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Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 2, 1595-1603. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1896.

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Fairfax (Fayerfax), Sir Nicholas: 93.
-, Sir Tho.: instructed as to Forster's rolls, &c. (7th Oct.), 59; commissioner, "in ill case" (29th Oct.), 66; younger: Lord President's instructions to, &c. (17th Nov.), 70; Sir T., junior: named to Burghley, 85; for Yorkshire, 101, 369, 703.

Fairley, Leonard: master carpenter, fee, 42, 91, 288.
-, Peter, town clerk, Berwick: to Burghley on behalf of mayor (4th Jan. 159495), 2; sent to represent corporation, 5; with Burghley (31st Jan.), 11; brings his letter to Carey (3rd Feb.), 13, 20.

Falkland, the bill of: claims under it, 80; sent by the late Earl of Morton (Maxwell) to Scrope, 202.

Fanshawe, Mr: is "terrifying" Vernon's sureties, 372.

Farebancke, Symon: generally drunk, 81718.

Farleham hall: spoiled, 455; mustered, 558;
-, hall, &c., in Carleton's hands, ib.

Fashions: the Scots adopt new mode, half French, half Spanish, a feather on the forehead, 370.

Fast (Faus) Castle: 519, 523; the Laird of Lesterick's house, ib.

Faulde, Wills Georde (Grame) of the: a West March pledge, 350.

Favor, Richard, master gunner, Wark, raid on, 148.

Fawcett Lease: mustered, 558.

Fawdon, Jasper: 74.

Fawdonsyde, Laird of: commissioner, 236; meets English near Berwicksafe conduct, &c., 237; comes to Berwicksigns articles, &c. (22nd Jan. 159697), 239, 244, 253, 262; murder referred to, 264.

Fealding, one: Scrope's secretary, has master gunner's pay, 222.

Felkington: raid at, 148.

Felton: muster of, 75; 520.

Feltou, Anthony: 13; surveys Norham, 92, 113; Harbottle Castle, 114; and Hexham gaol, 824; survey at Newcastle, 223.

Fen end: plump watch at, 452.

Fenrother: defects of, 78.

Fenton, manor of: tenant in, 134; raid on, 148; bailiff of, resets cattle stolen, 182.

Fenwick, John: constable of horse, 33; petitions Burghley (29th Oct.), 66; t. 76, born in Northumberland, constable of horse, 540.

Fenwick, Sandy: words to, at Cocklaw, 564.
-, Anthony: 78.
-, George, of Brinkborn: juror, 133; one, of Brenkburne: allowed Scots' sheep to depasture, 429; 755.
-, Geo.: light horseman, 76.
-, John: horseman, 542.
-, Lamwell: 78.
-, Mich.: 78.
-, Randall: 77.
-, Sir Rauff, of Stanton, elder (1): warden of Middle Marches (temp. Hen. 8th), 451.
-, Sir Rauff, of Stanton, elder (2): keeper of Tynedale (temp. Hen. 8th), 451.
-, Raphe: horse and sheep stolen, 148.
-, Raph, of Dilstone: 404.
-, Richard, of Stanton: juror, 340; assisted Eure in his tenants' leases, &c., to latter's benefit, 341; juror, Newburne, 405; of Stanton: to the commissioners, justifying Lord Eurehis own exertions in Forster's time to keep orderhis sufferings and losses thereby, &c., 4013; 405; to Burghley on redress of the state of Northumberland (17th Nov.), 450; offers to the Queen to perform the same in 3 months or lose his headto bring his brothers and sons-in-law, great thieves, to justiceoffices held by three generations of his ancestors, &c., 4502; his and his son's affray on 30th Oct. with intending murderers, 452; 754, 756.
-, Sir Roger, of Stanton: keeper of Tynedale (temp. Hen. 8th), 451.
-, Roger, of Rodley: murders his uncle, 401.
-, Roger, of Harterton: murder by, 402.
-, Thomas, of Stanton: murdered by his nephew, 401.
-, William, of Wallington: threatened with death by a Scots outlaw at Durham assises (7th Aug.), 45, 56; has assured with Cesford's men (18th Nov.), 71; takes muster at Staggshawbank (24th), 73; reports thirty horse in Forster's stable, 99; juror, 132; has resigned Tynedale, his kinsman appointed (2nd July), 145; kills two West March Scots, horse stealing (2nd Aug.), 166; fyles bill, 263; keeper of Tynedale, resigned it at Bellingham, 3389; juror at Hexham, 339; with Eure, follows a fray, 359; named to Burghley, 369; at hot words with Richard F. about Scots' thieves and freed them, 402; on a gaol delivery and Warden Court, condemns only friendless thieves, 403; answer to the commissioners at Newburn (24th Sept.), 405; attends Lord Eure at Norham "meanly," in contempt (29th Sept.), 409, 411; at the meeting (8th Oct.), 416; in charge of Buccleuch at Norham (8th Oct.), 418; quarrelled with and assaulted in Eure's house at Hexham, 480; attacks a Scottish hunting party (2nd Aug.), 551; his delivery demanded by the King (13th), 553; William Selby's reports on, 556; the Scots' charges against him, 557; repeated before Cesford at Jedburgh (9th Sept.), 560; sent to Bishop of Durham (18th Nov.), 577; Bishop intercedes for, as indispensable (2nd Dec.), 580; his instant release desired (11th Dec.), 581; Scrope for same (16th), 582; to be tried by assise (2nd Jan. 159899), 584; is dangerously sick from close confinementcan ill be spared (14th), ib.; greatly wanted on Border (22nd), 585; request to be at trialbut is worse and needs open air (31st), 586; the King's conditions thought harsh by Carey (13th Feb.), 587; and by Bishop of Durham (17th), 589; release urged on Privy Council (20th March), 596; on Cecil (13th April), 600; to same, from Alnwick for full liberty, ib., 756.

