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Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 2, 1595-1603. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1896.

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Gaiers: intermarry with E. Tevidale Mowes, 102.

Gaines Lawe: Vernon's sheep stolen from, 163, 168; claimed by surveyor under Queen's broad seal, 505; garrison cannot do without, 518.

"Gairis": Scrope's servant, 38.

Gaitshaw, "Guidman" of: his sheep stolen in Lurdenhead, and Hownam grange, &c., 182; fyles bill, 264; fyled, 346.

Galles, Harry: horseman, 542.

Galloway, Mr Patrick, &c.: dismissed and cited before the Council for opposing the King (29th Nov.), 225.

Gardner, Andrew, burgess, Jedburgh: 756.

Gargrave, Sir Tho.: 93, 100.

Gatehouse, the: H. Leigh in (16th April), 644; Captain Skynner in, 815.

Gates, Sir Henry: 93.

Gates: the Mary, two bridge gates, shore and Maison Dieu, of Berwick, in complete decay (10th Aug,), 172; iron: the old, claimed as the porter's fee, will cost the Queen be used again, 1789; the six iron, of Berwick: the Mary, the bridge (2), the Masendue and shore (2), and the newcost of restoring, by survey (1st April), 288.

Gatherig pee: near Barmoor, 812.

Gaudy, Mr Serjeant: at Derby assises, 670.

Gaunt, John of: Duke of Lancaster by Lady Blanche, first wife, 104; his son and daughter's issue, ib.; daughters of his second wife and issue, ib.

Gearth, West: forayed, 168.

Gelee Cragg: pass from Liddesdale, 470.

Geltsdale water: robberies on, 63, 198; forest 1000 red deer in, 446.

Genniges, Tho.: 78.

Gent, Henry: &c., present L. Carleton, 689; petition the Council, 690; examinations before (9th Jan. 1603), 817; Dalston's "brother," takes seven Scots prisoners foraying (15th), 818.

Gentleman portership (Berwick): Carey accepts Burghley's refusalthinks office unnecessary (8th Dec.), 84.

Geordie, the Lord's: outlawed, 743.
-, Markes Tom: bill on his man, 308.
-, "nebles," &c.: raid by, 199.

Geven, John: 78.

Gibson, James: preacher, passport to, 30.
-, John (2): 74.
-, widow Margaret: tenant of the Spitell, Hexham, 340.
-, Steven: 79.
-, Tho., senior and junior (2): 76.
-, William, Berwick, 1.

Gicht (Geithe), Gordon of: 15; banished to Berwick, his great offers on Huntly's behalf (21st Nov.), 775; declined by Cecil (17th Dec.), 776.

Gifte , the, of Lynn: 286, 292.
-, of God, the (2): 12; of Lynn (2): 44 and 60 tons burden, 4.

Gildas: his rebuke of the Britons, 47.

"Gilde," the: Carlisle, 688.

Gilsland, barony of: customary tenants in, 1334, 145; sixty tenants blackmailed, 136; late Leonard Dacre's attainted, 357; lords of, perambulation, manors, &c., of, 4456; now the Queen's, "answers" nearly 200l. yearly, 448; fees and duties of land sergeant, 554; muster of: at Brampton (5th Sept.), 557.

"Gingles," the: give bond to Carey (28th July), 766.

Glammis (Glaymes), young Lord: to marry Mrs Ann Murray (May 1595), 30, 31; promised to Cesford's sister by his uncle, ib.; to be married at Lithco (3rd June), 34.
-, Master of (Thomas): promised his nephew to Cesford's sister, 31; desires conference with Willoughbylatter's opinion of (April), 603.

Glanton, in Cookdale: spoiled by Cesford's men, 105.

Glanville, Mr Serjeant: at Derby assises, 670.

Glarner, Jo., of Fourd: bill on quit, 346.

Glasgow (Glasko): Spanish emissaries taken on island [Ailsa?], prisoners at (5th June), 336; Border pledges taken to (3rd Dec.), 483.
-, [Arch]bishop of (James Betoun): writes to Scotland by Sir James Lyndsay (28th July), 371; restored and made ambassador in France (4th July 1598), 546.

Glencarne, Earl of: at Newby with the King (24th Nov.), 464.

Glendennye, John: left for dead, 297.
-, John: horseman, 542.
-, Selby's man, took George Burne, 213.

Glenessen, Christie of: filed, 466.

Glenwhom, Geo.: fyled, 345.

Glenyer foot (Debateable land), 301.

Glover, one: a victualler, 54.

Goeman ford: waste, 558.

Gofton, John: 79.

Goodericke, Richard: to be joined with Bowes, &c. (29th Oct.), 66; takes muster at Staggshaw bank (24th Nov.), 73; note by, ib.; named to Burghley, 85, 94; on Lord Rutland's former commission, 193; named to Burghley, 369.

