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Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 2, 1595-1603. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1896.

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"H.," the: Scottish crown jewelpawned to Thomas Fowlisgot back, and the Queen in jest gives it to Lady Erroll (16th Jan. 159798), 504.

Haddie, Lantie: filed, 466.

"Haddock's hole": 760; Scottish pledges in, like to die, a "lothsome" prison, 781; seen by D. Fowlis and Ashton (19th Feb. 1602), ib., 782.

Haggerston: tenants of, raided, 148.
-, Henry: Henry Butler to (7th Oct.), 801, 802.
-, Thome: had "childer pox," 801; "small pox," 802.
-, William, of H., and tenants: fyle bills for a "slue dogg," &c., on Tevydale, 345; his wife, family, &c. (7th Oct.), 802.
-, young Mr: hurt and mangled, 163, 167.

Hairlaw picke: plump watch at, 452; meeting at, 453.

Hales, Charles: 77, 79; to Burghley, 94, 406, 542, 582.

Halkwillis: on Middle March, 470, 559.

Hall, Alexander, of Muncridge: 756.
-, Sander: 75.
-, Anthony, of Ellyshawe: a great thief, protected by Sir George Herongreat offers for his lifebut condemned, 402.

Hall, Bartram: 76.
-, Clement, of Burdupte: a great thief executed, 402.
-, David (Gilsland): spoiled, 363.
-, Edw.: 75; (Eddie) a famous thief in R. Mansfield's pay, 338; denied, 339, 340; of Yardupp: forgiven horse stealing, 402; one of Mansfield's horsemen and a felon, 404, 754.
-, Geo., of Burdupp: thief and murderer, &c., retained by Mansfield, 338; denied, has "stobb and stayke" in Tynedale, and under the law, 340, 404; served with Sir Philip Sydney in Low Countries, 429.
-, James: report on R. Lowther and the three Grames (23rd Oct.), 207, 330.
-, Jasper: 75.
-, John, of Gressonfield: Redesdale pledge, 350, 404.
-, John (Gilsland): spoiled, 363.
-, John, of the Sykes: raid by, 165.
-, John (2): 75.
-, Mych.: 75.
-, Nicholas: fugitive, &c., reset by Eure, &c., 338; knows nothing of him, 341; Nychol: slain near Newcastle (18th May), 605.
-, Percyval, of Ellesdon: 404; felon, ib.
-, Peter, of Capup: fyled, 264.
-, Ra.: 75.
-, Raphe, of Gressonsfield: 404.
-, Ralph, of the Sykes: pledge, 230, 350, 541, 592; pledge, died in York Castle, 646.
-, Robert, of Heavyside: raid by, 165; Hob, of Heavyside: fyled, 264; brother of William H., prisoner, York, 59798.
-, Rob., younger of Moncrethe: Redesdale pledge, 350.
-, Rob., "the porke": outlaw received by Eure, 338; unknown to Eure, 340.
-, Hobet de: a famous thief and murderer taken (c. 1585), 402.
-, Robert, of Knightsyde: 404; felon, ib.
-, Roger, 75; of Rochester: 404; a felon, ib.
-, Roger, of Sholmore: beheaded for a trifle by Forster (c. 1577), his land waste, neither man or horse, but occupied by Forster's sheep, 402.
-, Ro.: witness, 542.
-, Symond, of Heavyside: raid by, 165.
-, Sim, of Ousenam: bill fyled on, 264.
-, Tho. (2): 75.
-, Tho., of Gressonsfield: 404, 756.
-, Tom, of Heavyside: 756.
-, Thomas, of Otterborne: 404.

Hall, Uswyne, of Releas: 404; felon, ib.
-, Will., of Capup: fyled, 264.
-, Will., of Cartington: fyles bill on Cavers, 263; pledge for his brother dead, lodged in Morpeth Castle (31st Dec.), 493; the Woodringtons', &c., menaces to Gray for keeping him, ib., 506.
-, Will, of Heavyside: pledge, 230; fyled, 264; pledge, 350, 541, 592; breaks York Castlerecaptured and put in irons, 5935; desires his freedom from York by his brother Hobby H., &c., 5978; in York, 646, 756; escapes from York Castle (12th Sept.), 771.
-, Wil., of Middleknowes, 754.
-, William, of West Newton: raid on, 165.
-, Will., of Oterburne: fyles bill, 263.
-, Wil., of the Stobbs: 756.
-, William (3): 75.
-, Widow: 79.
-, one: fights before Buccleuch, 405.

Halls (10): horsemen, 326; killing one, a blood feud, 189; of E. Tevidale: intermarry with Collingwoods, 102; their Scottish blood feuds, 111; raids by, East March, 148; no quarter to any, 557, 560.

Halleden Castle: scheme to blow up Cesford in, 360; the King coming to, 639.

Hallier, M. de, of the French Guard: passport to, 784.

