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Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 2, 1595-1603. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1896.

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Lacon, William: clerk of works, Carlisle, 98.

Lady Kirk: on Scottish ground, once debateable, place of meeting, 565, 567.

Ladyland (Ladelanes), Barclay of: his attempt on Ailsa supported by Lord Herries, 357.

Lagg, Laird of: assiser, 751.

Laingh, Edw., of Haughton: fugitive, &c., resetted by Eure, 338; unknown to him, 340.

Lamadon: muster of, 75.

Lamb, Saunders: sheep stealer, 148.
-, John: sheep stealer, 148.
-, William: common spoiler, 138, 141, 687.

Lamberton: agreement at (8th Feb.), 512, 513.

Lampleugh, Fra.: juror, 276, 312; petitions the Council, 690.
-, John: juror, 276, 312; petitions the Council, 690.

Lancaster, house of: superior in right to York, 103; Henry 7th crowned in right of, ib.; Infanta of Spain comes of it through Portugal, and is rightful heir of England, 104.
-, Thomas: Scrope intercedes for (8th June), 35; against the Lowthers' lawsuit (15th July), 152; Mr: negligent in duty, 661.

Lancelot, Balthezar: shipmaster, Lynn, 4.

Lanercost (Leonardcost), the tenants of: blackmailed and plundered, 1356; denied and explained by the Grames to Lord Burghley, 1435; church: decayed for three years (30th April), 312; in Gilsland barony, 446.

Langformagus, Laird of: fyles a bill, 346.

Langhirst: muster of, 78; defects, ib.

Langholm: plot by Buccleuch, the Grames, &c., at, for rescue of Kinmont, 127; (Langam): their dinner at, 141.
-, John [Armstrong] of: bill on, 307; Carey's expedition against him successful, 63031.

Langley, constable of: 56; barony of: mustered (24th Nov.), 73; Eure asks appointment of constable, 90.

Langrigg foot: pass to Tynedale, 470.

Laugton, Richie: sent for by Eure, 240; assisted Buccleuch at Kinmont's rescue, 367. See Grame of Brackenhill.

Lannerton (Gilsland): 558.

Lany, James: custom officer, 370.

Larkin, Wil., master gunner: t. 84, born in Kent, 540.

Lascelles, Thomas: witness, 542.

Lawder (Lawer, Lawther), Mr Geo., of Basse: fyles bill, 346, 755.
-, Oswould: fyled by confession, 346.
-, William: of the French King's archer guard, passport to, 679.
-, Laird of: 754.

Lawe, David: prisoner sent to Burghley, 24.

Lawrance , the, of Hull: 286, 292.

Lawson (Lowson), Mr James, superintendent of Edinburgh: shows Bishop of Durham an old prophecy, 47.
-, James: 77.
-, Jo.: 74.
-, John: slain, 300.
-, Rob.: 77.
-, Wilfr.: reports on Holme Coltram tenants, 235; juror, 276, 312; to advise Scrope's deputy, 400; petitions the Council, 690.
-, Wm.: indicted at assises, escapes from Hexham gaol, 119; charges against him, 120, 125, 151; felon, in Mansfield's pay, 338; was in Hexham gaol, escaped by Henry Woodrington's connivance, &c., 340.
-, Mr: his "band," 112; of Broughe: claims common at Skyrmirston, 119.
-, : a chief man of Middle March, 56.

Lawsons: alliances of the, 74.

Layton, Sir Thomas: paid, 23.

Lazenbie, Roger, Eure's gentleman usher: 479.

Leachman, Christofer: 74.

Lead ore: tithe of, claimed from Sir W. Bowes in Teesdale, 128; mines: Bowes' success in (10th Nov.), 576.

Leapielish (Tynedale): watch at, 470.

Learmouth: raid on, 148; spoiled utterly (21st Oct.), 4334.

Lease (Leyes) hill: mustered, 558; in Carleton's hands, ib.

Leethe , the, of Emden: 140 tons, off Wolstye Castletaken by the Scots across Solway, her cargo, &c., 63940.

Leftwich, Ralph: Vernon's surety, 372.

Leidbeittars, on Kale water: the Scots begin to hunt at (1st Aug.), 559.

