Close Rolls, Edward III: October 1364

Pages 31-33

Calendar of Close Rolls, Edward III: Volume 12, 1364-1369. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1910.

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October 1364

Oct. 18.
The like writ patent to the mayor and bailiffs of Sandewich and the collectors in that port for the fishermen of Flanders and elsewhere, in regard to money of gold for herring and other fish brought to that town and there sold. By K. and C.
Sept. 26.
To Richard de Sutton escheator in Lancashire. Order to remove the king's hand and not to meddle further with 9s. of rent of Margery de Dukworth and Cicely her sister in Dukworth in Oswaldestwisel, delivering up any issues thereof taken since the death of the heir of Robert de Dukworth an idiot; as the king lately ordered the escheator to certify in chancery the cause wherefore the said rent was by him taken into the king's hand, and of whom it was held, and by his certificate it is found that the said rent issuing from one bovate of land in Dukworth aforesaid was so taken by William de Nessefeld late escheator for that the said heir was an idiot from his birth, that the said Robert at his death held the same in fee, that it is not held of the king, and that the said idiot died on Saturday after St. George last.
Membrane 10.
Nov. 3.
To the collectors of customs in the port of Newcastle upon Tyne. Order to pay to Ralph de Neville, according to the king's letters patent, the arrears of 118l. 12s. 11½d. yearly from the death of Richard de Denton, taking his acquittance; as on 16 July in the 26th year of his reign the king granted that 90l. 16s. 8d. of the farm of the town of Newcastle upon Tyne which of the king's grant, under a form in his letters patent contained, John Darcy deceased took to him and his heirs for the life of Mary countess of Pembroke, and which ought after her death to revert to the king and his heirs, should remain to the said Ralph and his heirs, and that 27s. 0½d. which the said Ralph is bound to pay the king at the exchequer of the yearly rent of 51l. 7s. 0½d. issuing from the cornage in Cumberland after the death of the said Richard, who took that rent for life by the king's grant, according to the grant thereof made by the king to the said Ralph and his heirs after Richard's death, should likewise remain to him yearly after Richard's death, in part of 120l. of land and rent to be by the king given to the said Ralph and his heirs in exchange for the castle and manor of the Ermitage in Scotland, extended at the yearly value of 120l., which the said Ralph then gave the king and his heirs with the royalties liberties etc. to the same belonging; and the king further granted to the said Ralph that he and his heirs should have every year 120l. of the issues of the customs and subsidies in the said port by the hands of the collectors or farmers thereof at Michaelmas and Easter by even portions, namely 90l. 16s. 8d. until that yearly sum which the said John took of the said farm should by death of the said countess or otherwise come to his hands, 27s. 0½d. until that sum should by death of the said Richard or otherwise come to his hands, and the remaining 27l. 16s. 3½d. until the king or his heirs should make provision of so much a year of land and rent to the said Ralph and his heirs; and the said 27s. 0½d. has come to his hands by death of the said Richard, who died on Wednesday after Palm Sunday in the 37th year of the reign.
Nov. 5.
To William de Frotheleye escheator in Notynghamshire. Order to deliver to Nicholas Monbocher, cousin and heir of Isabel de Chaunse, two mills upon the river Idell, namely one water mill and one fulling mill, and 33s. of rent in Grymston, Wolhagh, Kirketon and Walesby taken into the king's hands by the death of John de Lungevillers knight and by reason of the nonage of the said Nicholas, and so in the king's hand, together with the issues thereof taken since 5 May last; as it is found by inquisition, taken at the king's command by Robert de Morton, Richard de Pensax and John Wheteleye, that the said John at his death held the premises for life of the demise of the said Isabel with reversion to the said Nicholas, then a minor in the king's wardship, and that the same are held of others than the king; and on proof of the age of Nicholas the king took his homage and fealty and on the above date commanded livery to be given him of all lands of his heritage.
Nov. 18.
To the justices of the bench. Order, if such proceeding be taken before them as alleged, to command the bishop of St. Davids by writ de judicio to stay altogether the execution of the king's writ to him addressed concerning the admission of Brian Slomon chaplain to the church of Landewy Wilfray in the diocese of St. Davids; as lately the king by letters patent presented the said Brian to a mediety of the said church, then void it was said and in the king's gift by reason of the wardship of the land and heir of Roger de Mortuo Mari earl of March tenant in chief; and now the king is informed that by process in the king's court upon a writ of quare impedit obtained at the suit of the said Brian in the king's name, that William Nichol clerk, incumbent of a mediety thereof claiming no right in the patronage of the church, should suffer the king to present to the whole church, the right of presentation to the said church is judicially recovered for the king, wherefore command is given to the said bishop by writ de judicio to admit the said Brian to the said church; and it is not right nor reasonable that the said Brian, being presented by the king to a mediety thereof, should gain any benefit by judgment rendered upon a writ so improvidently obtained for the advowson of the whole church.
Membrane 9.
Oct. 26.
To the sheriff of Stafford. Order to cause Ralph Basset of Drayton knight to have seisin of a toft and one virgate of land in Waleshale held by Thomas Pache hanged for felony, and of a messuage and one virgate and a half of land in the same town held by John Pache hanged for felony; as the king has learned by inquisition, taken by the sheriff, that the premises have been in his hand a year and a day, that the said Thomas and John held them of the said Ralph, that they are yet in the king's hand, and that the townships of Waleshale, Barre, Ruysshale and Wodnesbury had the year and a day and the waste, and ought to answer to the king for the same.
Oct. 28.
To the collectors of customs for the time being in the port of Sandwich. Order to pay to Ralph Spigurnell the arrears of 100 marks yearly since 7 July last, and to pay him that yearly sum henceforward at Easter and Michaelmas, taking his acquittance; as on that day the king of his favour granted the said Ralph for his good service the ward of Dovorre castle and of the Cinque Ports for life, as Robert Herle deceased had the same in his life time, so that he should receive of the king 300l. a year for his maintenance and for maintenance of chaplains, servants and watchmen and of one carpenter dwelling in the said castle, and for their gowns, namely 146l. of the castle wards thereto pertaining, 100 marks of the customs in the said port, and the remaining 87l. 6s. 8d. at the exchequer, one moiety at Michaelmas the other at Easter, so long as he shall hold that wardship.
Oct. 30.
To the treasurer and the barons of the exchequer of Dublin. Order to pay of the treasury of Ireland to John Haukyn the king's serjeant at arms, in the retinue of Lionel duke of Clarence the king's son and lieutenant in Ireland, 2s. for his daily wages from the time he abode in Ireland on the king's service so long as he shall there abide, taking his acquittance. By C.
Oct. 5.
To John de Tye escheator in Kent and Sussex. Order to cause William, son and heir of William Sepvans tenant in chief, to have seisin of the lands of his said father which by his death are taken into the king's hand; as the said William has proved his age before the escheator, and the king has taken his homage and fealty.
By p.s. [26415.]
To Roger de Wolfreton escheator in Essex. Like order; as William son and heir of William Sepvans has proved his age before John de Tye escheator in Kent. By p.s. (the same writ).