Hallin, Tynedale: watch at, 470.

Hallowdowne hill: Lord Hume delivers Cesford at, to Sir R. Carey (14th Feb. 159798), 513.

Hallydaye, David: prisoner, 198.
-, Geffrey: 76.
-, John: 754.

Hambledon, lordship (Buckingham): Scrope to redeem it, 624.

Hamburgh, a ship of: escapes Carey's search in the Forth (14th Dec.), 86; the report of treasure on board doubted, ib.

Hamilton, Lord: 16; (Hambleton), Lord: "detract" according to the ministersthe King, "B." and he to meet at Kinneill (31st Jan.), 242; Lord: favours the Maxwells, 297; sent from Newby by the King's command (24th Nov.), 464; a dispute likely between him and Lennox (28th Nov.), 467; agrees with Lennox, and to deliver up Dunbarton Castle (16th Jan. 159798), 503; to have Arbroath Abbey, and something for his bastard son, ib., 504.
-, (Hambleton), Marquis of: Maxwell's father-in-law, 644.
-, David, of Wetherburne mill: files bill, 345.
-, James: passport to, 30; Mr James: 680; met riding post to London, 681; to Mr Willies for a pass (17th Dec.), 719; his seal, 720.

Hamilton, Mr Thomas: an "Octavian," favours the popish lords, but discouraged, 274.
-, Captain William: passport to, 30; Captain: his hostile saying, 155.

Hamlin, John: 78.

Hamond, Christofer: 598.

Hanging stone, the, on March: 470.

Harbottle Castle: Forster, keeper as warden, 55; repair inquired into, 56; a captain to be placed, 57; and horsemen, 58; Eure to get forage at, 65; Forster's son will pleasure him therein, 69, 71; the ten towns of: 76, 77; viewed by Mr Slingsbyprison not fit for felonsnor house for the keeper (26th Dec.), 89; the Captain of: takes an Elliot red-hand, 106; sent to York for Eure's eighty horse, 109; will fall unless surveyed and repaired (28th Feb.), 110; twenty horse for, 113; surveyed and needs repair, 114; Burghley reminded of repair, 143; in great decay (2nd July), 146; cries for help, 400l. needed (11th), 150; so ruined, the captain goes to Otterburne (1st Jan. 159697), 232; greatly fallenkeeper lies at Otterburne (17th March), 2845; in great decay (28th June), 543; its repair most needful (18th May), 605.
-, Edmund: Thomas Percy's follower, brings in Scots, 478.
-, Geo., of Tuggle hall: his bill quit, 346.
-, Jo.: 76.
-, one: of Berwick garrison, &c., raid on Redden, 182.

Harden, "Wattie" (Scott): forays in Gilsland (midsummer 1596), 254; Watt Ellott (?) of: &c., foray Bellingham (14th July), 359.

Hardey, John: 765.

Harding, John, customer, Berwick: to Burghley of the Mayor's opposition, &c. (1st Jan. 159495), 1; his "book" concocted, 2; restored to office, 4; his rates disputed, 13; and too high, 15; takes Scots' "Atchisons," 16; defends his rates (21st Feb.), ib.; his malice and evil workings against Berwick shown to Burghley (15th March), 20; writes to the Privy Council for authority to seize Scots goods (20th), 22; imposes unheard of customs (13th June), 37; his fee, 42; to Burghley, custom evaded at Carlisle, 277; to same (27th July), 370; dies (Good Friday 1600), 656; without known heirs, Sir J. Carey's dealings with his estate, &c., 657; Willoughby's claim on estate (26th May), 657; his extortions by usury, ib.; dispute between Willoughby and Carey as to pretended kindred, &c., 658; Carey's complaint to Cecil therein (29th), 659; Lord Buckhurst to Sir W. Bowes on estate (18th July), 668; Bowes' reply (23rd), 66970; Carey's regret at his claim refused (25th), 671; the late: state of his funds, &c., 779.

Hardret: Cecil's packet sent after (25th Aug.), 619.

Hare, William: 156, 157.

Harelaw (Herlaw), the thieves of: 138; houses burned, 181.
-, Pawtie of the: raid by, 265.

Harlesey, West: John Carey's tenants distrained at heavy costfledhis complaints to Burghley (28th Aug.), 179; his reminder (9th Sept.), 187; Carey's suit for lease not pressed by his wife, 274.

Harley, Willfrid: horseman, 542.

Harlston, Anth.: horseman, 542.

Harperhill: waste, 558.

Harriers: four couple sent by Eure to James 6th, 116.

Harringeton, "My Lady": &c., looked for at Berwick (16th Aug.), 678.

Harris (?), Doctor: and Sir Tho. Erskine, 676.
-, Will.: deputy of Redesdale, murdered, 402.

Harrison, Wil.: horseman, 542.

Harrygate, Jo.: 77.
-, Rob.: 77.

