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Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 2, 1595-1603. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1896.

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Tailbois (Talboys), Mr Robert: has offended the Bishop of Durhamcommended by Eure as his kinsman to Burghley (27th Sept.), 193; his obstinacy and denial of offence complained of by the Bishop (22nd Oct.), 206; copies treaty for Eurehis objections to Durham levies "frivolous," 210; his authority to be demandedcustos rotulorumhe and his father blamed for accounts, &c., 220; of Thorneton: offers bond for Lord Eure's servants (31st Oct.), 457; 460; bails them to the assises, &c. (3rd Nov.), 462; his anger at bail for Eure's servants refused, 479.
-, of Lincolnshire, the house of: Eure akin to, 193.

Tait (Tayte, Tate), Alexander: Scottish Jesuit priest, his letters of warning to his King (Jan. 159596), 102.
-, David (Bareasse's son): raid, by, 165; in Bairers: taken prisoner in B., spoiled, &c., 182; if taken, an old story, 198.
-, George, of Bareasse: raid by, 165; on, 182.
-, Geo., Scotsman: holds 40s. of Shotton in lease, 401.
-, William: raid by, 165; of Cheretrees: pledge, 230; 350, 541, 592; breaks out of York Castlerecaptured and put in irons, 5945; offer for freedom (24th April), 645; Cesford's pledge, 646; has ague and dropsy in "Haddock's hole" (10th March 1602), 784; sticks in Carey's hands (4th June), 788.

Taits: raids by, in East March, 1478.

Talbot, Mr Edward: to take musters, 132; takes offence at Richard Fenwickforgives thefts from others, 402.

Talkyn: mustered, 557.

Tallantier: Lowther's "diet" at, while acting warden, 485.

Tarbott, Mr Wil.: at Fernehirst, 741.

Tarn house, the, and half forest: in Lancelot Carleton's hand, 558.

Tarras water: near Debateable land, 301.

"Tayles man," a: nature of evidence, 120.

Taylor (Tailler), Andro: outlawed, 743.
-, Edmund (Walton): blackmailed, 136.
-, John: Queen's tenant Rydings, robbed, denied by Grame of Mott, 138, 141.
-, J.: deputy of Edw. Stafford, 183.
-, John: slain, 300.
-, Roger: 74.
-, Sym: a West March pledge, 350; his house near Carwinley, 368.
-, Thomas, of Lesbury: raided, 148.
-, Thomas: a common thief, 687.
-, Thome "the Laird": fugitive, 743.
-, Will.: Thomas Carleton's man, 254; conducts a Gilsland foray, 367; Carleton's chief man, 387.
-, Wil.: horseman, 542.

Temple, Henry: 75.
-, Rob.: 75.

Templegarth house,&c.: in Carleton's hands, 558.

"Tenant right": claimed in the Dacre baronies of Burgh and Gilsland, 134.

Teviotdale: pledges for, 230; worst "riders" there can only pay with their skinsCarey thinks, 519.

Thirlwall (Thirlwaye), Alex. (Gilsland): spoiled, 363.
-, Edw. (Gilsland): spoiled, 363.
-, Ric., of Thirlwall Castle: plaintiff, 309.
-, Ric.: horseman, 542.
-, Castle: Thomas Carleton stays at, 254; robbery near, on 15th May, and Eure's reprisal, 342.
-, the postmaster of: sore wounded with his horse, by Scrope's men (14th Jan. 159697), 240; thought to open letters, 271; Carleton's son-in-law, his neglect of Scrope's letters (11th March), 280; T. Carleton's "son," tells him R. Lowther's plot against Scrope, 386.

Thirston: muster of, 74.

Tholscheils (the Old Shiels), Thome of, &c.: break Scrope's assurance, 776.

Thomas, Valentine, alias Thomas Anderson: his journeys on the Borderin Scotland, interviews with the King at Holyroodthefts of horses, &c., related by associate (2nd March 159798), 5202; called by Burghley "but a knave" (3rd June), 535; the King's displeasure at his reports, and Elizabeth's concealing them, 537.

Thomas , the, of Lynn: 286, 294.

Thompson, Antony: report on stores, 32; complaint by, 33; thanks Cecil for arrears, 68:128; Captain: and company at Norham ford (29th Sept.), 409; also (8th Oct.), fire three volleys in tumult without result, 415; t. 70, born in Yorkshire, 540; to Willoughby, 633; 674.
-, George, Berwick: 1.
-, Reg.: 74.

Thornby tenants: spoiled, 183; moor: tenants of, late Chr. Dacre's, raid on, 199; (Thornnay) more: tenants blackmailed, 136.

Thorneburne (Tynedale): burned by Buccleuch, 300.

Thorneton: assessed for a wreck, 820.
-, Geo.: 79.
-, Garrard: 78.
-, Hen.: 78.
-, James: 78.
-, Nich.: 78.
-, Nicolas, of Witton: juror, 133; 452.

Thorntons: their Scottish blood feuds, 111.

Throple: defects of, 78.

Throuton: muster of, 76.

Thrust pick, Tynedale: watch at, 470.

"Thumb on finger": an unseemly gesture of Lancelot Carleton to Scrope, 268.

"Thursday market," York: one Cooke in, 598.

Thwaites, Joseph: with Leigh (24th Nov.), 465; &c., petition the Council, 690.

Tirwhitt, Mrs, Hull: 598.

Tolbooth, the (Berwick): English and Scottish Border commission to sit in, 237, 239; (Carlisle): the Border commission to sit in (20th April), 302.

Tollson, Ric.: &c., petition the Council, 691.

Tomkins, Tho.: witness, 778.

