Close Rolls, Edward III: September 1364

Pages 30-31

Calendar of Close Rolls, Edward III: Volume 12, 1364-1369. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1910.

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September 1364

Membrane 11.
Sept. 3.
Order to the sheriff of Huntingdon to cause a coroner to be elected instead of William de Luton, who has been elected bailiff of the king's town of Huntyngdon.
Sept. 25.
To the treasurer and the barons of the exchequer of Ireland. Order to pay of the treasury of Ireland to John Haukyn the king's serjeant at arms, who is in the retinue of Lionel duke of Clarence the king's son and lieutenant in Ireland, such wages as other serjeants at arms used heretofore to have in Ireland from the time he abode there on the king's service and so long as he shall there abide, taking his acquittance. By K. and C.
Sept. 30.
To the bailiffs of Great Jernemuth, and the collectors of customs there. Order to suffer fishermen from Flanders and elsewhere over sea, who shall come within the realm for taking herring of the present season and bringing them to Jernemuth fair, to take with them to their own parts or elsewhere without let at their will all the money they shall receive for the price of herrings brought thither and sold at the said fair, after paying the customs due thereupon, the proclamation to the contrary notwithstanding, although lately the king caused proclamation to be made throughout the realm forbidding any man under pain of forfeiture to take or cause to be taken out of the realm gold or silver in money or otherwise; as willing to shew favour to the said fishermen, the king has given them licence under his protection to come within the realm and take at sea what herring they may, bring them to the fair, receive money in gold for what they shall sell, and take the same with them whither they will, as they shall deem for their best advantage. By K. and C.
Et erat patens.
To the sheriffs of London, the collectors of the petty custom and the searchers of forfeitures in that port. Like order to suffer fishermen from foreign parts, who shall bring eels and other fresh fish to the city of London for sale, to take with them to foreign parts without let all money of gold which they shall receive for the sale of such eels and fish by witness of those who shall have knowledge of such sale, after paying the customs due thereupon, the proclamation to the contrary notwithstanding. By K. and C.
Et erat patens.