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Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 2, 1595-1603. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1896.

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Macarstone: 30.
-, (Mecaston), Laird of: fyles bill, 264, 755.

MacConell, Angus, of Kintyre: levies 6000 men to spoil Isle of Man (2nd Aug.), 43; a chief of the Isles, comes to Lithco on assuranceleaves without notice (Aug.), 185; slays the "Ireland knight"his son imprisoned therefor in Edinburgh (28th July), 371; Sir James his son, complains to the King of his bastard brother [Archibald MacConnel], joining MacSorle (May 1598), 538; Angus and his son's quarrel with Tyrone about Dunluce Castle, &c., 7923.
-, Archibald, keeper of Dunnovaig: Angus MacC.'s bastard soncomplaint of, 538.
-, Sir James: Angus's son, complains of his bastard brother (May 1598), 538; his deadly hate of Tyrone for giving Dunluce to Maksorle buy, may be got to slay him (17th July), 7923.

Mackdouell, Alexander: his hand "wrytt," 756.

Mackennye: committed to Lythco, 12.

Macklemorrowe, Robert: passport to, 30.

Maklayn, Sir James, of the Isles: his offer to take or kill Tyroneslain himself since, 792.

Maksorle (i.e., Sir James M'Donald), too much favoured by James 6th (24th Dec.), 488; reported to assist Arch. M'Connyl, 538; Tyrone gets Dunluce for him from Sir James Makonell, who means revenge (17th July), 793. See Ireland, "new man" of.

Mallory, Sir William: named for Yorkshire, 85, 101; of less experience than Sir W. Bowes, 107, 592.

Man, Isle of: deputy governor warned of Angus MacConnel's designs on (2nd Aug.), 43.

Manderston, Goodman of: appointed deputy warden of East March (May 1598), 538. See Hume, Sir Alexander.

Mangerton, Laird of: his bill referred to Buccleuch, 19; denies a reset, ib.; at Kinmont's rescue, 122, 125, 127, 157; to remain at Carlisle till pledges delivered (20th Aug.), 385; his uncle's son killed by Thomas Carleton, 476. See Armstrong of Mangerton.
-, house of: laid waste (17th Sept.), 771.

Manners, Mr Roger: his servant sent by Burghley to Carey (19th July), 44.
-, Laird of Trewhitt: fyled, 264.

Mannington, one: arrested by Scrope with forged passport, letters, &c. (2nd Aug.), 43; to be soon enlarged (28th Aug.), 52.

Mansell, Harry, Berwick: 1.
-, Robert, serjeant at law: 93.

Mansfield, Ralph: captain of Harbottle to have twenty horse, 113; Eure's deputy, 273; bill on Buccleuch, 309; horse under him, 327; witness to Elliot's offer (4th June), 334; suspected by Buccleuch of late inroad, 336: keeper of Tynedale, accused of having felons in pay, &c., buying horses for Cesford, 338; denied, and particulars referred to himself, 339, 340; has a good answer to charges, 347; haunts Cesfordtook him secretly to Toplif, 353; and two Englishmen to fight before Buccleuch, 354; presentments against (21st Sept.), 3978; his answer to the juries' charges against him (20th Oct.), 42830; cannot find the escaped pledges (28th Oct.), 437; now in London, to be strictly examined (24th Nov.), 459; has left the country (20th Jan. 159798), 501; to be delivered for Redesdale (5th Feb.), 510; Bowes' inquiry as to (6th Feb.), 512; if not had, another officer to be delivered (7th), ib.; delivered at Foulden (13th Feb.), 513; sent over Tweed by Willoughby to Cesford (3rd June), 535; at West Chester with Essex, 596; expects command of horse in Irelandhis wife to join him, 598.

Manweringe, Thomas: Vernon's surety, 372.

Map: of North East sea coastRedcar to Berwick, 529.

Mar, Earl of: reconciled to Chancellor by the King (April 1595), 25; but crosses Glammis' marriage to Cesford's sister, 31; hatred to Thirlestane (13th June), 36; opposes delivery of prince to the Queen, his fall expected (2nd July), 38; may become chancellor, 59; the Queen and he made friends (9th Nov.), 68; expected with Spaniards (20th Jan. 159596), 96; with the King, 113; King goes to Stirling to witness his daughter's baptism (20th Oct.), 205; at Edinburghthe King careless of himhis best subject (May 1598), 538; the young prince "altered from" (29th May), 659; suggests Willoughby's privity to Gowrie's plot (21st Oct.), 698; ambassador, 730; to arrive (19th) leaves Berwick for London (20th Feb.), 734; his commission, 735; his honourable presence commended by Willoughby (10th April), 742.

