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Calendar of Border Papers: Volume 2, 1595-1603. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1896.

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Ughame, the bailiff of: watch by, 452;Cockell: "plumpe" watch at, ib.

Urbella. See Steward, Lady Arabella.

Urwen (Yrwen), Geordie "Kange": raids by, 199; a pledge, 350.
-, Mat., of Graitnay: steals Kirkmichael's horses, 539.
-, Dick: murderer resetted by Wills Jock, 142, 1534.
-, Hobby: a West March pledge, 350.
-, Willie "Kange": raids by, 199.
-, one: his horse killed by a Grame, 303.

Urwines of Greatney hill: nephews of Rob of Fauld, burned for Provost Maxwell's murder (22nd Nov.), 464; fugitives for Maxwell's murder, to be trapped, 467.

Vasye, John: horseman, 542.
-, Wil., horseman, 542.

Vaughan, Edward: horseman, 542.
-, John, esq.: 93; Mr: his experience on commissions unknown, 193.

Vaughe, Symond, of West Newton: raid on, 165.

Vaughop, Lairds of, old and young: fyled, 346.

Vavasour, Sir William: 93.

Vawx (Vallibus), Hubert de (2), of Gilsland: 4456.
-, Matildis, of Gilsland: m. Thomas Multon of Burgh on Sands, 445.

Velleius Paterculus : cited by Bishop of Durham, 206.

Vennables, Tho.: surety, dead, 372.

Vere, Sir Francis: taking 3000 men to the Low Countries (May 1602), 786.
-, (Ann), Lady: Lord Burghley's daughterCarey's good wishes on her marriage (31st Jan. 159495), 11; and the Queen's intended presence, 12.
-, (Veare), Guevara's cousin: 632.

Vernon, Robert: victualler, his insufficiency and neglect (Jan. 159495), 3; to Burghley for loan, and his purchases (16th), 5; his care to pay himself in advance whoever wants, but his promises doubted by Carey, 6; his ill-dealing and bad provision (22nd), 7, 8; to Burghley with promises, urging loan or delay, his losses, &c. (30th), 8; to same, with petition to the Council for help, 9; his losses by sea, "dear years," &c., 10; his peoples' wages, 11; to Burghley, as to money spent, 12; of his delay from ague, but sets out for London next day (9th Feb.), 13; is providing nothing, Carey says, ib.; the captain's reply to, 33; his general insufficiency, 34; petition and promises to Burghley, 35; reply to the captains, 35; note of supply, 40; has neither money nor credit, 41; complains of Carey's injuring him, 42; cannot pay a creditor, 44; provides some grain, 44; his estimate, 45; to Burghley thereon, 46; supply sent, 49; Burghley's questions to, and his replies, 50; his debts at Lynn, 53; dispute with Carey, 54; his inability, 55; statement by, 56; as to rise of prices in four years, 57; estimates by, 60; 63; absent, his stock very bad (7th March), 18; secret view of same, 19; to Burghley, for help (14th), 20; great complaints of him (20th), 21; his accounting with the treasurer, 23; provision, ib., 24; is in deep debt, 25; survey of his store (8th April), 25; to Burghley, of the good supply coming (13th), 26; report on his stock, and his notes in reply (31st May), 32; to be hurried down from London (8th Dec.), 85; Bowes "accounting with him," 92; has got down with some provisions (18th Jan. 159596), 96; provisions, 115; prays payment, 116; his small store, 128; his wethers stolen from Gayneslaw, 163, 168; to Burghley for money (9th Aug.), 171; petition for money, new rates, &c. (16th Sept.), 189; note of provisionsobjections to auditmoney due him (Sept.), 195; his rates, surcharges, claims, &c., 196; complaints, and covenants not performed by the Queen, &c., ib., 197; further purchases (5th Oct.), 201; still negligent (9th Nov.), 216; honest enough, but utterly incompetent for his duties (27th), 223; petition for losses, &c., 232; his first account since 17 Eliz. (14th Jan. 159697), 236; Swift wishes to dissolve partnership (15th March), 281; note of provisions shipped and bought (18th), 286; to Burghley, for the half year's pay (27th April), 307; note of provision by, 357; to Burghley, as to balanceto supersede diligence against his sureties, &c., 372; list of these, ib.; notes as to garrison payrationsrates, &c.provision made (1st Aug.), ib., 373; his "entertainment" forestalled by debts, 374; declaration of his over-payments and surcharge due (29th Sept.), 408; Carey reports he has done nothing for the town (9th Oct.), 414; sends no provision at all (23rd Oct.), 432; got "prest" to buy victuals, but has paid other debts with it, 474; his purchases to victual Berwick (12th Dec.), 484; Carey asserts there is nothing sent or comewishes to charge him face to face in London (22nd), 487; to Burghley, from Lynn, of his great provision for Berwick (24th Jan. 159798), 507; is at Berwick, but nothing come (6th Feb.), 510; to Burghley, of his good provisionCarey made matters worse than neededcannot spare the town meadows, &c. (19th Feb.), 518; note of his provisions (10th March), 523; 524; (25th), 526; petitions for imprest, ib.; note of store at Berwick (26th April), 529; estimate for garrison (980 men, 80 horses), 530; amount admitted by his deputy (6th May), 531; to Willoughby, on victuals, "cheat bread," &c., 583; supplies beans only (14th June), 661; 765.

