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Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 2, 1595-1603. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1896.

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Jackson, James: 76.
-, John (Gilsland): robbed, 64.
-, Jo.: 76.
-, Master John: scholar, passport to, 679.
-, Robert, alderman, Berwick: 1, 20, 32; ships and buys corn, &c., for Berwick, 34; his shipload of rye to be taken (24th July), 41, 49, 706.
-, Captain T.: to Burghley, of Hunsdon's design on the portership, asking a post at Berwick (21st Nov.), 72; dispute with Armorer and Waterhouse at Berwick, 748; settled, 770; slanders William Read, junior, as incapable, 801; a mortal enemy to Captain Skinner, his doings (23rd Nov.), 810; Sir J. Carey trusts will not get Skinner's company (26th Dec.), 81415.

James V.: his treatment of thieves commended to James 6th, 799.
-, VI.: expected at Spott (Jan. 159495), 8; sends Lord Hume to Carey with message for the Queen (31st), 11; reported a prisoner in the "Abbey," 12; false news, how caused (3rd Feb.), ib.; is at Dunglas and Spott (10th), 13; writes to Carey with credence for Lord Hume (12th), 15; going to Stirling for the prince's "nativity," ib.; favours John Colville (March), 21; ill pleased at the Queen's wish to keep her son, ib.; at Stirling, has reconciled Mar and Thirlstane (8th April), 25; refuses the Queen s keeping the young prince (19th), 28; his intended progress through the Merse, &c., 29; is angry at the Queen proposing it, and rejects it (10th May), 30; his mistress to marry Lord Glammis, 31; at Stirling (3rd June), 34; at Lithco, and resists the Queen's wish for the prince (13th June), 36; they are "severed" thereby (2nd July), 38; his threat to recall Arran, Bothwell, &c. (18th), 40; his complaint of Mathew's sermon against him (11th Aug.), 47; at Falkland "lovingly" with the Queen, &c. (17th Aug.), 50; asked to remove Buccleuch, 51; as next heir, has taken late Athol's lands (12th Sept. 1595), 55; delays visit to Border (30th), 56; is at Perth with the Queen (5th Oct.), 58; keeps the vacant chancellorship (17th), 61; delays Border justice (24th), 63; reconciles the Queen and Mar (9th Nov.), 68; changes his wardens too often (29th), 80; demands two offenders from Eure (17th Jan. 1595 96), 96; his juggling and fair shows, ib.; letter of warning to, from a Scottish jesuit priest, 102; Dolman's book against his succession discontents him greatlyblot in his title, &c.means to answer it, ib., 103; is too busy to see Bowes the ambassador (28th Feb.), 110; Buccleuch reconciled tomoves his Council to pardon the earls in Spain, and displeases the Kirk, 111; hunting with Lord Hume, 113; is in the Merse and near Berwick (13th18th March), 114; Eure sends him some harriershis orders to R. Bowes, 116; creates a new Earl of Athol, &c., 118; Buccleuch's vow to him as to Kinmont, 123; is at Stirling with the young prince (14th April), 124; reported "indifferent" to Buccleuch (5th May), 130; his proceedings to redress Buccleuch's offence, 134; intends to put down the Islesmen, &c., 135; ill pleased at the Queen's threat to stop his pension for Buccleuch's act (19th June), 139; his displeasure at Cesford and Buccleuch, 143; sends for Hume, Cesford and Buccleuch (2nd July), 146; displeased at Carey's killing Dalgleish (11th), 150; reported to have pardoned Buccleuch's rescue of Kinmont, 152; Sir R. Carey complains to (15th), 152; his reply (22nd), 157; his proclamation for peace, 177; is thought to temporise (28th Aug.), 179; his proclamation of little effect, 180; his humour malicious to Elizabethlately wrote to the King of Spain (intercepted), 185; worked on to pardon Erroll and Huntly, by the Queen (7th Sept.), ib.; will intercede for Burne, 189; Bowes junior's money business may irritate him, &c. (19th), 191; goes to Stirling for baptism of Lord Mar's daughter (20th Oct.), 205; Queen's letter to, may stop Buccleuch's loosing, ib.; made believe Bothwell is in England, tolerates Cesford to oppose him (3rd Nov.), 214; winks at him, ib.; stays his commission from Lord Newbottle's sickness (11th), 