Leigh (Lee), Edward: son of Thomas L. of Adlington, examined before Scrope (11th Sept.), 686; related to the Lord Keeper, ib.
-, Sir Henry: inquiry at his office and Tower, 222.
-, Henry, "straitened": Scrope's plan for his relief (Jan. 159495), 7; takes two prisoners, 24; his relief moved for (28th Aug.), 52; required at Rokeleyhis suit in London to be dispatched (26th Feb. 159596), 109; instructions to, by Scrope on Buccleuch and the Grames, for the Privy Council, &c. (14th April), 123; Scrope's envoy, 132; again sent to London (7th June), 134, 145; to return to his charge with speed (20th July), 155; report on R. Lowther and the three Grames (23rd Oct.), 207; his old petition against the Grames, 209; witness to Scrope's proffer to them (31st Oct.), and their reply, 212; his man slain on a tred, horse taken, and Scrope's stud-hound, by connivance of Grames, 228; letter to Scrope, ib.; report to Scrope on Holme tenants, and ordered to sequestrate those of Burgh (11th Jan. 159697), 235, 268; juror, 276, 312; Scrope's deputy at Cannobie holm, certificate by (2nd May), 314; reports on Norham meeting to Cecil (26th June), 352; instructions to, as Scrope's deputy (22nd Sept.), 400; deputy (28th Sept.), 407; "not the soundest," yet appointed in Scrope's absence, to deliver the pledges (2nd Oct.), 41011; at Lowther with Richard L., who is ready to assist him (6th Oct.), 421; Scrope to, from Londonthe Queen's grace to himselfand her great rage at Leigh for neglect of service, &c.directs him as to prisoners (22nd), 431; James 6th to, to stop fugitives (5th Nov.), 442; his answer, ib.; to Scrope thereofplague still at Carlisle (6th), ib., 443; the King to, for arrest of a debtor (10th), 445; and to stop thieves at the Mote of Lyddelland hang or deliver some taken red-hand (17th Nov.), 453; same to, from Annan (23rd), 458; from Newbie, to meet him there next day, ib.; to Scrope, of his assistance stopping thievesthe King's proceedingsconference with him at Newby, &c., Lowther's neglectplague severe at Carlisle (25th), 4645; James 6th to, for release of Gyb Ellot (26th Nov.), 466; for redress of Rowie Armstrong's losses (28th), ib.; to Scrope, of delivery of his letter to Richard Lowtherhis hesitationalleged sickness and promise to take office (28th), ib., 467; James 6th to, that no harbour be given to the fugitive Irvings, &c., murderers of John Maxwell (29th) 467; to Scrope, with Lowther's new coursebad effects on countryhis suspicions of his wish to see the King, &c. (30th), ib., 468; R. Lowther to, has a burning ague and must be let blood, " mended or ended" (30th), 469; James 6th to, that Ochiltree made lieutenant, &c., of West March, ib.; to Scrope, Lord Semple's arrivalLowther's bad conduct, lying, &c.Scots' news, &c. (3rd Dec.), 4824; allowance to, while deputy warden, 485; Sir W. Bowes to, for the West March pledges (26th), 490; to Scrope, as to his pledgesa murderOchiltree's absencebishop sick, but offers him Rose Castle, till plague abates, &c. (19th Jan. 159798), 500; James 6th to, for stolen horses (7th June), 539; to Cecil, of Thomas Carleton's death on 4th (5th July), 547; let an Ellwood out on bondwho then planned a foray in Tynedale, 549; to Burghley, fears he has the plagueasks his office for his son, and his pity for his wife and four daughters (15th), 549; his letter to be kept from the Queen for fear (19th), 550; delivers three Scottish hostages at York (17th Sept.), 562; no enemy to Francis Dacre (Oct.), 572; goes to Scotland on a pretence (17th Sept.), 624; seen by Angus at Lythco (Sept.), 628; from the Gatehouse to Cecil, for the Queen's mercy (12th April), 643; and how to dispose of young Dacre's letter (16th), 644; declaration by, to Cecil, of his intercourse with the King of ScotsFrancis Dacre, &c., and his visits to London, &c. (Sept. 1599), 64854; had nothing from the King but a small ring, and humbly acknowledges his offences, 654; his example cited to Sir W. Eure, to avoid (7th Dec.), 716; at Newby, very poor, has French pox (17th Sept.), 771; his neglect in late office, 778; met in Lancashire with a false beardmay be betrayed for 200l. (Dec.), 815.

Leigh, Robert: &c., petition (11th Aug.), 678; present L. Carleton, 689; petitions the Council, 690.
-, Thomas, of Adlington: his son, Edward L., before Scrope (11th Sept.), 686.
-, Thomas: surety, dead, 372.
-, Sir Urin: knighted by Essex, killed near Monaghan (24th Aug.), 686.