Goodyeare, Sir Harry: his sister, one Waynman's widow, 650.

Goston, Mr: auditor of prests, 530.

Goswycke: assessed for a wreck, 820.

Government: rights of states to choose or altertheir ownKing, Duke, or Republican, 103; that of a King the best, ib.

Gower, Francis: sent by Bowes to Cecil (3rd July), 762; heir to the Foljambs' lands, 769.

Gowrie (Goerey), Earl of (John Ruthven): his taunting reception by James 6thhis discreet replies, &c. (29th May), 659; report of his and brother's deathsslain at buck hunting by the King and page (7th Aug.), 676; a different report from Willoughby and Carey of the manner (10th), ib.; a fresh report from Carey, and his two younger brothers' arrival at Berwick in disguise, &c. (11th), 677; report from Scrope of cause (15th), 678; fresh suspicions of the King's motives (16th), ib.; these grow worse by his conductthe brothers still at Berwick (24th), 682; the preachers and commons speak out against the King (30th Aug.), 683; the brothers got secretly out of BerwickEngland the cause of his death (4th Sept.), 684; the full account sent to Cecil (5th), ib.; five ministers to be dealt with at Stirling (7th), 685; Elizabeth's pleasure as to his two brothers (15th), 688; letter and bracelet from the Queen to, found, and in the King's hands (21st Oct.), 698; her threats against his murderers, ib.; Willoughby accused of privity with him, ib.; (late): to be forfeited, and his body and brother's to be quartered (8th Nov.), 708; (William), present Earl, also forfeited (16th), 712; James's account of the late attempt sent to Denmarkunread by the King (18th Nov.), ib.; Willoughby accused of aiding the brothers (12th Dec.), 718; Gowries, the young: Cecil blamed for their reception in England (6th July), 790; James 6th complains of his brothers' shelter in England (22nd Feb. 1601), 735; his sister gone to London (6th Nov.), 808; proclamation against the two young "Reevens," his brothers (26th Jan. 1603), 819.

Gowrie, the Countess of: her pitiful case, 677; her two daughters sent from Court (16th Aug.), 678; dares not send aid to her sons at Berwick (4th Sept.), 684.

Gradon (Teviotdale): five outlaws taken at, 784; (Graydon) ford: above Berwick, 591.

Grame (Graym), Alexander, of Kyrkanders, "Geardes Sande": sought by Buccleuch, 115, 123, 126; outlaw, 154; Buccleuch's attempt on, 171; outlaw and fugitive for Kinmont's rescue, 211; common rider with Buccleuch, Mangerton, &c., ib.; to Scrope (13th Sept.), 688; fugitive for resetting Carmichael's murderers, 770; resets outlaws, 776.
-, Andrew: examined on Kinmont's rescue by Scrope, &c. (2nd May), 129; bloody threats against him by Braconhill, ib.; Buccleuch signs examination of, 290; makes, and then disavows confession before Scrope, &c., 325; his wife's dealing therein, ib.; Carleton and Brackenhill's villany through her (28th May), 330; Grame's confession thereof, Brackenhill's threat against him, ib., 331; examined before Scrope and Careyattests the meetings of Buccleuchthe Grames and Carletons, on 7th April 1596, before Kinmont's rescue (25th April 1597), 368; attested by Buccleuch's signature, ib.; his demeanour, &c., on being ordered to go before the Council (9th Aug.), 380; called "traitor" by his fellow witness, 381; his keeper, &c., sent up by Scrope (10th), 381, 382; examinations of, as to breach of Carlisle, &c. (25th April26th July), 393.
-, Hutchon's Andrew: to be called before the Council, 124; plots with Carmichael about Kinmont's rescue, 127; Will Kange's uncle, ib.
-, Andrew (3): customary tenants in West Limpton, Whitrig, and Liversdale, 133.
-, Andrew, of the Mill: Scrope's assurance to, 776.
-, Anthony (2): customary tenants in Hayton and Cumwhitton, 134.
-, Archibald: Scots' merchant's ship wrecked (156074), 819.
-, one Arthur: traffics in news (16th Oct.), 569.
-, Arthur (2): customary tenants, Rowclyffe, 133.
-, Wills Arthur, of Nederby: pledge, 350.
-, Christofer: murderer, &c., respited by Scrope (27th Oct.), 806.
-, David, of Banckhead: his house besieged by Buccleuch (1st Aug.), 171; spoiled (Aug.), 183; his stonehouse besieged, irongate, &c., broken by Buccleuch (1st Aug.), 198; to Scrope (19th Sept.), 688.
-, Davie, of the Milleis, &c.: reset outlaws, 776.
-, Rany's Davye: bill on, "fugitive," 308.
-, David, son (or brother) to Hutchon's Richie: aids a rescue, 358.
-, Edward (2): customary tenants, Hayton, 1334.
-, Fergus, the "Plump": 127; bills on, 308.
-, Fergie: spoiled (July), 183.
-, Fargus: in prison for Kinmont's loosingis his son-in-law, 211.
-, Fargus, son of Riches Will: in Carlisle Castle prison, 154.
-, "Wills Fergie," of Sarke: raid on, 199.
-, Fergus: customary tenant, Askerton, 134.
-, Francis, of Cannonbie: Buccleuchs "good friend" at breaking Carlisle Castle, 367.
-, Geordy, "Carlel": aids a rescue, 358.

