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Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 2, 1595-1603. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1896.

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St Agathe's lands: Scrope's wish to purchase, 624; Scrope fears to lose (16th Jan. 1600), 637.

St Foy (Gascony), on the Dordogne: a town of the religion, 681.

St George, Feast of: Scrope's heavy charges at, 624.
-, close, York: 594; the Scots escaped pledges retaken at, 595.

St Touis (Setubal ?), near Lisbon: 640.

"Sabaoth," the (i.e., Sunday): the commissioners to rest on, 227.

Salkeld (Saughill), Geo.: 76.
-, George: justice of peace, 1356; report by, of the Grames, 229; as to Holme Coltram, 235, 268; juror, 276, 312.
-, Jo.: 76.
-, Lancelot: &c., petition the Council, 690.
-, Thomas: sheriff of Westmorland, his son, 6 years old, stolen by Jock of Peartree, &c. (28th July), 672; rescued by Scrope's means, ib.; Tho.: &c., petition (11th Aug.), 677; theft of his son at Corbie, 686; of kin to Francis Dacre, no good subject, 688; &c., present L. Carleton, 689; petitions the Council, 690.

Salkeld, one: married to a Forster, escapes spoiling, 99.
-, Mr. Lancelot Carleton's speech of Scrope and him, 368.

Salt, white: made by Bowes and Sir T. White at Sunderland, 93.

Salton: William Carr's house, 523.

Saltonstail, Mark, mayor of Berwick, &c., to Cecil (1st Sept.), 796.
-, Peter: a Templar, suspected Jesuit, to Sir J. Carey, for favour (14th Oct.), 7723; a love affair, his Scottish guide's evil designs (19th), 774.

Saltpetre works (Durham): levy for, 210; a penny per pound (37 Eliz.), 220.

Saltwicke: muster of, 78.

Salvoes of artillery: some necessary at Berwick, but to be sparingly used, 607.

Sanchar, Lord: fails in getting Crichton barony (5th March), 274; Cesford's cousin, 462; (Sanquhar), Lord: a great papist, comes to levy horse in Scotland (19th June), 610; twice chased by Laird of Johnston, 653.

Sandelandes, Sir James: fray with Master of Montrose (Jan. 159495), 12; shot in three places, ib.; &c.: burn the Irwins of Greatney, &c. (22nd Nov.), 464; taken prisoner to Liddesdale (15th Aug.), 678.

Sanderson, Henry, of Newcastle: 13; reports on the Berwick customs (20th Feb. 159495), 15, 16; commended to Burghley by Bishop Mathew (15th Nov.), 21920; armour delivered to (in 1591), 221; Bishop Mathew's messenger to Burghley, 344; sent to Cecil, 427; stays two Scotsmen at Ferry on the Hill, 680.

Sandes, Henry: &c., petition the Council, 691.

Sandfurth, Richard: an old favourer of the Dacres, 573.
-, Tho. (2): &c., petition (11th Aug.), 678; &c., present L. Carleton, 689; petition the Council, 690; Tho., of Howgill: his running mare and two horses stolenmare bought by Will of Kynmont, 668; her value 100l. at least, 671; of Howgill: recovers his mare, 761.

Sark water: bounds Debateable ground, 301.

Satan, John: 78.

Saterfrett, John, Berwick; 1.

Saundie, Robert: a common thief, 687.

Savell, Henry, esq.: 93.
-, Mr Baron: at Newcastle assises, 801.

"Sawffies": what, 724.

Scailbye: raided by thirty Scots thieves (19th Oct.), 700.

Scaresbreck, Henry, Berwick: 1.

Sciatica (Seatica): John Carey complains of, 21.

Scotby in the Queen's Haymes: raid on (20th March 1601), 736.

Scott, Sir James: passport to, 780.
-, James, in Quhyope: clerk of Border meeting, 20.
-, John: servant to Buccleuch, delivered to Scrope for Gilsland bill, in "free ward" at Carlisle, 383; to be replaced at Carlisle by another sufficient man (30th Aug.), 385.
-, John, Gilbert S.'s son in Yearle: steals Cesford's sheep, 182.
-, Robert, of Hayning: warden depute of Liddesdale, 743; his good mind to justice, 744; to meet Lowther, 746.
-, (Hobb), "bradowe": 310.
-, Robert: a common thief, 687; fugitive murderer, 743.
-, Sir Walter, of Branxholme: indent by his deputy, 19. See Buccleuch, Laird of.
-, Walter, of Brainxholme: with Buccleuch at Kinmont's rescue, 122.
-, Walter: passport to, 22.
-, Walter of Gowdelands: deputy of Buccleuch, indents by, 19; at Kinmont's rescue, 122.
-, Walter, of Harden: robberies by, 63; at rescue of Kinmont, 1202; asks Rosetrees for his dogs, 170; &c., raids by, on West March (JuneAugust), 198; Buccleuch's cousin, 260; attempts by, 265; alias Harding: with Buccleuch at Archerbeck, 368.
-, William, of Thirleston: his bill refused at West March, 20.
-, : Todriges: at Kinmont's rescue, 122.

Scots: encroach on the heads of Tyne and Reed waters (23rd Aug.), 178; too many (300 or 400) in Berwick during commission sitting (8th Feb.), 251; (of Northumberland): in quarrels, 441; the prince of: his baptism, 2; his "natyvitie" to be solemnised at Stirling (17th Feb. 159495), 15; his baptism, 17; the Queen seeks to have his custody (20th March), 21; dispute thereon with the King (19th April), 28.