Fenwick, William, keeper of Tyndale: 56; to be removed by Eure, 58; long leagued with Scots, 130; kinsman of Wallington, made keeper of Tynedale (2nd July), 145; accused of resetting felons, &c., 338; of Betchfeild: 339; defended by Eure, 347; lay at Haughton, ib.; presentments against, 3978.
-, Will.: horseman, 78.
-, Will.: horseman, 542.

Fenwicks: their Scottish blood feuds, 111; their factions against Eure, 214.
-, (7): horsemen, 326.

Feria, Duke of; young Butler's treasonable offer to, 804, 807; the Duchess brought up with his father, 804.

Ferne, John: 74, 77, 79; to Burghley, with report of the late Lord President's dealings at Newcastle, &c., his remarks on Sir J. Forsterand last illness (22nd Dec.), 87, 88; sending his last letter (unfinished) (3rd Jan. 159596), 94; 100, 102; holds sessions at Hexham, &c., 119; to Burghley, of musters, &c., 132; note on Border decays, causes, &c., 163; and remedies, &c., 164; to Cecil, of levy for Ireland (8th Nov.), 215; 582.

Ferniherst, Laird of: keeps East Teviotdale, 90; resets English outlaws, 338; his town of Newbiggen raided by mischance, to Eure's regret (27th July), 369; to deliver pledges to Lord Hume (26th Sept.), 406; at Norham ford (29th), 411; exempted from Cesford's government, 471; hates Cesford (22nd Sept.), 563; meets Carey's deputy for justice (15th May), 605; (Andrew Kerr), Cesford's hope to discredit (5th Oct.), 693; meets with Sir R. Carey for W. Teviotdale, 700; befriends R. Heskeith, &c., at his house of F., 7401; 754, 7567.

Ferrer, Richard (Horkley): raid on, 148.

Ferribrigs, the postmaster of: 680.

Ferry on the Hill: 520.

Fetherstonhaugh, Albany: his father dead, and wardship asked by Eure (11th July), 150; is nearly 21, and his estate small, 151; Scrope's men drive his wethers, and attack his men, &c. (14th Jan. 159697), 240.
-, Alexander, of Fetherstonhaugh: juror, 132.
-, John: musters by (24th Nov.), 73; fined 10l. for absence at Easter quarter sessions (2nd July), 146; Eure intercedes for, ib.
-, Mr, of Fetherstonhall: powder delivered to, 221.
-, Mr: reports R. Lowther's plot to Thirlwall, 386.
-, young Mr: a chief follower of Eure, 479.

Fettys, one: of Mindrum, raid on, 148.

"Feud, deadly": nature and derivation of term, 163.

Fife, twenty barons of: offer to conquer the Lewis, 538.

Finlay (Phenley), Michael: Scottish merchant attempts evasion of Berwick customs (8th Dec.), 84.

"Firebrands": Buccleuch and Cesford, styled, 421.

Fisher, Mr Will: deputy auditor, Yorkshire, 349.

Flanders eorslets, Berwick: 233.

Fleetham: raid on, 213.

Fleming, Lord: contests precedence with Hume (16th Nov.), 712.

Fletcher, Dr: to Burghley, with Grames' definition of blackmail, &c., and advice on dealing with them and Scrope (30th June), 1434; report to Burghley, and advice as to the Grames (16th July), 152; opinion required from, 261; a wise and expert civil lawyer, 272; Dr D.: joint opinion on Scrope's reprisal (9th March), 276.
-, Geo.: &c., petition the Council, 690.

Florihurst: mustered, 558.

Fludde, Dr: opinion required from, 261.

Flushing: Spanish design on (12th Sept.), 623.