Haskotte, Will: his raid on Tynedale, &c., 37.

Haslegyll, Gilsland: thefts from, 63.

Hasloppe, Charles: bailiff, Berwick, 1; searcher of Berwick: reports attempted fraud on the Queen's customs (8th Dec.), 83, 84; warded in Tolbooth for obstinacy, 112.
-, Jock, "the Laird," of Swindon: fyled, 264.

Hatton (?), Sir William: his case, 279.

Haverington, "little" Geo., of Brunehill: a West March pledge, 350.

Hawick: Buccleuch gathers men to, 107, 112.

Hawks: no merlins can be gotScrope will send Cecil a goshawk tercel for partridges (15th Aug.), 678.

Hawtwissle (Haltwissell): horsemen for, 113; Hexham men surprised near, by the Armstrongs (22nd May), 606; attack on, by Liddesdales, two slain, 752.

Haxley: muster of, 78; defects, 79.

Hay (Hey), Alexander: passport for, 644.
-, one Mr Delavale: 520.

Hay, Mr John: examined at Auckland before Bishop of Durhamdisclaims papistryson of William Hay of Barro, and grandson of the Laird of Limplum (22nd Aug.), 6801.
-, William, of Barro, the late: son to the Laird of Limplum, 681.

Haydonbriggs: horsemen for, 113.

Hayer (Haire), William: charged with levying blackmail in Gilsland, 1356; denied by his master, 144; clerk, draws blackmail for Richard Grame, 312.
-, Craggs, the: on Middle March, 622.

Hayles, one (Warwickshire): Leigh's cousin, moves marriage with one Waynman's widow, 650.

Haynes, Capt.: bill on, 346.

Haystinges, Sir William: commissioner for treaty (temp. Edward 4th), 100.

Hayton, manor of: tenants in, 1334; plague inno muster, 557; robbed, 687.

Haweburne foot (Debateable land): 301.

Heardhill (Hurdhill), young: conducts a foray in Gilsland, 367; Thomas Carleton's second self, 387.

Hebbie's Archie: a horrible murderer, 717.

Hebborne: defects of, 78.
-, Rob.: 74.
-, (or Aberne): an Englishman calling himself, sought for by Burghley (Jan. 1594 95), 1, 7.

"Hector's cloke": 142.

Hedley, Allan, of Hatherweeke: Redesdale pledge, 350.
-, Anthony, of the Stobbes: 756.
-, Gawen: 756.
-, Michael, in Hatherwick: 755.
-, Mich., "hogskynes": fyled, 264, 754, 755.
-, Tho.: 75; of Hatherwick: 404.

Hedleys: their Scottish blood feuds, 111.
-, wood head: plump watch at, 452.

Heggesworth (Peggesworth?): muster of, 78; detects, ib.

Heighington: 520.

Hell caudron burn foot: a thieves' pass, 470.

Henck, Tho.: left for dead, 297.

Henderson, Andrew: hership by, 63.
-, [Andrew?]: has his pardon (16th Nov.), 712.
-, John, of Hoghyll: robberies by, 63.
-, John (2): sign Forster's award (1586), 111.
-, John: passport to, 644.
-, Patton (Brampton): slain, while prisoner with three brothers, 761.
-, Tho., of Loughton: horse stealer, 441.
-, one: Scots merchant from Canary Islands, Spanish news by (26th April), 744.

Hendersons: their blood feuds with England componed, 111.

Henry VII.: crowned in right of Lancaster, not York, 103.
-, VIII.: by will forbade the Scottish succession to his crown, 103.
-, IV.: besieging Amiens (17th July), attempt on it frustrated, 360; Scots gentlemen recruit for (July 1597), 370; sends letters by Sir James Lindsay, 371; talks of warlately (?) married (19th Aug.), 679.

Henshaw, town of: burned by the Laird of Johnston, 405.

Hepple, Edw.: 76.
-, Jo.: 76.
-, Tho.: 76.
-, town: Lord Ogle's, 339.

Herbert, Mr Secretary: 790, 792.

Hermitage: Buccleuch strengthens it, 107, 112; (Armitage): Buccleuch's contemptuous speech of the commission at, to a body of evil disposed (Jan. 159697), 250.

Heron, Alex.: 78, 79; landholder: a felon, 405.
-, Sir Geo.: deputy warden, &c., slain at the Redswyre, 101; was three years Captain of Harbottle Castle, 102; keeper of Redesdale (ante 1573), 402.
-, Geo.: 77.
-, John, of Chipchase, junior: plaintiff, 309.
-, Lyonel, of Eshet: fyled, 264; in Eshott: 755.
-, Margerie, of Chipchase: plaintiff, 309.
-, Ric.: 74.
-, Roger: 78.
-, Sir William: warden, delivered for his servant's act (temp. Hen. 7th), 565.
-, the late Mr: of Chipchace, his widow re-married to Henry Bowes (Feb. 159596), 107; his heir an infant, ib.
-, one: March breaker, a Hexham jury disagree on conviction, 120; his father sick and absent, ib.
-, (Hearne), Captain, Col. Semple's follower in Spain: 744.