Grame, George, on Eske: his daughter Thomas Carleton's wife, 476; his eldest married to Christofer Armstrong of Barneclease, ib.
-, Geordy, "Fald's" son: bills on, 308.
-, Geordie "Gatle": felon at large, 312.
-, Geo., Laike's son: aids a rescue, 358.
-, George, of Lameclewghe: raid by, 199.
-, Geordy, of Milhill: bills on, 308.
-, Geordy: Lord Herries' bills on, 308.
-, Perceval's Geordie: murdered by Braconhill, 134; murderer outlawed, 141, 142; his death schemed by the Musgraves to damage other Grames, 150, 152; was murdered in revenge for his evidence, 155; his twenty-six murderers ask copies of the indictments (7th Aug.), 170.
-, George (6): customary tenants, Rowchyffe, 133.
-, "Ritchie's" Hutcheon: to be called before the Council, 124; young Hutcheon, in the plot for Kinmont's rescue, 127; &c., sent in custody to London (23rd May), 132; privy to Kinmont's rescue, 134, 140; articles against him before the Council, 141; holds only in Esk, 145; petition to Burghley (24th July), 157; Scrope advises his detention at London to see result (31st), 160; (young Hucheon): signs articles and answers (31st July), 162; letter to Burghley (1st Aug.), 164; signs articles (2nd), 168; his complicity with Buccleuch, 169; the first who advised Kinmont's rescue, 170; meets Lowther in Castle garden, Carlisle (23rd Oct.), 207; qualified offer to Scrope, 212; rides contemptuously to Eure (30th Dec.), 229; still holds out (13th Jan. 159697), 235; submits at Carlisle to Scrope on his knees and signs the submission (21st), 238, 249; to Scrope (19th Sept.), 688.
-, Mr James: servant to Henry 4th, passport to, 661; passport to, for France, 775.
-, Jenken: customary tenant, Liversdale, 133.
-, John, alias "Allreames": Wills Jock's uncle, his ill offices, 368.
-, John, of the Laike: aids a rescue, 358.
-, John, of W. Linton: &c., raid by, 309; a West March pledge, 350.
-, John (3): customary tenants in W. Linton, 133.
-, Joky John: prisoner in Carlisle Castle, 154; in prison for murderand one of Herries' brothers' murderers, 211.
-, Jock, of Peirtree: a felon at large (30th April), 312; indicted for horse stealing, escapes from the sheriff's custody in Carlisle (12th July), 358, 361; and women of the country shout against Lord Herries' breach of assurance, 464; rescued at assises, 686.