217; adjourns it till 12th January, on account of Christmas (27th), 223; at Edinburgh for baptism of young princess (28th), 224; inclined to receive Huntlydispleasure of the clergydismisses Patrick Gallowayciting him and David Black before the Council, &c. (29th Nov.), 225; Tyrone (Hugh O'Neil), sends a messenger to, ib.; appoints 12th Jan. for the commission meeting, ib.; discourages the ministerscomforts the papists (4th Dec.), 226; still hostile to the Kirk (31st), 230; is bearing out Buccleuch's rescue at Carlisle (13th Jan. 159697), 235; to be moved to imprison Cesford and Buccleuch (19th), 238; his Queen's private courses with himminded to pardon Huntlylibels daily cast at him, &c., 241; his spies on Argyll and friendship with Hamilton, 242; gives R. Bowes audience on Cesford's matters (31st Jan.), 244; his course thought deceitful by the English commissioners (1st Feb.), 245; Cesford's favour with him (2nd), 247; results thereof, 249; still on suspicious terms with the Kirk (11th Feb.), 255; favours Johnston against the Maxwellspromises him 600 merkswill not allow him to resignand coming to aid him on 18th, 274; at the convention at Perthpartly mollified with the clergywho send only commissioners (5th March), 275; demands Carlaverock, &c., by pursuivant, 275; adjourns commissioners' meeting at Carlisle till 10th April, 276; comes to Dumfries to put down Drumlanrig (10th), 277; Cesford's and Buccleuch's acts to be demanded by special ambassador, 278; sees the Grames privately at Dumfries (2nd April), 289; is offended at Bishop Mathews' sharp letter to Bowes, 290; his agreement with Edinburghrumoured visit to East Marches, 292; too friendly with Cesford and Buccleuchmet them on foot near Dumfrieshinders commissioners' business (17th), 298; Sir W. Bowes awaiting his safe conduct, 299; opinion of his facilityrevelations to his wardens, &c., ib., 300; his long stay at Dumfries suspicious, 301; Sir W. Bowes on dealing with him (23rd), 304; Sir W. Bowes' report of him to Burghley (27th April), 306; is going to the Dundee Convention about 6th May (27th April), 307; to complain of Bothwell's receipthis own of Francis Dacre set off against it (30th), 313; Sir W. Bowes going to, with the Queen's orders (2nd May), ib., 314; his own commissioners also (3rd), demand the five rebels (4th), 315; sign the treaty at Carlisle (5th), 31617; Sir W. Bowes gone to him (7th), 318; receives homage, &c., and knights an Irishman of note, 320; Buccleuch's private visit toapproval byand promise to revenge his mother's death, 321; his studies against innovationsis back to Edinburgh to receive Sir W. Bowes (7th May), 321; report of Bowes' demand and threat (16th), 324; his "jarr" with the clergy (28th), 330; reproof to his commissioners, 335; Buccleuch with him at Linlithgowhis displeasure at Bowes' demandand evil reception of both ambassadors (June), 336; his dissimulationhis designs for warhis embassy to the Low Countries for aid under threats, &c. (21st July), 364; Earldom of March to be resumed by, and Dunbar Castle rebuilt for his residencemuch engaged therewith (28th July), 370; Elizabeth's instructions for dealing with (2nd Aug.), 375; sends Carmichael to Scrope on redress (3rd), 376; his willingness reported to Elizabeth (7th Aug.), 379; his special commands to Carmichael (15th), 382, 384; Cesford's hope of secret mission from him, ib.; reply to articles propounded by, 391; his complaint as to Rob Grahame, 394; his audience to R. Bowes, 396; act as to pledges, &c., by (26th Sept.), 406; at Linlithgow, ib.; orders as to Buccleuch's escaped pledgesrequests for Cesford's good treatment, 407; his promises doubted, 410, 411; wishes the Grames strictly kept inwould gladly hang Sim of Calfhill, &c. (24th Nov.), 465; to Leigh from Dumfries to release Gyb Ellot (26th), 466; Leigh to, evading demand (28th), 467; to Leigh for redress of the losses of Rowie Armstrong of Brumholme (28th), ib.; and give no reset to the Irwins of Gratnay, &c., fugitives for John Maxwell's murder (29th), 467; signifies to Leigh that Lord Ochiltree is left Lieutenant of West March (30th Nov.), 469; to Sir