuch's cousin 260; of Lareston: fyled for Charlton's murder, 263; of Harskarth, &c.; offer to Eure (4th June), 334; &c., excuse their breach of Eure's bond, by the King and Buccleuch's threats (8th June), 3412; reasons of their offer, 342; of Larestane: a pledge, 350; escapes from York Castle (19th Oct.), 699, 700; defies Buccleuch, ib.; Sir R. Carey's scheme against, 701.

Ellott, Will, of the Steile: raid by, 198; a pledge, 350; pledge released, plans a foray on Tynedale (June), now in Leigh's hands, deserves hanging (15th July), 549.
-, : Queen orders him kept in the pledge chamber, Carlisle, till Scrope's return (22nd Oct.), 431.

Ellotts, the: take one Simpson near Durham, 81; their English blood feuds, 111; (of Burnhead): raid by, 168; with Buccleuch at Rob of Lake's capture, 169; forays by (29th March), 289; (91117th April), 299, 303; of Liddesdale: slay the land sergeant and nine men, and take Sir Thomas Dacre, &c., near Naward Castle (ante 1563), 447.

Ellyson, Tho.: 78.

Elphinston (Elveston), Mr James: an Octavian, reported to deal with Spain, &c. (9th June), 135; his brother in the French King's service, ib.; "Octavian," favourer of the popish lords, discouraged, 274; a dangerous man, gets secretaryship from Lindsay (16th Jan. 159798), 504.

Elsdon, Rob.: 76.

Elwicke, widow (York): 598.

Embleton, Jo.: 74.

Emersone, Gabriel: horse stealer, reprieve asked for, 140; Cecil's letter for, 146.

Emery, Geo., of London: hop merchant, 231.

Eringtons: their Scottish blood feuds, 111.

Errington, Anthony: 78.
-, Arthur: 78.
-, Luke: &c., menace Edward Gray, 493, 506.
-, Mark: 78.
-, Mark, of Ponte Iland: juror, 132; juror, Newburne, 405; hands over four Scottish pledges at Alnwick, 781.
-, Mathew: not reset by Eure, lives on West March, 340; retainer of T. Musgrave, 614.
-, Mr Ralph, leaves Bingfield for Richmond, 106; juror, 132.

Errington, Ric.: horseman, 542.
-, Hob: taken prisoner, 605.
-, Roger: 78.
-, Tho., of Bavington: 754.
-, Tho., of Bulington: fyled, 264.
-, Thomas: assaults Fenwick of Wallington in Eure's house at Hexham, 4801.
-, Will.: 76.
-, William: account of munition at Newcastle (1588), 221.
-, : horseman with Eure, 326.

Erroll (Arrell), Earl of: to leave Scotland (Feb. 159495), 15; reported at Hamburgh (10th May 1595), 30; off the country, 36; motion by the King for his pardon and return from Spain, displeases the Kirk (Feb. 159596), 111; reports the Spaniards' coming, ib.; returns (27th Aug.), the Queen works for his pardon, 185; opposed by ministry and people, ib.; again forfeited at cross of Edinburgh, arms torn, &c. (24th Nov.), 224; his sister to be keeper of the young princessto be excommunicated as a recusant (29th Nov.), 225; popish, 274; in the King's house, like to be chancellor (16th Jan. 159798), 504; Lady E. gets the "H." from the Queen in jest for a night, ib.; chancellorship in suspense (21st), 506; comes with Huntly to convention (8th Nov.), 708; at feud with Gicht (21st Nov.), 775.

Erskine, Sir Tho.: 652; brings Leigh to "cracke" with James 6th, 653; gives him a diamond ring from the King, 654; combat with Dr Harris (?) (10th Aug.), 676; returns with Argyll to Berwick (7th Nov.), 709; sent in advance to make way, ib.; a very officious manhis secret trysts with Englishmen (Midsummer-Michaelmas), and with Thomas Percy, &c., at ManderstonDunfermline, &c. (29th Nov.), 812.

Esh, Thom, of the: Scrope wronged about, 228.