Scroope (Scrowpe), Henry, lord: late, 93, 100; attacked and insulted by the Grames, 123; the Grames' dealings under him for the Lanercost tenants, 1434; his countenance of their acts, 144; his method at warden meetings, &c., 565; Thomas (10th) lord: Sir R. Cecil to, for capture of one suspected (6th Jan. 159495), 2; to Lord Burghley for relief of Henry Leigh (20th Jan.), 7; to Cecil that "the party" has evaded him, ib.; Lord Herries to, for meeting, ib.; to Cecil for instructions (29th), 8; indent by Thomas Carleton for him, with Buccleuch's deputy, 19; to Burghley of meeting with Herries, &c. (23rd March), 22; to Burghley, of the Lowthers, Buccleuch's haughtiness, &c. (8th June), 35; report of Buccleuch's hostile intent (28th), 37; Herries to, on Border business (7th July), 38; to Burghley, of one Manington, Angus Maconnel's levies, &c. (2nd Aug.), 43; to Burghley for horsemen or foot, Herries' letter of 4th, &c (9th Aug.), 46; the Council to, to send up T. Musgrave (20th Aug.), 50; to Sir R. Cecil with thanks, 51; to Burghley for 100 foot (28th), 52; Lady Scrope to, from London (3rd Sept.), 53; to Cecil, as to the Carletons, &c., 53; to Burghley for men (19th), 55; to Cecil thereon (30th), 56; to Burghley, opposing Lowther's suit for Dacres' lands, &c. (14th Oct.), 60; to hasten the soldiers (24th), 63; sends complaints to Bowes, 64; to Burghley, on a Yorkshire matter, 64; to Burghley for the soldiers, 81; to Lord Huntingdon (13th Dec.), 86; to the Council of affray in Bewcastle (25th), 88; to Burghley thereof, 89; to Cecilsoldiers not comewarning against Gerald Lowther, 92; to same, of Eure's intention for redress, &c. (13th Jan. 159596), 95; to Burghley, that Thomas Musgrave sent up, &c. (15th), 95; to John Carey 96; Hunsdon to, for his 100 men's pay, &c. (28th Oct.), 65; to Burghley for a master gunner, 108; to Cecilof his wife's costly journeysunless the Queen permits her stay at Carlislefor his own leave, &c., 109; report to Burghley of Buccleuch's pride and doingstheir question as to Kinmont's captureits legality, &c. (18th March), 11415; to the Council, of the tyranny of the Grames, and will send six of them up (12th April), 120; of Buccleuch's rescue of Kinmont the night beforehis forces 500 horse, &c. (14th), 120; to Burghleyfurther detailsBuccleuch the fifth man inhis speech, &c., 1212; instrutions by Leigh for the Queen, &c., against Buccleuch and the Grames, 1234; letter to, from Richies Will, revealing plot to release Kinmont, &c. (24th), 126; to Burghley for arms for citizens of Carlisle (30th), 127; examination by (2nd May), 129; sends six principal Grames to the Privy Council to be "warded" till he comes up (24th), 1312; to Burghley, with surprise at the Queen's pleasure, and sending Leigh to prove his charges against them (7th June), 134; to the Council as to charges of blackmail against Braconhill, &c. (11th), 1356; legal points on his taking Kinmont, 139; to Burghley, with further articles against the Grames', and will resign wardenry if sharp punishment not inflected (19th), 1402; the Grames' spleen against him, 144; to Hunsdon of Thomas Musgrave's capturehis displeasure at the Grames' easy treatment, &c. (3rd July), 148; to Burghley thereon, 149; to same, on the Grames' denial of the plot with Buccleuchwill resign office if they go unpunished, &c. (15th), 1512; Wills Jock's reply to him, 153; to Sir R. Cecil of his discontent and repeating his charges (20th), 155; to the Council in reply to reconsider their leniency, which discredits him as warden, &c. (31st), 159; to Burghley in reply on his motives, resignations to let three Grames home and see what happens, &c., 160; Buccleuch's quarrel with, injures Eure's March (2nd Aug.), 166; on terms with Johnston, ib.; to Sir R. Cecil on Buccleuch's concerted attack on Rob of the Lake, with 400 men, &c. (3rd), 1689; evidence of two witnesses on plot for Kinmont, 169; to Burghley on legal detention of Kinmontoffer to Buccleuchlatter's offences, &c. (10th), 171; to same, of Buccleuch's workings at Edinburgh that leniency will imbolden the Grames, &c. (14th19th), 174; to the Council that they mistake his meaningsumming up his charges against Buccleuch and the Grames, and he must resign if they are encouraged, 176; to Burghley that no promises will bind the Grameshis opinion as to letting three home on trial, &c. (22nd Aug.), 177; great roads by his orders, naked men led bound in leashes, 181; refuses Selby's man access to munitions (2nd Sept.), 183; to Burghley of Thomas Carleton's going up with complaints (5th), 184; that he had permitted the late reprisals (10th), 188; to Burghley of the Grames' returnlewd speeches, &c. (24th), 192; to the Council, ib.; two Grames' submission to him (25th), 192; to Burghley, on former March billshis suit for renewal of lease, &c. (11th Oct.), 202; Bowes to, from EdinburghScottish rolls Buccleuch, &c. (20th), 205; to Burghley, opposing removal of the 100 footfears of Buccleuch, if set free (22nd), 206; the Grames' qualification of submission (23rd), 206; to R. Lowther for immediate reply about the Grames, as the Queen commands it, 207; Lowther to, in reply, will meet him next Saturday (24th), 208; to Burghley privately, thereon (26th), ib.; to the Council, reason of his delay with the Grames (26th Oct.), 209; to Cecil (1st Nov.), enclosing letter to the Council with (1), from of submission which he will receive, and (2) of that which the Grames will give (1st Nov.), 21012; to Burghley, for pay or conduct money for the captains to Berwick (3rd), 212; Carey's wonder they are not returned (9th), 216; to the Council, of his refusal of Selby viewing munition, 216; to Cecil, that Buccleuch let home with quantity of arms, 217; reported jealous of Eure (12th), 218; Selby's account of his refusal at Carlisle (20th Nov.), 222; to Burghley, has sent the foot backdisputes between the King and clergy, &c. (29th Nov.), 225; is offended at Eure, 226; has been at Boltonasks amendment of the Grames' submissionfather offence by them and Lord Eure as to his son Emanuel (Dec.), 2278; to Burghley, of his dealings with Lowther and the Grames young Scrope, &c. (31st), 229; as to Burgh baronyHolme, &c. (10th11th Jan. 159697), 2345; of BuccleuchJohnston, the Grames, &c. (13th), 235; that the six Grames have submitted on their knees, &c. (21st), 238; to Sir R. Cecil (27th), 240; his mens' instrusion on Eure's march driving sheep and attacking rescuers on 14th (28th), 240; to Burghley, of his Warden CourtTho. Carleton's indictmentR. Lowther's excuse for himLancelot's doingsScots'news, &c. (29th Jan.), 2412; to the Council, that Buccleuch's attempt must be satisfied to the Queen, before he holds meetings, &c. (1st Feb.), 246; billed for his invasion of Liddesdale (2nd), 248; to Burghley, on Buccleuch's casehis contemptuous demeanour to the commission, &c. (7th), 249; that Guy Carleton was duly condemned and executedthe others' contemptand intends to outlaw Thomas (9th), 253; to Cecil, as to Buccleuch, &c., 254; Eure disclaims interference with him (15th Feb.), 257; cannot come to Berwick, 258; bill of Liddesdale against him cruelties to prisoners, &c., 259; arguments therein, and opinion of four counsel taken, 2601; his own answer to bill, 261; bills of his March against Scotland, 265; Robert Bowes to (26th), 266; Lancelot Carleton's petition to the Council against him for injustice, 2667; his reply to same, 267; to Burghley, with his proceedings against the Carletons (28th), 269; and to the Council as to a hearing before them, ib.; to Burghley for instructions as to Buccleuch (1st March), 270; of the Carletons' conduct at Brampton (2nd), 272; meets the commissioners at Penrith (9th March), 275; counsel's opinion that his reprisal justified in law, 276; to Burghley, of Buccleuch's frivolous complaint touching Bothwellthe Carletons' insolence, &c. (13th), 280; to the Council and Cecil (15th), 283; to defend his reprisal himself, ib.; Eure's offer to make up differences, 284; to Cecil, as to his father's health (19th), 286; to Burghley, on redresshis healthEmanuel's settlement (26th), 287; his brother's life uncertain from his courses, 288; to Burghley, of a horse race got up by Buccleuchhis doubts, &c. (2nd April), 289; as to Richard Grame, ib.; to Cecil, of the Carletons (5th), 290; to same, with thanksfurther request as to the Carletonsthe Queen's grace to him, &c., ib., 291; dutiful receipt of the Queen's message (18th), 300; to Burghley with map of Debateable groundboundary with Scotland, &c. (20th April), 301; his answer to the commissioners' requisition (21st), 303; to Cecil (28th April), 307; kept out of the "great" Liddesdale bill (29th), 310; to Burghley, on redress (30th), 312; to Cecildoubts of Buccleuch (2nd May), 314; is reconciled with the two other wardensentertains themdifferences with Lowther, Carletons, Grames, dealt with (7th), 318; to Burghley, with Scottish news, 320; to Cecil in reply (14th May), 322; to Burghley, on Liddesdale bill, ib.; Bishop Mathew's opinion of himhis disputes with Lowther, Carleton, &c., and advice to Burghley thereon, 323; to Cecil, 324; to the Privy Council on the late procedure with the Carletons (16th), ib., 325; to Burghley, as to his son's marriage, now nearly 14 years old (27th), 328; his complaint of the commission neglecting his disputes, repudiated by Bishop Mathew, ib., 329; to Cecil, of Tho. Carleton's "villainy," &c. (28th), 330; accused of seeking their blood, 331; to Burghley, in behalf of William Hutton's suit (4th June), 335; with Scottish news (6th), ib.; the Queen commands him to see the treaty performed (7th June), 337; to Sir W. Bowes as to pledges (22nd), 349; to Burghley, of the Carletons' going up (23rd), ib.; his pledges taken to Norham ford (25th), 352; to Sir J. Stanhope that Musgrave be sent down, or R. Lowther appointed in his absence, 355; to Burghley, on return from Yorkshire (7th July), 357; to Cecil, that two notorious thieves of Esk had escaped from the sheriff (13th), 358; of samea thief's opinion of Thomas Carletonold Gerard Lowther's death (17th), 361; indenture with Carmichael, the Gilsland mens' thanks to him, 363; to Cecil, of Liddesdale foray on 19ththe Grames' conduct, &c. (21st), ib.; to Burghley, 364; to same, that Carleton procured this last forayhis reprisal defeated by the GramesBuccleuch's letter, &c., confessing their privity to Kinmont's rescue, &c. (25th), 3667; examination of two witnesses before him (25th April 1596), with Buccluch's signature to it, 368; to Cecil, of another Gilsland foray on 22nd, and the Grames' hindrance of his reprisal on 24th (26th), ib., 369; to BurghleyScottish news (28th July), 370; the King of Scots to (3rd Aug.), 