Herons, the: Forster's connexions with, 74; their Scottish blood feuds, 111; (3): Eure's horsemen, 326.

Herries (Harries), Lord: Warden of West Marches, to Scrope for meeting (7th Jan. 159495), 7; again (29th), 8, 23; to Scrope on Border business (7th July), 38; (4th Aug.), 46; does no justice (Aug.), 52; his letter to Scrope sent up (19th Sept.), 55; who aids his feud with Johnston? 275; and his servant, raids on, 308; convicted of giving Ladyland money for the surprise of Ailsa (7th July), 357; &c., burn the Irwins of Gretney, &c., for his brother's murder"baffelled" of treason by the Grames, & Newby with James 6th (22nd24th Nov.), 464; warded by the King (4th Aug.), 618; advice to Anguslevy against the Johnstons (15th Oct.), 628; thought peaceable and good by Nicolson (27th), 629; commanded to appear before King and Council and sign bond with Johnston (7th Feb. 1600), 638; Sir Thomas Maxwell his brother, 639; Leigh's dealing with him, his brother Sir Robert M. and the Master of H. for revenge of his late brother's murder (Sept. 1599), 6489; his promised reward, 649; his leave home from Lithco, 650; appointed Warden of West March (20th June), 662; message to Lowther (25th), 663; letter to same (27th), ib.; meets Lowther (8th July), 667; dislikes his chiefbut friendly with Johnston his brother-in-law, ib.; to Cecil, from Terreglis for the Queen's favour in office (10th July), 668; lies at Hoddom with force (19th), 669.

Herries, Master of: assiser, 751.
-, Geo., of Taraughtrie: raids on, and burning T., 308.
-, Walter, servant to Lord H.: raid on, 308.
-, Mr: passport for, 547.

Hertford, Earl of: his second son near the crown of England, 104.

Heryott, George, gentleman: passport to, 30.

Heskeith, Sir Robert, of Lancashire: his second son Robert a late pervert, writes to him for forgiveness, &c. (2nd April), 7401.
-, Robert: a penitent pervert to Rome, offers to betray his companions, and writes to his father Sir Robert H. from Fernyhirst for forgiveness (2nd April), 7401; to Richard Houghe on his companions, 741.
-, Sir Tho.: 592; &c., to Carey, 596.

Heskettes, two towns of: spoiled by Kinmont, 816.

Hethe, Mr, his executors: held Berwick fisheries for seven years (Jan. 159495), 1; town paid him 700l. for them, 32.

Hetherington (Hetherton), Anthony: spoiled (July), 183; of Torcrosset: raids on, 198, 199.
-, Christofer (Walton): blackmailed, 135.
-, Clement, of Torcrossock: raid on, 198; bailiff, Treddermayne, 446.
-, George (Walton rigg): blackmailed, 136; spoiled, 183; his examination touches the Carletons, 366; a witness sent up against them (9th Aug.), 380, 381, 382; Scrope's servant: his story against Carleton denied, 476.

Hetherington, Geordie, of West Linton: Scrope's assurance to, 776.
-, Geo., of Hawehills: raid on, 199.
-, Hucheon: slain by Grames, 686.
-, Isabell (Gilsland): spoiled, 363.
-, James (Walton): blackmailed, 135.
-, Jeffray (Walton): blackmailed, 136.
-, John, of Bletteren: prisoner, Carlisle Castle, 154; released (1st Nov.), 211.
-, John: spoiled (July), 183; of the Cairs: raid on, 198.
-, "Wills" John (Walton): blackmailed, 135.
-, John (Sandis sike): blackmailed, 135.
-, Richard: his house, 144; plundered and mortally wounded, 2534.
-, Ric. (Gilsland): spoiled, 363.
-, Roger: raid on, 199.
-, Thomas, "the merchant": charged with levying blackmail, &c., 1356; denied by Braconhill, 144.
-, one: Scrope to Knyvett on his pardon, 95.

Hethpool: raids in (9th June), 137, 147; 40s. in, let to one George Gray, 401.

Hetton thorn, near Barmoor: 812.

Hewchy, Thomas (Walton rigg): blackmailed, 136.

Hewett, Tho.: 75.
-, Will.: 75.

Hews, Master: at the Old Bailey, 680.

