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Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 2, 1595-1603. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1896.

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Rae, Rychie: bill on, 308.

Rameses: their Scottish blood feuds, 111.

Rampshawe, Tho.: slain, 300.

Ramsay, John: the King's page, kills Gowrie and his brother (7th Aug.), 676.
-, Will.: sore hurt, 297.

Ramshopp gavill: on March, 469.

Randolphe, Mr: his sleight kept King James's annuity out of the treaty, 513.

Rannik, Thom: outlawed (18th April), 743.

Rant, Roger: 408.

Ratcliff (Radclyffe), Cuthbert, of Blanchland: juror, 132; appointed steward of Bywell by Eure (28th May), 330.
-, Mr Francis: 56; a great recusant: leaves Dilstone for [ ] (Feb.), 106; of Dilston: juror, 132; witnesses the Ellots' bond to Eure (4th June), 334; attends Eure to Norham ford (29th Sept.), 409; 411; a dangerous and not unlearned recusant, 482; of the Ile: leases his Cumberland lands, 700; a recusant, they are "inquired upon," ib.; recusant, leaves the Middle March, 732.

Raylton, Tho.: raid on, 307.

Raymes, Ja., of South Middleton: files bill on Cesford, 264; 756.

Reade (Reede), Arche: 75.
-, Geo.: 74.
-, George, of Horckley: raided, 148.
-, James (Redesdale): 404; felon, ib.
-, Jo.: 74.
-, John: H. Woodrington's servant, attempts to murder a man and wife on horseback near Hexham, 339; breaks gaol and flies, ib.; John, of Troquhane: Redesdale pledge, 350.
-, Ra.: 75.
-, Robert, of Dunston: raid on, 165.
-, Thomas, bailiff, Berwick: 1.
-, Tho.: 75.
-, Tho.: a great thief from Richard Fenwick, 402.
-, Tho., of Barrowton: filed, 264; 754.
-, Sir William: his absentees, 4, 25; attests Vernon's honesty, &c., 26; his certificate to, worthless, 34; Vernon thinks not, 35; his absentees at muster, 39; is never at Berwick, 41; his suit for arrears (1591), 54; to Burghley, doubting Hunsdon's object sending him to West Marchwarmly commends William Selby to succeed Sir John S. (12th Nov.), 69, 70; his honeycombed ordnance at Holy Islandloath to go to Carlisle (6th Dec.), 82, 83; report and estimate on Norham Castle, 91; his absentees, 95; two of his men rise to fray, 99; his absentees, 117; is impotent and clean done, and his son very unfit to succeed him (14th April), 124; to take musters (31st May), 132; 194, 203; fees (Holy Island, &c., and his foot company), 1743l. 15s. 10d. (29th Sept.), 408; his writings and evidences delivered to John Browne at Richmond (29th Oct.), 455; his absentees, 499; to occupy Holy Island fort strongly (17th March), 525; born in Worcester, 540; was imprisoned by Hunsdon for contempt, 544, 545; absent from muster (1st Aug.), 551; his emolumentsHoly Island by patent to him and sonthe rectory for yearsconey warren, &c., in all 909l. 10s. 10d., 723; appropriates also ten dead pays, ib.; is now impotent from age (20th Jan. 16001), 728; all but dead in a fitis old and blindhis base son joined in his patent, and unfit to succeed (21st Nov.), 7745; the son a double adulterous bastarda boon companion, &c. (17th Dec.), 776; bailed Thomas Carr's man on way to jail, 777; not like to live long (13th Jan. 1602), 780; allowed by Carey to surrender his company to his sonthe "consideration" expected (26th May), 7867; his son's "only fault," 787; Sir W. blind, and senses failed (12th July), 791.
-, William, junior: joined in his father's patent of Holy Island, &c., but unfit (21st Nov.), 774; is born of double adulterya boon companion, &c. (17th Dec.), 776; went with Carr of Ford to Edinburgh (Whitsunday 1600), 778; Captain William: commended to Cecil as fit to succeed his father (4th Oct.), 801, 808.

Reade moss, the: thieves' pass to Redesdale, 469.

Reades: intermarry with Liddesdale Armstrongs, 102; their Scottish blood feuds, 111.

Readebrayes, Laird of (Hume): takes a banished Scot in England back to Dunse, 129.

Readhead, Robert, keeper of York Castle: receives Cesford's thirteen pledges from the Archbishop (22nd June), 541; puts the pledges on short allowance (17th Dec.), 582; warned they mean escape, 591; his charges for themsets a spy, 592; detects the Scots pledges' attempt, and recaptures them, 5945; goes to Court on two prisoners' escape (23rd Oct.), 699; his object doubted by Eure, ib.
-, Tho.: 79.

Readheads: their Scottish blood feuds, 111.