376; to the Council sending keeper of the witnesses against Carleton, &c. (9th), 379; to Cecil, that Carmichael's proposed redress stops reprisal, &c. (10th), 381; to Burghley thereonhis wish to come up on his son's matter, &c. (11th), ib.; to samethe Carletons' attempt to intercept letters, &c. (15th), 382; to Cecil, of Carmichael's good labours and result, ib., 383; their indenture for redress, 383; at Hexham with Eure and Carmichael (17th), ib., 384; to Cecil, of meeting with Buccleuch, &c. (21st Aug.), 385; their indent at Canobie the day befor, ib.; to same, that witnesses sent up (28th), 386; to the Council of the Carletons' dealings when he took office, &c., ib.; to Burghley, privately, of his troubles if the Queen favours thema rival suitor for his office, &c., 3878; examinations before him, Carey, &c. (25th April26th July), 393; clause reserving Buccleuch's rescue of Kinmont to the Queen, ib.; highhanded outrages by him in Scotland, 394; to Burghley, disclaiming malice against the Carletons asserting the truth of Buccleuch's admissions in writingkeeps no Popish company, and has gone to Bolton for a time (5th Sept.), 3945; to same, Scottish news (9th), ib.; to same, with Bowes' letter, postponing exchange of pledges (21st), 396; Bowes to, ib., 397; to Burghley, is preparing for parliamenthas sent his son to Oxford meanwhile, and hopes to settle that business on arrival (22nd), 399; to Cecil, that he has instructed a deputy while absent, ib.; instructions to Henry Leigh as deputy, 400; to Burghley from Doncaster going to Langer to await leave to come up (28th Sept.), 407; from Langer as to the pledgesSemple's visit to Carlisle, &c. (2nd Oct.), 410; to Cecilhas left Leigh deputy, though not the soundestto be assisted by Lowther, whose honesty is doubtful, ib.; to same, mistook his meaning, and is coming up (7th), 414; to Cecil, with Lowther's letter of 6th (11th Oct.), 421; Lowther to, of his wife's death, ib.; to H. Leigh from Londonthe Queen's grace to himselfand anger with Leigh, &c. (22nd), 431; at London (24th Oct.), 434; Henry Leigh to, with the King's letter, who is at Dumfries (6th Nov.), 4423; to R. Lowther, with rebuke for not taking office, and to keep his men from stealing (18th Nov.), 454; H. Leigh toto the King's sharp dealings with the Border thievesconference with himself at Newby, &c., R. Lowther's neglectthe plague still about Carlisle (25th), 4645; H. Leigh to, has delivered his letter to Richard Lowtherhis hesitationand promise to take office on 30th (28th Nov.), 4667; same to, of Lowther's change of minddisorder in the country, robbing, &c., his desire to confer with the King, &c. (30th Nov.), 4678; Lord Ochiltree to, is left lieutenant opposite, 469; R. Lowther to, declining office unless he gets the castle, &c., as in Henry, Lord Scrope's time, &c. (2nd Dec.), 475; to Cecil, in reply as to Lowther, &c. ib.; Thomas Carleton's reply to, on Gilsland and his public servicesrelations by marriageand general denial of charges (2nd Dec.), 4757; H. Leigh to, of Semple's arrivalLowther's delay, lying, and utter badnessthe King's late doings at Dumfries, Lord Ochiltree, &c. (3rd Dec.), 4824; to Cecil, of Lowther's "infamie"outrageous demands if deputywill give not lend him his bedhis conduct on Lord Scrope's deathof the Carletons, &c. (13th), 4856; H. Leigh toon pledgesmurder of MilburneOchiltree absentthe Bishop sick, but offers him Rose till the plague abates (19th Jan. 159798), 500; to Cecil, that Milburne's murderer must be punished, &c. (29th), 5078; owes Musgrave for 200 calivers, 508; Cecil to, that John Musgrave appointed to Gilsland (19th Aug.), 555; to Cecilon his father's lossGilslandWillougby and CesfordBuccleuch's desire of friendship (5th Sept.), 5589; to CecilCarletons refuse AskertonFrancis Dacres at Burgh Sands, &c. (20th Sept.), 562; to same, from Rose Castle, on H. Woodrington's behalfthe Carletons' obstinacy, &c. (11th Oct.), 568; to same, meeting that day with Buccleuch, his offersthe Grames' hypocrisy, &c. (16th), 569; on objections to John MusgraveCarletons, &c. (17th), ib.; and of John Musgrave's genealogyconnexions by marriage, &c., his fitness (20th), 5701; with Johnston's letter for instructions (27th), 571; Johnston to, for protection in his wardenry (25th Oct.), 572; accused of neglecting Carlisle Castlewardenry, &c., ib., 573; to Cecil, with Buccleuch's letter, &c., on pledges (4th Nov.), 574; Buccleuch to, from Braxhelme (25th Oct.), ib.; design to murder him at Rose Castlecautioned by Carey (5th Nov.), ib., 575; to Cecil for direction as to Johnston (12th Nov.), 577; James 6th to, for favour to Johnston (28th Oct.), ib.; to Cecil, thanks for John Musgraveletters to Angus, &c. (2nd Dec.), 578; letters to and from Angus (24th Nov. 1st Dec.), 579; to Cecil from Auckland on behalf of Woodrington and Fenwick (16th), 582; to sameAngus's meeting and agreement (15th Feb. 159899), 588; K.G.: R. Lowther to, with Border news (19th June), 610; to be hastened back (30th), 613; to Sir John Stanhope on his return (30th July), 617; to the Council for some aid (20th Aug.), 619; to Cecil thereon, ib.; to same in reply, will send the old book by Kirkby if found at Boltonas to his leaseholds from the Queenneed of money, &c. (17th Sept.), 624; to Cecil with thankstroubles oppositeencloses letters (2nd Oct.), 626; Angus toand reply (21st25th Sept.), 627; to Cecil as to Leighfeuds opposite, &c. (15th Oct.), 628; G. Nicolson to, commending Buccleuch, Johnston, &c. (27th), ib., 629; to Cecil, commending Spott (31st), 629; to samea foul murder by two Carletons (26th Dec.), 634; James 6th to, that Carmichael now warden, ib.; Angus to, thereof (2nd Jan. 1600), 636; to Cecil, the King no longer styles him "cousin" (16th), 637; to same, for leave on 3rd March (7th Feb.), 638; of strange ship off coast (18th Feb.), ib.; William Chamber to, thereof, ib., 639; to Cecil, the Scots have the ship (21st), ib.; and his man has seen her (25th), ib.; James 6th to, for seizure of Carmichael's murderers (20th June), 662; on behalf of Rob Grame of Fauld's widow (25th), 663; memoranda to the Council on West March decays, abuses, and remedies, 6645; Willoughby objects to lend him men (5th July), 665; to Cecilon his peoples' late rode for stolen horses (26th), 671; to same, of theft of Mr Salkeld's boy by the Grames, and his recovery (31st July), 672; to Cecil with gentlemens' petition (11th Aug.), 677; to same of raid to Calder moorGowrie's death due to the King's jealousy (15th), 678; will send him a hawk, ib.; to same, for one Smelt (23rd), 682; Laird of Johnston to, is warden opposite (27th), 683; his reply (28th), ib.; to Cecil, of King's visit shortly (29th), ib.; to sameWilloughby very sickR. Musgrave wished as his own deputy, &c. (10th Sept.), 685; of one Edward Leigh newly come from Irelandhis examination, &c. (11th Sept.), 686; petition and offer to, by the Grames, &c. (19th), 6878; insulted by L. Carleton (25th Sept.), 689; petitions the Council, 690; the gentlemen of his wardenry to, 691; to Cecil, with these (4th Oct.), 692; to same, regrets the Queen's decision (13th), 695; to samethe escaped pledgesa thief hanged before he saw the King's request for him (23rd), 699; to Cecil with Irish news (30th Oct.), 707; Johnston to, as to meeting at Gretna kirk (5th Dec.), 714; Lord Roxburgh to, with complaint (7th), 716; to Johnston in reply (8th), 717; to Roxburgh in reply (10th), ib.; to Cecil for leave (16th Jan.), 728; (20th), ib.; his wish for R. Musgrave as deputy, 730; to same, is starting for Court, as summoned (16th Feb.), 733; orders while absent, ib.; appoints C. Pickering (19th March), 736; to Lowther, from London as to fees, &c. (2nd April), 739; two Scots hanged by, ib.; has not paid him (26th), 745; Lowther to, complaining thereof, 748; to Cecil for the fifty soldiers, &c., will avoid the Queen's sight, 758; to Lowther with instructions (5th July), 763; the King's complaint of his absence from duty, ib.; on return sends Cecil a brief of outrages (1st Aug.), 7667; to Cecil, of some reprisals and the King's complaint (18th), 768; Nicolson to, from Falkland (10th Aug.), and his sharp rejoinder, ib., 769; answer to the King's charges by Lord Mar (Aug.), 770; to Cecil, of reprisals on Liddesdale, &c. (17th Sept.), 771; on the King's complaints (25th), ib.; to same, of Newby's sounding him on the King's successionfor instructions (17th Oct.), 773; John Musgrave to, with Johnston's complaints (7th Dec.), 776; to the Council on the state of his March, for aid, 7789; John Musgrave to (8th May), 785; from Langer to Cecil for Musgrave's suit (26th), 788; to same, from Carlisle, 790; of his indent with Johnston on 16th (17th July), 792; of his dealings with Johnston (29th Aug.), 795; thanks him for Musgrave's suit, 796; to G. Nicolson, in reply on the King's charges, &c. (30th Sept.), 798; to Cecil therewith and his reply, ib.; James 6th to, from Drumlanrig, ib.; and his reply, ib.; to Johnston on Rob Grame's nationality, &c. (7th Oct.), 801; to Cecil on the King's demand (8th), 802; G. Nicolson to, from Dumfries (12th), 803; to Cecil thereonhis own leaveyoung ButlerJohn Musgrave's late talk with the King, &c. (13th), ib.; Cecil to, on the King and the Grames (16th), 804; and to keep young Butler safethe King's demand for Gramehis leave not settled (19th), ib., 805; to Cecil, the King gone homehanged eleven thievesMusgrave's visit, &c. (22nd), 805; to same, wishes Butler removeddoubts the King's meaning as to GrameMusgrave's admission (24th Oct.), 806; to same, with the Grames' petition, and his answer (27th), ib., 807; Cecil to, the Queen thinks the King should get GrameButler to be sent to Berwickwill keep Musgrave's pension (29th), 807; to Cecil the King must hang GrameCarey will receive Butleris coming up if allowedGowrie's sister in London (6th Nov.), 808: Cecil to, that Butler go to Berwick (14th), 809; to Cecil, Butler sentwishes instruction on the offer of Tyrone's head (26th), 811; of a Scottish outlaw slain in reprisal (29th), ib.; of six Scots thieves hanged (1st Dec.), 813; note of outrages, &c., ib.; to James 6th on outrages (13th), ib.; to Cecil, Rob Grame stayed as ordered (17th Dec.), 814; of Henry Leigh's disguisefor instruction as to taking him (Dec.), 815; of the Grames' ill-doingsis coming up (2nd Jan. 1603), ib., 816; defends himself against the King's complaints (4th Jan.), ib.; to Mr Vice-chamberlain of the Grames' promisesis starting for Bolton on 10th (6th), ib.; to Cecil with Dalston's bondexamination of John Musgrave, &c., starts next day for Bolton (10th Jan. 1603), 817; to same, acknowledging his leavereports capture of some Scots, &c. (17th), 818; John Dalston to, ib.