Hexham, bailiff of: 56; to be removed by Eure, 58; Forster's house at, refused to Eure, 58, 61; as unfit for Eure, 62; Eure gets house of, 69;shire: muster of (24th Nov.), 73; the prison in ruinprisoners starved and in one dungeonkeeper a poor old caitiff, 90; not two pair of bolts in the town, 91; gaol partly fallen, &c. (18th Feb.), 106; must be viewed by surveyor (28th), 110; prisoners dying, ib.; a danger to the town, crowded, and dangerous sickness (26th June), 143; in great decay (2nd July), 146; 100l. would repair it (11th), 150; gaol still ruinous, prisoners dying in numbers (1st Jan. 159697), 232; Eure's house partly blown up by negligence (15th March), 285; bailiwick in question (27th June), 61112.

Hexpeth gate head: a thieves' pass, 469.

Heyning (Hayning), the fort in the: Carey and his forces at (July 1601), 7634.

Heyop: raids on, 182.

Hickes (Hixe), John: Berwick, 1; fyled, 346.
-, Mr: message by, to Lord Burghley, 468.

Highett, people of: nearly robbed, 468.

Hill, John: outlawed, 743.

Hilton, tenants of: distrained for Queen's rent, 293.

Hilton, Andrew: a perilous recusant, 573.

"Hinde," a, i.e., farm servant: possesses the house of Bingfield, 106.

Hobbie, Sir Thomas: complaint against Eure's son, &c. (23rd Oct.), 699.

Hoddisden: Mr Syde's house at, 680.

Hoddome: Herries lies at, with some force (19th July), 669.

Hodgson, Francis, shipmaster: 12.
-, Ric.: 79.
-, Stephen, of Geltsdale: robbed, 63; bailiff, Castle Carrick: 446.

Hogg, Thomas, alderman, Berwick: 1, 17, 32.
-, Mr William: Bowes to, in reply, as to Powrie Ogilvy, 729.

Hollace (Hollows), the: Musgrave's road on, 149; the young Goodman of: raid by, 199.

"Hollaces," the (Armstrongs): raid with Carmichael's murderers, 662.

Holland cloth: custom on, 15.

Holme Coltram: tenants of, decline to buy calivers from poverty (11th Jan. 159697), 234; are always ready to cross Scrope, and inquiry by justices, 235.

Holmer, Geo., master smith, Berwick: 288.

Holstein (Howlst, Hulster), Duke of: reported with James 6th (30th March 1598), 527; entertained by Lennox (25th), by the King (27th), and to depart (31st May), 538; gets jewels, horses, &c., from King and Queen, ib.

Holtbie, Anthony: a recusant, his examination, &c., 75960.

Holy Island; honey-combed cannon at (Dec.), 83; the fort damaged, ib.; and Ferne Islands: fort repaired, 194; powder for, 233; secret watch at, 519; fort to be garrisoned (17th March), 525; ordnance in dangerous statemaster gunner killed (4th July), 545.

Home endes township, robbed: 687.

Hooke, Nicolas, of Killam: raid on, 165.

Hoppringill. See Pringle.

Hoprigges, Laird of: his band referred, 346.

Horkley: a banished Scot seized at, 129; assessed for a wreck, 820.

Horne, Edm.: 74.

Horseman: furniture of a, described, 459.

Horsley, Bryan: killed by Ralph Selby in Berwick churchyard in a fray (8th Feb.), 251; coroner's inquest on, 257; slain parting the Selbys and Grays, 287.
-, Geo.: 74.
-, John, of Scimwood: juror, 133; juror, Newburne, 405.

Horton: muster of, 77; lands of: rental, 80l., 401.

Houburne, Arthur: horseman, 542.

Houghe, Richard: R. Hesketh to, 741.

Howard, C.: at Council, 294.

Howard, Lord Harry: Leigh begs Scrope to remember him to (24th Nov.), 465.
-, Lord Thomas, K.G.: Lancelot Carleton to, on a dangerous plot for Francis Dacre, &c. (13th Nov.), 709; my Lord Thomas: report of his death (19th Jan. 159798), 500; Lancelot Carleton to, with scheme to kill Tyrone (17th July), 792.
-, my Lord William: question betwixt the Queen and him to be heard, 386; and Elizabeth (Dacre), &c., appoint Thomas Carleton land sergeant of Gilsland (17th June, 22 Eliz.), 554; appoint leader of Graistock tenants for life (21 Eliz.), 568.

Howden fair: fray at, one Dawson killed, 593.

Hownam grange: sheep stolen from, 182.

Howye, Tho.: 74.

Hudson, Alan (Castle Carrock): raid on, 198.
-, Edm.: 75.
-, Edw.: 75.
-, Mr James: servant to James 6th, message from Cecil by, to Bishop of Durham (31st Dec.), 585; brings letter from the King to Bishop of Durham (3rd April), 599.
-, Ja.: 76.
-, John, senior and junior: 75, 76.
-, Rob. (Hob), (2): 75.
-, Tho.: 75.

Hudspeth, Edom, of Twisell: 520.
-, John: witness, 778.
-, Thomas: horseman, 542.
-, Wilfr.: horseman, 542.

Huetson, Jo., "Skotchman": sells rye to Berwick, 231.