W. Bowes for Buccleuch's freedom on entering his son, that he may get his pledges (20th Oct.), 437; to Eure from Dunfries, to concur in seizing fugitives (5th Nov.), 442; to H. Leigh, ib.; Leigh's reply to (6th), ib.; to Leigh to arrest a debtor (10th), 445; his objects at Dumfries thought doubtful, 453; to H. Leigh, from Dumfries to join in pursuit of thieves, and hang some taken "red-hand" (17th Nov.), 453; to same from Annan (23rd), 458; from Newby to meet him at Annan, ib.; his proceedings against Border thievesconference with Leigh at Newby, &c. (22nd24th), 464; leaves Dumfries after hanging eighteen thievesputs the country pledges in Glasgowleaves Ochiltree warden, and gives him Torthorald Castle (2nd Dec.), 483; has messages from Tyrone by Huntly, and favours Maksorlespeaks hardly of Elizabeth's treatment of his mother (24th), 488; his order on pledges (4th Jan. 159798), 497; is in the North (8th), 498; blames Sir W. Bowes for delay (10th), ib.; his Armstrong hostages escaped from Blacknesshas the tenth penny for foreign expenses (19th Jan.), 500; his safe conduct asked for Sir W. Bowes (20th), 501; Nicolson's audience of, as successor to R. Bowesgood receptionclosely questioned by, &c. (14th Jan.), 5023; is busy about bishops' sitting in Parliament, &c., got the "H." from Thomas Fowlis and gave it to the Queen, &c., 504; grants Bowes' safe conduct (17th), ib.; displeased at the Queen's conduct to his mother (21st), 506; order by, for pledges, &c., with Bowes' assent (4th Feb.), 509; his commissioner's agreement at Lamberton (7th), 512; Valentine Thomas relates five or six nightly conferences with, at Holyrood, how to gain England bloodlessly, 521; has been at Stirling, Glasgow, &c., feasting his "good brother" of Denmark or Holstein (30th March), 527; his displeasure in Valentine's matter (3rd June), 535; at Elizabeth concealing it, and steps he will take, 537; entertains Duke of Holsteingives him his rich hatband, jewels, &c.degrades Johnston at market cross, &c., 538; to Leigh for stolen horses (7th), 539; going to Kintyre with Westland man (July 1598), 546; appoints Archbishop of Glasgow his ambassador in Franceis taking the Kirk's "thirds," &c., ib.; complains to Elizabeth of Redesdale hunting fray, and demands aggressors (13th Aug.), 5523; sends Lord Spynie, ambassador to Elizabeth, &c. (16th), 5934; thought privy to Hume joining him, ib.; Bewcastle offered to, by Thomas Musgrave the captain, 572; to Scrope, in favour of Johnston (28th Oct.), 577; his displeasure about the Redesdale hunting, 584; and demand for an assise (14th Jan. 159899), ib.; his vehemence therein (31st), 586; Cesford's influence on him, ib.; his demands examined by Sir R. Carey (13th Feb.), 587; and by Bishop of Durham (17th), 589; to Bishop of Durham pressing settlement between David Fowlis and Bowes (3rd April), 599; much displeased at Ashfield's capture (15th June), 608; to Willoughby from Leith, demanding Ashfield's return (14th June), 609; Willoughby to, excusing his action (15th), ib.; puts Sir W. Bowes in ward, 610; has released Willoughby's ship (20th), 611; still discontented (27th July), 617; wards Herries, Maxwell, and Johnston (4th Aug.), 618; his promises to the Queen and Bowes as to Cesford, 621; H. Leigh seen with, at Lythco, 628; stir with the Kirk about English players' acting by command (23rd Nov.), 631; Cesford hunting with him, 632; to Scrope, that Carmichael made warden (26th Dec.), 634; has stopped calling Scrope "cousin" (16th Jan. 1600), 637; orders peace between Herries, Johnston, &c. (7th Feb.), 638; his progress to Lauder, Haliden, &c. (19th), 639; his various conferences with Henry Leighat Lithco, Edinburgh, &c. (Sept. 1599), 64854; sends to have a "cracke" with him, 653; gives him a ring for remembrance, 654; asked to send shipwrights to Denmarkhis taunting reception of Gowrieif he got gold from Elizabeth ?why the ministers met him not? &c. (29th May), 659; works for his desires at Convention (14th June), 661; to Scrope and his deputy to apprehend Carmichael's murderershas made Herries warden (20th June), 662; to Scrope, on behalf of Rob Grame of Fauld's