Vernon, Tho.: a surety, 372.
-, , William, 8: chief officer under Robert V., 18; without credit at Berwick, 41; certifies scarcity at Berwick, 128; his note of victuals arrived (6th Oct.), 202; 279; at Walton with Bowes for money (3rd July), 762.

Vice-Chamberlain, Mr, (Sir J. Stanhope): Scrope to, is starting for Bolton on 10th (6th), 816.

Villaine, Peir la: passport to, 781.

Waad, William: hears Crawford's confession, 522.

Wadley, Francis: charged with assault on John Browne at Richmond, his declaration, &c. (1st Nov.), 440; Lord Eure his master to Cecil thereon (7th), 443; of ArchdeaconNewton: depositions against, for assaulting John Browne, recorder of Berwick (19th Nov.), 456; (21st), 457; his own examination, 461; his recognizance to appear at assise, and keep the peace to Browne, 462.

Walch, John: justice of King's bench, 93.

Walkar, Captain: lost his company by drinking and cheating his menlies in an alehousea worthless fellow (11th Aug.), 173.
-, Oswald: late, a gunner, 751.

Wallworth: 520.

Wallys, John, shipowner, Lynn: 286.
-, Robert: 441.
-, Will.: 75.
-, Mr William: his "band," 112.
-, Mr: his "band," 112.

Wallyses, the: in feuds, 441.

Walton andrigg, tenants of: blackmailed, 136; spoiled, 183; late Chr. Dacre's: raid on, 199; mustered, 558;wood, the land sergeant's, ib.

Wampole: robberies, &c., at, 687.

Wanhopp, John: 79.

Wanlasse, Geo., of Durtresse: Redesdale pledge, 350.
-, James: fyled, 264.
-, Will., of Gresles: 404; felon, ib.

Wann, Rob.: 75.

Wapperdon: muster of, 75.

Warcope, Mr Thomas, pensioner, Carlisle: 634.

Warde, John: 77.

Wardell, Jo.: 74.

Wardlowe, Mr David: passport to, 30.

Wark: raid at, 148; castle: powder for, 238; 300l., for repair of, 307.

Warkworth, constable of: 56; lordship: muster of (24th Nov.), 74; Liddesdale, &c., thieves ride to, unchecked, 459.

Warwicke, the Laird, &c.: prisoners and ransomed, 761.
-, Lady: her nominee for Simonburne, 192; her presentee satisfied, 208, 214; now favours Eure's nominee (31st Dec.), 230.
-, Mr George: M.A. of seven years' standing recommended as parson of Simonburne (24th Oct.), 208; pressed on Burghley (31st Dec.), 230.
-, Tho.: &c., petition the Council, 690.
-, and Salisbury, Earl of: Richard, Lord High Chamberlain and Warden of West Marches (temp. Edw. 4th), 100.

Waste of Bewcastle, the: chief pass for outlaws, 58.

Waterhouse, Isack: pensioner, affray with Captain Jackson, 748.
-, Lewis: a Yorkshire man, 765.

Watson, Jo.: 75.
-, Jo.: customs officer, 277, 370.
-, Mich., of Mirry crooks: fyles bill, 264; 754.
-, Will.: 78.

Wauchop, Archibald, younger of Nedrie: rebel demanded, 244; again demanded (18th Feb.), 261; at Carlisle (4th May), 315.
-, (Vaughopp), the old Laird of: 756.

Waulton, Mich.: Woodrington's servant, a felon, assists two others' escape, 340.

Wayde, one: 86.

Waynman, one: Willoughby's follower, brings Ashfield's papers to Berwick, 6078; 615, 616; his widow a Goodycare, has a lease in Ireland, 650.

Weames (Wiemes), Laird of: 16; his man sent to Bowes with letters, &c. (April 1595), 25; passes Durham for London (17th Nov.), 630; his news, ib.; Lord W. with Argyll passes Berwick (7th Nov.), 709.

Weapons: bows, pikes, &c., Queen's prices too high for Border, 143.

Wedderburne (Weitherborne): 29; mouth: 520.
-, Mr John: taken in disguise at Tynemouthshipped from Boulognesent by Bothwell to murder or blow up Cesfordhis adventuresEure's description of him, &c. (17th July), 35960; his further news of Scotland (21st), 364.