Scrope, Lady (Philadelpha Carey): to her husband, of his accusers before the Council and her advice (3rd Sept.), 53; at Hackney, ib.; her journeys very chargeable, one cost 600l., 109; Queen will not let her stay at Carlisle, ib.
-, Emanuel: his father's only "jewel" offered to Burghley's disposal in marriage (Dec.), 228; has had other offers, ib.; Scrope's agent Atkinson, to wait on Burghley, 229; arrangements in progress (21st Jan. 159697), 238; "little" Emanuel: Lord Scrope's only comfort, 288; his settlement much desired by his father (28th Feb.), 269; now nearly 14to see the young lady and his marriage concluded if Burghley approves (27th May), 328; taken by his father to Bolton Castle (28th Aug.), 388; sent to Oxford not to lose time, but will be ready for marriage, or otherwise as Burghley pleases (22nd Sept.), 399; to Cecil, to preserve his father's lands, in some danger (17th Sept.), 623; to Cecil in reply (17th Jan. 1600), 637.

Scudamoure, Mr Tho.: to pay Eure's horsemen, 326; (Skidmore), Mr: to pay Eure's eighty horse, 300, 408.

Selby, Geo., of Grindon: fouls bill, 346.
-, James: fyled, 345.
-, Jerrie, brother to Pawstoun: raid by, 182.
-, John, senior: deputy warden, his manner of meeting, acts, &c., 567.
-, Sir John: 19; gentleman porter, 20; had Norham demesne from Hunsdon, 21; deputy warden of East March, 22; attests Vernon's sufficient victualling (13th April), 26; Vernon's defends his certificate (6th June), 35; is always absent, and Carey thinks it worthless (24th July), 41; fee as knight porter, 42; thanks Burghley and Cecil for arrears (10th Sept.), 54; dangerously ill, John Carey asks Burghley for his place (9th Nov.), 68; to Cecil with thanks for their arrears of pay (10th), 68; his brother, Captain William S., recommended by Reade to succeed him if he dies (12th), 70; their father and uncle held it before, ib.; Carey reports him past speech and dying (20th), 71; that he died "this morning" (21st), 72; his manner of meeting the Scottish warden, 563; deputy warden, commissioner, &c., his acts while, 565, 567.
-, John, of Grenedon: at slaying Dalglesse, 181; his cattle, &c., driven at G. rigg, 187; in deadly feud with Cesford, 191.
-, John, of Learmouth: fyles bill, 346.
-, John, of Pawston: slain there (11th June), 137, 147.
-, John, of Pawston: horseman, 542.
-, Mr John, of Tyndall: murdered by Scots in his house, 163; without known quarrel, 167.
-, Jo., near Berwick: sells wethers to victualler, 231.
-, John, Captain: t. 24, born in Berwick, 540; stepped over others' heads, 693; wished to name his lieutenant, 695; thwarted by Willoughby, 696; to Cecil asking his decision (15th Oct.), ib.; in Essex's plot, suitor of his kinswomanhis brother's intercession for (18th Feb.), 734; has fled to Scotland, his company taken from him (26th), 735; his brother William disclaims him (17th July), 767; goes to Edinburgh with his brotherinlaw, Thomas Carr of Ford (Whitsunday 1600), 7778.