March, Earldom of: scheme to restore it to Crown, James 6th engaged thereon (28th July), 3701.

Marches, orders for the: collected by Eure for Burghley (Feb. 159697), 270.
-, East: outrages in, since Sir J. Selby's death, 215; the several: compared in strength and population with the opposite Scottishnatural defences, &c., 215; pledges for, 230; note on former wardens, 231; East: value of spoil in, 6878l., &c., 163.
-, Middle: value of spoils in, 15, 876l., &c., 163; Middle: bounds of, next Scotland, 469; Bowes' opinion on new division, &c., by command (17th March 159798), 525; an " unchristened" country, 711.
-, West, &c.: respective bills on both sides for fifteen years (Dec. 1596), 230; verdict by a jury of, at Carlisle (30th April), 311; divisions of, &c. (imperfect), 373; bounds of, towards Scotland (1590), 821.
-, the Scottish: muster 3000 horse under three extraordinary leaders, Buccleuch Cesford and Johnstonthe English only 1000, dispersed and their leaders less wickedly disposed (11th Feb. 159697), 255.

Margaret (Tudor), Queen: widow of James 4th, her marriages to Angus and Methven, 103.

Markham, Mr, of Nottinghamshire: Captain Skinner's father-in-law, 811.
-, Sir Griffin: his suit with Captain Skynner, 812.

Marks, Geordy: a coiner working in his "shield," 141.

Marshal, Earl (Scotland): at Hume Castle (19th July), 362.

Marshal, Earl. See Essex, Earl of.
-, one, merchant, Dumfries: in Carlisle prison for carrying letters (Jan. 159495), 7; a simple poor man, ib.
-, Mr: sent up with Ashfield (28th June), 612; returns (11th July), 61516; one: Willoughby's servant, refused lieutenancy by Captain John Selby, 696.

Marten, George, alderman, Berwick: 796.

Marton, Will.: R. Musgrave's servant, 365.

Mary, Queen of Scots: reports of open indignities to her in London (21st Jan. 159798), 506.

Mason, Jerom: commended for surveyorship of arms, Yorkshire, 599.
-, Raphe: Queen's messenger, 2645.

Matland, Parsavell: 78.

Maudlin fields: 150; (Mawlkyn) fields: 163, 168, 518.

Maughan, Geo.: messenger from Bowes, 412.

Manghlen, Tho.: " pedder," Dunce, 346.

Maungie, Marmaduke: Scrope's servant, 330.

Maurice, Count (of Nassau): 786.

Maxwell, Lord: the late, his question with late Lord Scrope, 303; has fought with Johnston, and lost men (9th Nov.), 68: gone from Newby by the King's command (24th Nov.), 464; warded by the King (4th Aug.), 618; Angus siding with, against Johnston (15th Oct.), 628; is young, 629; comes suddenly to West MarchesLady M. daughter of Marquis of Hamiltonroyal order to return (19th April), 644; has seen and agreed with Carmichael (25th), 647; at variance with Herriesmust either assure with Johnston or travel elsewhere (9th July), 667.
-, Mr Herbert, of Cavens: &c., take the Leethe of Emden, 640.
-, John, brother to Herries: murderers of, to be trapped (29th Nov.), 467.
-, Sir Thomas, of Orcharton: Herries' brother, vice-admiral Solway coast, 639.

Maxwells, the: King to compone their feud with Johnston (5th Oct.), 59; "B" treating with, for marriage, 242; dare not pass through the Johnstons to Carlisle (17th Feb.), 258, 266; feud with Johnstons revivedhouses razed (5th March), 274; Burghley's inquiry thereon, 275; the King's demand for Carlaverock, &c, ib.; brings him to Dumfries (10th), 277; assurance with Johnston like to breakat feud with the Gardens (19th April), 644; assured with Johnstons (25th), 647.

Mayden's Cross: thieves' passage to Redesdale, 46970.

Maye, Isle of: a Dunkirker riding off the, 738.

Maynard, Mr: Burghley's secretary, 281; message by, to Lord Burghley, 468.

