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Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 2, 1595-1603. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1896.

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Pace, Adam, of Sprowston: 755.

Park nook: robbery at, 687.

Parker, one John: questions as to his promotion, 696; a private, ib.; deserves well coming from Cecil, 713.

Parkinson, Henry: his story from the King of Scots, 746.
-, Thomas, mayor of Berwick: complains to Lord Burghley (1st Jan. 159495), 1; discharged from the custom, ib.; refuses and disputes his discharge, 2; to Lord Burghley with offer to victual garrison, &c. (16th Jan.), 4, 5; Carey's opposition, 6; restored to farm of customs, 13; disputes with customer, ib., 15; to Burghley thereon (22nd Feb.), 16, 17; to Burghley of the customer's malice, &c. (15th March), 20; of their losses by fishings, &c. (20th May), 31; fee as mayor, 42; thanks Burghley for arrears, 54; mayor, commended by the commissioners for good usage while in Berwick, and a favour asked for him and the town (23rd Feb.), 265; dispute with customer of Berwicklatter thinks his three years in office too long (27th July), 370; Carey, &c., write in mayor's favour (28th), ib.; to Burghley on the dispute between Carey and Selby, favouring latter (4th Aug.), 376; to the Privy Council on an escaped prisoner (29th Oct.), 7056; alderman, Berwick, 796.

Parkinson, Tho.: horseman, 542.

Parle fell and rigg: thieves' passes to Redesdale, 469.

Parliament, Scottish: Act of (31st June), 664.

Parman, Rob. (Gilsland): spoiled, 363.

Patiesoun (Pattenson), Laird of: 466.
-, Christofer: 78.
-, Henry: 78.
-, Nich. (2): slain, 300.
-, Rowland: approver, 151.
-, Tho.: 77.
-, Tho. (2): slain, 300.
-, Mr: Sir S. Stanhope's servant, 290.

Patrickson, Anthony: &c., petition the Council, 6901.

Paustons: their Scottish blood feuds, 111.

Pawston: assessed for a wreck, 820.
-, Laird of (Selby): Cesford drinks with him, 36; young Laird of (Selby): raid by, 182; a pledge, 350.

Peares, David (Gilsland): spoiled, 363.
-, Stephen (Gilsland): spoiled, 363.

Peareth, Quintin: 76.
-, Tho.: 79.

Pearson, Thomas, shipmaster, Lynn: 49.

Pemperton, Ric., shipmaster, Hull: 202.

Penrith (Pereth): market people robbed by Lowther's men, 468.

Pentlen, Absolon: passport to, 24.

Pepper, Mr Cuthbert: holds sessions at Hexham, 119; counsellor at law, 660.
-, Mr John, of Richmond: 456.

Percy, Sir Henry: 93.
-, Thomas: constable of Alnwick, slays a chief rider, 137; Eure's "cousin," why assured? (28th June), 353; favoured by Eure, 397; constable of Alnwick and Morpeth, now in London, to be strictly examined (24th Nov.), 459; &c., strange "tryst" at Harbottle with Cesford, 477; his follower brings in Scotshe ejects Brown's servant from his house, 478; his discharge advised (2nd Dec.), 481; apprehends Dargon, late his butlerhis speeches to him, &c., 5969; trysts with Sir T. Erskine at Manderstonand goes to see the King at Dunfermline, 812.

Perth: convention appointed (17th Feb.) for end of month, 258; convention at: the King goes tobut the elergy send commissioners only (5th March), 264; his Council with him at, 276.

Petrarch: quoted by Willoughby, 618.

Philip II.: "the most Catholic," his care to recover James 6th to the truth, and intentions if his offers refused, 102; is sending an ambassador and preparing an army, ib., 103; the King and seven "Octavians" wrote to, lately (7th Sept.), 185; Huntly's declaration of his objects in invasionnot religious, but ambitious, 241; emissaries attempting island [Ailsa?] between Scotland and Ireland, taken prisoners (May), 336.

Phillips cross: thieves' pass, 46970.

Pichell, Robin of: a gentleman bound to Scotland commended to, 797.