Selby, John: quartermaster, 725.
-, Ralph, of South Charlton: horses stolen from, 148.
-, Raphe, of Westwood (Weetwood): his tower brokensheep and horses driven, 148; question in Lord Hunsdon's time with the Grays, on James of the Cove, 180, 184; hands him to Woodrington, 184; goes to Londonhis town of Weetwood raided by Scots (Oct.), 213; firing stackyard threatened, ib.; gives evidence before commissionersquarrel with the Grays therefor, and affray in Berwick churchyard (8th Feb.), 250; Ralph Gray's account, and that Selby murdered his servant foully, 251; John Carey's account, that he had put the Selbys in ward, &c., 2512; his life sought by Ralph Gray's friends, &c., 278; charged with running his rapier through Bryan Horsley's back, 287.
-, Richard: kills Raphe "shortnecke," driving cattle, 213.
-, Robert, of Bittleston: 755.
-, Roger: 441.
-, Rowland: 441.
-, Thomas, of Bittleston: fyles bill, 263.
-, William, senior: his absentees at muster, 39; expected from London with arrears of pay (2nd Aug.), 41, 44; has arrived at Berwick (6th), 44; to Burghley of Bowes' failure to pay 1000l. (16th Aug.), 49; cannot therefore pay arrears, 50; reports the causes (9th Sept.), 54; pays the two years' arrears (28th Oct.), 65; reports same to Burghley (4th Nov.), 67; signs captains' letter of thanks (10th), 68; goes to London to account (11th), 69; Read recommends him to succeed his brother Sir John as porter (12th), 70; Captain: named by Eure to Burghley, 85, 98; gentleman porter: to the Privy Council, 128; his assistant to take musters, 132; to Burghley, with survey of gates, &c. (10th Aug.), 172; Carey opposes his getting the old gates as his fee (26th Aug.), 178; Cesford deals with, on Young's capture, 180; (comptroller) to Burghley on the ordnance (2nd Sept.), 183; recommended as commissioner, 193; orders locks and keys at Berwick, 194; to Burghley of ordnance officedecayed gatesstate of the March, &c. (9th Oct.), 201; to his nephew William S.spoils on the MarchCesford's feud with their namedesire to see himselfhis opinion, &c.(4th Nov.), 213; holds Shoreswood under chapter of Durham, 215; his plan for defence free of expense to the Queen, 215; Scrope's opinion of his official visit to Carlisle to view munition, &c. (9th), 216; for private profit only, ib., 217; R. Musgrave on same subject, 217; munition viewed before him, 221; to Burghley of Scrope and Musgrave's resistance to himtoo many gunners at Carlislewaits instructions (20th), 222; his offer for defence, 231; to Cecil of his nephew Ralph S.'s quarrel with Ralph Gray, &c., before the commissionhis own procedure with the Grays thereinmeeting Edward G. in Berwick churchyard by appointmentthe latter's attack and wounding himhis forty-eight years' service no protection (8th Feb.), 250; his "footecloth" horse, ib.; Ralph Gray's counter accountSelby's treacheryhis servant killed, &c., 251; John Carey's account, and had put both Selbys in ward, 252; to Burghley of the affray, ib.; to Burghley of coroner's inquest, &c. (17th Feb.), 257; Sir W. Bowes asked opinion of his fray with Gray, 275; to Sir R. Cecil, that J. Carey has concealed her Majesty's favourthat he wishes to live in peacethe Grays' design on his nephew (10th March), 278; Carey's acknowledgment to Cecil, 279; the Grays' account to Sir R. Cecil of the quarrel with the Selbys (19th), 2867; his commission as comptroller of ordnance, 293; and instructions by Council, 294; R Musgrave's answer to, and denial of his charges (13th April), 2956; denies Musgrave's answer (24th May), 327; commended by Browne against Lord Eure's suspicionsa chief pillar of the Marches, &c., 354; declaration to Cecil of his dispute with John Carey about the watchtheir wordsand Carey's reasons in his judgment (20th July), 362; Carey's contrary accounts to Burghleyand the general disorder caused thereby in the townsending his two nephews to the fleet without leave, &c. (23rd), 3656; to Cecil with letter for Scotland, 366; to Burghley, on customs (28th July), 370; the Privy Council to, with rebuke for dispute with Carey (29th), 371; the mayor's opinion of it (4th Aug.), 376; to Cecil, with reply to Council minute (4th), 377; to the Council denying chargesstating his fortyeight years' servicerequiring particularsCarey's breaking promise, &c., ib.; to Burghley, of Carey's causeless hatredabuses in office, &c. (6th Aug.), 378; with Sir W. Bowes at Norham fordtakes charge of Buccleuchbestows him in Norham and escorts him to Berwick (8th Oct.), 41718; his report of meeting, 419; chosen M.P. for Berwick, and will escort Buccleuch to London, if ordered (23rd), 432; to Cecilelected M.P.stayed coming up till Buccleuch's case decidedwill escort him if so ordered (23rd Oct.), 433; to Sir R. Carey in London, of Scottish raids, and quarrels among the gentlemen of his March, for remedy (3rd Nov.), 441; his cattle at Monylawes stolen (27th Oct.), 442; to Cecil wishing Buccleuch removed (12th Dec.), 484; consulted by Carey as to Master of Orkney, &c. (28th), 491; 505; his bill for Buccleuch's stay, twentyfive weeks four days200l. (21st March), 526; Musgrave's complaint of (23rd May), 531; his rejoinder and charges, 532; Willoughby asks his opinion on mustershis reply, 53940; Musgrave's renewed complaint of (23rd June), 542; musters Carey's forty horse at Newcastle (24th), ib.; supports Musgrave against Willoughby, 545; on his brother, Sir John's meeting the Scottish warden, 564; his opinion on the old customs at such meetings, &c. (Oct.), 5667; to Cecil, in reply (18th), 570; his expenses for Buccleuch recommended to Cecil (21st Nov.), 578; by Sir John Carey (7th Dec.), 581; named commissioner by Cecil (2nd Jan. 159899), 584; notes by, to Cecil, on Border mattersthe huntingpast outrages, &c. (Feb.), 590; on proceedings at a truce daycommissioners, &c., 591; Council instructions to, when appointed controller of ordnance, 698; referred to as "old" Mr S. by Willoughby (29th Oct.), 703; to Cecil, on cause with the Grays (27th April), 746; his leave of absence unheard of (15th Nov.), 809.

Selby, Mr William, of Kent: to inform Cecil on March meetings (18th Oct.), 570.
-, Will., of Grindon rigg: fyles bill, 345; his sheep stolen (27th Oct.), 442.
-, Will., of Pawston: pledge, 230.
-, William, junior: letter to him in London from Captain William S., his unclehis town of Branxton spoiled (20th Oct.), 213; fire threatened in stackyard, ib.; to Cecil (24th Dec. 1597), 825; from Topliff to Cecil on the pledges' offers, &c. (25th April), 6467; to same, Cesford's bad influence with the Kingreports Elizabeth near death, &c. (12th May), 6556; to Cecil on Harding's estaterival claims, &c. (26th May), 657; to same, on his small feethe governor's innovations, &c. (8th July), 666; licences three Scotsmen for France (19th Aug.), 679; to Cecil, of Cesford and Fernehirst (5th Oct.), 6923; to same, disputed gunnery appointment (13th), 694; of disputed lieutenancy of a company (14th), 6956; to same in reply (23rd), 699; to same, privately, assumptions by Willoughby (who is ill), and his deputy (28th), 7012; Willoughby's opinion of him and his memorandum (29th), 704; to Cecilthe governor's hostility to Musgrave fostered by Sir W. Bowes' malice and gross flattery, &c. (30th October), 706; to samethe governor and Bowes' reign of terrorwishes to resign office (1st Nov.), 707; sends his packet through Sir R. Carey (2nd), ib.; has left without leave (3rd Nov.), 708; receives, as sergeant major, the Viscounts of Rohan (10th), 709; note of officers' fees, &c., at Berwickhis own inadequaterequest for increase, 7223; to Cecil as to Musgrave's petition, its style, &c.Willoughby's attempt to seize his letter defeated (10th Jan. 1601), 725; to Cecil, asking the Queen's mercy for his brother John in Essex's revolt, the only hope of his house, himself being childless (18th Feb.), 734; to Cecil on remedy for selling horses on the March (9th May), 749; to Cecil, Willoughby in peril (25th June), 758; is dead (3 P.M.), 759; to same, a prisoner's escapeexamination of Holtbie (28th), ib., 760; with packet from Scotland (3rd July), 762; to Cecil, disclaiming his brother John's conduct (17th), 767; Cecil asked to send him down to duty (18th May), 785; advises his "brother" Muschamp against Berwick bonds (12th July), 791; Cecil advised by mayor to consult him on fishery dispute (1st Sept.), 7967; his leave unheard of before (15th Nov.), 809.