Folehurste, Rob.: Vernon's surety, 372.

Foljamb, Francis: enters Lady Bowes' jointure lands, 601; his son, heir of Walton, sues Sir W. Bowes and wife in Chancery (Dec.), 633; his nisi prius suit with Bowes referred to arbiters, 670.

Foljamb, Mrs: sought in marriage by Sir W. Bowes, Burghley to commend it (17th Nov.), 70.

Foord, Laird of: meets the Viscounts of Rohan 12 miles from Berwick (10th Nov.), 709. See Carr, of Ford.
-, John: passport to, 636.

Football match: and hard drinking at Bewcastle house, 605.

Fordam, Mr: keeper of Somerset House, 753.

Foresight , the: Queen's ship, 10.

Forest, sheriff of the: his brother, John Murray, prisoner, 559.

Forreth, James: passport to, 554.

Forster, Alex.: waste, 558.
-, Arche: 75.
-, Arche: unfit, 558.
-, Blanche: spoiled, 183; widow Blanche, of Allergarth: raid on, 199.
-, Christofer: mustered, 558.
-, Cuthbert; his bill quit, 345.
-, Gilbert: signs the warden's award (1586), 111.
-, Isabell: waste, 558.
-, James (Leven): robbed, 64.
-, Jenkyn: waste, 558.
-, Sir John: 22; rebuked and threatened with dismissal from office (20th Aug.), 51; Lord Eure to succeed him (6th Sept.), 53; was appointed warden, 4th Nov. 1560, his fees, offices, &c., 55; Carey reports on his March, his age (94), feebleness, bastard son a drunkard, &c., 57; his house at Hexham desired by Eure as warden, 58; to deliver all rolls, &c., to Eure by commissioners (7th Oct.), 59; and his house at Hexham, 60; is unwilling to do so (18th), 61; has lost some cattle, 61; to Sir R. Cecil, with letter to the Queen as to his surrender of office, his house, &c. (19th), 62; considers himself freed of wardenry (27th), 64; his hay, &c., at Harbottle, 65; to keep his March till Eure comes (28th Oct.), 65; ordered by Huntingdon to do so (31st), 67; to Cecil, denying chargeshas given Hexham to Lord Eure, and will supply corn at Harbottle (10th Nov.), 68, 69; questions for his written answer (17th), 70, 71; his pedigree and Border connexions, 74; his written answers sent to the Lord President (29th) 80; the Bishop, at the Queen's command, orders him and his son to Durham (16th Jan. 159596), 97; that his excuses of infirmity, &c., will not be allowed (23rd), ib., 98; his household did not rise at Alnwick to fray (28th Dec.), 99; is allied to all of worth in the county, ib.; with the Bishop at Durham (29th Jan.), 99; former commissioner, 100; note of abuses while warden, 1012; has no excuse but his great agethe Queen and Burghley intreated for him now at death's door (25th Feb.), 1078; his books, &c., delivered, 82, 87; said to "wind like an eel," and to have betrayed the Queen, 88; to repay money not spent on Harbottle (26th Dec.), 89; and resign Bywell bailiary, refuses corn, &c., to Eure, 90, 93; still keeps rolls as custos (1st Jan. 159596), 94; to be ordered to come to Durham for the Queen's pleasure (8th), 95; Will Ellot of Harskarth delivered to, by Buccleuch, 96; his award between English and Scottish clans for blood feuds ceasing, &c. (1st March 158586), 111; his remission by the Queen (March 159596), 112; thanking Burghleydefends state of his wardenryasks leave to go home from Durham as his flocks are stolen (11th March), 113; sues the Queen's favour (13th), 114; his deputy bailiff in Bywell dismissed, 119; from Newcastle to Burghley, prays leave home to escape the plague (10th May), 130; his case cited to William Selby, junior, 214; his old faction revived against Eure (4th Nov.), 214; report on meeting places on Border, 227; desires to leave Newcastle for Bambrough (22nd Jan. 159697), 239; to Burghleyplague in Newcastleasks leave to go home to Bambroughhas one foot in the grave (1st Feb.), 246; bill fyled by, 263; his house at Hexham partly blown up (15th March), 285; indictments, &c., in his time, 338, 339; H. Woodrington's opposition to, 341; bill fyled by his servant on Tevydale, 345; winked at murders, set thieves at libertystruck a justice off the commissionbeheaded a man for littleoccupied his lands with sheep, &c., 4012; nearly surprised in his chamber at BamboroughLady F. bolts the door (24th Oct.), 442; his manner of meeting opposite warden, 564; note by, on his thirty-seven years' practice (Oct.), 567; died (13th Jan. 16012), 780; dealings with Northumberland wreckers (156074), 819.