Pickering (Pykering), Christopher: reports on Holme Coltram tenants, 235; an old favourer of the Dacres, 573; negligent in duty, 661; petitions (11th Aug.), 6778, 690; to Thomas Knevet, 736.
-, Thomas: his cousin R. Lowther asks a supersedeas for (16th April), 742.

Pigdon, Jo.: 76.
-, Tho.: 76.

Pigg, John, in Haltwhistle: bill on, 309; by, on Liddesdale, ib.
-, Thomas, elder: raided, 148; slain, 300.
-, Thomas, warden sergeant: fyles bill, 345.

Pindlebury, one: present in the fray between the Selbys and Grays, 287.

Pingleburne: boundary of Debateable ground at, 301.

Plague: at Newcastle (11th May), 130; suddenly increased there (1st Jan. 159697), 232; Sir J. Forster in fear of, 239; at Newcastle (1st Feb.), 246; no assise held in Northumberland for fear ofis all around Hexham (5th July), 356; so bad round Berwick that the market stopped (2nd Aug.), 374; all over Northumberland, Berwick, the Merse and Teviotdale (28th Aug.), 3889, 397; so bad at Hexham that Eure goes to Wittoun (4th Oct.), 413; is sick there, 416; at Edinburgh (11th Oct.), 422; increases at Carlisle, despite the mayor's care (6th Nov.), 443; still in and about Carlisle (24th Nov.), 465; partly ceasing at Carlisle (19th Jan. 159798), 500; H. Leigh's household affected with (15th July), 549; his letter kept from the Queen, 550; about Hayton (5th Sept.), 557; many of Scrope's people dead of, 559.

Plashetts (Tynedale): watch at, 470.

Players, English: in Scotland, dispute between the King and the Kirk as to (23rd Nov.), 631.

Pledges: one of England dead, brought to Norham ford, viewed and accepted (8th Oct.), 41718.

Plenderleath (Plenelaith): Scottish hunting party pursued to (2nd Aug.), 557, 560.

Plumpton Park: granted to Sir Simon and Thomas Musgrave for life, rents, &c. (32 Eliz.), 568.

Pluscardye, prior of (Alexander Seton): may succeed Chancellor, 59; president of session, favours the Popish lords, 274.

Pontefract (Pontfrett), Castle: suggested for Buccleuch's custody, 424.

Ponteland: muster of, 78.

Pope, the: his anxiety to recover James 6th to the truth, and intentions, if his offers refused, 102; is sending an ambassador, ib.

"Portugalois coyner": one lurking in Scrope's March, 569.

Pott (Pottes), Anthony: fugitive reset by Eure, 338; a stranger to him, 341; taken prisoner, 605.
-, Geo.: 76.
-, James: taken near Haliden house, 716.
-, Jasper: 76.
-, Jerry: Wallington's servant, 756.
-, John: fugitive, reset by Eure, 338; who knows nothing of him, 341.
-, Jok, "bastard": 182, 197; bastard of Yardope: fyled, 264, 754.
-, John, of the Quarrell: robbed, 63.
-, Mych.: 76.
-, Percyvell: 75.
-, Peircy, of Yeirdupp: Redesdale pledge, 350.
-, Peter: 182; not in East Wardenry, 197.
-, Raph: 78.
-, Ric.: left for dead, 297.
-, Ric., of Ashett: foul, 346.
-, Tho.: 74.
-, Will.: 75.

Potts: their Scottish blood feuds, 111.

Pottenger, John: horseman, 542.

Powle crosse on Irthing water: Cumberland meets Northumberland at, 446.

Powley farm: suit for lease of, 335.

Powrie Ogilvy, Laird of, his agent taken with letters (11th Jan. 1601), 725; his places of resort, 726; to be searched for by Sir R. Carey, ib.; Sir W. Bowes to Cecil about him, ib.; a former trafficker in Spain, ib.; himself and man taken by Willoughby's horsemen, but claimed by Sir R. Carey (12th), ib., 727; both in Carey's keepingtheir conference and letters to Cecil (14th), 727; is a Roman Catholic, has an Agnus Dei and like "Rotholic trifles" (24th), 729; was friendly with Carey and others near him, 730; made prisoner twelve years before, there, ib.; Carey sends him on to Scotland, (14th Feb.), 732; banished by the ministers, in the East March (30th March), 739; lies near Carey's housethe King is to overlook him (1st June), 752; to Carey (11th July), 764; Cecil's letter to, a "fellow" of little trust (28th), 766.