Selby, William: from Richmond, to Archbishop of York, the pledges' design to escape (17th March), 595; is an alderman of Newcastle, also his fatherand a great man of living, a close friend of Bothwell's, 597.
-, Lady: her sheep and shepherd carried off, 187; her tower of Weetewood besieged town stripped, a woman in childbed turned out (12th Oct.), 213; firing her stackyard threatened, ib.; her husband died (20th Nov. 1595)her malt at Twisell stolen, 215; raid on, at Twyssel hill, 441; her daughter wife of Carr of Ford, 778.

Selbys: intermarry with Rutherfords of East Tividale, 102; their Scottish blood feuds, 111; feud with Grays, 155; of Branxton, Twisell, Weetwood, Burghley's notes on, 214.

Seminary priests: too many, in Middle March, 80.

Sempill (Simple), Lord: escorted by Newby, &c., to Carlislehis business not known (2nd Oct.), 410; at Newby with the King (24th Nov.), 464; comes to Carlisle (2nd Dec.), 482.
-, Mathew: going to France, 636.

Senws (Senhouse), Tho.: to Johnston to be at Carlisle, 306.

Seton, Captain George: wife and stepson, &c., passport to, 24; Captain: passport for (3rd Aug.), 551.
-, John: passport to, 796.
-, (Ceaton), Nynyon: passport to, 796.
-, Delaval: muster of, 77.

Shaftoe, George: assessed for a wreck, 820.
-, John: 441.
-, Reynold: murdered by David Eliot "Carlyne," 547.
-, Rob., of Stannerton: fugitive, reset by Eure, 338; sought for by him, but sheltered by Woodrington's friends at Morpeth, 340.
-, (Hob): taken prisoner, 605.
-, Rowland: horseman, 77.
-, William: indicted at assise, escapes from Hexham gaol, 119; charges against him, 120, 125; re-takenin Eure's housemany chargeshow to be tried? (15th July), 150; steward of Bywell, removed by Eure, 330; felon escaped, reset by R. Mansfield, 338; countenanced by his kinsman Woodrington, 339; Eure's account of his escape from Hexham by H. Woodrington's connivance, 340; his servant Litle a felon, ib., 341; 352.
-, Will., of Hypwood (Lipwood): fugitive reset by Eure, 338; answer as to, 340.

Shaftoes (2): in Eure's troop, 326; their Scottish blood feuds, 111; fourteen of the: &c., in revenge, slay one Eliot in Gilsland, and Thomas Carleton pursuing themseven taken prisoners to Carlisle (4th July), 5467.

Shankes, Geo.: 76.

Sharperdon: fails at muster, 76.

Shattock, one Mr: made an affray with drawn sword in Berwick (13th Oct.), 693; an ensign: wishes lieutenantcy, 695; is of eighteen years' servicehis affray on disappointment, 696; (Shadock): a lewd fellow, no soldier, but a swaggerer, 713.

Shawe, Patrick: passport to, 780.
-, Sir Thomas: to pay R. Lowther twenty marks monthly, &c. (2nd April), 739; Scrope's steward, has no such direction (26th), 745; complained of, to Scrope, 748. "Sheffeeld, my Lord": stays provision for Berwick in Lincolnshire (15th March), 281.

Shelle, Geo.: 76.

Sheperson, Christofer: promises Bowes' 1000l. (16th Aug.), 49; his ill course hinders pay at Berwick, 50; says the 1000l. is ready (9th Sept.), 54; certifies account (29th), 56; Carey's men like to do him mischief for his accounts (28th Oct.), 65, 66; his account, 69; account for pay, 194; sent by Bowes to Burghley for balance of last pay (12th Feb.), 256; sent up to Burghley (4th March), 274; shows him a book that full pay madedenied by John Carey as he paid nothing (17th), 2856; Carey accuses him of misstatements and deceit in the pay (7th April), 2912; to be sent down with pay (16th May), 324; sent by Bowes to Burghley therefor (31st), 331; to Burghley, with note, &c., praying payment (5th June), 335; to be sent down with speed (18th June), 348.

Sheppard, George: 765.

Shields (Sheldes), near Newcastle: saltpans at, 6.

Shilbottle: muster of, 74.

Shilverton, Rob.: 74.

Shirley (Stirley), Sir Nicolas: Warden of East March, 566; Captain of Berwick (temp. Henry 8th), 704.

Shorswood: raid in, 148.

Shortlaw, Tyndale: watch at, 470.

"Shortnecke," Raphe: killed red-hand by Richard Selby, 213.

Shotton: 40s. land in, occupied by one George Tayte, Scotsman (since 1581), 401.
-, Anth.: 74.
-, Jo.: 76.
-, John, bailiff, Berwick: 1.
-, Thomas: 642.

Shrewsbury, Earl of, (George): 93; (Gilbert): what grace at Court (?), 654.

Sighell: muster of, 78.

Simonburne Castle: horsemen for, 113; parsonage of: one Simpson holds, asked for by Eure, 58; vacant by death, Eure recommends his son's tutor (1st Sept.), 183; value of rectory, ib., 187, 192; Mr G. Warwick recommended as parson (24th Oct.), 208; parsonage asked for Mr Warwick, 214; still asked by Eure (31st Dec.), 230.

Simpson, Alex. (2): 74, 75.
-, George: signs Forster's award (1586), 111.
-, Geordy, &c.: raid by, 198; Scotsman resetted by the Carletons, 2534; forays in Gilsland, ib.; (Sibson): aids escape from York (19th Oct.), 699.
-, Margerie, of Ushawe: plaintiff, 309.
-, Percevell: &c., measure English Debateable ground (1552), 821.

Simpson, Robert: attempts evasion of custom at Berwick, 84; delivery of his goods refused by searcher, 112.
-, Steven: 74.
-, one: holds Haltwisle and Simonburn, 58.
-, one: taken prisoner from Durham to Liddesdale, 81.

Simpsons: their blood feuds with England componed, 111.

Sisson (Sysson), Cuthbert: &c., present L. Carleton, 689; petition the Council, 690.
-, Henry: master gunner, supplies powder, &c., to Lord Willoughby's new ship (29th Sept.), 692, 725.

Skaffe, Francis, bailiff, Cumerhotton: 446.

Skeall, Andrew, bailiff: Berwick, 1.
-, Mat., of Norham: fyled, &c., 346.
-, William: a sufficient gunner, 751.

Skelton, George, land sergeant, Gilsland: killed in fray near Naward (ante1563), 447.
-, John, of Apletretwhait: brings Lord Dacres' letter to John Musgravehis answer, &c., 817.
-, "Symon's" John, of Highhouse: John Musgrave's account of, and his of Musgrave, 817.
-, Lancelot: juror, 276, 312; Mr: H. Leigh's "brother," plundered (3rd Dec.), 483; &c., present L. Carleton, 689; petition the Council, 690; Dalton's nephew, 818.

Skene, Sir John: clerk register, 406.