Eske, the: boundaries of Debateable land at, 301.

Eslington: muster of, 76; Sir Cuthbert Collingwood has left it, and his son and wife, recusants, occupy it (18th Feb.), 106.

Essex, Earl of: will support Sir R. Carey, 68; to Scrope that he never hears from him, 241; at Council, 294; J. Carey fears his crossing him for the treasurershipcause unknown (12th Nov.), 448; complaint to, against R. Musgrave (23rd May), 532; orders George Carr's apprehension (19th Feb.), 519; sends Captain Constable to Berwick (25th March), 527; 568; takes minutes of Council in Cecil's absence (June 1598), 578; Earl Marshal, Master of the ordnance, 583; to E. Stanhope with Queen's approval, 596; Stanhope to, at West Chester, in reply, &c. (31st March), 597; news of, displease James 6th (26th Dec.), 634; thought ambitious by James 6th (Sept. 1599), 649; his warrant as to Francis Dacre's pension, 650; if he would get his liberty (?) 654; will be soon "enlarged" (19th Aug. 1600), 679; knighted Sir H. Leigh when at Cadiz, 686; news of his rebellion, anticipated at Berwick the day before Cecil's letter arrives (14th Feb.), 732; proclamation at Berwick (16th), 733; Sir R. Carey on, ib.; Selby on (18th), 734; James 6th to the Queen on, ib.; Willoughby's estimate of him, his great gifts and unfortunate end (12th March), 7356; his accusation of Cecil, 736; Elizabeth laments his ingratitude (21st March), 737; compared to a fallen angel, 739; Cecil accused of his downfall by Carr of Ford, 778.

Estoft, Christofer, esq., 93.