Powtrell, Nicholas: serjeant at law, 93.

Pratt, John: quarter master, 725.

Preston: defects of, 79.
-, Thomas, of Furnes: leader of Graistok tenants for life, appoints deputy, 568.

Prestwicke (Northumberland): muster of, 78; defects, 79.

Prickett, one Allan: scheme to ransom himexaminations as to, 817.

Prine, M. de: of the French guard, passport to, 784.

Pringle, Alex., of Stichill: bill referred, 346.
-, Dand, in Hownam: sheep driven, 182; younger, of Hownam; pledge, 230; quits a bill, 264; fyled, 346; a pledge, 350, 541, 592; breaks out of York Castlere-captured and put in irons, 5935; Cesford's pledge, York, 646.
-, Geo., of Tanelaw: fyled, 264.
-, James, in Clifton: raids on, 182.
-, Jock: horse stealer, 148.
-, Rob., son of Thomas Pringle, in Halden: slain following goods, 181, 197.
-, one: a tailor, killed at the Redesdale hunting, 556; Robert P.: servant to Bonjedworth, 557; Robert Hoppringill, 560.
-, Thomas, Dand of Hownam's son: horse stealer in Berwick bounds, 148, 150.
-, Thomas, in Halden: &c., left for dead, 182.

Pringles: raids by, 163; 168; killing one: a blood feud, 189; raid by, 441.

Prior park: robbery at, 687.

Proctor, Cuthbert, juror, Newburne: 405.
-, Roger, juror, Newburne: 405.

Proverbs, quotations, &c.: "one arrow after another," 25; the good steward, &c., 119; a leopard and his spots, 152; talent in a napkin, 158; "a Rowland for an Olliver," 169; "thorns for grapes," 200, 206; "the cup and the lip," 241; dolus in generalibus, 258; "King nor Keisar," 320; "Fame by burning Diana's temple," 365; to "present boldly like Bayarde," 369; the mole's blindness to our own faults, 403; halting before cripples, 412; falling into pit dug for another, 460; "the Devil never at a loss"mountain and the mousesnake in the grass, &c., 468; the wolf and lamb, 481; the offended Juno's speechPhilip of Macedon and the Athenians, 488; Petrarch's verse, "Pace non trovo," &c., 618; having got all, to give way a little, 619; the day after the fair, ib.; shepherds plead for wolves, 646; the shadow kept, substance lost, 701; David, and Saul's garment, 736; little faith in Israel (Essex), 737; Moses in the Lord's Houseman without understanding, &c., 739; the Pharisees and Sadducees, who believe no resurrection, 749; a pot of roses (French), 753; "Tolosanum aurum" (Roman proverb), 779; Severus and his "smook-seller," 798; "nether barrel is better herring," 800; the Scots say "black is white," 804; some ready "to fish in troubled waters," ib.

Pruddo, constable of, 56; failure at musters (24th Nov.), 74.

Pryor, Tho.: 79.

Purefey, Humfrey, 77, 79, 94; holds sessions at Hexham, 119; to Burghley, of the musters, &c., 132.
-, one: a petty victualler, breaks credit and runs off (17th March), 285; his debts, 291.

Purtuse, Oswald, of Beale: 754.

Pye, John: 79.
-, Roger: 78.

Pyle, Davy, of Millhaugh: foul, 345.

Pyles: raids by, on East March, 148.

Pylkyngton, Leonard: parson of Middleton, asks his tithe of lead, and timber for his church, &c., 1278.

Pyne, William: shipmaster, 12.

Quarrell, the (Gilsland), 558.

Queen's watch, the: called poor caitiffs by Willoughby, 642.