Read kirk, Fargie of the: a common spoiler, 687.

Read swier: Forster's disaster at the, 101; a warning, 416; thieves' pass to Redesdale, 46970: cross, 470.
-, water: Scots erect houses opposite head of, 204.

Recusants: how to be dealt with in Cumberland, &c. (29th April), 310; report on, to Burghley by commissioners at Carlisle (7th May), 320; statutes not enforcedgreat persons intercede forseverity advised (14th May), 323; heavy penalties revivedcommittals to gaol, as Brancepeth Castlemonthly fines of husbands for wives without remissionstricter searches night and day, &c. (2nd June), 3334.

Redesdale (Ryddesdale), Castle of: in warden's hands, 55; ward: musters of (24th Nov.), 73, 7477; bad custom of subdividing lands in, 131; Scots hunting in, 551; prisoners at, 552; Sir R. Carey's excuse for his deputies' action (13th Aug.), 552; Selby's reports on, 556; law of, ib.; rival statements on, ib., 557; slain and prisoners at, 557; trial at Jedburgh on, before Cesford (9th Sept.), 55960.

Red-hand, the: its nature, 724.

Redmaine, Jo.: witness, 541.
-, Mr: a justice, aids in re-capture of Scots' pledges, 592, 595.

Reignoldes, Dr: referred to by Eure, 183.

Renison, Ra.: 75.

Renton, David, of Bylly: fyles bill, 346.

Restalrig (Listerick), Laird of: (Robert Logan), his house near Coldingham bay, 523; a chief papist, ib.; a vain loose man, favours thieves, yet a "good fellow," 583; resets Burn, escaped, at Fast Castle (1st July), 762.

Revely, Fardinando: "as tall as the guards," murdered by Scots, 591.
-, Jo., of Humbleton: his band to Billye and Hoprigges, referred, 346.
-, Ra.: 74.
-, Raphe, of Aykeld: pledge, 230; of Hamilton: a pledge, 350.
-, Richard, of Chatton: killed at Stawford 101.
-, Robert: in the Selbys' and Grays' fray 287; Mr, of Berwick: 461.
-, one: an honest man, murdered (8th Oct.), 693.

Reveleys, the: at feud, 441.

Reydon, Rob.: raided on Kinge water, 138.

Reygill (Reagill), the: on Tarras, 301.

Ricardgate, Carlisle: Scots raid on (20th March 1601), 736.

Rich, young Hector: a common thief, 687.

Richarson, Cuthbert: sells wethers to Berwick, 231.
-, Davy: a common spoiler, 141; denied, 138.
-, one Gavin (Norham): son shot, 434.
-, Geo. (Gilsland): spoiled, 363.
-, James: passport to, 51.
-, Jock: a common thief, 687.
-, Ric.: 74.
-, Dick: T. Carlton's servant, 387.

Richarson, Robert: passport to, 30, 51.
-, Rob.: 74.
-, William, of Hall: 5.
-, one (Barnhurst): murdered on King water, 138, 141.

"Richies Will": his man, 20.

Richmond: the Queen's rents, &c., of, 39; Queen's tenants of, commended to Burghley by Scrope, 64; 70 miles from Border, Scots' raids in, 81; Browne attacked by Lord Eure's servants at, the alderman of R. commits them (31st Oct.), 440.
-, John: juror, 276, 312.

Ridell, Laird of: his man fyled, 263.

Ridingburn: forty pledges to be exchanged at (20th Feb.), 252.

Ridley (Rydley), Alexander: charges by, 151.
-, Christofer, of Unthanke, 604.
-, Hugh, of Plenmeller: plaintiff, 309, 604.
-, James, of the Waltoune: 604.
-, John: bill on, 309.
-, John, of Henshaugh: 604.
-, Marmaduke, son to Willimontswyk: 604.
-, Mich.: slain, 300.
-, Nicholas, of the Eales: has a rental of Tynedale (temp. Edw. 1st), 164.
-, Nicholas, of the Hardriding: 604.
-, Thomas, of Milbredge: 604.
-, Uswalde, of Waltoun: 604.
-, William, of Williemontswick: bill on his man John R., 309; &c., slain in a Bewcastle fray (13th May), 604; surprised by a superior force, 605; slain by Thomas Musgrave's son-in-law, ib.
-, "Black" Will: an outlaw retained by Eure, 338; denied, as he sought to execute him, ib., 339, 352.
-, one: about Court, 97.
-, , of the buttery: seeks bailiwick of Hexham, 612.
-, one, alderman of Beverley: rides post to London, 87.

Ridleys (2): in Eure's troop, 326; their Scottish blood feuds, 111.

Righ, Jo.: 74.

Rinnion hills (Gilsland): forayed, 168, 254.