Wedderburne, Laird of: 143; affected to Buccleuch, 219; messengers between him and English commissioners (10th15th Jan. 159697), 2367; his brother, ib.; at feud with Cesford for murder of Kerr of Anckrum, 245; 354; to Sir W. Bowes, 355; indent at Norham adjourning meeting (29th Sept.), 406; 409; 411; his remark to Bowes, 412; at Norhamtumult raised by Cesford, business broken off, &c. (8th Oct.), 41518; at Norham fordhis rescue of Sir W. Bowes and party in tumult, &c., 41718; to Bowes, from Wedderburne, of his "lord chief's" actshis own opinionand will help (14th Oct.), 423; highly commended to Cecil by Sir W. Bowes for the Queen's notice (18th), 4245; requisition to, for delivery of Cesford at Fouldon (20th), 430; his name to be kept secret from Lord Hume (24th Oct.), 435; assists Bowes with the King for the pledges, 4889; urged therein by Buccleuch (4th Jan. 159798), 496; to Sir W. Bowes with the King's orders as to pledges (4th Jan. 159798), 497; how to be answered, 499; sent by the King to Nicolson (20th), 502; his opinion, 503, 504; to Bowes on misunderstanding (4th Feb.), 508; Bowes to, in reply (6th), 511; agreement at Lamberton (7th), 512. See Hume, Sir George.

Weddowes, Ric.: 76.

Weetwood (Witwood), fair at: Cesford's attempt to kill people at (9th June), 36; tower besieged, and town plundered by Scots (Oct.), 213.

Weldon, Christofer: beheaded by Eure for March treason, 338.
-, Nicholas, of W.: a notorious thief, &c., 338; not countenanced by Eure, whose house he tried to burn, &c., ib.; 347; 352; (Welton), Mr Nychol: slain in Bewcastle (13th May), 605.

Weshart, John, of the French Guard: passport to, 784.

West, John: Mr Fanshawe's servant, 458.
-, Valentine, soldier, Berwick: delivers Sir William Reade's writings, &c., to John Browne at Richmond (29th Oct.), 455; sent to London by Bishop of Durham (24th Nov.), 458; 778.

West Chester: Essex at, for Ireland (1st April 1596), 5967.

West ford, Norham: Scots noblemen named to try the tumult-raisers at (15th Feb. 159798), 514.

West hall (Gilsland): raid on, 254.
-, Limpton, manor of: tenants in, 133.

Westmerland, Earl of: attainted, his possessions, 55; the late: 93; one of his castles suggested for Buccleuch's custody, 424; his daughter, 759.

West Port, the (Edinburgh): 521.

Westropp, Captain Thomas: muster by (24th Nov.), 73, 7779; his notes on arms, &c. (29th Dec.), 79; 94.

Wetherall, Mr: Edw. Stanhope's servant, 598.
-, robbery at: 687; cell of: 822.

Whalton: defects of, 79.

Wharier, Geo.: 74.
-, Jo. (2): 74.

Wharton, Lord: named to Burghley, 85; Thomas, (1st) Lord: 93; extracts from his book (6 Edward 6th), 270; a most expert borderer, 565, 566; collection of Border treaties, laws, &c., his fees of office, &c., 8212; (2nd) Lord: his daughter married to "the best" Musgrave, nephew of Richard M. (13th Nov.), 710.
-, John: &c., petition (11th Aug.), 678; 690.
-, Ric.: &c., petition (11th Aug.), 678.
-, Thomas: horseman, 542.

Wharwood, the Queen's wood of: timber asked from, 128.

Whele (Wharle) causey: a Scots' pass to Redesdale, 470.

Whickham-upon-Tyne: 520; 521.

"Whinnes": 520.

Whisgills, John of the: outlawed, 743.

Whitehill, six tenants of: late Chr. Dacre's, now his son's, the Queen's ward: raid on, 183, 199.

Whitfeild, Francis: in Bewcastle fray, 604; escaped, 605.
-, John: the Queen's officer, sorely hurt in a fray (13th May), 604; his bowels came out, but sewn up and yet living (18th), 605; bailiff of Hexham, still lies at Bewcastle (26th), 606.
-, Nicolas, of W.: juror, 132; witness to the Ellots' bond to Eure (4th June), 334; bailiff of Hexham: presentments against, 3978; bailiff of Hexham, attends Eure to Norham ford (29th Sept.), 409; his answer to the jurors' charges against him, 430; Mr: &c., slain in Tynedale by Liddesdale men (c. Jan. 159798), 514; his murderer slain by Henry Bowes, ib.

Whithaugh, Laird of: denies reset, 19; his people take Will of the Mote (13th Jan. 159697), 235; collusively Scrope thinks, ib.; the "auld Laird" of: his three sons outlawed (18th April), 743.
-, young Laird of: and his son at Kinmont's rescue, 122; 127; raids by, in West March (June-Aug.), 198.

