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Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 2, 1595-1603. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1896.

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Nancy, Jan Batista: Powrie Ogilvy's Italian servant, 727.

Naward Castle: in Brampton ward, 446; William lord Dacre, the warden, kept house at, 447; fray near, the land sergeant and nine killed, and Sir Thomas Dacre, &c., taken (ante 1563), ib.; &c., in Lancelot Carleton's hands (8th Sept.), 558.

Nell, James, of Woperdon: fyled, 264.

Nerne, one (alias Bruce): leads two Englishmen to Scotlandis taken before the King, 772; confesses his design to murder them, ib., 773; said he would get them knighted, &c. (19th Oct.), 774.

Netherbye, Goodman of: &c., burn Taraughtrie, 308.

Netherie (Niddry), Laird of: at Newcastle (March 1596), 113.

Netherton: muster of, 76.
-, house, &c.: in Lancelot Carleton's hand, 558.

Neve, Cornelius de: 5; paid, 23.

Neville, the: his restoration feared in confusion of Borders (23rd April), 304.
-, George: tenant to the Greys, filed for cattle stealing his quarrel with Ralph Selby for giving evidenceand fray between the Selbys and Grays, &c. (8th Feb.), 250, 251.

Newbiggin: muster of, 78.
-, East and West: spoiled by Scots (22nd Oct.), 434.
-, Ferniherst's town of: raided by Eure's men by mischance (23rd July), 369.

Newbottle, Lord of (Mark Kerr): excuses himself from commission (20th Oct.), 205; sick and infirm, 218; a near kinsman to Cesford, 219; 511.

Newburne lordship: failure at muster of (24th Nov.), 74; on Tyne: transactions at, before the commissioners (22nd24th Sept.), 4015.

Newby, Laird of: brings boasting letters from the six Grames (19th Aug.), 176; Johnston knows not where he is, 306; escorts Lord Semple towards Carlisle (2nd Oct.), 410; Robert of: sent by the King to H. Leigh (6th Nov.), 442; James 6th and Court at (24th Nov.), 464; at Carlisle with Lord Semple (2nd Dec.), 482; lieutenant depute under Angus, 636; Leigh with him in Scotland (Sept. 1599), 648; in his house, 651; comes to Lowther (25th June), 663; puts off meeting (27th), ib.; assiser, 751; H. Leigh lies at his house (17th Sept.), 771; brings Scrope letter for a hanished Scots' gentleman (25th), ib.; sounds Scrope on the King's successionthe Queen's promise thereonoffers him a "book" on it, &c. (17th Oct.), 773; takes John Musgrave to see the King (13th Oct.), 803; again (21st), 805.

Newby township: robbed, 687.

Newcastle-upon-Tyne, "town and county of": 93; survey of works, &c. at Manor (24th Nov.), 222; plague suddenly increased at (1st Jan. 159697), 232; town very naked if attacked, ib.; Sir John Forster petitions to leave it (22nd), 239; note of munition left by Huntingdon (14th March), 281.

Newcomb, one: a retainer of Buckhurst's, 718.

Neweham: raid on, 213.

Newton, Laird of: bill for 100 oaks quit, 345; and sons: bring false alarm of foray to a truce day (8th Sept.), 797.
-, Rob.: 75.
-, Thomas: robbed, 64.
-, Will. (Gilsland): spoiled, 363.
-, (Northumberland): Cesford at (June 1595), 36; West: raided, 147, 687.
-, of Irthington and Cammock: Scots on (20th March 1601), 736.
-, Underwood: defects of, 78.

Nickson (Nixson), Arche, "Cowfoule": robberies by, 63.
-, Clemet, "the Clashe": thefts by, 63.
-, George: signs Forster's award (1586), 111.
-, "ill-drowned" Geordie: thefts by, 64; "half drowned" George, of Kelelie: robberies by, 64.
-, Henry: signs Forster's award (1586) 111.
-, Hen., of Killford: bill on quit, 309.
-, John, of High Ashes: sheep-stealer, 64; raid by, 198; a Liddesdale pledge, 350.
-, Jenkyn, of Lareston: robberies by, 64.
-, "George's" Jenkyn: robberies by, 63.
-, John, of Larestonbre: robberies by, 63, 64; "Larestonburn": robbers' guide, &c., 63.
-, John, "gleed Lareston": theft by, 63; "gleed" Jock: "foul," 309.
-, Dand's Quintin: a West March pledge, 350.
-, one: kept by Eure as pledge, 130.

Nicksons: their English blood feuds, 111; raid by, 168.