Leigh (Lee), one: cruelly murdered by Buccleuch (7th Feb. 159697), 249.

Leith: secret watch at, 519; Dunkirkers lie in, 661.

Lennox, Duke of: protects Huntly's friends (Feb. 159495), 15; at Billie with the King, 114; hinders Sanchar being made Lord Crichtondisposed in minority of Buccleuch's claim (5th March), 274; expected at Buccleuch's horse race (5th April), 289; Johnston becomes a depender on, against Hamilton (17th), 298; arbitration with Buccleuch for Bothwell's lands settled (5th June), 336; expected at Berwick (12th June), 343; at Hume Castle (19th July), 362; his arbitration with Buccleuch, 367; Hume and Cesford, &c., opposed to (18th Oct.), 425; at Newby with the King (24th Nov.), 464; a dispute likely between, and Lord Hamilton (28th Nov.), 467; agrees with Hamilton, and is to receive Dunbarton (on 21st Jan. 159798), 503; prefers his own constable to the King's, 504; coming to England, 537; gave Duke of Holstein a banquet (25th May), 538; with the "venturers" bound for Lewis (4th July), 546; ambassador to France (22nd April), 645, 650; expected at Berwick (6th Dec.), 776; arrives (8th), and goes on, ib.

Lestericke. See Restalrig.

Leversage, Will.: a surety, 372.

Lewis, isle of: Fife barons offer to conquer it, 538; (Leuwe), the: Lennox and the adventurers going to (4th July), 546.

Lewyn, Mr: Newcastle, 533.

Liddell, the: bounds the Scottish debateable ground, 301.
-, Tho.: slain, 300.

Liddesdale: question if Buccleuch's keepership official, 116; Scrope charged with "hounding out" 2000 to invade, &c., 259; his answer to, 261; alleged plot of Elliots and Armstrongs to surprise and slay Thomas Carleton in his house, 266; denied, and Scrope asserts he is leagued with them (26th Feb.), 267; fifteen men of: taken spoiling in Tynedale 12th MarchEure spares their lives, in hope of ransom, for a few days (17th), 284.

Lightfoote, George, a Durham lawyer: to be joined to Eure's commission (1st Jan. 159596), 94.

Lighton, Alex., of Tossomyll: fyles bill, 264.
-, Will.: 75.

Lilburne, East: muster of, 75; raid on, 148; in Middle March, 821;West: raid on, 137; (Lilborne): in Middle March, 821.
-, Geo.: deputy of Redesdale, murdered, 402.

Lindsay (Lynsey), Barnett: passport for (4th Jan. 1600), 636.
-, Sir James: brings letters from Henry 4th and the Bishop of Glasgow (July), 371.
-, Mr John: an "Octavian," reported to deal with Spain (9th June), 135; his brother in that King's service, ib.; secretary: wisest of the four Popish "Octavians," going abroad to seek cure of his grievous disease (5th March), 274; secretary: sells his office to James Elphinston (16th Jan. 159798), 504.
-, Sir Walter: recommended by Cecil to Willoughby (22nd Dec.), 582.

Linen cloth, Scots: custom on, 15; to be "customed" at Berwick only, 22.

Linley (Lyndley, Lynlae), one: appointed over others' heads, 693; a brother of Sir Henry L., appointed by Hunsdon at Essex's request, bred murmurs at Berwick, 696; Captain: fled to Scotland for murder, accuses Captain Skynner in revenge, 810.

Linstock, barony: Holme end in, plundered (19th June), 662; bishop's tenants' cattle driven (July), 671; bishop's tenants spoiled, 811.

Lisle, John: 75.
-, John: presentment against, 398.
-, Lanc.: 75.
-, Rob., of Felton: juror, 132.
-, Tho.: 74.
-, Mr: his tenants mustered, 75.

Litleheugh, Will [Rutherford]: resets English outlaws, 338, 397.

Little, John: sheep stealer, 151.
-, John, of Ponteland: fugitive, reset by Eure, 338; removed by Eure's account, 3401.

Littles: their blood feuds with England componed by Forster, 111.

Liversdale, manor of: tenants in, 133; no muster, 557.

Livingston (Levyston), Alexander: passport for (4th Jan. 1600), 636.
-, Henry: passport to, 26.

Lloyd, Dr Jo.: joint opinion on Scrope's reprisal (9th March), 276.