Whithaugh, Andrew [Armstrong]: his house burnt for Ridley's murder (18th June), 610.
-, Sym [Armstrong] of: married Captain Musgrave's bastardlives in his houseand slew Mr Rydley (June), 614; his three sons outlawed (18th April), 743; six Armstrongs of: at a football match, &c., Bewcastle, 605; their great haunt with the Captain, ib.
-, Swyre: a thieves' pass, 470.

Whitley, in Tynmouthshire: defects of, 79.

Whitrig andLeas: tenants in, 133.

Whittingham: muster of, 76.
-, , Peter: 77.
-, William, Dean of Durham: 93.

Whyte close (Leven): tenants beggared and blackmailed, 141.

Whyteheade, Quintin: servant to Captain of Bewcastle, holds an Englishman to ransom, 604.

Whytton, Jacob, captain of Roebuck (1588): 222.

Wigham, Tho., of the Esh: plaintiff, 309.

Wilkes, Sir Thomas, clerk of Council: 93.

Wilkin (Wilkinson, Wyllinson), Christofer (Sandisike): blackmailed, 135.
-, Nicolas: a prisoner, 24.
-, Richard, of Lynn: 5.
-, Will., in Chatton: raid by, 182.

Willies, Mr: Cecil's attendant, 719; described as "of tall stature," 721.