Grame, Will's Jock: customary tenant in West Linton, 133; &c., sent in custody to London (23rd May), 132; privy to Kinmont's rescue, 140; articles against him before the Council, 141; murder of his brother, &c., resets outlaws in his house at Scaleby, 142; holds no land in Burgh or Gilsland, 145, 149; denies murders (10th July), 150; his answers to all charges before the Council (16th), 153; petition, &c. (24th), 157; to be let home on security (31st), 160; signs articles and answers (31st July), 162; letter to Burghley (1st Aug.), 164; signs articles (2nd), 168; complicity with Buccleuch, 169; to Burghley, for his indictment of murder (7th), 170, 177; qualified offer to Scrope, 212; warned to attend Scrope, rides contemptuously to Lord Eure (31st Dec.), 229; still standing out (13th Jan. 159697), 235; submits at Carlisle on his knees to Scrope and signs submission (21st), 238; meets Buccleuch, &c. (7th April 1596)his speech as to the watch at Carlisle being privy to the intended rescue, &c., 368; examinations on his rescue of Kinmont, &c. (25th April26th July), 393; John: to Scrope (19th Sept.), 688; shifts his dwelling, and flouts Scrope (18th Aug.), 768; married Kinmont's sister, ib.
-, Jock, Rob's son: refused for a bill, 19; demanded of Scrope (June), 35.
-, Jocke "Tuty," Scotsman: outrages, &c., by, 761.
-, Justie: customary tenant, W. Limpton, 133.
-, Leonard: disobedient, 154; long a fugitive, 211.
-, Mathew: sent to warn the six Grames, 229; Mr Lowther's man, 699.
-, Ric., of Aikshawehill: aids a rescue, 358.
-, Richey, of Brakenhill: chief in plot to rescue Kinmont, &c., 1267; &c., devise plot for breaking Carlisle Castle, 129; (Laingtowne): bloody threats to a witness and murders by his nephews, &c., ib.; sent up to the Privy Council (23rd May), 132; Queen's customary tenant in Askerton, 134; outlaw for murder, a coiner and blackmailer, ib.; evidence against him (11th June), 135; names of blackmailed and rental kept by him, &c., 136; further charges, horse stealing, murders, &c., before the Council (19th), 141; his debts as bailiff of Askerton, 142; his reply to the charges, 144; only holds in Gilslandadmits arrears of Askerton, 145; 20 years bailiff, ib.; his gates closed against Musgrave seeking refuge (3rd July), 148; indictments of murder sent to the Council, 149; Fletcher's notes touching him (16th), 152; articles against him, 153; his undoubted complicity with Buccleuch and murder of Percival's Geordie, 155; special queries to (23rd), and his replies (24th), 1567; the Queen advised to keep him, to see what happens (31st), 160; signs articles and answers (31st July), 162; letter to Burghley (1st Aug.), 164; signs articles (2nd), 168; complicity with Buccleuch, 169; petitions Burghley for indictment for murder (7th Aug.), 170; reply to Lowther's proposal in Castle garden, Carlisle (23rd Oct.), 207; qualified offer to Scrope, 212; his treachery to Leigh's man with Scrope's studhoundand lewd speeches against Scrope, 228; warned to attend before Scrope, but rides in contempt to Lord Eure (31st Dec.), 229; submits on his knees at Carlisle to Scrope with the others (21st Jan. 159697), 238; to assist the deputy land sergeant of Gilsland, 268; bailiff of Askerton: refuses to attend on Scrope (2nd April), 289; of Langetown and wife: draw blackmail from Lanercost tenants, 312; charges against him, 325; his and Carleton's villainy through Andrew Grame's wife his kinswoman, 330; his messages and bloody threats by her to Grame, declared by latter (28th May), 331; gent., bailiff of Askerton: his arrears, 357; his Scottish friends foray Gilsland (20th July), 367; "Richie Brackenhill," &c., meet Buccleuch, &c., on 7th April 1596gives letter to himconcert the breach of Carlisle CastleKinmont's rescue, &c., 368; his conspiracy to rescue Kinmont, 393; bailiff of Askerton, 446; his fee, 554; alias Langtown, absent at muster (5th Sept.), 558; a principal man under Lowther, 607; informed on Leigh, 628; taken horse stealing, 687; petitions Scrope (19th Sept.), 688.

Grame, Richard (6): customary tenants in W. Limpton, Rowcliffe and Hayton, 1334.
-, "Gares" Richie: customary tenant in Rowclyffe, 133.
-, "Markes" Richard: customary tenant, W. Linton, 133.
-, "Priors John's" Richie: raid by, 199.
-, Arthur's Richie: indicted and outlawed for murders (Mich.), 798; murderer, &c., indictedrespited by Scrope (27th Oct.), 806; bond for, as prisoner (9th Jan. 1603), 817.
-, Hucheons Arthur Richie: indicted (Mich.), 798.
-, Robert, of Fauld: his house held against Carey and Sir W. Bowes in contempt of Scrope, 123; his name to be kept secret, 140; to Scrope, 155, 160; witnesses to Buccleuch's plot for Kinmont (3rd Aug.), 169; was at his horse race, &c., 170; his son Will dined with B., ib.; bill on, for burning Taraghtrie, 308; his nephews of Greatneyhill punished for murder (22nd Nov.), 464; uncle to Christer Armstrong of Barnclease, and married to George Grame's daughter, 476; Mathew Irving his man, 538; deceased, his widow illtreated by stepsons (25th June), 663.
-, Robin, of Lake: cattle driven (June), 168; connivance with Buccleuch to be taken prisoner, to cheat his neighbourssmoked out, &c. (1st Aug.), 169; is in no danger, ib., 171; released, showing his device (14th), 174; raid on, at Wilkinskarre (June), 198; taken prisoner in Bankhead on Esk (Aug.), ib.
-, Rob, of Langriges: nephew of Rosetrees, his lands burned by Herries, &c.under trust with H., bears his glove on a spear to "baffell" him (22nd Nov.), 464; delivered under indent (16th July), 792; demanded from Johnston (7th October), 801.
-, Rob: in Scrope's prison, claimed by the King as a Scotsman born, &c., 394; "Robs" Robbe: took a servant of Scrope's prisoner, and uttered bloody words, &c., 792; indicted and outlawed (Mich. 1602), 798; James 6th asks Scrope to suspend execution (30th Sept.), 799; confessed he was, and can be proved an Englishman (7th Oct.), 801; the King will write for, and Ashton promised 200l. to save him (8th), 802; the King's letter for (12th Oct.), 803; the Queen's inquiry, why not? (19th), 804; awaits her pleasure (22nd), 805; Scrope's doubts of the King hanging him (24th), 806; the Grames' petition for, and Scrope's answer (27th), ib.; Cecil thinks he were better hanged in Scotland (29th), 807; Scrope thinks the Queen must see that the King hangs him (6th Nov.), 808; "Robsey," stayed at Carlisle, as Cecil orders (17th Dec.), 814; Scrope's account of his capture, confession, &c. (4th Jan. 1603), 816; to be kept at Rocklief Castle during Queen's pleasure (6th), ib.; "Robsey": bond for, as prisoner (9th Jan. 1603), 817.
-, Robert: customary tenant, Rowcliffe, 133.
-, Robert: spoiled (June), 183.
-, Robert, bailiff Croglyn: 446; sent by Dalston to Scrope with news of Scots captured (15th Jan. 1603), 818; his report, 819.