Nicolson, George: in Edinburgh for Bowes (Aug. 1595), 43; Queen's agent, 56; R. Bowes' servant, now Elizabeth's agenthas audience of the King (13th Jan. 159798), 502; reports it to Sir W. BowesCesford's speeches to himScottish news, &c. (16th), ib., 504; to Bowes of his safe conduct, house, &c. (17th), 504; fears peril to himself (3rd June), 535; his suit commended to Burghley (5th), 537; to Scrope (2nd Oct.), 626; same to, commending Buccleuch, Johnston, and Carmichael to him, &c. (27th), 6289; letters to Cecil sent from Berwick (23rd Nov.), 631; has been sick at Edinburgh (2nd Jan. 15991600), 636; to LowtherKing and Queen expected at Roxburgh's house in Teviotdale (24th April), 744; to Willoughby as to the Dunkirkers, &c., 747; his packet sent by Lady Hume (22nd May), 751; to Scrope, of the King's offence with him (10th Aug.), and Scrope's sharp reply, 7689; with the King at Dumfries, 783; writes to John Musgrave (24th Feb. 1602), ib.; Scrope to, rebuke for expecting him at Dumfries unless ordered (30th Sept.), 798; to Scrope, from Dumfries as to Rob Grame's delivery, &c. (12th Oct.), 803, 805; with Scropesuitor for the Grames (24th27th), 806; Cecil's opinion of him (29th), 807; presents at delivery of "combatters" to Lord Hume (4th Nov.), 808; at Berwick with Carey (11th Dec.), 813.

Nicolson, James: a Scotman with Carr of Ford, 7778.
-, Jo.: 76.
-, Oliver: 75.
-, Mr Roger, mayor of Newcastle: 221.

Niroranus, Hermannus : definition of "feyda," 163.

Noble, John: signs Forster's award (1586), 111.

Nobles: their English blood feuds, 111.

Norfolk, Duke of: tutor of George, lord Dacre (ante 1572), 447.

Norham: captaincy, tithes, &c., given to Sir Robert Carey (Feb. 159495), 14, 16; domains, &c., late William Carey's, given by Hunsdon to John Carey, now resumed and given to his brother Sir Robert, 17; its value to governor of Berwick, 18; castle now flat on the ground, ib.; Lord Hunsdon's profits out of domains, tithes, &c., 21; captainship granted to Sir R. Carey by Queen and Hunsdon, 68; castle: in great ruin, gatehouse only standingnorth half of donjon fallen, &c. report on, and complete repairs would cost 1800l. (Dec. 1595), 91; dimensions, &c., detailed, ib.; Carey urges repairthe least sum the Queen will give, &c., 117; coalpits there sought behind his back, 118; most fit for a warden, and a poor cottage would cost but 300l., 147; the Queen refuses a penny, saying Hunsdon should repair it (17th Jul). 154; his profit shown to be trifling, ib.; esford's men ride about, for blood by his order (19th Sept.), 191; castle: powderhouse repaired, 194; powder for, 233; west ford of: meeting appointed (19th June), 348; pledges to be delivered at, 350; report by Lord Hume of proceedings at (25th), 3501; Sir R. Carey's (26th), 351; Henry Leigh's, 352; Eure's (27th), 352; transactions as to pledges, &c., at (29th Sept.8th Oct.), 406, 407, 40912, 41519; town: Scots attempt on, defeated (22nd Oct.), 434; church: place of meeting, 567; assessed for a wreck, 820.

Northe, R.: at Council, 294.

Northumberland: the Queen's rents, &c., of, 39; memorial to the Queen on its afflicted state under Eure and his officersneglect of religion, education or justicepapistry flourishes, &c. (Dec.), 4946.
-, Earl of: warden (temp. two years' war), 566; his brother deputy, 567; his tenants, 76; Thomas (7th), 93; Henry (9th): his tenants in Rugley spoiled, 99; his Alnwick and Newcastle tenants should be better furnished (18th Feb. 159596), 106; to Sir R. Cecil for succour of his Tynedale tenants (10th March), 112; at Petworth, ib.; his estate, 116; to see his tenants of Tinemouth, &c., furnished, 126; to Cecil for his tenants (18th Nov.), 221; his servant at Tynemouth takes a disguised Scotsman, 359; to be required to maintain some in charge of Alnwick Castle, 392; to discharge Thomas Percy (2nd Dec.), 481; his houses and tenants decayed by his absence, 495; if his lady with him again (?), &c., 654.
-, Earl of, John (Nevil) Lord Montague, warden of East Marches (temp. Edw. 4th), 100.

Norton, Captain: at Berwick, 632, 726.
-, one: an escaped prisoner, questions between York and Berwick as to (29th Oct.), 7023, 705.

Norwich, Bishop of, Thomas (Browne): temp. Edw. 6th, 100.

Nottingham, Earl of, Lord Admiral: Willoughby to (22nd Nov.), 713; same to, as to Sir W. Eure, &c. (7th Dec.), 716; to Willoughby of the Queen's orders, &c. (14th), 719; Willoughby to, with thanks (22nd), 720.