Close Rolls, Edward III: December 1366

Pages 257-258

Calendar of Close Rolls, Edward III: Volume 12, 1364-1369. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1910.

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December 1366

Membrane 4.
Dec. 12.
To Reynold de Sholdham searcher of the king's forfeitures in the port of London. Order to dearrest and deliver to the master and to John Bachecote burgess of Calais, to make their advantage thereof, a ship and 36 tuns 1 pipe of woad by him arrested, that arrest notwithstanding; as lately the king ordered the searcher to certify in chancery the manner and cause of the arrest of the woad aforesaid, and he [returned that] information was given him that a ship of John Rys touched in the port of London laded with 37 tuns 1 pipe of woad of Andrew Frerote and Peter Page merchants of Amiens, and by search he found in the said ship 37 tuns 1 pipe of wine uncustomed except one tun, for which cause he arrested the residue on the king's behalf; and the king by writ commanded the mayor and sheriffs of London to make inquisition touching the circumstances by the oath of true men as well merchants of Caleys in London as others of their bailiwick, native and alien, whether the wine is of the said Andrew and Peter, of the said John or of others, and if so of whom, in what parts the ship was laded with the said woad, whether custom was paid thereon, and if so where, to whom, when and in what manner; and by inquisition so taken it is found that 36 tuns 1 pipe of woad of the 37 tuns 1 pipe are and at the time of the arrest were of John Bachecote and not of the said Andrew and Peter or any other, that they were laded at Calais in a ship of the said John, that he paid the custom thereon due, namely about Monday before St. Simon and St. Jude last, that the said ship with the woad after touched at the port of London, and paid to the said sheriffs the custom thereupon due, that the remaining tun not arrested is and at the time of the arrest was of Eliot de Gascoigne 'vyneter,' that he paid 18d. for the custom thereupon due to the king to William de Kelseye and his fellows collectors of the petty custom in the port of London, and to the said sheriffs the custom due, and that that tun was with the woad laded at Calais in the said ship.
Dec. 3.
To the treasurer and the barons of the exchequer. Order, upon the petition of Henry de Brisele, to account with him concerning the arrears of the 40l. lately granted him by letters patent for term of his life, and to allow him in the debts from him due at the exchequer what they shall find to be due, also 83l. 8d., if due to him, for the sale of divers instruments and other things needful for the mint in the Tower of London delivered to the king's clerk John de Thorpe warden thereof to the king's use; as his petition shews that he is bound to the king in divers sums of money, that certain sums are due to him from the king as well of the said arrears as for the sale aforesaid, and that these last amount to 83l. 8d., as by the said John's account of his office rendered at the exchequer may appear, praying allowance thereof. Proviso that if Henry owes more than is due to him, he shall answer to the king for the surplus.
Dec. 7.
To the treasurer and the barons of the exchequer and to the chamberlains. Order to account with Thomas de Bello Campo earl of Warrewyk, whom the king has newly sent to Flanders to further certain business there, concerning the days he stood upon the king's service going from the city of London to those parts, there abiding, and thence returning to the said city, and concerning the expenses of his passage over sea and return, allowing him 5 marks a day for his wages and 2½ marks for the reward granted him by the king, and to pay him of the treasury what shall by such account be found due to him. By K.
Dec. 16.
To the sheriffs of London. Notice that the king has withdrawn the letters patent of protection for one year with the clause volumus which he lately granted to Thomas de Aldoun, believing him to be about to sail to Gascony in the company of the king's son John duke of Lancaster, so that the same should not avail him if he should not take that voyage or should return to England within the said term, in order that they may do what shall seem right at the suit of all having plaints before the sheriffs against the said Thomas that protection notwithstanding; as the said duke has sailed, and the said Thomas is yet abiding in England and not making ready to sail, as the king has learned by credible witness. By K.