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Pages 929-930

Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 2, 1595-1603. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1896.

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Ochiltree, Lord: with James 6th in Annandale, and at Newby (22nd24th Nov.), 464; to be lieutenant, ib.; Andrew, lord: to Scrope (30th Nov.), 469; appointed lieutenant and warden of West March, ib.; has received Torthorall from the King, his sister Roger Aston's wife (3rd Dec.), 483; been a fortnight in Edinburgh (19th Jan. 159798), 500; is returning, 504; to approve of new English pledges (4th Feb.), 509; has delivered neither pledges nor deputy (2nd April), 528.

"Octavians, the": two reported to deal with Spain, &c. (9th June), 135; intelligence from, 179; seven of, and the King wrote to King of Spain, intercepted lately (6th Sept.), 185; resign exchequer to the Kingtheir cabals with Queen Anne, 241; in accord with King and Queen, 242; the four who incited the King against the clergy discouraged, 274.

Odonell: will assist Angus M'Connel's bastard, 538; Makonell's cousin german, in Spain, practising for Ireland (17th July), 793.

Offley, Mr: his ship plundered in Orkney, 104, 196; Vernon's debt to, 372.

Ogle: muster of, 78; defects, ib.
-, Lord: 56; estate equal if not better than Buccleuch's, 116; his stable of horse, 1256; a fugitive felon his officer, reset in Hepwell town against Eure's men, 339; his tenants would pay double rent if freed of bondage, 403; objects to "stand" watches (17th Nov.), 452.
-, Lady: Powrie Ogilvy recevied by, 726.
-, Christofer: 75.
-, Cudbert: 78.
-, Gawin: 78.
-, James: 78.
-, John, juror, Newburne: 405.
-, John, of Belsey: 405.
-, Lancelot: 78.
-, Mark: 78.
-, Martin: 78.
-, Martin, of Tritlington: juror, 132; a juror, resets one Shaftoe, 340; juror, Newburne, 405; deputy for Lord O., 452; his watch, ib.
-, Mich.: 78.
-, Raphe: &c., menace Edward Gray, 493.
-, Rob.: 78.
-, Roger: 506.
-, Thomas, of Bedlington: juror, 132.
-, Thomas, of Eslington: deputy for Middle March, 7547.
-, Tho., of Hepscott: watch by, 452.
-, William: slain by David Ellot, 546, 547.

Ogles: their alliances, 74; their Scottish blood feuds, 111; fourteen of them: kill an Ellot in Gilsland in revenge, and Thomas Carleton pursuing them (4th July), 546; seven taken prisoners to Carlisle (5th), 547.

Old Failton: defects of, 78.

Old Moor: muster of, 78; defects, ib.

Oliphant (Olyfaunt), Lord: passport to (8th Dec.), 581.

Oliver, Ric.: prisoner, 300.
-, William: slain, 300.

Onele: will assist Angus M'Connel's bastard, 538.

Orde (Ourd), Christofer: 441.
-, George, of Longridge: his tower broken, &c., 148; assessed for a wreck, 820.
-, Geo., elder, of Newbigging: raids on 441.
-, Geo., of Tweedmouth: raid on, at Ourd, 441.
-, Geo., juror, Newburne: 405.
-, Harry: horseman, 542.
-, John, alderman, Berwick: 1, 5, 32; Mayor of Berwick: raid on, 441; to Cecil, for the town's rights (10th Nov.), 445; alderman, 706, 796.
-, John, juror, Newburne: 405.
-, Tho., juror, Newburne: 405.

Orde, near Berwick: coal mine in, 642.

Ordes: Cesford seeks to slay some, 191.

Ordance: of brass and iron, at Tynemouth (18th July), 361.

Orfewre, Mr: 465.

Orkney, Earl of (Patrick): seizes a London ship and cargo (Jan. 159596), 104.
-, Master of: brother to the Earl, brings Cesford's verbal challenge to Buccleuch (26th Dec.), 491; brought before the governor, rebuked, and released on bond (28th), ib.; the King questions Nicolson about him (14th Jan. 159798), 503.

Ormund, my Lord of, (Thomas, 10th earl): ill news of, in Ireland (28th April), 647.

Orrell, Ralph: at Fernehirst, 741.

Osburne, one, of Ayr: letter from, intercepted at Carlisle (Aug.), 43.

Ostend: Spanish design on (12th Sept.), 623.

Otewaye, Tho.: 79.

Otterburne: keeper of Redesdale lies at, 284.

Ougham: defects of, 78.

Overburton: muster of, 74.

Overton, Laird of: 591. See Frissell, R.

Oxclose: waste, 558.

Oxford, Bishop of: George, lord chancellor (temp. Edw. 4th), 100; Burghley says "none such," 107.