Mearburne: near Liddel, 301.

Megetson, Launce: 79.

Meldon: muster of, 78; defects, 79.

Melvill, Sir Robert: 511.

Merse, the: bills fyled on the men of, 345; an9 by same, ib.

Mery, Edward, alderman, Berwick: 1, 5, 17, 20, 32.

Metcalf, Jo.: 76.
-, Scrope's cousin, with Cecil, 634.

Methven, Henry, Lord: his secret marriage to Queen Margaret, 103.

Michel, David: passport for, 554.
-, Rob.: a Jesuit priest, at Fernehirst, 741.

Michellson, Will.: his bill, 309.

Middilmost, Thomas, in Grubet: slain, 182.
-, Wil., of Softley: 754.

Middleham: the Queen's tenants of, 64.
-, Adam: Scrope thanks Burghley for favours to (25th Dec.), 89.
-, Mr: solicitor for Richmond, &c., 64.

Middle mount (Berwick): curtain, &c., overtopped, 83.

Middleton: not in East March, 198; assessed for a wreck, 820;North and South: musters of, 75.
-, C.: clerk of Council, 294.
-, John: justice, examinations by (2nd May), 129; (11th June), 1356; witnesses Scrope's proffer (31st Oct.); and the Grames' reply, 212; attests the six Grames' submission to Scrope, 238; 268; declaration on delivery of Bowes' letter to Scrope (11th March), 2801, 290; examinations before, as justice (31st May25th July), 393; to advise Leigh as deputy warden (22nd Sept.), 400; his daughter married Dudley's second son, 571.
-, Thomas, of Belsey: juror, 132; sheep stolen from, 151.
-, Thomas: a young gentleman forced to buy peace, 687.

Midle borne, Tynedale: watch at, 470.

Milborne, Hen. (2): 78.
-, John (Gilsland): spoiled, 363.
-, Ric.: 74.
-, Rowland, of Came: hership on, 115; Rowy, of the Cambe: Tynedale pledge, 350.
-, Will., bailiff of Talkyn: 446; dead of wounds (19th Jan. 159798), 500; his murderer should be punished (29th), 508.
-, Widow, of Heighfield: hership on and prisoner, 116.

Milbornes: their Scottish blood feuds, 111; reprisal in Liddesdale, 118.

Milles, one John: 520.

Milne mount (Berwick): curtain, &c., overtopped, 83.

Mindrum: thirty-five score sheep driven from, 148; "hariadge" of: driven (17th July), 154; revenged (26th), 157; pays Cesford blackmail, 214.

Mitfordes: their Scottish blood feuds, 111.

Mitforth: defects of, 79.
-, Robert: &c., fail at muster, 79; juror, Newburne, 405.
-, Mr, of Sighell: resets one Rob. Shaftoe, against Eure, 340.
-, . . .: a chief man of Middle March, 56.

Moffitt, Cuth.: 76.
-, Rob., in Killam: raid by, 182.

Monaghan (Munnoughon): Tyrone defeats English near (24th Aug.), 686.

Money, Scottish: depreciated yearly by the King Berwick flooded with Carey's advice on (27th June), 789; directions asked about (22nd July), 793; Cecil orders it to be received as bullion only (Aug.), 794.

Montague, my Lady: H. Leigh has a letter for, 652.

Monteithe, James: passport for (4th Jan. 1600), 636.

Montgomery, Hugh: for France, 636.
-, Robert: declaration before Bishop of Durhamof his life since 1583no papist or seminary priest, &c. (22nd Aug.), 681.

Montjoye, Lord: Lord Deputy of Ireland, Leigh's near kinsman, 650; his tender body, 654; his good success in Ireland (10th April), 742.

Montrose, Master of: his fray with Sandilands (Jan. 159495), 12.

Moody, James: 76.

Mooer, Robert: Scotsman, Bothwell's factor in London, 111; his agent on East March, ib.; at Newcastle with Niddry, 113.

Moor gardes: forayed, 168.

Moray (Murre), Earl of: jealousies with Huntly increase (12th Dec.), 719.

More, Thomas, alderman, Berwick: 1, 5, 17, 20.
-, Thomas: a Scottish trader with Low Countriessuspected by Cecil, 810.

Morgan, William: shipmaster, 12.