widowcheated by her stepsons (25th), 663; expected on March (29th), ib.; offended at settling "hunting accident," and puts some in the Castle (9th July), 667; had much communication with Leigh, 671; report of his killing Gowrie (7th Aug.), 676; at Falklandinvited to Perth by G., ib.; contradictedwent to Perth uninvitedsurprised G. at dinner, &c. (11th Aug.), 677; seeks to take the two younger brothers, ib.; his jealousy of the Queen's affection to G., the cause (15th), 678; his conduct greatly suspectedbanishes all the Ruthvens and the two sisters from Court (16th), ib.; suspicions of him grow worse by his contradictionsis hunting about Dunbarton, &c. (24th), 682; makes Johnston warden of West March (27th), 683; reported about Dumfrieshas "justified" three more of Gowrie's servants (30th Aug.), 683; the preachers and commons speak against him, ib.; still searching for the young Ruthvens, &c. (4th Sept.), 684; his account sent to Cecil, ib.; to deal with five ministers at Stirling therein (7th), 685; reconciled to his Queen (22nd Sept.), 689; looks narrowly after her till brought to bedhas a letter and bracelet of hers sent to the late Gowrie (21st Oct.), 698; is resolved on bishopsand reconciled to his Queen by Huntly, ib.; sends to Scrope too late to stay the execution of an Ellot (23rd), 699; gone to his Queen at Dunfermline (8th Nov.), 708; jealous of commission to Low Countries, ib., 709; discharges the Douglases from Parliament (16th), 712; pardons Henderson, ib.; sent his account of Gowrie's death to King of Denmarkwho did not read it (18th), 712; Willoughby's "merry bolt" on his wife and son, 713; Sir W. Eure's dealing with him, 71618; suspects Willoughby aids the young Ruthvensis gone to the West with M. de Rohan (12th Dec.), 718; privileges to Huntly, 719; his dealing with Powrie Ogilvy, 726; conference with Sir W. Eure at Spot (31st Oct. 1600), 728; sends David Fowlis to the Queen (14th Feb. 1601), 732; also Mar and Kinloss (18th), 734; their commission, 735; to Carey, not to spare his outlaws (31st March), 740; happy in Mar his ambassador (10th April), 742; with the Queen expected at Roxburgh's sister's marriage banquet (24th), 744; to Willoughby as to Dunkirkers, 747; his promise to Powrie Ogilvy (1st June), 752; offended with Willoughby, 753; conference with Master of Gray (26th June), 762; thinks Scrope should be on his March not at Court (5th July), 793; much offended with him (10th Aug.), 768; Scrope's rejoinder, ib., 769; Scrope's answer to his charges (Aug.), 770; refuses to see Henry Leigh (17th Sept.), 771; displeased with Scrope (25th), ib.; Newby's mission to Scrope on his succession to Elizabethwill send David Fowlis thereon, &c. (17th Oct.), 773; "books" on the subject, ib.; saw Carr of Ford, &c., at "the Friars," and drank to him, &c. (March 1600), 777; prepares men for Ireland (13th Jan. 1602), 780; receives Mr Lopton often in secret, ib.; at Dumfries, requires John Musgrave to meet him (24th Feb.), 783; at Dunfermline with the Queenindisposed, also his "youngest Duke" whose nurse changed (24th May), 786; troubled at his son's death (4th June), 788; favours Dethicke a prisoner (11th), ib.; depreciates his coin every year (27th), 789; at St Johnston's (30th), ib.; sends Lord Hume to France (15th July), 791; private audience of the French Ambassador at Falkland, &c., 793; at DumfriesJames 5th's example commended to (30th Sept.), 7989; to Scrope, from Drumlanrig, to beware of hanging Robert Grame, ib.; Scrope to, ib.; to Scrope, from Dumfries, for re-delivery of Rob Grame (12th Oct.), 803; John Musgrave sees him apart, ib.; Cecil on his demand (16th), 804; hangs eleven poor thieves, 805; Musgrave again sees him (21st), ib.; his unequal justice at Dumfries, 806; his persistent demand for Grame (29th), 807; allows the combat of Archdeacon and Moubray, ib.; Thomas Percy sees him secretly at Dunfermline, 812; Scrope to, on his subjects' outrages (13th Dec.), 813; means well, does nothing (2nd Jan. 1603), 815; his complaints by Roger Ashton to Elizabeth (4th), 816; to an Englishman, promising requital in time of his offered service (16012), 822.