Hull, town of: provision for Berwick at, 5; note of, and shippers, ib.; farther shipments, 12; they wish payment, 13; Mayor of: (Robert Taylour), ships grain, &c., for Berwick (Jan. 159495), 5; wishes early payment, ib.; delay asked (30th), 8; to Carey, of grain awaiting shipment, 26; the citadel at: suggested for Buccleuch's prison, 432; Mayor, &c., of: detain one Fyerborne wanted for theft by James 6th (20th Sept.), 562.

Hulne (Hull) Park: 821.

Humble, Henry: 75.
-, Oswold: 75.

Hume (Home, Humme), Alexander, Lord: John Carey sends to (Jan. 159495), 6; his meeting and offer from the King to Carey (31st), 11; invites Carey to Dunglas, ib.; rides to Edinburgh on report of King's capture, 12, 13; his offer to Carey confirmed by the King (12th Feb.), 14, 15; might easily starve Berwick, 85; allied with Cesford against Buccleuch (Feb. 159596), 107; by the King's command it is thought, 112; the King hunting with him, 113; attends him from Dunglas to Billie, &c. (13th18th March), 114; sends letters and message to Sir W. Bowes, 143; refuses to join Cesford and Buccleuch, ib.; allows Cesford through the Merse, to annoy Berwick (7th Sept.), 185; moved by James 6th to resist Bothwell (Nov.), 214; sits a few hours with the commission at Berwick (5th Feb. 159697), 249; very sick, the French disease suspected (5th March), 274; commissioner, reports on meeting to exchange pledges at Norham ford (25th June), 3501; 354; to Bowes, 355; Lennox, &c., with him at Hume Castle (19th July), 362; indent postponing meeting till 8th Oct. (29th Sept.), 406; Buccleuch will not hazard himself in his power, 407; Bowes, &c., cross the swollen Tweed to confer with, near Norham (29th), 409; their long discussion and adjournment, 41112; at the West ford, Norhamtumult by Cesfordtakes Bowes and party to Huttonhall and escorts them to Berwick, 41519; delivers up Buccleuch, 417; his honourable doings praised by Bowes, 418; comes to Berwick and dines with Carey, &c., offering Cesford, &c. (10th), 419; at Norham forddiscussions with Bowes, and surrender of Buccleuchreceipt of English pledges (one of them dead)rescues Bowes on his own horse in the tumultentertains and sends him to Berwick (8th Oct.), 41719; comes to Berwick on Cesford's behalfdines with CareyCesford's entry declined (9th), 41920; is commended with his name to Elizabeth by Bowes (10th), 421; Bowes tohas commended his conduct to the Queenand waits Cesford's delivery as promised (13th Oct. 1597), 824; to Bowes from Home in replytakes umbrage at his expressions to the Queen, &c., but is ready to do justice (14th), 422; Sir George Hume's opinion of his "chief," &c., 423; Burghley's advice as to giving thanks to (15th), 423; his dealing by messenger with Bowes (18th), 424; Bowes' opinion of, some what changed, but writes to him with explanations, &c. (17th), 4256; to Bowes from Linlithgow of the King's goodwill to a settlement (19th), 427; Bowes to, requiring Cesford's delivery at Fouldon before 5th Nov. (20th), 430; dismissed the English pledges on 8th, 432; is in Fife (23rd), ib.; Warden of East March: reply to Sir W. Bowes' requisition for delivery of Cesford (1st Nov.), 4401; meets John Carey as to the pledges (12th Nov.), 449; reported to have the plague, and his servants dead of it (17th), 453; delivers Cesford's person to Sir R. Carey (14th Feb.), 51314; to avoid displeasure, leaves for English Border (May 1598), 538; Lady H. takes keys of his houses to the King, ib.; intends to pass secretly with Lord Spynie (16th Aug.), 553; stayed by a report of Bothwell in England (29th), 556; to meet Willoughby at Wark (19th Sept.), 561; warrant to, for posthorses to London (20th April), and passport (21st), 602; returns from Francetrysted there with Bothwell (18th April), 645; out of favour therefor, ib.; contests precedence with Fleming (16th Nov.), 712; 785; ambassador to France, to reach Berwick 16th July, 791; his deputy to meet Sir J. Carey (Aug.), 794; by the Queen's pleasure, hears D. Archdeacon and F. Moubray's dispute in London (2nd Oct.), 800; is to receive the two combatters (4th Oct.), 801; not yet come (13th), 804; at Chillingham (14th) and crossed Tweed next day to his house, 805; moves the King for their duel (31st), 807; receives them at Berwick for escort (4th Nov.), 808.
-, Lady: letter to Willoughby (22nd May), 751.
-, Sir Alexander: meets Willoughby at Fouldenrig (24th July), 617; their private conference, ib.; again at Westford, Norham (1st Aug.), incident at, 618; his honorable course since (10th), 619; his fishing cobles taken (1597), 796; of Manderston: his brother-in-law Sir Thomas Erskine trysts with Englishmen at his house, 812.
-, Alex., of Prendergaist: rebel, demanded, 244; demanded for murder of Hume of Spott, 262; reported at Carlisle (4th May), 315.
-, Alexander: passport for, 643.
-, Mr David: brother to Wedderburn sent to the King, 243; account of his audience, and direction to the commissioners, 245.
-, Sir George: with the King, 114; moved against Bothwell, upholds Cesford at Court (Nov.), 214; commissioner, 236; meetings near Berwicksafe conduct, &c., 237; signs articles, &c. (22nd June 159697), 239; commissioner, 244; his "conformity" praised by Sir W. Bowes, 248, 253, 262; bill fyled on, 263; murder referred to, 264; demands the five fugitives (4th May), 315; signs treaties at Carlisle (5th), 31617; indent by, for pledges, 350; report on the meeting at Norham ford (25th), 351; to intercede for Lord H., 645; his fishing cobles taken (1597), 796.
-, Sir George: the King to visit him at Spott (Jan. 159495), 8; was there (10th Feb.), 13.