Morpeth ward: musters of (24th Nov.), 73, 7779; castle: constable of, Edward Gray: 56; Queen promises it to Eure, 60; Eure asks parks, &c., with money for repairs, 62; asked for by Eure, as most suitable for the warden (5th Feb. 159596), 104; (18th),107; asked by Sir R. Carey as a warden's residence (15th July), 549; approved by Burghley (19th), 550; Carey's warrant for, resisted by Edward Gray (14th Sept.), 562.

Morton, Earl of (James Douglas): when regent the Borders kept orderly, 224, 303; Spott his [bastard] son, 634.

Morton, Earl of: forces Angus at Dalkeith to maintain his precedence over Huntly (16th Nov.), 712.
-, defects of, 79.
-, Christopher, alderman, Berwick: 1, 17.
-, George, alderman, Berwick: 1, 5,17, 32, 706.
-, John: a surety, 372.
-, Leonard: constable of horse, 33; petitions Burghley (29th Oct.), 66; t. 34, born in Berwick, constable of horse, 540.
-, Robert, Berwick: 1.
-, William, alderman, Berwick: 1, 5, 17, 20, 32, 445, 706.
-, one: servant to Geo. Brigges, vintner of Newcastle, 455.

Moryson, Jo.: 75.
-, one: chief of a Bruges ship for Calais, 630.
-, Capt.: horseman, killed, 171.

Mote of Lyddell: Leigh asked by James 6th, awaits thieves at, 453, 464.
-, Goodman of the (Grame): a West March pledge, 350; his outrage near Haliden complained of by Lord Roxburgh (7th Dec.), 716; Scrope's reply, 717. See Grame, Wil., of Mote.

Mousewald (Muswall), house of: refused to the King, 275.

Mow, Alexander, burgess of Jedburgh: prisoner hunting, 559.
-, John, laird of Mowe: 754; deputy for Middle March, 755, 756.
-, John, of Mow mains: his '' trod" hindered, 182; quits a bill, 264.
-, Oliver: 75.
-, Laird of: raid on, 182; complaint six years old and unfounded, 198; Raphe, of Mowe: pledge, 230; bill for sheep against Ralph Selby, 251; quits a bill, 264; his bill on England quit, ib.; Cesford's deputy, 273; foul, 346; Rafe Mowe: a pledge for Teviotdale, 350, 541, 592.
-, Raph, of Linton: died on reaching York Castle, 646.
-, Will., of Hownam: fyled, 264, 756.

Mowbray, Francis: procured meeting of Buccleuch and Cesford, 462; wrangle with Daniel Archdeacon, before Lord Hume in London trial by combat advised (2nd Oct.), 800; to stay at Berwick, but not yet come (13th Oct.), 8034; arrives (14th), 805; his opponent and himself lodged separately their combat allowed (31st), 807; delivered to Lord Hume for escort (4th Nov.), 808; his disposal in Edinburgh (10th Nov.), 809.

Mowes, East Tevidale: intermarry with Gaiers, 102.

Moydy, Will.: 74.

Multon, Margaret, heiress of Gilsland and Burgh: m. Ranulf Dacre of D., 446.
-, Thomas, Lord of Burgh on Sands: m. Matildis Vaux, heiress of Gilsland, 445.

Munitions: weapons, &c., at Berwick (18th July), 361.

Murders rack: a pass to Tynedale, 470.

Murray, And.: sent by the King to Buccleuch, &c., 266.
-, Anne (Tullibardine): the King's mistress, to marry young Lord Glammis, 31; to be married to Glammis at Lithco (3rd June), 34.
-, Charles: George Kerr's man, 522.
-, James: sends Lowther news, 610.
-, John: the Forest sheriff's brother, prisoner, 559.
-, Ric., "the guyde": sheep-stealer, 309.

Muschamp, Mr George, of Barmoor wood: raid on, 215; before the commission (8th Feb.), 250; takes oath and receives patent as sheriff (19th Feb.), 265; juror, Newburne, 405, 441; Mr: former sheriff, never at assises, 791; his complaint on recognizances, &c. (12th July), 791; "brother" to Wm. Selby, junior, ib.; his charge dismissed (5th Aug.), 794.
-, John, of Lyam hall: raid on, 165.
-, Roger: charged with theft, informs on oath against his master Thomas Carr of Ford, for menacing himtrafficking with the King of Scots and Roxburghcursing Cecil and speaking ill of the Queen (18th Dec.), 7778; afraid of his life and sent up to Cecil (8th Jan. 1602), 779.