Willoughby de Eresby, Lord, (Peregrine Bertie): the Queen intends him for Berwick, 173; (Willowbee), Lord: to come as governor to Berwick when able (9th Oct.), 414; (Wyllughby, Willowbee), Lord: to be governor of Berwick and warden of East March, 519, 520; 523; Queen's commission to (13th March 159798), 524; Carey asks notice before giving him the keys of Berwick (30th), 527; to the Councilreporting arrivalhis opinion of (1) the musters, (2) the pensioners, (3) artillery, and (4) the fortifications (2nd May), 5301; desire to change place of meeting on truce days (1st June), 533; his deputy sent to Cesfordtheir meeting for pledges, &c. (3rd), 534; to Burghley of waste in Chopwell wood (4th), 535; to same of receipt of pledges from Cesford, ib., 536; Cesford to, of his good will, 536; to William Selby for advice on a muster, 539; Selby's reply, ib., 540; takes muster of garrison (10th June), 5401; to Cecil, has sent Cesford's pledges to York (19th), 541; to the CouncilSir R. Carey's forty horse mustered (28th June), 542; dispute with R. Musgrave on appointing gunners, 544; to the Councilordnance at Holy Island only fired by trainmaster gunner killed in his presence (4th July), 545; to Cecilall care of his despatches taken, ib.; passport to three Scots gentlemen (10th), 547; to Burghley, Bowes not come with paysoldiers murmuring (11th), ib.; to same of the customer's ill-doinga blood-sucking fly (15th), 548; to Cecil, ib.; to same in reply (26th), 550; takes muster of garrison (1st Aug.), ib., 551; passport to Captain Seyton (3rd), 551; to Cecil of his father's illnessthe musters, &c. (6th Aug.), 552; to Henry Locke on Lord Burghley's death, for his assistance (11th Aug.), 552; to Cecil, of Lord Spynie's passing to France, Hume joining him, &c. (16th), 553; passport to Spynie, ambassador to the Queen, 554; Cecil to, as to Cesford's good offers (12th June), 555; instructions as to horse garrison (27th Aug.), ib.; to Cecil, on bypast bills (29th), ib., 556; his conferences with Cesford go to the King (5th Sept.), 5589; to Cecil with plans of fortifications, &c. (10th Sept.), 5601; his reasons for improving the fortifications, 561; bird's eye plan of same, bridge tower, &c., ib.; to Cecil as to Scots thief at Hull (20th Sept.), 562; to same (8th Oct.), 564; on March meetings, &c. (18th), 570; to Cecilhis packets often late (21st Nov.), 578; passport to Lord Oliphant (8th Dec.), 581; has seen Sir Walter Lindsay (28th Dec.), 582; R. Vernon to, on supplies, 583; to Cecil on Bothwell, Cesford, &c. (1st Jan. 159899), 583; to Cecilmessage from a Scotsman of note, &c. (5th April), 599; to same, to consider their state, defences, &c. (18th), 601; warrant for Lord Hume's post horses (20th), 602; and passport for him (21st), ib.; to Cecil by Musgrave (22nd), ib.; to samethe Scotsman is the Master of Glammis, ib., 603; to same, that needless salvoes shall be retrenched (12th June), 607; of his capture of Ashfield (13th), ib.; sends details of samethe King's displeasure, &c. (15th), 608; James 6th to, demanding Ashfield (14th June), 609; to the King excusing his action (15th), ib.; to Cesford thereon, 610; to Cecil, that the affair is settling (20th), 611; to same, that Ashfield will be sent (23rd), ib.; passport by, ib.; to Cecil, sending Ashfield with the best escort he could getand for the garrison pay (27th 28th June), 612; to same, as to changes in garrisonleave to come upquiet about Cheviot, &c. (3rd July), 61415; Thomas Windebank toof his sonthe Queen's graciousness and excellent health, &c. (11th July), 61516; to Cecilfor his coming up (13th July), 616; to same, sending up Mr Chute (17th), ib.; of his meeting the opposite warden, &c. (27th), 617; of incidents at meetingquotes Petrarch (4th Aug.), 618; of meeting with Cesford, and business done (10th), ib., 619; to Windebanck in reply (24th), ib.; to Cecil in reply (25th), ib.; to same (28th), 620; to Windebanck as to leave (31st), ib.; to same, quarrel between Cesford and H. Woodrington (8th Sept.), 622; to Cecilarrival of Scots of ranknews of Spanish fleet, &c. (22nd), 623; one year's works at Berwickonethird might be saved (29th Sept.), 625; to Cecil, thanks for leave (2nd Oct.), 626; gone, has left Carey no allowance (6th), 627; John Guevara to, of Cesford, asks Willoughby's and his daughter's pictures (29th Nov.), 632; the captains to, as to pay (10th Dec.), 633; memoranda by, for Cecil, on March billsthe garrison, &c., 6356; to Cecil, for an old officer (7th Jan. 15991600), 637; to same, still sick, but will attend him soon (26th), 638; to same, will meet the Lord Treasurerbut only in Cecil's housegives reason (Feb.), 640; memorial on his wardenry and Berwick for amendment of discipline, &c., 64042; sends plan of town, ib.; John Guevara to, local news, to return the Scottish bell, though his mare cannot run (22nd April), 645; James 6th inquires of him, 654; to Cecil from HackneyGray and Selby's dispute, &c. (12th May), 655; claims Harding's intestacy to build a church at Berwick (26th May), 657; his narrative of amounthis title, Carey's and other opposing claims, 658; Carey's complaint of his dealing (29th), 659; and of his godly objects, ib.; Sir J. Carey to, Dunkirk pirates off coastVernon's neglect (14th June), 661; to the Council from Greenwich, opposing Scrope's demand for his men (5th July), 6656; is usurping authority by deputy (8th), 666; petition to, by gunners for powder, 673; by captains for pay, ib.; questions between him and treasurer, 674; to Cecil from Grimsthorp on the Lord Treasurer's, &c., interference with Harding's estate (1st Aug.), ib., 675; to same, from Eresby, with news of Gowrie's death, (10th), 676; the Queen to, with leave of absence on occasion (18th), 678; Cecil to, with same and the Queen's gracious wishesforeign and Irish news, &c. (19th), 679; to Cecil, from Eresby, with thankshis new attackbut is on his way (23rd Aug.), 681; Scrope hears is "sore sick" and in danger (10th Sept.), 685; has reached Berwick (20th Sept.), 688; to CecilCesford's urgency to meet instantly on his returnhis licenceadvises it (22nd Sept.), 689; munitions for his new ship (29th), 692; to CecilScotland disturbeda murder near him (8th Oct.), 693; on a disputed appointment (13th), ib.; Selby and Musgrave on his arrogant claims and titles, 6945; Selby on these and his designs (14th), 6956; Captain John Selby's remonstrance, 696; to Cecil Scots' news the King's charge against himquarrels of Berwick council (21st Oct.), 698; William Selby's further complaints of himis very sick (28th), 701; to the Privy Councildisputed jurisdiction of Berwick and York, &c. (29th), ib., 702; letter to Eure (10th Sept.), 703; to Cecil thereon as touching his brother Lord Burghley (29th Oct.), ib., 704; to same with Selby's opinion, &c., his council still at variance with him, 704; to Cecil, of fresh disputes in council (30th Oct.), 706; Selby on his doings, ib.; letters, &c., between him and Selby, 707; to Cecil, will duly receive his visitors (3rd Nov.), 708; declaration of late disputes, ib.; to Cecil, Scottish news, &c. (8th), ib.; to same, the Viscounts of Rohantheir reception and departure for Scotland (12th), 709; to same, with letter to the Queen for Cesford (14th), 71011; to same, great disputes in Scotland (16th), 712; of the King of Denmark's doings &c. (18th), ib.; to Nottingham and Cecil in his defence (22nd), 713; to Cecil therein, ib.; to the Queen in excuse (22nd Nov.), 714; to Cecil, Scots' news, Cesford's peerage, &c. (28th), ib.; to the Council on his messenger's delay, causes, &c. (6th Dec.), ib., 715; his answers to Musgrave, 715; to Nottingham and Cecil on Sir William Eure in Scotland (7th), 716; to the Council in behalf of Eure (12th), 717; to Cecil with Johnston's letter, 718; Robert Johnston to, on Gowrie's brothers, &c., ib., 719; Nottingham and Cecil to, with the Queen's pleasure, &c. (14th), 719; to them in reply with thanks, is very ill (22nd), 720; to Cecil of Bowes' request to leave (27th Dec.), 720; with Bowes, to same, answering the charges against them (31st), ib.; to Cecil, has stayed one Robert Johnson, (31st Dec.), 721; his fees in office, retinue, &c., 722; with Bowes, to Cecil on their defence (10th Jan. 1600), 724; Selby's complaint of stopping his messenger for letters, 725; to Cecil, has intercepted Pourie Ogilvy's messenger and letters (11th), ib.; to Sir R. Carey to search for Ogilvy, 726; Carey's complaint of his seizing Ogilvy in the Middle March (12th), 7267; to Cecil, for a pensioner checked by the auditor (20th), 728; to Cecil in reply to Carey's complaint (29th), 730; to same of Mar's embassyLord Burlie's wish for a passport, &c. (4th Feb.), ib., 731; to same, of delay in his letter of 9th (14th), ib., 732; has received and will publish the proclamation (16th), ib.; to same, Mar arrives next day (18th) 734; to samehas been very illMar, &c., left on 20th, his messages (22nd), ib., 735; has given John Selby's company to Guevara (26th), 735; is disposing of the master smith's place, ib.; to Cecil, on Essex's character, fall, and execution, &c. (12th March), ib., 736; the Queen to, with adviceregret for his illnessEssex's ingratitude (21st March), 737; to Cecilif assisted, his ship will attack the Dunkirkers (28th), 738; to the Queen, in reply on her deliverance, &c. (29th), ib., 739; of the Jesuits in Scotlandone repentanthas demanded the others (6th April), 740; to Cecil of his great obligationsthe Queen's health, &c., 742; of outrage by the Dunkirkerscost of his ship too great (19th), 743; of Spanish designs on Ireland (26th), 744; with the King's letter as to the Dunkirkers (28th), 747; James 6th to, thereon, ib.; Nicolson to, therewith, ib.; to the Council on a Berwick dispute (30th) 748; narrative of his proceedings (May), ib., 749; his imbecility and dislike of Selby (9th), 749; to Cecil, with Lady Hume's letter, &c. (22nd), 751; for leave, if Sir R. Carey takes his place (26th), 752; to Cecil, as to his leaveRoxburgh's discontent, &c. (4th June), 753; to same, on Lady Hume's packet, &c. (911th), ib.; his time on earth short, 745; to same, of Sir J. Carey's sales of officesgrasping money, &c. (18th21st), 7578; Privy Council to, for Musgrave, 758; his sudden cold and fever, and in great peril (25th), ib.; died suddenly at 3 P.M. (25th), 759; a late examination by, 760; his body placed in his ship with solemnity (20th July), 765.