Forster, Lady: raid on, 215.
-, John (Gilsland): spoiled, 363; of the Oxclosse, Gilsland: 761.
-, John: horseman, 542.
-, Jo.: 75, 76.
-, Nicholas: has a great charge of children at Harbottle, 69; will pleasure Lord Eure, ib.; takes muster of Cookedale, &c. (24th Nov.), 7377; to attend his father to Durham (16th Jan. 159596), 97, 143; juror, Newburne, 405; commissioner, 584; of good experience under his father, 590; the only one in Middle March, 591; views Harbottle (4th June 1596), 824.

Forster, Quinten, of Crackthropp: plundered, 63.
-, Quintin, of the Milhills: 405.
-, Ra., of Owsgrasse: fyles bill, 345.
-, Richard: his brother-in-law escapes spoiling, 99.
-, (Rob) Hob: plot to slay him, &c., 126; witness against Buccleuch, 155; to Scrope, 160.
-, Rob.: spoiled, 183.
-, Robert, of Allergarthe: raid on (Aug.), 199.
-, Ninian (?) Rowy, of Carsopfoot: a West March pledge, 350.
-, Red Rowy: a pledge promised by Eure, 500.
-, Tho., of Throckrington: 754.
-, Rowie's Will, of the Bakstangill: fugitive, 743.
-, one: buys master smith's place, 765.

Forsters: intermarriage with the Humes, 102.

Fortescue (Foskew), Sir John: to Carey, 28, 86; Carey's cousin, 118; at Council, 294; his warrant to Carey for Morpeth disregarded (14th Sept.), 562: on Kirkeby's book of tenures, 624.

"Foster fee," &c., Gilsland: the land sergeant's, 558.

"Foull wayes," the: Middle March, 559.

Fowberry: in East March, 821.
-, Roger, laird of F.: a great thief, escapes from Durham gaol, 105; a felon, received by Eure, 338; not known to Eure, 340.

Fowldon kirk: meeting at, discussed by Border commissioners (12th14th Jan. 159697), 237; Wedderburne and Bowes meet at (13th Feb.), 513.

Fowlis (Fowndes), Mr Addam: his Scots' complaints to the Queen false like himself (9 Sept.), 187.
-, (Fowlys), Mr David: reports to James 6th against Bishop of Durham's sermon, 47; his difference with Mr Robert Bowes younger (3rd Oct.), 200; Burghley's letter thereon imparted to Bowes, F. not yet in Durham (14th), 203; takes Elizabeth's letter touching Buccleuch to King of Scots, 205; to be sent to the Queen about Valentine's slanders, 537; ambassador, claims debt due his brother by late Robert Bowesdenied by his son Ralph B. (2nd Dec.), 579; former accuser of Bishop of Durham's sermonblew the coals in the Redesdale hunting, bishop thinks, 580; the matter concerns his brother, not himself, and Robert Bowes, junior, has agreed with him (18th Jan. 159899), 5856; his difference with R. Bowes, unsettled (3rd April), 599; invites Leigh to Collington to see the King huntingwrites out a warrant, 652; arrives at Berwick for London (13th Feb. 1601), 732; hated by the Queen for writing to James 6th she was deadto be sent to her on the succession (17th Oct.), 7734; Scrope's evil wish to him, 774; at Berwick on return, visits Haddock's hole (19th Feb. 1602), 781.
-, Thomas: 16; depute treasurer, falls "mad sick"either for his debts, or the King getting the "H." from him (16th Jan. 159798), 504; Mr: his house of Collington, 652; his mines [Crawford Moor], 653.

Foxe, Dr Edward: almoner to Hen. 8th, 100.

France, the King of (Hen. 4th): by obstinacy almost pulled the crown off his head, but recanted in time, and the Pope received him, 102.

Fraser. Sec Frissell.

"Freseadoes," custom on: 15.

Frevyle, Mr: commissioner, gone to the "term" (29th Oct.), 66; Lord President's instructions to, &c. (17th Nov.), 70.

Fricklington: muster of, 78.

Frigg, Willy: bill on, 308.

Frissell (Fraser), John: builds a house against head of Reed water, 204.
-, Robert: builds a house against head of Reed water, 204; Laird of Esterton: pledge, 230, 350, 541, 592; schemes escape from York Castlerecaptured and put in irons, 5935; offer for liberty (24th April), 645; is Cesford's pledge, 646; released from Berwick (4th June), 788.
-, Thomas: passport to, 30.
-, no quarter to any, 557, 560.

Frobiser, Francis, esq.: 93.

Fuell, Hugh, alderman, Berwick: 1, 17.

"Fustian," Milan: custom on, 15.

Fyerborne, one, a Scotsman: in prison at Hull (20th Sept.), 562.
-, mill, near Wark: 563.

Fynch, John, of Twysell house: raid on, 165.

Fynkel Street, Richmond: assault in, 461.