Lock, Mr Henry: 37; late Hunsdon's secretary, 212; Lord Willoughby to, on Lord Burghley's death for his good offices with Cecil (11th Aug.), 552; Rowland Mynors to, with Willoughby's instructions (27th), 555.

Lockard, George: passport to, 30.

Lomley, John, Lord: 93.

Longrigh, near Berwick: raid on, 449.

Loovell, Captain: grant of fine to, 769.

Lopton, Master, of Kewbicke: secretly meets James 6th, 780.

Lorane (Lorreyne), Edward: signs Forster's award (1586), 111.
-, Gilbert: signs Forster's award (1586), 111.
-, Gilb. and Hector: bill fyled on, 263.
-, Gib.: foul, 345.
-, Gib., of Appatsyde: 756.
-, Gilbert, of Hawden: 756.
-, Hector, of Appatside: 756.
-, John, of Appatsyde: 756.
-, Will., of Kirkharll: fyled, 346.

Loranes (Larenoes): their English blood feuds, 111.

Loughenvar, Laird of, &c.: burn the Irwins of Graitney, Rob. Grame, &c. (22nd Nov.), 464; at Newby with the King (24th), ib.; admiral of Solway, 640.

Lough Foyle: Tyrone and Bothwell's design on, by land and sea (April-May), 744.

Lovat, Lord of: committed to Lythco, 12.

Lowghmaben Castle: seized and kept by the Johnstons (Sept.), 626, 628.