Willy, Anthony: 78.
-, Davie's: a common thief, 687.

Wilson, Christofer: 78.
-, Edw.: 76.
-, Henry: common thief, 687.
-, Jo.: 74.
-, "Rytche" James: robberies by, 63.
-, Richard, of Haughton: 756.
-, Rob., senior and junior: 74.
-, Wil.: a common thief, 687.

Wimbleton: Lord Burghley at (1600), 703.

Windebancke, Mr Thomas: 100; 330; 528; clerk of Council: to Willoughbythe Queen's grace to his son going abroadgift of jewelher excellent health, &c. (11th July), 61516; Willoughby to, in reply with thanks (24th Aug.), 619; same to, on his leaveand reasons (31st), 620; 788, 790.

Wisbitch: 333.

Witton upon the water: muster of, 78; defects, 79; Eure asks leave to go to sometimes, having sent his wife and family there from the plague, 356; Lady Eure sick at, and himself there for a few days, (21st July), 364.

Wolsey, one: a Scot and robber, 138, 141.

Wolstie Castle: a strange ship off, 638; the Leethe of Emdenher cargo, &c., 639; is taken to Scotlandher cargo salt, ib., 640.

Womppray, Rob.: 78.

Woodesleas, Goodman of: bill on, 307.

Woodhorn and domain: defects of, 79.