Skiner, Captain John: purchases Sir J. Carey's company and chamberlainship (18th June), 757; price 1100l., ib.; to return to duty after two years' absence (15th Nov.), 809; Cecil orders him to be sent up (16th), 810; is not come to BerwickCarey's account of, and advice as to (23rd), 810; may be at his house of Campes or his "father" Markham's, 811; at Berwick (26th), 812; is sent up under escort, his demeanour, &c. (1st Dec.), 812; disclaimed by Carey, as out of the Queen's favourhis offices disposed of (21st Dec.), 814; his enemy Jackson to have his company (26th), ib.; prisoner in the Gatehouse, his petition to the Queen for mercy (Dec.), 815; the Queen will appoint his successor as chamberlain (13th Jan.), 818; if he had died, Carey thinks it should have reverted, ib.
-, Mr: to give an imprest to Sir W. Bowes, 380; to certify payments, 526.

Skipsey, Will.: 78.

Sky (the Skaye): Lothian barons offer to conquer it, 538.

Skrymerstone: assessed for a wreck, 820; (Skyrmirston), common at, disputed, 119.

Slegge, Jo.: 76.

Sleuth (slough) hounds: to be kept up, 45; sheep tracked by one, 137; ("slew-dogges"): orders as to keeping, 270: one: stolen from Haggerston, 345; calendar of: for Northumberland, 452.

Slingsby, Mr Charles, parson of Rothbury: files bill, 264; 756.
-, Francis: commissioner, 66; takes muster at Abberwick edge (24th Nov.), 73, 74; his note as to armour, weapons, &c. (30th Dec.), 77; receives Forster's rolls, &c., at Alnwick for new warden, 80; named to Burghley, 85; views the state of Harbottle Castle (26th Dec.), 89; at York, 94; appointed commissioner on Marches (2nd Oct.), 199; dwells far from Bishop Aukland (14th), 203; an express to be sent to him (22nd), 206; "wise and experienced," as Burghley said, 209; at Awkland awaiting the Scots (9th Nov.), 216; still there (15th), 219; 236, 237, 239, 247, 259, 262; his fee, 50l., 270; 275; 276; 277; to Burghley from Scryven, that the adjourned meeting of commissioners might be 10th June (13th March), 279; Cecil to warn him of Carlisle meeting (3rd April), 289; at Carlisle (20th), 302; at Carlisle (29th April), 310; (4th May), 315; signs treaties (5th), 31617; final report (7th), 320; his allowance at Carlisle, 326; his fees (3rd Sept.), 394.

Sluys (Sleuse): Spanish fleet at (12th Sept.), 623.

Smale (Tynedale): watch at, 470.

Smell, John, merchant of Edinburgh: passport to, 775.

Smelt, one: Scrope's servant, neglects his ward, 682.
-, young: Queen's ward, his guardian accused of neglect, 682.

Smethwicke, Thomas: a surety, 372.

Smith (Smyth), Adam (Brig mill): cattle driven, 148.
-, David, of Killam ford: foul, 345.
-, Hen.: 76.
-, Ja.: 78.
-, Jo.: 75.
-, John: Bowes' "assigne," 93.
-, John: recommended as master gunner at Carlisle, 106; by Scrope also, 108; brings boasting letters from the six Grames (19th Aug.), 176.
-, John: bill on, &c., 309.
-, John: horseman, 542.
-, John (Raph): Ephraim Woodrington's servant, 493, 506.
-, Rob.: 74.
-, Tho.: farmer of customs, London, 92.

Smith, Tho., of Norham: fyles bill, 346.
-, Will.: 76.
-, one Mr: "towards" Lord Buckhurst interferes in Berwick customs, 20.
-, widow: blackmailed, 136.

Snawdon, Gerry: a felon, murderer, &c. resetted against Eure in Hepwell by H. Woodrington, 339.
-, Humphry: horseman, 542.
-, John: a Redesdale pledge, 350.
-, Nicolas, of Plenmeller: 604.
-, Tho.: 75.

Snooke, the: 150; 163, 168; (Berwick), 518.

Sober, Mark, "inholder," Richmond: 457; "tailor," bails Lord Eure's two servants (3rd Nov.), 462.

Softeley, Mark: 75.
-, Ric.: 75.

Soglin, the (Gilsland): raid on, 254.

Solicitor, Mr: hears Crawford's confession 522.

Sotterborne mouth, Northumberland: Scots ship wrecked and plundered at (156074), 81920.

Southampton, Earl of: his quarrel with Lord Grayhis familiarity with Bothwell in France, 656.

Southaik, John: justice of peace, 1356.
-, William, cannoneer, Carlisle: 222.

Sowter moor: waste, 558.

Spain, King of. See Philip II.
-, the Infanta of: through Portugal, represents Lancaster, challenges Brittany, and is nearest the English crown, 104.
-, one: at day truce, 567.

Spaniards: fears of them taking Holy Island, &c. (6th Dec.), 83; rumours of, in Scotland &c., 85; very great at Leith (13th), 86; expected with Huntly and Mar (20th), 96; said to be besetting Drake, 113; having won Calais may trouble England (14th April), 124; 25,000 expected (19th June), 138; Buccleuch awaiting them, 139; their martial law and discipline praised by Lord Willoughby, 641; in Ireland, Carey's advice on (12th Oct.), 772; in Kinsale (21st Nov.), 775.

Sparke, Rob.: Vernon's surety, 372; deputy victualler, 531.

Sparton, Lowrence: passport to, 661.

Spaydadam: mustered, 558.

Speeres, widow: in Canongate, Edinburgh, 521.

Spence, Daniel, master gunner, Carlisle: 98; is a butcher in Suffolk, not worth his pay, to be dismissed (13th Feb.), 105.
-, "rich" Laird: fyles bill, 346.

Spie (Tynedale): watch at, 470.

Spiegelius : his law lexicon, verbo "feydam," 163.

Spielaw, in Scotland: warden meeting at, 566.

Spittell, the, near Hexham: H. Woodrington's, two felonse scaped from jail, mounted at, by him, 340; on Staynemore: an inn, plot to stay Scrope's witnesses at, 382.

Spitupunk: on March, 470.

Spott, Sir George Hume's: James 6th expected at, 8; there (10th Feb. 159495), 13; 14; the King and Queen expected at, shortly (7th April), 292; Loches near, 728.
-, Laird of: a rebel reset by Lord Eure in his house, &c., 280; Lowther's adviser, 466; his inquiry of Leigh about the King (30th Nov.), 468; his bad advice to Lowther, more "spotted" than himself (13th Dec.), 485; (James Douglas): commended by Scrope to Cecil (31st Oct.), 629; "the late" Laird of S.: resident in London, [bastard] son to Morton, late regent (Dec.), 634; the King's remark as to, 650.

Spragon, Rob.: fyles a bill, 264.
-, William: 78.

Spurman, Robert: 756.
-, widow, of Rothbury forest: 756.

Spynie (Espine), Lord (Alex. Lindsay): passes Berwick for France (16th Aug.), 553; passport to, as ambassador to the Queen, 554.

Staggshaw bank: musters at (24th Nov.), 73.

Stainmore: a horse stealer met on, 141.

Stampe, Charles: 74.
-, Jo.: 76.
-, Tho.: 74.

Stamper, Will.: 79.

Stane, the Gray (Debateable land): 301; the Standing: near Debateable land, 301.

Stanhope, Edward: 77, 79, 94; Mr: named commissioner, 102; 406; 414; 582; warns the gaoler at York to be careful, 591; 592; his servant hurt, ib.; examinations, &c., by, on the Scots' pledges' escape and recapture, 5935; to his brother Sir John S. thereoncapture of Dudley the Jesuit, &c. (1st April), 5967; examination of Dargon by, 5979.
-, Mr John: on Vernon's suit to the Queen (16th Jan. 159495), 5; some (the Lowthers?) in Scrope's wardenry, favoured by, 152; Sir John: Eure to, Scots' affairs, &c. (7th Sept.), 185; 290, 293; Scrope to, for Musgrave or R. Lowther to supply his place in absence, 3556; Queen's treasurer and master of posts: Edward S., to, from Yorkprisoners' escape and re-capture seminary priest taken, &c. (1st April), 596; Scrope to, has reached Carlisle (30th July), 617; gives H. Leigh money and advice, 649, 650; Richard Lowther to, for Roger Woodrington (12th Nov.), 709; R. Lowther to, now 70his debtslands tied up on son Christopher, &c. (26th April), 744; pledges himself for Lancelot Carleton who will wait on him, 745; recommends Captain Skyner (18th June), 757.