James, Rob.: 74.

Jameson, John, "hundye pundye": 755.

Jarre, Lenarde: passport to, 30.

Jedburgh staves, short: for foot, 217.

Jedworth Forest: raid by, 116: reprisal on, 118.

Jenison, Thomas, late controller, Berwick: charges against, 10.

Jerdin, Tynedale: watch at, 470.

Jesuit: one taken at Leith (April 1595), 25; some reach Edinburgh (8th Nov.), 708; lurk quietly (28th), 714; English, in Scotland: demand for, their names (6th April), 7401.

Jesus Christ: if among gentlemen of Middle March would be deceived by them, 403.

Joab, "cruel": Scrope disclaims likeness to, 394.

Jobs clewgh: waste, 558.

Jock, "Brades": bills on, 308.
-, "the Laird's": thefts by his servants in Gilsland, 64.

Johnsonburn, Goodman of: fyles bill, 346.

Johnston, Laird of: offenders sheltered by (9th Aug.), 46; has slain many of Maxwell's men (9th Nov.), 68; in wait to assist Kinmont's rescue, 122; new warden, West March, displeased at killing of two clansmen by Eure's people (2nd Aug.), 166; on terms with Scrope (10th Aug.), 172, 174; Kinmont in his wardenrypermits incursion into Gilsland (22nd Aug.), 177; takes assurance with Sir R. Carey and Buccleuch, for passage to annoy Eure's March (7th Sept.), 185; Burghley's inquiries on, 235; "B." plotting againstjoins a new courtier, 242; not yet 30, but quilty of twenty murders, 243; double cousin german to Buccleuch and closely allied, 255; his feud with Maxwell revived by Drumlanrigis supported by the King and not allowed to resign wardenry (5th March), 274; Burghley's inquiry on the feud, 275, 277; the King meets him on foot outside of Dumfriescountenances himis an adherent of Lennox against Hamilton and the Maxwells (17th April), 298; his show of attending commission at Carlisle and cavil to avoid it (20th), 303; his letter sent up to Burghley (23rd), 304; his letter of excuse to the Scottish commissioners at Carlisle (20th April), 305; comes in to assist them (27th), 307; his bills on Scrope's March, 308; has partly obeyed the order for delivery of offenders (7th May), 319; absent with pledges from Norham meeting (26th June), 352; closely watched "here" by the Hamiltons and Maxwells (7th July), 357; committed to Edinburgh "tower" for non-delivery of pledges (27th July), 369; his fray with Drumlanrig, &c., 370; to be tried at Stirling on 10th August, 371; dare not give up his pledges for his feudsbut will resign the wardenry, 378; has been removed from office, 375; now in prisonhis pledges or himself to be deliveredto be discharged of wardenry (21st Sept.), 3967; burns town of Henshaw, 405; at Newby with the King (24th Nov.), 464; backing his clansman, Edward J., quarrels with William Hume in King's presencecommitted to the Castle (16th Jan. 159798), 504; degradedpictured as a murderer, upside down, &c., at cross of Edinburgh (27th May), 538; Angus to ride upon, 546; to be banished (16th Oct.), 569, 571; to Scrope from Lochwood, asking the Queen's protection (25th), 572; recommended by James 6th to Scrope (28th Oct.), 577; agreed, and to marry with Drumlanrig (19th June), 611; "warded" by the King (4th Aug.), 618; his clan ridden on by the lieutenantthey take and hold Lochmaben Castle (25th Sept.), 626; himself in hold, complains to the King (15th Oct.), 628; commended by Nicolson to Scrope (27th), ib.; 629; ordered before the King to agree with Herries, &c. (7th Feb. 15991600), 638; assures with the Maxwellssummoned to Council to agree with Drumlanrig (25th April), 647; assurance with Maxwells doubted (19th April), 644; renewed (25th), 647; assures with Bells and Carlyles, ib.; lay in wait for Sanquhar (Sept. 1599), 653; brother-in-law to Herries (9th July), 667; to Scrope from Burnswark, is appointed opposite warden (27th Aug.), 683; Scrope to, in reply (28th), ib.; means nothing, 6856; keeps his Border quite (4th Oct.), 692; meets Carey for justice (24th), 700; from Lochmaben to Scrope (5th Dec.), 714; Scrope to, in reply (8th), 717; meets Lowther at Annan dyke, 743, 748; at Gretna kirk (14th May), 750; his assisers, 751; takes a murderer of Carmichael to the King (17th Sept.), 771; writes to Scrope on behalf of a banished Scotsman (25th), ib.; to Musgrave for redress of outrages (29th Nov.), 776; is to convoy him to meet the King at Dumfries (24th Feb.) 1602), 783; Sir James: indent at Carlisle with Scrope (16th July), 792; at Langholm to revenge Carmichael's murder (29th Aug.), 795; has too much honour to backbite Scrope (30th Sept.), 798; Scrope to, that Rob Grame an Englishmandemands Rob of Langrigs (7th Oct.), 801; brings his men to Dumfries (12th), 803; the King's orders to, there (18th), 805; desires good agreement with Scrope, 807; Scrope's doubts of performance (6th Nov.), 808; does little (25th), 813; makes show of justice (17th) Dec.), 814; the King's "show" of displacing him, 816.