Woodrington (Wetherington): muster of, 78; defects, 79; house of: unfit for the warden, near no town, &c., 549.
-, Ephrame: absent from muster, 79; quit of bill, 264; brother to Henry W., &c., come to Morpeth Castle armed, and menace Edward Gray for imprisoning a pledge (31st Dec.), 493, 506.
-, Hector: horseman, 542.
-, Sir Henry: his time, 33.
-, Henry: 56; his late roade in Scotland, 62; has assured with Scottish riders (18th Nov.), 71; musters light horse at Clifton field (24th), 73, 7779; his family's intermarriages, 74; proposed for commission by Eure (28th Feb.), 110; his two men escape from Hexham assises, 119; of Woodrington: juror, 132; receives James Young, prisoner, in private revenge, 180; Cesford breaks his house of Swinburnerescues Young, and takes Roger W., his brother (27th Aug.), 184; C.'s trumpet sounded on his house top, 187; too "young fry" for a sheriff, 208; Eure's hopes of him at firstpresent dealing with him as to "Cove," and his brother Roger's capture, &c. (30th Nov.), 226; refuses to live in Eure's March and leaves it (24th Jan. 159697), 240; of Swinburne: fyles bill on Cavers, 264; bill fyled on, and murder referred, ib.; to state his charges openly to Burghley (27th May), 328; his malice to Eure, 338; his only service done, "Cavers in Tevydale"shelters Eure's fugitives from justice, and his evil inclined kinsmenfails duty as a jurormounts two escaped felons near Hexhamhis ingratitude to his dearest friendspride and discontent of all authority, &c., 338 41; refused Eure's horsemen grass, &c., 3478; Browne's low opinion of Eure's suspicion, and that he is a pillar of the Marches and adversary of the Queen's enemies, 354; to be confronted with Eure (27th July), 369; his tenants would give double rent if freed of bondage, 403; on a Hexham jury, condemns only friendless thieves, ib.; troubles Mansfield with "supposed" frays about Harbottle, &c., 428; near akin to Mansfield's alleged "felon" horsemen, 429; report of his knighthood, 453; protected by Eure after killing Jock Burne, 472; declaration by, against Eure, for offences in officetrysting with Cesfordsuffering his insolence, and excusing himoutrages on his brother Roger and Fenwick of Wallingtonproposing pension for Cesford, &c. (2nd Dec.), 47981; asks leave to go back to his March (7th Dec.), 484; his brother Ephraim and servants menace Edward Gray (31st Dec.), 493, 506; attacks a Scottish hunting party (2nd Aug.), 551; his delivery demanded by King (13th), 553; William Selby's reports on, 556; the Scots' charges against him, 557; repeated at Jedburgh before Cesford (9th Sept.), 560; Scrope to Cecil in his favour (11th Oct.), 568; sent to Bishop of Durham (18th Nov.), 577; Bishop intercedes for, as indispensable (2nd Dec.), 580; his instant release desired (11th Dec.), 581; Scrope for (16th), 582; to be tried by Border assise (2nd Jan. 159899), 584; his liberty asked till then (14th), ib.; is greatly needed on Border (22nd), 585; request to be at trial (31st), 586; the King's conditions for trial (13th Feb.), 587; these condemned by Bishop of Durham (17th), 589; release urged on Council (20th March), 596; on Cecil (13th April), 600; to Cecil from Alnwick for same, ib.; to Sir R. Carey from Bothalof Ridley's, &c., slaughter in BewcastleCesford's doingsBuccleuch's sicknesscapture of outlaws, &c. (18th May), 605; to same, fresh outrage at Haltwissell, &c. (26th), 606; to Cesford from Bothal, giving him the lie (4th Sept.), 622; Cesford to, from "the Freers," to a duel at the Hayr Crags, on 7th at 8 A.M., sword and daggersteel cap and plate sleeves (5th), ib., 623; H. W. absent, 622; Powrie Oglevy received at his house (Jan. 16001), 726; is commended by Carey to Cecil for interview (26th), 729; and especially by Bishop of Durham, to inform him of Scotland, the Borders, &c. (8th Feb.), 731; punishes the Liddesdale outlaws (13th May), 750; bills on and by, 7556; deputy warden Middle March, delivers four York pledges to deputy of East March, 781.

Woodrington, Isacke: entreats Eure for Shaftoe, 340.
-, Mark: horseman, 542.
-, Raph: Henry W.'s youngest brother, his leap at Swinburne Castle from third storey, 480.
-, Rob.: horseman, 78.
-, Mr Robert: new sheriff of Northumberland, infirm (1st Jan. 159596), 94; Eure's request for, ib.; Robert, of Hauxley: a juror, stirs up Eure's tenants to complain, 341; juror, Newburne, 405.
-, Robert, of Plessay: named sheriff for 1596, declined office, 232; watch by, 452.
-, Roger: taken at Swinburne, released by Cesford on parole (27th Aug.), 184; is gone prisoner to Scotland with Cesford, against Eure's command (30th Nov.), 226; indicted at Warden Court as a March traitor, &c., but shows himself openly at Berwick (20th Jan. 159697), 240; assists escape of two felons from the Spitell, Hexham, 340; his attire, ib.; "trier" in a duel, 430; taken by Cesford at SwinburneEure's violent threats and harsh proceedings against him, 480; words spoken to, at Cocklaw, reported, 564; promised bailiwick of Hexham, 611 12; his lease of Ratcliffe's lands (27th Oct.), 700; commended by Richard Lowther to Sir John Stanhope (12th Nov.), 709; by Lancelot Carleton to Lord Thomas Howard (13th), 710; by Carey to Cecil (15th), 711.