Eure (Evers), Sir William (1st) lord: greatgrandfather of Lord E., his fee as warden, 58; 231, 566; William (2nd) lord: late, 93; commissioner (1586), 193, 203; his manner of meeting opposite warden, 564; warden of East March, 566; Ralph (3rd) lord: to Lord Huntingdon from Durham assises (7th Aug.), 45; to Burghley of the distress in Durham by Scots' outrages, &c. (12th), 48; to Burghley accepting Forster's wardenry, with some conditions (6th Sept.), 53, 54; at Ingleby, ib.; the warden's fees, &c., 55; the principal men, 56; his suit to the Queen for a house, &c., as his ancestors had, 58; the Queen's instructions and commission to him (7th Oct.), 59; to Burghley of Forster's refusal of his house at Hexham as unfit for him (18th), 61; asks Burghley to compel him (19th), 62; to Burghley of Forster's declining responsibility, &c. (27th), 64; to the Queen of his delay (28th Oct.), 65; denies Goodrick as commissioner, 66; to be hastened to his charge, 67; Forster gives up Hexham and arranges for Harbottel, &c. (10th Nov.), 69; to Burghley that he is about to start for his office (18th), 71; to Burghley from Newcastle of Lord Huntingdon's doings (3rd Dec.), 82; signifies his appointment to Buccleuch and Cesford (9th), 85; their replies (19th22nd), ib.; names Border commissioners to Burghley, 85; his proceedings at Newcastle with late Lord President (25th29th Nov.), 87; to Burghley of his meetings, needful repairs, &c. (26th Dec.), 89, 90; to Sir R. Cecil of wants at Hexham, &c., 91; desires a new commission of peacea legal justice and respite for new sheriff (1st Jan. 159596), 94; warrant for his eighty horse (8th), 94; his private remarks to Scrope, 95; James 6th requests delivery of two offenders (17th), 96; to Burghley, report of the SpaniardsCesford's musters, outrages near Alnwick, &c. (20th Jan.), 96; to Sir R. Cecil, 97; to Burghley of error in commission of peace, &c., troubles on the MarchesForster now at Durham (29th Jan.), 98100; sends lists of commissioners, 100; to BurghleyForster's abuses in officedemand by King of Scots, &c. (31st), 101, 102; asks Morpeth for residence (5th Feb.), 104; sends extracts of statutesnames for commission, &c. (8th), 105; to BurghleyHexham gaollist of recusants (18th), 106; to same of Cesford and Buccleuch (19th), 107; for leniency to Forster (25th), 107; to the Queen for same, ib., 108; to Burghley on the horsemen's pay (27th), 109; for increase of itexecution of a criminalthe commission, &c. (28th), 110; to same on pay, Cesford's favour at Court, &c. (10th March), 112; Forster says 300 horse met him at Hexham, 113; to Burghley as to disposal of his eighty horse, 113; of Forster's suitrepairs of Hexham gaol, &c., 114; that his horse troop has comethree roads in TynedaleBuccleuch's claim, &c., 11516; to same, that Scots' complaints unfounded, &c. (1st April), 118; of gaol deliveryWarden Courtprisoners condemneddoings of jury, &c. (10th), 11920; to the Queen on state of his March, &c. (17th), 125; to Burghley, muster, fears of attack, &c., 126; to Burghley, on Forster, Harbottle and Hexham, &c. (4th June 1596), 824; to Burghley of Cesford and Buccleuch, &c., 129; of weakness of his March, Buccleuch's treatment of his cousin, &c., 130; of his plan to strengthen it, 131; to Cecil of spoils, ib., 132; to same, of a chief rider slain in a raid, 137; to Burghleybad opinion of Buccleuchlaw as to Kinmont's capture, &c. (19th June), 138; to Cecil thereonthe King's fear as to his pension, &c., 13940; to Burghley on March affairsrepair of Harbottle and Hexham gaol, 143; to Burghley that two of his deputies have resignedthe dearth, &c. (2nd July), 145; to Cecilfor mitigation of a fine by Bishop of Durham, 146; to Burghleyneed of Harbottle, &c., and asking a ward (11th), 150; has re-captured William Shaftoechargeshis trial, &c. (15th), 1501; form of bond for a Scottish prisoner, 162; to Burghley on state of the several Marchesasking governorship of Berwick (2nd Aug.), 166; of disorder at meeting Cesford and his opinion of him (19th), 175; to Cecil of his troubles (23rd Aug.), 178; to Burghley of meetings with Cesford (28th), 179; to Cecil, that Queen's approval of Cesford would help justice, 180; Cesford to, about release of his man Young, ib.; to Burghley for Simonburne (just vacant) for his chaplain (1st Sept.), 183; of Cesford's outrage at Swinburne Castle on the Woodringtons, &c. (3rd), 184; to Sir John Stanhope with Scots' newsErroll, Huntly, &c. (7th), 185; to Burghleyfears his letters miscarry, 187; to same in favour