Stanley, Sir Tho.: controller of household (temp. Hen. 6th), 100.

Stannikes: horses of, stolen while Bishop of Carlisle preaching there (July), 671.

Stanton, Edm.: 76.

Stapleton church (West March): in decay for sixty years patron unknown (30th April), 312.

Star Chamber, the: 606.

Starrhead, one: 565.

States, the: suspend hostilities with Archduke (19th Aug.), 679.

Stawart, Cuth., of Ellingham: fyled, 264.
-, Tho., of Ellingham: fyled, 264.

Stawford: disaster at, 101.

Steel: Sir W. Bowes makes: "natural from the stone," 576.

Stenton, near Carlisle: spoiled, 811.

Stephenson, George: banished Scotsman, taken and hanged at Dunse (2nd May), 129.

Steward (Stuwart), Andrew: bill fyled on, 263.
-, Lady Arabella: doubly a bastard, 103.
-, Hercules (Bothwell's brother): reported capture of (10th Feb. 159495), 13; not thought in danger, 14; twice before the Council, confessed little (15th), 15; hanged (23rd Feb.), 17.
-, Sir James (late Arran): his recall to favour threatened by James 6th (July 1595), 40.
-, Mr John, of "the Bewte," keeper of the King's chamber door: brings Valentine Thomas to secret conference in Holyrood, 521; King's late "vallat," his widow married late Robert Grahame of Fauld (25th June), 663.
-, Colonel: brings report of the Spaniards coming in force (29th Dec. 1595), 86; King wishes him to be constable of Dunbarton, 504.

Stiford, demeyne of: asked by Lord Eure, 58.

Stilton: 680.

Stirling, Raid of: Angus and Mar and Steward, Earl of Arran, referred to, 202.

"Stobb and stayke," i.e., house and land in Tynedale: 340.

Stockstruther: the King to hunt at, 639.

Stoderte, Arche: cattle thief, 64.
-, Gib: cattle thief, 64.
-, John: cattle thief, 64.
-, one: a common spoiler, 687.

Stokooe: burned by Buccleuch, 300.
-, Anthony: 404.

Storer, Rob. (Castle Carrock): raid on, 198.

Storye, Adam of the Elf hole: fyles bill, 346.
-, Andro: Killam, left for dead, 297.
-, Andrew, of Rosdon: fyles a bill, 346.
-, Andro, "the bunche," in Trewhitt: 754.
-, Barty (Whyte Close): beggared, &c., 141.
-, Christofer: 75.
-, Clemy (Whyte Close): beggared, &c., 141.
-, Edw.: 75.
-, Florie, in Esk: debtor to be arrested, 445.
-, Geo., in Trewhitt: 754.
-, Hector: 75.
-, James, of Beanley: 756.
-, Jo. (2): 75.
-, John (Mecarston): 755.
-, Mat.: fyled, 264.
-, Mich.: 75.
-, Peter (Hethpoole): raided and hurt, 147.
-, Richie (Whyte Close): beggared, &c. 141.
-, Ric. (Kilham): sore hurt, 297.
-, Rob.: 75, 76.
-, Tho.: 75.
-, Tom, of Howend: a West March pledge, 350.
-, Thomas, of Killam: slain, 147; of Hethpoole: hurt, ib.
-, Thom, in Killam: slays Cesford's herd, 182.
-, Tho., of Over Trewhitt: bill quit, 264; 754.
-, Will.: 75, 76.
-, Will: slain by Cesford, 99, 162; 165; 167.
-, Will, in New Etall: sheep stealer, 182; fyled, 264.
-, Wil., of Crawley: 754, 756.

Storyes, the: Cesford's attempt to murder two of them at Witwood (Whitsun Monday), 36; killed his shepherd for their brother-inlaw's death (1594), 38.

Stourbridge fair: Vernon professed to go to, 474.

"Stowe louges," one: a murder by, 129.

Straker, Rob.: 78.

Strangwishe, Sir James: (temp. Edw. 4th), 100; Leonard Dacre's bond for, 179.
-, John: 77.

Strickland, Tho.: to advise Scrope's deputy, 400; assiser, 750, 817.

Strother (Struther), Jame, in Buckton, son of Mathew S.: raid by, 182.
-, John, of Killam: raid on, 165.
-, Lancelot, juror, Newburne: 405, 441.
-, Lyell (Clement's son): at killing Daglisse, 181.
-, Raph: horseman, 542.
-, Roger, in Caldintown: raid by, 182.
-, William, of Kirknewton, esq.: raid on, 165, 441.

Studhound: Scrope's, carried off by the Kangs, 228. See Sleuth hound.

Sturton grange: defects of, 78; Eure's tenants of, stirred up to complain by Robert Woodrington, 341; reiterated, 352.

Suffolk, House of: illegitimate quoad the Crown of England, 163.
-, a widow in: claims 120l. year land from Sir R. Carey left by his father (24th Dec.), 634.

Swan, Jo., Berwick: sells wethers, 231.

Swans , the Three, Royston: 680.

Swattrother , the, of Amsterdam: 226.

Swifte, Richard: to Burghley (3rd Aug.), 44; doubts victualling Berwick, unless money advanced (9th), 46; to be hurried from London, his deeds unlike his name (8th Dec.), 85; has got down to Berwick (18th Jan. 159596), 96; to Burghley, account waits him, 108; pays some money, 111; provision by, 115; prays payment, 116; rates, 117; provisions boughtobjects to auditbegs advance from Burghley (Sept.), 105; surcharges, &c., 196; to Burghleyhis labours in victuallingmoney advanceddebt, and need of speedy payment (5th Oct.), 200; his first account as victualler audited (14th Jan. 159697), 236; to Burghley of provisionhis troubles for money, and requesting relief from further service (15th March), 2812; provision shipped and bought (18th), 286; provision till Michaelmas (30th April), 313, 357; surcharge sought for, 372; to Burghley in reply, on his heavy chargesthat Vernon's fee is not availablecraving dismissal after Michaelmas (1st Aug.), 374; declaration of his over paymentssurcharge due, &c. (29th Sept.), 408; got a "prest" to buy victuals, but pays other debts with it, 474; 507; 526.

Swinborne, Edward: boats timber from Blaydon to Newcastle, 223.
-, Thomas: recusant, leaves the Middle March, 732; Mr, of Eglingham: fyles bill, 346.
-, one: killed near Hawtwyssell, 606.

Swinborne Castle: forced by Cesford with 200 men, prisoners taken, &c. (27th Aug.), 184; his trumpet sounded on, 187.

Swinhow (Swino, Sweno), James: to Sir W. Bowes of Lord Hume's sayings, 143; messenger between English and Scottish commissioners (11th15th Jan. 159697), 237; gentleman pensioner: brings Lord Hume's letters, &c., to Sir W. Bowes, 354; James: juror, Newburne, 405; at Norham ford (29th Sept.), 409; sent to Lord Hume at Norham ford meeting (8th Oct.), 415 16, 418; his pension disallowed by auditor, 728.
-, Tho, juror, Newburne: 405.

Syde, John of the: outlawed, 743.

Sydney (Sydname), Mr H.: paid, 23; of Lynn: 44.
-, Sir Philip: his writings commended by James 6th, 649.

Syms, William: Bothwell's butler, hanged (23rd Feb.), 17; though life promised him, ib.
-, Will, in Yettam: raid on, 182.