Woodringtons: their Scottish blood fends, 111; causelessly offended with Eure (2nd July), 145; their factions revived against Eure, 214; 218.

Wooler, the parson of: Cesford's men steal his sheep (Lammas 1594), 38; reprisal by his friends, and on Cesford's attempting to kill him, flies to Berwick, 38.

Wragmyer: robberies, &c., at, 687.

Wray, Mr William: brother to Mrs Foljamb, asked to favour Sir W. Bowes' suit (17th Nov.), 70.
-, the: robbery at, 687.

Wright, Gilbert (Cowpland): his cattle driven, 148.
-, Rob.: horseman, 542.
-, Tho.: 74.

Wyclyffe, Mr: 500.

Wyndgayttes edge: plump watch at, 452.

Yaxley, Rob.: surveys store, 124; to the Council thereon (1st May), 128; Captain: brings letter from Essex to Scrope, 241; solicitor for Sir R. Carey, ib.; Scrope wishes his fifty men placed in Gilsland (9th Feb.), 254; report on victuals, 531; commissioner on munition, 5323; t. 38, born in Lincolnshire (10th June), 540; Sir Robert: 758; without his warrant (11th July), 764; at Carlisle with his men (10th Aug.), 767; 792, 795.

Yerdell: near Wooler, half in Middle, half in East March, 821; to Scotland by N. Cheviot, in East March, ib.; by S. Cheviot, in Middle, ib.

Yettam, tenants of: raided, 182; their horses taken carrying off wood, 198.

York, Archbishops of: Thomas (Young): late, 93; President of the North, ib.; Matthew (Hutton): on Council of North, 109; President of Council at York, 400; to the Council (26th Sept.), 406; his signet, ib.; to Cecil, that Cesford's thirteen pledges were in York Castle (22nd June), 541; to Cecil, of three more Scottish hostages received (18th Sept.), 562; &c., to the Council with Scottish pledges' petition (17th Dec.), 582; petition to, by the starving pledges, ib.; Sir R. Carey to, their design to escape (2nd March 159899), 591; to Cecil, of their escape and re-capture (16th), ib., 592; his servant killed in scuffle, ib.; William Selby to (17th March), 595; to Carey, 596.
-, "city and county of": 93; the old manor at: suggested for Buccleuch's prison, 432.

Yorkshire: the Queen's rents, &c., of, 39.

Young (Yonge), Edw.: Eure's horseman brings money from York, 352.
-, Mr Geo.: commissioner, 236; meets English near Berwicksafe conduct, &c., 237; comes to Berwicksigns articles (22nd Jan. 159697), 239; 244; 253; to be sent to the King (11th Feb.), 255; 262; Archdean of St Andrews, commissioner, 316; reasons for his not signing treaties at Carlisle (7th May), 31920; (2nd June), 332; expected ambassador as to delivery of Cesford and Buccleugh (12th June), 343; signs indent for pledges, 350; his roll of the pledges defective, 351; clerk of Council, 390; &c., to Bowes (4th Feb.), 509; Bowes' reply (6th), 511.
-, Geo., in Hoislaw: raid on, 182; 754.
-, George: an unruly Marchman, hanged in chains by Lord Roxburgh, 7834.
-, James: 75.
-, James, of the Coave: Sir R. Carey wishes keeping of (17th July), 1545; "of the Coave," elder: raid by, 165; Cesford's letter about (29th Aug.), 180; Cesford's rescue of him at Swinburne Castle, &c. Young, James, of the Coavecontinued. (27th), 184; questions between his previous takers, &c. (3rd Sept.), 184; 187; his taking in question, 226; a pledge for Teviotdale, 230; heads a raid at Killam (14th April), 297; 302; 303; pledge, 350, 541; 591; in York Castle, 592; Cesford's pledge, York, 646.
-, James, of Feltershaw: a pledge, 350.
-, James, of the Knowe: foul, 346.
-, Jock (Blackhall): raid by, 165.
-, John, of the Spittle lands: horse stealer, 441.
-, "Julyans" John: East March fugitive, reset by Eure, 338; who knows nothing of him, 341.
-, "Dafte Jocke": foul for sheep stealing, 346.

Young, John: breaks York Castlere-captured, and put in irons, 5935.
-, Mr Peter, &c.: sent to Bowes by the King, 244.
-, Ric., of Feltershawe: pledge, 230, 541, 592; breaks York Castlere-captured and put in irons, 5945; Cesford's pledge, York, 646.
-, Thomas (Coave): raid by, 165.
-, Tom, "with the stowers": raids by, 165; of the Stowers: East March fugitive, reset by Eure, 338; who knows nothing of him, 341.
-, Watty, of the Knowe: raid by, 165.

Younges: many raids, murders, &c., by, in East Marches, 1478; killing one, a blood feud, 189.