Johnston, Outh.: 76.
-, Cuddie: at killing Daglisse, 181; Berwick: 346.
-, David, of the Reidhawe: a pledge, 350.
-, Edward: pursued for escheat, is backed by Laird of Johnston, 504.
-, James: warden clerk, 743.
-, Jo.: 74.
-, John, in the "yet" of Leirmouth, &c.: in fray, 182.
-, Mat.: alderman, 706.
-, Mungo, of Lockerby: raid on, 308.
-, Robert: was with Willoughby's sons in Franceto Willoughby from Edinburgh on affairs (12th Dec.), 718.
-, Robert: stayed by Willoughbyhis descriptions of the warden of the Cinque PortsCecil himselfand Mr Willes (31st Dec.), 721.
-, one: robber of the King's merchants, taken in Kinmont's tower (Nov.), 811; by Scrope at the King's request, 816; rescued by the Grames of Esk, 811.

Johnstons, the: King to compone their feud with Maxwell (5th Oct.), 59; dare not approach Carlisle, for feuds with the Maxwells, &c. (17th Feb.), 258; the latter cannot pass through them, 266; of Reidhall: fugitive for John Maxwell's murder, to be trapped (29th Nov.), 467.

Jolley, Alexander: horseman, 542.

Jonas , the, of Lynn: 286, 292.

Josey, John: 79.
-, Robert: 16.

Juries: one at Hexham sits two days and a night without meat and drink, 120; two, of the East and Middle Marches, requisition to, at Newburne on Tyne, by commissioners (22nd Sept.), 398; their presentments against Eure, &c. (24th Sept.), 4045.

Kail (Keale), Scottish: a homely dish, 742.

"Kanges," the, of Steakheugh (Irwins): rob under Buccleuch's protection, 36, 177; two of: murder Leigh's man by connivance of Brakenhill, &c., though ten to two, 228.

Kangs, Davy, Geordy and Will: raid by, 736.
-, Geordy: bill on, 308.
-, Will, and brethren: at Kinmont's rescue, 122; Buccleuch's own man, chief in the plot at Langholm beforehand, 127; (Yrwyn): carries Sir John Carmichael's body across a horse to Lochmaben (16th June), 662; raids by, &c. (19th), ib.

Katherine , the, of Hull: 12, 202.

Kealder edge (Tynedale): watch at, 470.

Keeper, the Lord: sent down about the Dacres' lands, 386.

Kell, John: taken in Bewcastle fray, 604.

Kelsterne, John, comptroller of customs, fee: 42.

Kemlespethe: thieves' pass to Redesdale, 46970.

Kendraw, Thomas: t. 52, born in Yorkshire, surgeon of Berwick horse, 540.

Kent, Thomas, LL.D. (temp. Edw. 4th): 100.

Kentish cloth: custom on, 15.

Kerseys, "Denshier": attempt to evade custom on, 84.

Kerswell, James: passport to, 22.