Hume, Geo., of Blayketer: fyles bill, 345.
-, Geo., of Spott: murdered, 262.
-, Sir James, of Cowdenknowes: 29.
-, Mr James, laird of Corsby: fyles bill, 346.
-, Ja., of the Style: fyles bill for eighty swine, 346.
-, John: passport to, 24, 26.
-, John, of Blaketer: raid by, 148.
-, Jo., of Midlethird: fyles bill, 346.
-, Pat., of Renton: bill referred, 346.
-, Robert: brother to Laird of Ayton, 755.
-, William: takes Hercules Steward, 14; promised him his life, 17; (of Bassenden, Cowdenknows' brother): to Carey, of King's intended visit to the Merse, &c. (25th April), 29.
-, William: brother to Wedderburne, disputes with Johnston in King's presencecommitted to Castle (16th Jan. 159798), 504.
-, "Mistris," of Hutonhall: her cobles taken (1597), exorbitant damages claimed by (Sept. 1602), 796.

Humes, the: intermarry with English Fosters, 102.

Hundalie, Laird of (Rutherford): testifies to the Redesdale hunting at Jedburgh (9th Sept.), 55960; Andro R., his brother slain, at, ib.; put in prison (9th July), 667; 754.

Hunsdon, Henry, Lord: 7; gives Norham, &c., to his son Robert (Feb. 159495), 14; displeased with his son John, ib.; his fee as governor, 42; warrant to his deputy (16th July), 44; Scrope to, for loan of men (9th Aug.), 46; moved to let Scrope have 100 men (28th Aug.), 52; Queen's warrant to him (19th Sept.), 55; to Scrope, that no one else should have got the Berwick men (28th Oct.), 65; Reade's discontent at going (12th Nov.), 69; keeps the best things for his sons (21st), 72; favours Sir R. Carey against John, 68; resolved to make him gentleman porter (21st Nov.), 72; promised a company to Captain Jackson, ib., 100; charges against Buccleuch and the Grames laid before (14th April), 123; "apt" to offence at his son John, 135; Sir R. Carey to, of raids, need of horse, &c. (15th June), 136; to Scrope about the Grames, 140; Scrope to, of Musgrave's capturedispleasure at the Grames' lenient handling, and wish to resign office (3rd July), 1489; John Carey to, of his bloody revenge on a Teviotdale horse stealer, 14950; Sir R. Carey to, for meadow hay, &c. (17th), 154; his death on 22nd announced to his son John at Darnton (27th), 158; his death voids Sir Robert's deputy wardenship, ib.; (the late): 231; (George, 2nd): Lord Chamberlain, John Carey to, begging him to press the Queen to remove Buccleuch his dangerous prisoner (10th Oct.), 419; Sir R. Carey to (4th Aug.), 551; (13th), 553; Sir R. Carey to, on his leave up, &c. (8th Oct.), 627; he "decays very fast" (Dec.), 635; his ill health reportedhis brother Sir R. C. asks reversion of his office (21st Oct.), 698; not like to livehis government of Wight sued for by his brother Robert (1st June), 753, 757.

Hunsdon mount (Berwick): curtain overtopped, &c., 83.

Hunte, Will.: 75.
-, master smith, Berwick: 735, 765.
-, (Hunt), Mr: a Jesuit priest, at Fernehirst, 741.

Hunteley, Edm.: 74.

Hunter, Umphrey: 75.
-, Leonard: 75.
-, Will.: 75.

Hunters: their Scottish blood feuds, 111.

Hunthill, Laird of: resets English outlaws, 338, 397; his lands exempted from Cesford's government, 471; his eldest son imprisoned, 667; younger (Thomas Rutherford): prisoner at hunting (2nd Aug.), 557; his evidence before Cesford (9th Sept.), 55960.