Grame, "Priors John's" Hob: raid by, 199.
-, Sim, of Medop: shot by his brother, 142; slain not four, but sixteen, years past, in a feud (16th July), 153.
-, "Gares" Simon: customary tenant, W. Linton, 133.
-, Thom, of Akebankes: &c., raid in Crawford Moor, 308.
-, Thomas, of Crofthead: raid on, in Carwinley, 198.
-, Thomas: customary tenant in Fenton, 134.
-, Thomas: spoiled (July), 183.
-, Walter, of Netherbie, &c., sent up in custody to the Council (23rd May), 132; charges against him, &c., 142; Fletcher's report on, 143; holds no land in Burgh or Gilsland, 145; flatly denies Scrope's charges, 149; or conference with Buccleuch (15th July), 151; notes of his connexious, 153; his conference with Buccleuch re-asserted, 155; Burghley's questions to (23rd), and his replies (24th), 1567; confession by his brother to Scropethe Queen advised to let him home on security (31st), 160; signs articles and answers (31st July), 1612; letter to Burghley (1st Aug.), 164; signs articles (2nd), 168; complicity with Buccleuch, 16970, 177; qualified offer by, to Scrope (31st Oct.), 212; signs submission with some scruple (31st Dec.), 229; and same as amended, with the others, on his knees before Scrope at Carlisle (21st Jan. 159697), 238; before two justices, ib.; a chief aid to Buccleuch in Kinmont's rescue, 367; among the Scots, burning the Irwins, &c. (22nd Nov.), 464; to Scrope, 688.
-, Watt: Woodrington's servant, a fugitive felon, 339.
-, "Dicks Davy's" Watty: bill on, 308.
-, Watt: Peirtrees' brother, aids his rescue, 358; charged with horse stealing, exchanged for young Salkeld, 672, 686.
-, "Jock's Wattey": Wills Jock's son, and servant to Lancelot Carleton, his ill offices, 3689.
-, "Whinton's" Walter: a gentleman bound to Scotland, commended to, 796.
-, "Clothmans" Willy: a pledge, 350.
-, "Dicks Davy's" Will: bill on, 308.
-, Fergies' Wille, &c.: reset outlaws, 776.
-, Will, son of Hutchon's Richie: aids a rescue, 358.
-, "lang Wully": bill on Scotland, 307.
-, Richies Will: hership of, 115, 123; reveals to Scrope the plot against Carlisle (24th April), 1267; his name and letter to be kept secret, 140; in trouble at Langholm, 155; letter to Scrope, 160; horses stolen (July), 168; present at the Kinmont plot, 16970; compounded with Buccleuch for his cattle, &c., 171; raid on (July), 198; in Carlisle Castle at the Grames' refusal to submit (23rd Oct.), 206; "ould" Richies Will: 207.

Grame, Will, of the Fauld: Rob's son, at Buccleuch's horse race, and dines with him, 170; to Scrope (19th Sept.), 688.
-, Will, of the Layke of Eske: indicted for horse stealing, escapes from the sheriff's gaoler at Carlisle (12th July), 358, 361.
-, William, of Logan: taken prisoner in Bankhead, 198.
-, William, of Medop: confesses to Scrope, 160.
-, Will, of the Mote: &c., sent in custody to London (23rd May), 132; resetter of outlaws, &c., 136; charges of murder, &c., against him, and his special answers (16th 19th June), 138, 1401; holds no land in Burgh or Gilsland, 145; notes of his connexions, 153; Burghley's special queries to (23rd July), and his answers (24th), 1567; the Queen advised to let him home, to see what happens (31st), 160; signs articles and answers (31st July), 162; letter to Burghley (1st Aug.), 164; signs articles (2nd), 168; complicity with Buccleuch, 16970, 177; qualified offer to Scrope, 212; not found, 229; refuses contemptuously to attend Scrope and rides to Lord Eure (31st Dec.), ib.; reported collusively taken prisoner to Scotland (13th Jan. 159697), 235; submits at Carlisle with the others on his knees before Scrope and signs submission (21st Jan.), 238; bill on, 309; to Scrope (19th Sept.), 688; resetted Carmichael's murderers, 770.
-, Will, of the Rosetrees: in the plot to rescue Kinmont, 127; uncle of Will "Redcloak," ib.; &c., sent in custody to London (23rd May), 132; privy to rescue of Kinmont, 134, 140; answer to charges before the Council, &c. (30th June), 1445; holds only in Esk, 145; confession to Scrope, 155; his answer to Burghley's questions (24th July), 157; to be kept at London, 160; signs articles and answers (31st July), 162; letter to Burghley (1st Aug.), 164; signs articles (2nd), 168; complicity with Buccleuch, 169; lends his dogs, 170; meets Lowther in Castle garden, Carlisle (23rd Oct.), 207; signs submission with some scruple (31st Dec.), 229; and same, as amended, with the others on his knees before Scrope at Carlisle (21st Jan. 159697), 238; before two justices, ib.; qualified offer by, to Scrope, 212; 249; to Scrope (19th April), 688.