Musgrave, Cuthbert: &c., petition the Council, 690.
-, Edw.: juror, 276; joint patron of Kirklinton, 312; a juror, ib.; petitions the Council, 690; assiser, 751.
-, Humfrey: uncle to John M. of Plumpton, deputy to late Lord Scrope, hostile to Francis Dacre, 571.
-, John: keeper in his brother's absence, slays a chief Scots' rider in a Bewcastle fray (25th Dec.), 88; dare not remain for the feud, 89; warns his brother Thomas of danger (3rd July), 148; at the Grames' declaration at Carlisle, 206; 268; bill on, 308; appointed land sergeant (19th Aug.), 555; takes muster of Gilsland at Brampton (5th Sept.), 557; Scrope thanks Cecil for appointment, 558; of Plumton: refused Askerton house (20th Sept.), 562; still refusedrescues goods in a Scottish foray (11th Oct.), 568; to go up and answer the objections against him, and the Queen's dislike (17th), 569; no cousin of Francis Dacre by lawhis grandmother a bastard of Thomas (3rd) Lord Dacrewife a Dudleyhimself of a younger brother of Edenhallhis estate sufficient, &c., 5701; Carleton says is cousin-german of Francis Dacreand married to Dudley, the Jesuit's sister, 572; established in office (2nd Dec.), 578; "one" John: sues Lancelot Carleton in Star Chamber (4th June), 6067; land sergeant: the Huttons' cousin, 651; the Grames attack him at Brampton, 686; land sergeant: falsely charged by Lancelot Carleton, 691; of Caterlen: deputy warden, to Scrope with Johnston's letter, &c. (7th Dec.), 776; Johnston to, for redress, ib.; James 6th to, to meet him at Dumfries (24th Feb. 1602), 783; George Nicolson to, ib.; to Cecil, of meeting Johnston, &c. (8th May), 784; to Scrope (8th May), 785; his suit left with Mr Windbank (26th), 788, 790; Cecil thanked for it, 796; Queen's displeasure at him for seeing James 6th, 798; deputy, taken lately to see the King in private (13th Oct.), 803; late deputy, goes again (21st), 805; of Edenhall: confesses the two visits (24th), 806; Cecil thereon, will keep his pension till Scrope writes (29th), 807; with Nicolson at Carlisle (6th Nov.), 808; John, of Edenhall ("of Catterlen"): "Sir Symon's John," examination of, on trafficking with (Francis), Lord Dacre (9th Jan. 1603), 817; Skelton's charges against, ib.

Musgrave, Richard: asks for control of Carlisle gunners, &c. (2nd July), 38; his fee, 42; to Burghley on Chopwell timber (31st Oct.), 67; to Burghley of powder, &c., sent down by late Lord Huntingdon (158889), now claimed by the Countess, 105; recommending a new gunner at Carlisle, ib., 108; to supply arms, &c., for Carlisle, 127; to Burghley, of Captain Selby's interference with him (10th Nov.), 217; Selby's account of his demeanour, &c. (20th), 222; report on works, &c., at Newcastle (24th), ib., 223; to Burghley with notes of stores, weapons, &c. (2nd Jan. 159697), 2323; nakedness of Newcastle and Tynemouth, ib.; petitions Burghley against Selby's inspection (10th April), 293; his answer to Selby's charges against him (13th), 295; his answer denied by Selby (24th May), 327; to Burghley on repairsordnance at Tynemouthneed of timber (22nd July), 365; to Burghley on the customs dispute, 370; desires to be Scrope's deputy (11th Aug.), 381; note of munitions, powder, &c., at Berwick (12th Jan. 159798), 499, 505; to Burghley of Scrope's debt for caliversmunition, &c. (31st), 508; his store of munition at Berwick defective (2nd May), 530; to Burghley, complaining of the gentleman porter (23rd), 5312; the porter's counter-complaint of him, 5323; to Burghley on repairs a Newcastlethe porter still hinders business (23rd June), 542; disputes Lord Willoughby's right to name gunners, 544; absents himself without leave and countenance by the gentleman porter, 545; "a gentleman of good parts" recommended by Willoughby to Cecil (22nd April), 602; to give bond for Thomas M. (27th June), 611; fitter for the office, 614; refused his "extras" by Bowes, 672; his claim for extras usual, 675; recommended as Scrope's deputy (10th Sept.), 685; desired as Lord Scrope's deputy (25th Sept.), 690; to Cecil on dispute with Lord Willoughby (13th Oct.), 694; to the Privy Council on Willoughby's new titles, interference with him as master of ordnance, &c., ib., 695; his complaints against Sir W. Bowes, &c., 6978; his severe usage by Willoughby prompted by Sir W. Bowes' malice, &c. (30th Oct.), 706; Selby his sole supporter in Council (1st Nov.), 707; leaves Berwick without permission (3rd), 708; plot to make him Scrope's deputy devoted to Lord Cumberlandthe "best" Musgrave his nephew Wharton's son-in-law (13th), 710; his odious charges against Willoughby and answers sent by W. to the Council (6th Dec.), 715; is committed to the Fleet prison for contempt (14th), 719; charges against Bowes, 721; his fees as master of ordnance, 723; officers' certificate in his favour (10th Jan. 1601), 725; Selby's opinion, his charges true, though sharpdutiful to Willoughbybut insulted by Sir W. Bowes, ib.; to Cecilhis object as Scrope's deputy wardenhis family for 300 years hostile to the Dacres (27th Jan.), 729; to E. Conyers as to the master smith's place (9th March), 735; the Queen's mislike of his petition (21st March), 737; got his office for money against the statute, 738; Willoughby's satisfaction at his commitment, 742; letter to his brother Thomas M., 745; warrant for his "extras" (24th May), 752; the Council on behalf of, 758; warrant for his extras (30th June), 761; to Cecil from Berwick office in disorder (25th July), 765; deputy warden of East March (8th Feb. 1602), 781.