Riplington: muster of, 78.

Rippon, one, of Ragpeth (Lanchester): held to ranson in Scotland, 151.

Roaeke, Johan de la: ambassador's servant, passport to France (11th Dec.), 813.

Robbs cross: a Scot's pass to Redesdale, 470.

"Robin Hood buttes" meadow: in land sergeant's fee, 558.

Robinson, Adam: Bishop of Carlisle's brother, raids on (11th June), 661; (July), 671; his wife beaten and wounded, ib.; Almerie Holme, Carlisle: spoiled, and his wife illtreated, 761.

Robinson, Edw.: 74.
-, Jo.: 74.
-, Rob.: 74.
-, Tho.: 74.
-, Will.: 74.
-, Will., shipmaster, Hull: 286, 292.
-, William, bailiff: account of his sale of a horse to Cesford at Topliff, 405.
-, Dr: referred to by Eure, 183.

Robson, Andrew, "shortneck": fyled, 263, 756.
-, Cuth.: burned to death, 300.
-, Edw., of Newbrough: 4045.
-, Geo.: delivered by Cesford, escaped from York and freed his bills, 646.
-, one James, of Chatto: slain hunting, 557; servant to Greenhead, 560.
-, Jarrard, "Cappenecke," of Stannisburn: bill on Liddesdale, 309.
-, John, of Begger lawe: 755.
-, Jo.: 75, 76.
-, Jock, of Cralinghall: fyled, 263; of Over Crawling hall: fyled, 345, 756.
-, Jock, "slesher": fyled, 263; Jock, "the flesher": 756.
-, Jocke, of Osenam: pledge, 230, 350; of Chosenhope: pledge, 541, 592.
-, John, of Woodhouse: bill on, 309.
-, Lyell: 75.
-, Lyell: Tynedale pledge, 350; choice of three, offered to Lord Hume as a pledge (8th Oct.), 418.
-, Lyonel, of Harbottle: 404.
-, Lowrie: Tynedale pledge, 350.
-, Mathew, of Newbrough: 4045.
-, Raph: fyled, 345.
-, Rowe, of Allanstead: robbed, 64; Rowland of A.: witnesses to blackmail and robbery in Gilsland, 1356; the Grames deny, and say he is a bad character, 144.
-, Will.: slain, 300.
-, Will.: prisoner, 300.

Robsons: their Scottish blood feuds, 111; reprisal in Liddesdale, 118; the, in Chatto and Beareupp: raid by, 441.

Rochelle: salt from, 10; (Rotchell): a town of the religion, 681.

Rochester, Cuthbert, of Cammo: murder by, 402.
-, Peter: 74.
-, Rob.: 76.

Rockliffe (Rowclyffe), manor of: customary tenants, 133; Leigh meets Ocheltree, &c., at (22nd Nov.), 464; lead needed for (3rd Dec.), 483; castle: prisoners in, 81718.

Roderam, Mrs: a widow, akin to Essex, sought by Captain John Selby, 734.

Roe, Edward: Cecil's messenger, 699.

Rogers, John, alderman, Berwick: 1.

Rogues: thousands of Scottish, in West March (30th April), 312.

Rohan (Roan), the Viscounts of: received at Berwick with all honour (on 10th Nov.), and sent on to Scotland (12th), 709; at Court for the christening (28th), 714; in progress with James 6th to the West (12th Dec.), the christening to be 23rd, 718; at Berwick on return (11th Jan. 1601), 726.

Rokeby, John, LL.D.: 93; commissioner (5 Eliz.), 100.

Rollock, Mr Robert, of Edinburgh: 680.

Ros, Mr, of Laxton: Sir R. Carey with (13th Jan. 1600), 637.

Rosdon, Jo., senior and junior: 75.
-, Mich.: 75.
-, Ra.: 75.

Rosetrees (Will Grame of): uncle to Langriges, 464; Goodman of the: 797.

Rothbury: horsemen for, 58; muster of, 75;
-, park head: night watch at, 453.

Rotheley: muster of, 78.

Rothes (Ruthan), Earl of: at Dalkeith with Angus, &c. (16th Nov.), 712.

Routlege (Rutlege), Andrew, alias Leatche: murder of, in Bewcastle (8th Sept.), 198; his widow, ib.
-, James, "raik schaw": sheepstealer, 182.
-, James: his bill, 19.
-, John, elder and younger: their bill, 19.
-, Ninian, in Killam: raid by, 182.
-, "Dandes" Quintin: retainer of T. Musgrave, 614.
-, Renian: left for dead, 297; (Killam), slain at his hay-waggon (24th Oct.), 441.
-, Riche, of Cancroupe: a West March pledge, 350.
-, Thomas, of Killam: cattle driven, 148, 345.