Grame, Wil., of the Yaidfauld: fugitive, 743.
-, Will.: spoiled (July), 183.
-, William (4): customary tenants in W. Linton, Rowclyffe and Liversdale, 133.
-, : Eure's horseman, 326.

Grames, the: to be further examined, 53; Scrope wishes six to be sent up and put in the Fleet (12th April), 120; schedule touching them, 122; their evil deeds, insolence to late Lords Dacre and Scropeand privity to Buccleuch's rescue of Kinmontand should be removed from the Border, &c., 1234; Richies Will's report on their plot with Buccleuch (24th), 1267; keep T. Musgrave from refuge, 148; too well handled by the Council, 149; the Musgraves' scheme against, 150; their friends still plunder Bewcastle, 151; five or six hanged by Scrope justly, 152; Fletcher's report on them to Burghley (16th July), 152; their intermarriages, &c.,old feuds, 153; ask favour for five friends, 154; Scrope repeats his chargestheir reform rather than execution desired, &c., 155; Queen averse to severity, ib.; Burghley's questions and their answers (23rd24th), 1567; their awfulness to their neighbours, and devilish devices and knaveries, 15960; called "caterpillars," ib.; if returned, Scrope will leave his office, 161; articles to which they shall be bound (31st), 161; their answers, 162; declare their innocence to Burghley (1st Aug.), 164; sign the articles (2nd), 168; Scrope's account of their friends' new treachery, and evidence against themselves (3rd), 1689; petition by two of them to Burghley (7th), 170; Scrope's protest against their return (14th), and explanation to Burghley (19th), 174; remonstrance with the Council, 176; the six: Scrope disbelieves their promises (22nd Aug.), 177; return from London in great "flant," and speak lewdly of Scrope (24th Sept.), 192; their submission to him as Lord Warden (25th), 192; three of them refuse submission "in general" unless cleared of Buccleuch's plot (23rd Oct.), 206; Richard of Brakenhill's denial of it, 207; letters between Scrope and Lowther thereon, ib., 208; Scrope to the Council as to delay (26th Oct.), 209; five attend him, but refuse to admit Buccleuch's plot (31st), 210; his form of submission proposed to them, 211; their form (under the reservation), 212; Scrope asks the word "justly" added, and will then make them sign the submission (Dec.), 2278; a fresh treachery by them, and lewd speech, 228; two only appear and sign, the other four refuse in contempt (31st), 229; still remain out, and one is collusively made prisoner in Scotland (13th Jan. 159697), 235; all make submission to Lord Scrope on their knees (21st Jan.), 238; justices' certificate, ib.; Eure denies favouring them, &c., 257; familiar with Buccleuchsee the King privately at Dumfries (2nd April), 289; Walter their chief receives Queen's pleasure by Sir W. Bowesthe rest absent themselves for fear of Scrope (18th), 300; will refuse any pledges (20th), 303; one quarrels with an Irving at a horse race, &c., ib.; Johnston's complaint of, 305; Bowes', &c., charge regarding, 307, 310; danger of delivering them into Scotland (30th April), 31213; still deny Scrope's chargeshalf broken men and dangerous if driven outbonds should be taken of them, 31819; old intrusion in Cannobie holm, 319; and Scrope, 323; their privity at Dumfries with the King, 325; one or two of their chiefs convoyed Sir W. Bowes towards Edinburgh, 329; steal cattle from Scrope's men returning (21st July), 363, 367; and let Kinmonth their prisoner go, ib.; of Esk: Buccleuch's attestation of their assistance in breaking Carlisle Castle (12th June), 367; their muster at the Sandbeds to attack the castle (11th April 1596), 368; their "lewd" reports against Scrope"a viperous generation" (12th Dec.), 486; their insolence to Buccleuch passing (16th Oct.), 569; offer odds for L. Carleton's getting land sergeantcy, ib.; make laws of their own (27th), 571; thought to scheme Scrope's murder (5th Nov.), 575; promise Scrope to keep order (20th Aug.), 619; ride unknown to him (17th Sept.), 624; ride with Angus on the Johnstons (25th Sept.), 626; Scrope urged to stop them (27th Oct.), 6289; ordered to give him their reasons (31st), ib,; schedule of their misdemeanours (15th Sept.), 6867; more than sixty outlawed, 687; petition and offers to Scrope (19th), 6878; the chief cause of the decay of Cumberland, 691; linked to outlaws and privy to all villanies (13th Oct.), 695; petition against them (15th May), 751; petition Scrope for their two clansmenhis answer (27th Oct.), 8067; take one Johnston from his men on Esk and free him, 81112; still bring in Scots, 813; promise service to Dalston as deputy warden (17th Dec.), 814; still levy blackmail and commit murders about Carlisle (2nd Jan. 1603), 815; their renewed promises to Dalston (6th), 816; seventeen of the chief, assist Scrope's deputy against Scots foray (15th Jan. 1603), 818; beg the seven prisoners' liberty, 819; of Esk: pedigree of the, from "Longe" Will Grame and his eight sous, banished Scots, c. 1516, showing their alliances, present numbers, &c. (1596), 133; Appendix I.; of Meddopp: concerted prisoners to Buccleuch (1st Aug.), 169; a plot, 171; released (14th), 174.