of Ralph Gray of Chillingham as treasurer of Berwick (10th), 188; to same with thanks for Simonburne, &c. (27th), 192; with names of additional commissionersSir Robert Kerr's father yet alive, &c., 193; to same, commending [R.] Tailboies his kinsman (27th), ib.; warrants for his horsemens' pay, 197; to Burghley thereon (3rd Oct.), 199; to same on Border redressencroachments of Scots on Reed and Tyne, &c. (18th), 203; to the Privy Council on same, 204; to Sir R. Cecil, 205; to Burghley for a new parson of Simonburne, his chaplain thinking himself unfit (24th), 208; and the need of a sheriff of the county (26th), ib.; to Burghleyfactious opposition continuesasks Simonburne for Mr Warwick and profits (4th Nov.), 214; of his troubles with the factions, and the adjoining English wardens, &c. (12th), 218; accredits his son to Burghley, ib.; to Burghley of the Woodringtons' insolenceScrope's offence, &c. (30th Nov.), 226; to same, of Dutch ship with cablesstate of his Border and Scotland (4th), 226; his fears of Cesford's doings (12th), 227; of the broils between the King and the Kirk, &c. (31st), 230; of Sir C. Collingwood's burialneed of a new sheriff, &c. (1st Jan. 159697), 232; with note of Border laws in force (4th), 234; for Forster's leave to go home (22nd), 239; of Scrope's grievancesinroad in his March, and damage done by his menhis own innocence of offence (28th), 240; resets the Laird of Spott, 244; to Burghley, denies interfering with Scrope's March (15th Feb.), 257; his March bills before the commission against Scotland, 263; Scottish bills against his March, 264; to Cecil, that he had taken the new sheriff's oath (20th), 264; his taking an outlaw in Scrope's March, 267; Scrope to Burghley thereon, 271; to Cecil, that Border meeting on 1st adjourned (3rd March), 273; of the Maxwells and Johnstonsthe King and the clergyOctavians, &c. (5th), 274; to Burghley of the King going to DumfriesCesford's continued delay, &c. (10th), 277; to same, of Scrope's and his differenceswilling to have inquiryhis house at Hexham blown up, &c. (17th), 284; to Cecil that his March warned of meeting (6th April), 291; to Burghley of three Liddesdale raidsone headed by Buccleuchmany slainwarden court and sentence of fifteen Liddesdale men, &c. (18th), 299; list of killed, 300; Sir W. Bowes' message for, ib.; his warden sergeant slain, 303; to Burghley from Carlisle of Buccleuch's barbarous doings on his March (29th April), 310; to Cecil of same, 311; his deputy at Cannonby holm (2nd May), 314; reconciled at Carlisle with Scrope and Carey as commanded by the Queen, 318; to Cecil on reinforcements (10th May), 321; to Burghley as to charges against him and list of his horsemen (21st), 3267; to same thereonhis sorrow at being thus pricked (27th), 327; abstract of treaty sent to, 329; as to stewardship of Bywell (28th), 330; for direction on late treaty, &c. (2nd June), 332; the Ellots' offer to him (4th), 334; answer to the accusations of the jurors of his March (8th June), 33741; the Ellots to, that they are prevented keeping their bond, 341; to Burghley, of his reprisal on Buccleuch (9th), 342; to Cecil thereon, ib.; to same, for an entire copy of the treaty (13th), 344; to Burghley further on the charges against him (16th), 347; near Norham ford on the delivery of pledges (25th), 351; sent for by Scottish commissioners, 352; presentments against him, ib.; to Burghley, reporting meeting at Norhamits failure, &c. (27th), ib.; asks Burghley to consult Sir W. Bowesand for leave to appear before the Council, 353; John Browne's replication to his answers, and demand for more direct replies, &c., ib., 354; his 20 miles' ride with Bowes from Norham, 354; to Burghley, of a slain Ellot of notehas removed his wife, &c., to Witton to escape the plague (5th July), 356; to Cecil thereon, &c. (7th), ib.; to Burghley, for leave to confront his accusers before the Queencopy of verdict, &c. (10th), 358; petitions the Queen therein (11th), ib.; to Cecil, of inroads by Buccleuch, Harden, &c.his own want of forceoffers to take Buccleuch quick or deadif aided (15th), ib., 359; to Burghley, of same, ib.; of capture of a follower of Bothwell at Newcastledescription of himhis designs on Cesford, &c. (17th), 35960; to Cecil thereof, 360; to Burghley, from Wittonhis wife sick therenews from Scotland, &c. (21st), 364; to Cecil thereon, ib.; his signet, ib.; to Cecil, regretting road in error on Fernihurst (27th July), 369; to Burghley in replydesires to meet chargesnames deputy wardensBuccleuch