Lowther (Lowder), Christofer: juror, 276, 312; his father's lands settled on him at marriage, twenty years since (26th April 1601), 745.
-, Gerrard: named by Eure to Burghley, 85; a great adversary to Scropegoing to London, and Cecil warned against him (Dec.), 92; "old Belzebub": supports the Carltons against Scrope, 269, 276, 312; "old" Gerard: his death (16th July), announced to Cecil, 361; the late: 571; found out plot of the Dacres, &c., took notes ofsuspected he got poison at Carlisle, 573.
-, John, of the Inner Temple: grandson to Richard L., to wait on Sir J. Stanhope (26th April), 745.
-, Richard: Scrope suspects his complicity in Kinmont's rescue, 122; promotes amity and marriages among the Grames, 124; in company of murderers, &c., at marriage of Wills Jock's son, 142, 154; a fit commissioner on March causes, 193; report to Scrope of his dealing with the Grames in Carlisle Castle for submission (23rd Oct.), 206; another as to same in the Castle garden (23rd), ib.; Scrope to, for his account under his own hand, 207; his reply by the bearer with his own account, deferring their meeting till next Saturday on account of his age (24th), 207; charged by Scrope with untruth about the Grames (26th Oct.), 209; signs proffer by Scrope to them (31st), 212; and their answer, ib.; to bring the Grames to Scropeconfesses he had wronged him, and would not repeat it (Dec.), 228; his, &c., attempt to defraud the Queen of Graystock parsonage, ib.; his declaration as to the Grames' appearance, and the four absentees (31st Dec.), ib., 229; report on arms for Holme Coltram (11th Jan. 159697), 235; attests the six Grames' submission to Scrope, on their knees, that day (21st), 238; attempts to screen Thomas Carleton (29th Jan. 159697), 241; his promise to Scrope for him, 254; 276; to be ordered to send Tho. Carleton to London (13th March), 280; the Queen's "conceipt" of him delivered by Sir W. Eure, and to effect concord between Scrope and the Carletons and Grames (18th April), 300; juror, 312; exhorted by Bishop of Durham on his differences with Scropedoubts of him (7th May), 318; differences with Scrope, 323, 328; the cause unknown, advised by Bishop of Durham and Sir W. Bowes to respect Scrope's office, 329; Scrope wishes him ordered to take charge in his absence though he and the country doubt him, 356; accused to Scrope by Tho. Carleton, of a plot to be warden again, 386; Scrope instructs his deputy to consult him (22nd Sept.), 400; to assist Leigh, though Scrope doubts his honesty (2nd Oct.), 410411; to Scropehis wife just deadwill obey his orders (6th Oct.), 421; Scrope's message to, by H. Leigh (22nd), 431; Leigh's note on his treatment, ib.; Scrope to, rebukes his neglectorders him to take office, and keep his men from stealing (18th Nov.), 454; has not taken office (24th Nov.), 465; Leigh delivers Scrope's letter to, at Lowther, before witnesses (27th), 466; hesitates, but promises to be at Carlisle on 30th, &c., 467; draws back, says he is sick, &c., Leigh thinks he wishes to traffic with the King, 468; to Leigh, that he has a burning ague, and has sent for his physician (30th), 469; to Scrope, refusing unless he gets the castle, &c., as he had from late Lord Scrope when the Queen of Scots came in (2nd Dec.), 475; to Cecil, with complaint of Scrope's usage, is now 67 (2nd Dec.), 482; his daughter's base child kept by Laird of Cockpool, ib.; is lying about his illnessand "is a bad one," 483; his outrageous conditions before taking office, combated by Scrope, who will rather give than lend him his bed in the castle, &c. (13th), 485; deputy warden, to Cecil, Border fairly quiet (14th April), 600; to same, with offer by Elliots and Armstrongs (4th May), 603; their offer to, 604; to same, many gunners absent (29th May), with Duckett's letter (1st June), and for stay of Lancelot Carleton 4th), ib., 607; to Scrope with Border news, &c. (19th June), 610; to Cecil, of Liddesdale foray on the Captain of Bewcastleneed of Scrope's return (30th), 613; John Armstrong of Hollase to, of quarrel with the Musgraves (28th June), ib.; again deputy warden, 638; to come to Carlisle (3rd March), 639; to Cecil, for some aid of horse (13th April), 643; of meeting with Carmichaeltroubles opposite, &c. (19th), 644; the warden and Maxwell agreed, &c. (25th), 647; his inability for justice without helprefuses Carmichael an offender (11th May), 6545; to Cecilmet Carmichael on 12th, outrage near Carlisle, &c. (14th June), 661; to sameCarmichael murdered the day before (17th), 662; James 6th to, to seize murderers (20th), ib.; to Cecil, of their inroads since (23rd), ib.; to same, of message from Herries (26th), 663; but their meeting put off (29th), ib.; to same, has met Herries, the new warden (9th July), 667; of inroad by his own March for stolen horses (11th), 668; to same, with Herries' letter (19th July), 669; &c., petition Council, 690; his too great bearing with thieves, 691; to Sir John Stanhope for Roger Woodrington (12th Nov.), 709; 734; Scrope to, that his steward will pay his fees, &c. (2nd April), 739; to Cecil on behalf of his cousin, T. Pickering (16th), 742; to same, his great cost, 10l. a week (18th), 743; his plan for defence of the West March (21st), 744; Nicolson to (24th), 744; to Sir John Stanhopeowes 300l., is now 70has settled his estate on his sonScrope does not pay himhis grandson, John L., sent up (26th), ib., 745; to same, commending Lancelot Carleton, the bearer, 745; to Cecil, the wardenry decline his plan, 746; to Scropethat his steward refuses to paycomplains of his expenses, &c., 748; to Cecil, meeting with Johnston and business done (15th May), 750; to present the Grames for caution, 758; his slackness, ib.; to Cecil, with Scrope's letter (5th July), 763; Scrope to, ib.
-, Thomas: 483.

Lowthers, the: oppose Scrope's request to Burghley (8th June), 35; claim the Dacres' lands (14th Oct.), 60; hostile to Scrope, 92; Burghley asked to supersede their action against Thomas Lancaster (15th July), 152.

Lowthian, barons of: offer to conquer Skye, 538.

Loye, Richard: a jesuit priest at Fernehirst, 741.

Lucas, Francis: at the Grames' declaration at Carlisle, 206.

"Lucke, little": a child (?) of Mr Haggerston of H., 802.

Luckens (Gilsland): waste, 558; Queen's tenants in, spoiled, 142.

Lucky, Will.: 76.

Lumsdons Anna: a meadow at Berwick, 155.

Lurden head: sheep driven from, 182.

Lyam: in East March, 821.

Lydderdale, Thomas: passport to, 51.

Lynn, town of: provision for Berwick at, 3, 4, 5; shippers' names, ib.; Mayor of: ships grain, &c., for Berwick, 3; note of, 4; (Mr Boston) wishes payment from Vernon (16th Jan. 159495), 5; delay asked (30th), 8.

Lyon (Lion), James: passport for, 547.

Lyons, John: Clopton's deputy receiver, 234.

Lysborne head (Tynedale): watch at, 470.

Lyskcoe [Linlithgow?]: Mr Butler of Rawclyffe, and young Henry Butler at (Lent 1601), 801, 802.