Musgrave, Sir Simon: supplies Bewcastle in his son Thomas's absence (25th Nov. 1595), 96; master of ordance (1588), 221; grant to, and Thomas M. his son of Bewcastle, Plumpton Park tithes, &c., for joint lives (32 Eliz.), 568.

Musgrave, Thomas, captain of Bewcastle: ordered to answer charges (20th Aug.), 51; Scrope prepares to send him up (14th Oct.), 60; (keeper of Bewcastle): before the Privy Council (25th Dec.), 88; Scrope requests his return to his charge on better assurance, 89; but made no promise to gather charges against him (15th Jan. 159596), 95; captain of B.: taken in an ambush (3rd July), 148; his object in a former road, 149, 150; released on bond (15th), and was much with Buccleuch, 152; 268; bills on, 308; Scrope desires him to be sent down in his absence, 355; grant to Sir Simon M. his father and him of Bewcastle, Plumpton Park tithes, &c., for their lives (32 Eliz.), 568; offers Bewcastle to James 6thCarleton says (Oct.), 572; his ill service to be knownconversing with Scot's outlaws against his countrymen, 605; to give bond with his brother Richard M., or be discharged from office (27th June), 611; injunctions on as captain, 612; foray on by the Armstrongs (30th), 613; assurance given up, ib.; his dishonest lifemistressbastard childrenone of the wife of Sym of Whithaughunfit for office, 614; promised help to R. Heskethdid nothing, 741; his brother Richard's letter to, 745; charges againstoffering Bewcastle to King of Scotstwice in Edinburgh (Feb. and March last)drank King's health at Penrithresets thieves, &c. (April), 746; to Cecil, in London: begging trial of innocence (29th May), 752; his ill carriage in Bewcastle 778; privy to John M. seeing the King, 803.
-, Thomas, of Cumcatch: 817.
-, Thomas, "woodsword": retainer of Captain T. M. of Bewcastle, 614; demanded by Carmichael, 655, 661.
-, Will., of Hayton, esquire: raid on, 265; joint patron of Kirklinton, 312.

Musgraves: their alliances, 74; their opinion followed by Scrope, 140; accused of treachery to the Grames of Esk, 150; raids in Debateable land, Liddesdale, &c., 177, 181.

Myers, Alex.: 76.

Myllon, Rob.: 78

Mylls, Rob.: 79.
-, Hobb, of Branxton: fyled, 346.

Mylner, Geo.: 74.

Mylnes, Jo. (1), senior and junior (2): 75.

Mylnes, Ric.: 75.

Myners, Rowland: 531; to Henry Lock, with Willoughby's instructions on the mutinous Berwick horse (27th Aug.), 555.