Key, Geo.: alehouse keeper, Richmond, 456.

Kilborne, Will.: shipmaster, Lynn, 286, 292.

Killam: Scottish raids at (16th April), 296; slain, &c., at, 297; Cesford instigates it, 303.

King, Mr Auditor: certificate on Gilsland (16th Aug.), 554; Alex.: auditor, to Cecil on Graistock and Bewcastle (10th Oct.), 568; to same, with Carleton's twenty-one years' lease of Askerton (6th Nov.), 575.
-, water: raids on, 198.

Kingston-upon-Hull, "town and county" of: 93.

Kinloss, Abbot of: ambassador, 730; to arrive at Berwick (19th Feb.), leaves for London (20th), 734; his commission, 735.

Kinmont, Jok of: gives bond to Sir R. Carey (28th July), 766.
-, Will: question as to his taking by Scrope discussed, 139; escorted from Carlisle, stops at Rosetrees, 170; question between the King, Scrope and Buccleuch on legality of his taking, 171; Scrope's offer therein, ib.; evidence on his rescue, 176; question as to his original capturenot under Buccleuch's rule, &c. (22nd Aug.), 177; bill on, 307; by, against England, 308; his cattle, &c., takenhimself a prisoner, but let go by the Grames (20th July), 367; Buccleuch's confession of their aid in his rescue (April 1596), 367; the meeting before it at Archerbeckthe Sandbeds, &c. (7th11th April), 368; examinations on his rescue from Carlisle (25th April26th July), 393; question as to his being lawful prisoner there, ib.; Scrope's two raids on his house, &c., while himself in the King's prison, 394; buys and rides Thomas Sandford's stolen racing mare, 668; haunting Scaleby for blackmail (18th Aug.), 768; while in King's prison, Scrope's roads on his house for murderers and outlaws defended (4th Jan. 1603), 816; has since spoiled the towns of Heskettes, ib.; his sons: Jock, Francie, Geordy and Sandy, at his rescue, 122, 127. See Armstrong, Will, of Kinmont.

Kinmont tower: raid near, for stolen horses (10th July), 668.

Kinniell (Knerveill), the palace of, near Lithgo: 242.

Kintail, the Lord of [Mac]Kennye: is at Berwick, recommended by Cecil, keeps close (30th June), 790.

Kintyre (Kyntree); the King going to (4th July), 546.

Kirbeck moor: waste, 558.

"Kirk," the: still at issue with the King (31st Dec.), 230; letters and libels by fugitive ministers, thrown into Holyrood palacethreatening the King, 2412; the Lord Treasurer favours their party, 242; still on suspicious terms with the King (10th Feb.), 255; the watch dogs of the: muzzledcan neither bark nor bite (24th Dec.), 488; preaches against English players acting (23rd Nov.), 631.

Kirkbye, one: Lord treasurer (temp. Edw. I.), his book of tenures with Lord Scrope (17th Sept.), 624.
-, Moor side: a merchant, petty chapman or pedlar in, married widow of Hall, 598.

Kirkford: on March, 470.

Kirkley: defects of, 78.

Kirklinton church: in decay for twenty years, William Musgrave and his son patrons (30th April), 312.

Kirkmerrington: 520; horses stolen at, 521.

Kirkmichael, Laird of: horses stolen from, 539.

Kirkoswald Castle: at the south part of Gilsland, 447.

Kirsop head: 4701; brigg, 470.

Klewghe, Geo.: messenger, 244.

Knappe (Knipe), John, of Ipswich, 5, 53.

Knevett: Scrope's cousin, 95; Mr: 159; Thomas, esq.: of the Queen's privy chamber, 736.

Knight, Anthonie, bailiff, Heyton: 446.

Knowles (Knollys), Sir William: 294; comptroller, &c., John Browne to, of the bloody assault on him by Eure's servants, his wounds, &c. (1st Nov.), 440.

Knowpark: 6 miles in Scotland, prisoners taken at, 557.

Kyer, George: Frenchman, passport to, 26.
-, William: Scotsman, passport to, 26.

Kyllygray, Mr: employed by Sir R. Carey at Court, 61112.

Kyllinghall, Raphe: 7557.

Kyllingwood, Jo.: 76.

Kyrkbryd, Ric.: &c., petition the Council, 690.