Grant [Laird of]: committed to Edinburgh Castle, 12.

Grantham: Mr Green, postmaster of, 680.

"Gratuitie," t about (16th Jan. 159798), 503.

Gray [de Wilton], William, late Lord: 93, 231; Warden of East March, 566, 567; his quarrel with Southampton, 656; recommends one Parker to Willoughby (13th Oct.), 693; withdraws it, 696.
-, The Master of: to Ralph G. of Chillingham to meet on Border (1st July), 762.
-, Lady: her servant George Nevil's quarrel with the Selbys, 250, 251; has Blackheddon in jointure, 401; daughter of Lord Westmerland, 759.
-, Captain Andrew: Lord Hume's kinsman, escorts Sir W. Bowes and party to Berwick (8th Oct.), 415, 418; passport to, 783.
-, Arthur: Eure's kinsman, cheats William G. of burgage in Alnwick, 478.
-, Edward: constable of Morpeth, 56; named for charge of Middle March, 100; of Morpeth Castle: juror, 132; recommended as sheriff (26th Oct.), 208; his brother's quarrel with the Selbystheir fray in the churchyard of Berwick, &c., reported by the gentleman porter to Cecil (8th Feb.), 250; his brother Raph Gray's account of the Selbys' treachery killing his servant, &c., 251; John Carey's account, and that he had bound him to the peace, 252; finding of coroner's inquest, 257; to take new sheriff's oath, &c. (8th Feb.), 265; Sir W. Bowes asked opinion of his fray with Selby, 275; to be at Court soon (10th March), 278; his account to Sir R. Cecil of the quarrela plot by the Selbys (19th), 2867; witness to Ellots' bond to Eure (4th June), 334; Mr Edward, of Presson and tenants: fyle bill, 345; of Morpeth: named to Burghley, 369; deputy warden (4th Oct.), 413; at Norham ford for exchange of pledges, and rescued by the Humes in tumult (8th Oct.), 415, 418; as little obeyed as Eure, 435; to Eure, as to setting watchessleuth houndsletters from the King, Buccleuch, &c. (17th Nov.), 4523; his seal, ib.; commanded by Bowes to get the pledges (26th Dec.), 489; replies will do his best (28th), 490; Bowes to, that no delay can be allowed (29th), 492; to Boweshas got onethe Woodringtons', &c., displeasurearmed visit to Morpeth Castleevil speeches to his servant and threats (31st Dec.), 493, 506; wishes discharge as deputy warden, being sheriff also (22nd Jan. 159798), 507; Sir W. Bowes to, urgently for the pledges (5th Feb.), 509; to be delivered, failing R. Mansfield (7th Feb.), 512; takes Robert Crawfurd's examination (2nd March), 5202; has no grant for Morpeth Castle, may have other houses there, 549; makes light of Carey's warrant for Morpeth Castlegone up to oppose it (14th Sept.), 562; of Morpeth: 756.