"Tomye, Priors John": delivered "foul" to late Lord Scrope, 303.

Toone, Lance: 79.

Toor, Baron du: French ambassador to Scotland, and lady, &c., reach Berwick (24th July), 793; presents his credentials privately at Falkland, returns to Leith, &c., till public audience, ib., 794; his objects not yet known (29th Aug.), 795.

Toppen, John: &c., measures English Debateable ground (1552), 821.

Torcrossett: forayed, 168; (Ticrossock): raid on, 254.

Tordawath: Scrope and Herries meet at, 23; forty pledges to be exchanged at (20th Feb.), 252.

Torthorall (Tarthorall), house of: held against the King, 275; James Douglas's, given to Lord Ochiltree (3rd Dec.), 483.

Tourney, Will.: Ralph Gray's messenger to Selby, 287.

Tower, Laird of the (Kyrton): prisoner at hunting (2nd Aug.), 552; the "gudeman" of the T., 560.

Towers, George: passport to, 22.

Townes pick, the: on March, 470.

Tracquaire (Stewart of): will be constable of Dunbarton, 504.

Treasurer, Lord (Scotland): seeks two other offices, 241; is for the "ministers," 242; sent to Robert Bowes (31st Jan.), 244.

Treaty: at Carlisle for the Borders (5th May 1597), 31617.

Trewhett, Laird Mannors of: 754.

Trignowell, Dr Jo.: councillor (temp. Hen. 8th), 100.

Tripp, Edward: 5, 12; his debt of 536l. unpaid by Vernon, 44; of Hull: Vernon's creditor, 53.

"Troade," a: kinds of, 724.

Trotter, Edw., of Totherick: bill referred, 346.
-, Ja., of Fogo: fyles bill, 346.
-, Jock, the: a common thief, 687.
-, Tho.: 76.

Trowburne: Forster's sheep there driven (11th June), 137; 148.

Trowlopp, . . .: horseman, 326.

Trumble (Turnbull), Archy: foul, 345.
-, Hector, of Stoney letch: fyled, 263.
-, John, of Brodehaugh: 756.
-, John, of Maxsyde: 756.
-, Mark: 756.
-, Percy, of Stony letch: 756.
-, Rob.: 79.
-, Robert, of Barnhill: 756.
-, Tho.: 756.
-, Tho.: younger, Laird of Mynto: 756.
-, Will.: 78.
-, Wil., of Brodehaugh: 756.

Trumbles: at feud with Cesford, 90, 107; Buccleuch moves them to return the Grames' nags, 170.

Trumpeter, John: robbed, 308.

Tryermayne: mustered, 558; house, Holemill, &c., in Carleton's hand, ib.

Tughill, Jo.: 75.
-, Tho.: 75.

Tuixfurd, the postmaster at: 680.

Tullibardine (Tullybarne), Laird of: committed to Edinburgh Castle, 12.

Tuppy, William, Berwick: 1.

Turks, the: Carey's killing Daglisse, like their doings, 167.

Turner, Edw.: 75.
-, Jo.: 74.
-, Lanc.: 75.
-, Ric.: 76.
-, Rob.: 76.
-, Tho.: horseman, 542.

Turnshawe, Hobbie: bill on, 307.

Tushellawe, Goodman of: assiser, 751.

Tusser, one: reports treasure and a Spaniard on a Hamburg shiphis story doubted by John Carey, 86, 87.

Tweddall, Edw., bailiff, Over Denton: 446.
-, Robert: his bill, 19.
-, Rob., of Birdoswald: raid on, 265.
-, Tho. (Gilsland): spoiled, 363.
-, one: in Liddesdale, 235.

Tweedmouth: common at, 119; the sworn men of: bill on referred, 346.

Twisell, on Tweed: 520; Willoughby hunting Cheviot from (3rd July), 615; ford: Chute passes secretly by, 616.

Twyforde, John: complaint by, 33; thanks Cecil for arrears, 68; Captain: at Carlisle with his men (18th Jan. 159596), 95; and men at Alnwick for Carlisle, 99; at Carlisle (26th March), 117; (12th Oct.), 203; "billed" for Liddesdale, 248; defence, ib.; and company at Norham ford (29th Sept.), 409; also (8th Oct.), fire three volleys in tumult without result, 415; t. 65, born in Surrey, 540, 633, 674.

Tyne, South: hostile to Bishopric, 49.
-, bridge (Durham): levies for repair, 220.

Tynedale, castles of: in warden's hands, 55; N. and S.: musters of (24th Nov.), 73; herships (3) in, 11516; reprisals, 116; 118; rental (temp. Edw. 1st) 1700l., now but 30l., 164; bad custom in, of subdividing lands, 131.
-, Hen.: 74.
-, Ra.: 75.
-, Tho.: 74.

Tynemouth Castle: munition at (1585), 60; R. Carey, captain, ib.; ordnance and gunner needed at, 232; captain allowed for, though there is none, ib.; ordnance at, 361; utterly disfurnished (17th Feb. 159899), 589.

Tyrone (Tirron), Earl of: sends news to James 6th by Huntly (24th Dec.), 488; relief for, suspected (21st Feb. 1600), 639; defeats the English near Monaghan (24th Aug.), 686; to attack Lough Foyle by landaided by Spaniards under Bothwell (AprilMay), 744; Huntly's offer by Gicht to Elizabeth against him (21st Nov.), 775; the late Maklayn's offer to take or killa fresh one for Sir James Makonell, to Cecil if the Queen approves (17th July), 7923; the plot for his head told to Scrope, 811.

Tyrye, Captain Thomas: of the Scots Guard in France, passport to, 785.