and Johnston both in prison, &c., ib.; to Cecil, of meeting of his countytheir offer to the Queen, &c. (30th), 371; the Queen's message to, by Sir W. Bowes, 375; to Cecil for his mediationhas met Cesford, &c. (3rd Aug.), 376; to Burghley, desiring to impart Cesford's message verbally, 376; his conference with Carmichael on Buccleugh's behalf at Hexham (17th), 383; to Cecil thereofhis secret conference with Cesford, for the Queen's own ear only (18th Aug.), 384; to Burghley, of impending meeting at Newburne-on-Tyne (15th Sept.), 396; to Cecil thereof, ib.; the commissioners' presentments against him, &c., there (21st), 397; requisition to him at (22nd), 398; Richard Fenwick's memorial praising his acts in office compared with Forster, 4013; his good treatment of his tenants, &c., 403; beheads Scots' thieves as Forster never did, ib.; the jurors' presentments at Newburn against him, &c. (24th Sept.), 4045; to Cecil, of meeting at Norham on 29th, adjourned till 8th Oct.and his dissatisfaction with the commissioners' proceedings at Newburn (30th Sept.), 409; to Burghley thereon from Morpethone of his pledges wounded by the Scots, the other very ill, ib.; with Bowes, &c., at the West ford, Norhamhis advice to adjourn, &c. (3rd Oct.), 41112; to Burghley, from Wittoun, whither the plague at Hexham has driven himwill attend parliament if approved of (4th), 413; to Cecil thereof, 414; absent from Norham ford meeting, sick at Wittoun (8th), 416; reply to the commissioners (17th Oct.), 424; is still at Wytton, 427; Bishop of Durham's views as to him and his officers, 428; urged to get the escaped pledges (23rd Oct.), 432; from Wittoun, to Cecil, for hearing before the Council (24th Oct.), 434; to Anthony Bacon in reply with thanks for advice, ib. 435; to Burghley, that neither himself nor deputy is obeyed, 435; to Sir W. Bowes in reply as to the pledges escaped (28th), 437, 438; John Browne's complaint of his servants' bloody attack on him (1st Nov.) 440; the King to, from Dumfries to repress fugitives (5th), 442; to Cecil, of Browne's many insults to himselfaffray with his servantsand the Bishop of Durham's siding with Browne, &c. (7th), 443; sends to bail his servants for assault on John Browne (31st Oct.), 457; Bishop of Durham wishes him taken order with for his eighty horses, while "now in London," &c. (24th Nov.), 459; his letters to and from the alderman of Richmond on his servants' bail, &c. (2nd5th Nov.), 4601; reply to the Privy Council, and that his good services cover any oversights (30th Nov.), 4713; John Browne's memorial against him for private and public offences (2nd Dec.), 4779; Henry Woodrington's memorial to same effect (2nd Dec.), 47981; his proposal for pension to Cesford, 481; his former conference with Sir C. Collingwood and Ro. Claveringsuggests pension for Cesford, 481; Bishop of Durham's suggestions for his conduct and needed amendment (2nd Dec.), ib., 482; reports of his not returning warden (31st), 493; anonymous representation to the Queen against him and his officers, neglect of duty, denial of justice, &c., 4946; to Burghley, of the Woodringtons' indecent language to Edward Gray, for punishment, and to further his own supersession as warden (22nd Jan. 159798), 506; vicepresident of York: to Cecil excusing his son and friendsthe two prisoners' escapethe gaoler going to Court, &c. (23rd Oct.), 699; at Malton with Willoughby (summer), 703; to Cecil from Ingelbie, asking the Queen's mercy for his brother Sir William (10th April), 741.
-, Mr William: report of his knighthood (17th Nov.), 453; Sir William: is with Willoughbyvisited and staid with Cesford (28th Oct.), 702; sent 4 miles to meet the Rohans (10th Nov.), 709; sent to the Council in Willoughby's defence (22nd), 713; reasons of his delay on the road (6th Dec.), 7145; charges against him while in Scotlandseeing the KingCesford, &c. (7th), 716; his qualificationskindred, &c., set forth by Willoughby (12th), 717; saw the King at Spot (31st Oct.), 728; his release asked by his brother Lord E. (10th April), 741.

Ewart, John, of Carham: slain in a rescue, 147, 197.
-, "wester," Thom, in Wark: a Pringle slain by, 181; in raid, 182.
-, Will: his wife's bill, 309.

Ewbancke (Ubancke), Mr, B.A.: favoured by Lady Warwick for Simonburne, 192; satisfied as to Simonburne, 208, 214.

Ewens, Mr: Sir John Stanhope's servant, 293; (Huins), one: Stanhope's man, 388, 498.

Ewes water: Buccleuch's horse race at (14th April 1596), 141.

Eymouth (Ayemouth), 519, 522, 523.

Eynose, Thomas, esq.: 93.