Gray, Edw.: light horseman, 79.
-, one George: tenant of 40s. in Heathpoole, 401.
-, Henry: 74.
-, John: passport asked for, 783.
-, John (Hethpoole): shot, 147.
-, Jo.: 75.
-, Ralph, of Chillingham: robbed of 100 head of cattle (17th Oct.), 61; like to die, J. Carey asks ward of his son (11th Nov.), 69; his connexion with Forster, 74; his South Middleton tenants mustered (24th), 75; surveys Norham, 92; asks to succeed R. Bowes as treasurer (26th Jan.), 98; suggested for charge of Middle March, 100; question with Selbys on Young's capture, 181; raids in Roxburgh by his household men, 182; his prisoner Young, 184; recommended as treasurer of Berwick (10th Sept.), 188; a fit man for commission, 193; or as sheriff of Northumberland (26th Oct.), 208; filed with his tenant for cattle liftingquarrel with the Selbys for giving evidenceaffray in Berwick churchyard therefor (8th Feb.), 250; to Sir R. Cecil thereofthe Selbys' treacheryand murder by them of his servant, 251; his friends, &c., seek to shoot Ralph Selby (10th March), 278; his and brother Edward's declaration to Cecil of the fray at Berwickthe Selby's plot, &c. (19th), 286; fyles bills on Tevydale, 345; named to Burghley, 369; answer to the presentments against him (22nd Sept.), 401; at Norham ford with Bowes, &c. (29th), 409, 411; rescued by the Humes in the tumult, 415, 416, 418; answer to articles, 428; meets the Viscounts of Rohan 12 miles from Berwick (10th Nov.), 709; took Powrie Ogilvy (about 1588), 730; to Cecil, with Master of Gray's letteroffers to act as interim warden (1st July 1601), 762.

Gray, Ra.: light horseman, 75.
-, Robert, of Newcastle; intercepted with Powrie Ogilvy's letters (11th Jan. 1601), 7256.
-, Roger: not in East March, 198; at Norham ford, 418; bailiff of Bewick: &c., raids by, 182.
-, Sir Thomas: late (died c. 1590), 401.
-, Thomas, constable of Wark: in frays, &c., 182.
-, Tho.: slain, 300.
-, William: George G., his bastard son, cheats his cousin William G. of burgage in Alnwick, 478.
-, William, Browne's servant, cheated of his burgage in Alnwick by a bastard cousin, 478.
-, one, Scotsman: aids Burne's escape, is taken, 759.

Grays: the Selbys' feud with, 155.
-, Inn: Bowes lodges near (5th June 1598), 537.

Grayer, John: Scotsman, 522.

Graystock, Lord: Dacre a freeholder of, 446.
-, Raiph: commissioner for treaty temp. Edw. 4th, 100.
-, the Lowther's designs on parsonage of, 228; Park: suit for lease of, 335; the men of: deterred joining Scrope by Gerrard Carleton, &c. (24th July), 3689; barony: notes on (10th Oct.), 568; the tenants rose under Leonard Dacre, and affected to Francis D., 572.

Greatney, the "good" Laird of: takes Nicolson's letter to Scrope (27th Oct.), 628; is Scrope's good friend with James 6th, 803.

Greene, Geo.: of Allentone, 756.
-, John: horseman, 542.
-, Lawrence: affray by, at Berwick, 748.
-, Richard, gentleman: son of Grene at Berrie (Lancashire), at Fernehirst, 741.

Greenes lane, Charing Cross: Sir W. Bowes lodging in, 528.

Greenvyll, Mr Will.: deputy receiver of Cumberland, 96.

Gregorie: his saying, 47.
-, Arthur: to Cecil, on Mr Bowes', junior, Scottish debts, &c., 191.

Greinheid, Laird of: his tenants of Redden raided, 182; treats for stolen horses with J. Carey, 150; goods of Redden restored by Carey, 198; fyles bill, 264; Cesford's deputy, 273; (Carr), prisoner, 552; younger: 557; his deposition before Cesford on the hunting fray (9th Sept.), 55960; his servant slain, ib., 755.

Grenehugh (Tynedale): a widow's, burned by Buccleuch (May), 36.

Gribbhead: thieves' passage west of Cheviot, 46970.

Griffyn, John: 128.

Grindisdame Law: 557, 559; hunting party attacked at (2nd Aug.), ib.

Groteheugh, the: near Berwick, 441.

Gryffith, John: surety dead, 372.

Gryndon rigg: one Selby's, spoiled, 187.

Guent, Dr: official of Canterbury temp. Hen. 8th, 100.

Guevara, Master Harry: sworn captain of his brother's company (20th July), 765.
-, John: Willoughby's cousin, takes Ashfield near Leith (13th June), 6078; deputy warden, not to be met, till Ashfield's matter settled, 618; to Willoughby, of Cesford's credit at Court, &c.begs his own and daughter's pictures (29th Nov.), 632; warrant by, for a coal mine, 642; to Willoughbyborder newsto return the racing bell in time (22nd April), 645; does many illegal acts for his principal (28th Oct.), 7012; in London (31st Dec.), 721; instructed by Willoughby and Bowes (10th Jan. 1600), 724: John Selby's company of foot given to (26th Feb.), 735; to Cecil, of a prisoner's escape (27th June), 759, 760; superseded (20th July), 765.

Guisonns: muster of, 74.

Gyll, Arthur: horseman, 542.