Rowye, Micle: met on Stainmore with a stolen horse, 141.

Roxburgh, Lord (Sir Robert Ker): his sister married to Sir James Ballendyne (21st April), expects King and Queen at banquet (24th), 744; meets Sir R. Carey, 750; leaves Court discontented (4th June), 753; old Border bill confessed by, 756; to keep order on Willoughby's death (27th), 759; his pledge escapes from Berwick, ib.; to meet Sir R. Carey (13th July), 764; sends his clerk, &c., to Berwick (21st), 765; meets Sir J. Carey (25th), ib.; Sir R. Carey to meet him (29th), 766; his sister's marriage feast lasts ten days (26th Aug.), 770; to meet the Careys, 771; meets Sir John C. (24th Sept.), 772; has two Englishmen prisoners in "the Friars" (14th Oct.), ib., 773; Carr of Ford, &c., see the King in his house (March 1600), 777; trysts with Carr thereafter, 778; holds truces with Sir J. Careydispleased about his hostages and writes with complaints to Carey (17th22nd Feb. 1602), 782; his rare justice to Careyhangs George Young in chains (25th), 7834; ill pleased about his pledges (18th May), 785; intends to see and offer the Queen service, 786; still so minded (4th June), 788; writes for his licence (15th), 791; to meet Carey (Aug.), 794; has been at Court and intends to start for London to kiss hands (31st Aug.), 795; Sir R. Carey on his ambition, &c., ib.; his promises to Sir John Carey (10th Sept.), 797.

Roye, Allester: passport to, 781.
-, Jean, of St Foy: 681.

Rudyerd, Ben.: a Templar, his false name, suspected Jesuit, to Sir John Carey for favour (14th Oct.), 7723; a love business of his sister's, &c., his Scottish guide's evil design (19th), 774.

Rugg, Henry, alderman, Berwick: 1, 17, 32.
-, Toby: horseman, 542.

Rugley: muster of, 76; near Alnwick: twice plundered by Cesford's own men (Dec.Jan. 159596), 96, 97; harradge and cattle driven, 163, 168.

Rumney, Anthony: 78.

Rushforth, Laur.: 78.

Russell, Sir Francis: hurt and prisoner at the Redswyre, killed at Cocklaw, 101.

Rutherfurd, Albany, in Middilton Hall: 182 198.
-, Alex.: 75.
-, one Andro: hurt at the Redesdale hunting, now recovered, 556; brother to Hundeley, slain, 557; Andro Rutherfurd, brother to H.: will die, as he neither speaks nor sees (9th Sept.), 560.
-, And., of Blackchester: 755.
-, "Philips" Andro: &c., fyled, 345.
-, Hen.: 76.
-, Hary: 182, 198; of Middleton hall: fyles bill, 346.
-, Jo.: 76.
-, Jo. (Hunthill): has 3000 sheep on English ground, 402.
-, John, bailiff of Chopwell: 97; his waste, 535.
-, John, in Yearle, Adie R.'s son: steals Cesford's sheep, 182.
-, Ric., Will., of Littleheugh's eldest son: pledge, 230; Rie.: fyles bill, 346; of Littleheugh: pledge, 541, 592; attempts escape from Yorkrecaptured and put in irons, 5935; offer for freedom (24th Apr.), 645; Cesford's pledge, 646; pledge, very sick in "Haddock's hole," 784; satisfies his bills and is released (18th May), 785.

Rutherfurd, Tho., Littleheugh: Sir R. Carey wishes his custody (June), 61314; his clan send to desire it (21st July), 616.
-, Tho., of Chattoe: slain near Newcastle (18th May), 605.
-, Walter, of Hundele: fyles bill, 264.
-, Will., Litleheugh: has 3000 sheep on English ground, 402; Cesford to Willoughby for him (4th June), 537.

Rutherfurds, of East Tevidale: intermarry with Selbys, 102; (of Northumberland): in quarrels, 441; no quarter to any Scottish, 557, 560.

Rutland, Earl of: his treaty, 80; Henry: late, 93; once commissioner, 193, 203.

Ruthvens (Revenes): two young, searched for by James (7th Aug.), 676; fled in disguise to Berwick (11th Aug.), 677; the surname banished from Court (16th), 678; the two brothers still close in Berwick, ib,; their tutor sent for by Carey, and instructed how to go (24th), 682; their mother dares not aid them and Carey sends them to Durham secretly (4th Sept.), 684; are going to Cambridge for study, ib.; the Queen's pleasure for thembut Carey knows not where they are (21st), 688.

Rutter ford, the: on Liddel, 301.

"Ryde before," Sim: bill on, is dead, 308.

Rye, Anthony: 79.

Ryton (Righton) church: Bishop Mathew's allusion in preaching, to the mole, 403.