Huntingdon, Earl of: to Burghley with a prisoner, 24; Bishop of Durham, Lord Eure, &c., to, of late assise, state of country, &c., for remedy (7th Aug.), 45; to take order on Forster's rolls, &c. (7th Oct.), 59; to Cecil, to add a commissioner to deal with Forster, &c. (29th Oct.), 66; to Forster to keep office till Eure arrives (31st Oct.), 67, 69; his instructions to the commissioners (17th Nov.), 70; musters and examines state of Middle Marches (24th29th), 74, 80; to Burghley on the musters (Dec.), 82; was at Newcastle (25th Nov.), 82; Scrope to (13th Dec.), 86; his death (11th 14th Dec.)journal of stay at Newcastlesayings about Sir J. Forster, &c., 87, 88; his last unfinished letter sent to Burghley (3rd Jan. 159596), 94; his remark to the Queen on Thomas Musgrave, 95; descended of Clarence, 104; munitions sent to, from Tower (in 1588), account of disposal, 221.

Huntly, Earl of: to leave Scotland (Feb. 159495), 15; his friends, ib.; reported at Hamburgh (10th May 1595), 30, 36; expected with Spaniards (20th Jan. 159596), 96; motion by the King for his pardon, &c., displeases the Kirk (Feb. 159596), 111; reports the Spaniards' coming, ib.; the Queen works for, but clergy, &c., oppose his pardon (7th Sept.), 185; again forfeited at cross of Edinburgh, arms torn, &c. (24th Nov.), 224; to be received to favourdispleasure of the clergy, &c. (29th Nov.), 225; his countess to be godmother to the young princess (4th Dec.), 226; received into church at Aberdeenhis declaration of faith, and the King of Spain's objects, &c., 241; the Kirk and him (10th Feb.), 255; popish, 274; new objections to his reception threatened (7th May), 321; brings news from Tyrone (24th Dec.), 488; Marquis of: reconciles the King and Queen (21st Oct.), 698; comes to conventionhigh words with Angus for precedence (8th Nov.), 708; at variance with Argyll also, 709; Angus compelled to deny H.'s claims (16th), 712; Argyll refuses to be reconciledH. still at Court (28th), 714; has got high privilegesjealousy of Argyll and Moray increased (12th Dec.), 719; Earl (sic) of: great offers by, to Elizabeth, through Gicht, a chief man of his house, against Tyrone, &c. (21st Nov.), 775; declined by Cecil (17th Dec.), 776.

Huntridg, And.: 75.

Huntrodes, Jo.: 76.

Hutton, Anthony: muster by (24th Nov.), 73, 7779.
-, Mr Edward: Scrope's servant, assures the Scots of Leigh's aid (22nd Nov.), 464; seeing to pledges, 500; of Lord Scrope's chamber, 651.
-, Jo.: &c., petition the Council, 690.
-, Mr Thomas: in secret league with his cousin Francis Dacre, 573.
-, Will.: juror, 276; bill on, 308; a juror, 312; of Graystocke: sues for renewal of lease of G. park, and Powley farm (4th June), 335; orders note of spoils, &c., 500; deputy of Graistock (dead c. 1596), 568; in secret league with Francis Dacre, his cousin, &c. (Oct. 1598), 573; petition (11th Aug.), 678; in a league, and kindred with Francis Dacre, no good subject (19th Sept.), 688; &c., present L. Carleton, 689; petition the Council, 690.
-, Mr, of Gray's Inn: serves a sub pena on H. Leightheir bargain, 650; William H.their meeting after to settle, 651; his interest with Scrope, &c., ib.

Huttonhall, Laird of (Hume): protects Bowes, &c., at Norham ford (8th Oct.), 418; Goodman of: about to travel, 538.

Hyndmarswell (Hymerswell): thieves' passage, 46970.

Hyndmers, James: 755.
-, Raphe, of Whelpinton: murdered, 4012.
-, Will.: 79.

Ice: greatly imperils Tweed bridge (6th Feb. 159798), 510.

Ingleby, David, and his "lewd lady": wicked and dangerous recusants, Bishop Mathew thinks, 344.

Inglewood forest: escheat due to Scrope in, 468; robbery in, 687.

Inglish, Sandy: Nickson, his man, fugitive, 743.

Ireland, the "new man" of: knighted by James 6th and avows homage and service (AprilMay), 320; suspected as a Catholic, will reset Spaniards, 321; reported slain by Angus MacConnel (28th July), 371.
-, Master, of the Half Moon, Bow lane: 6801; Scotsmen use his house, ib.

Irthington: mustered, 557.

Isle of Wight: Sir R. Carey's wish for, if his brother dies (21st Oct.), 698; (1st June), 753.

Ivestone (Durham): spoiled, 120, 156; persons concerned, 338, 339, 340.