Close Rolls, Henry IV: March 1404

Pages 292-293

Calendar of Close Rolls, Henry IV: Volume 2, 1402-1405. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1929.

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March 1404

March 25.
To Hugh Huls, Roger Horton, Robert Fraunceys and John Burley, appointed to take an assize of novel disseisin concerning tenements in Hondesacre, Longedoun, Ruggeley, Wolesley and Kings Bromley arraigned by Hugh de Malpas parson of a mediety of Malpas, Thomas Nevewe chaplain, David de Malpas and Roger de Malpas against Nicholas son of Richard de Ruggeley. Writ of supersedeas; as that commission and the writs thereupon issued upon the untrue averment of the complainants that they were with the strong hand disseised by the defendant and a host of men with him, which they were not, as the king has particular information.
Membrane 16d. (fn. 1)
John Herteshorne esquire to Nicholas Wollebergh citizen and fishmonger of London, John Whitwelle 'joialer,' John Baldoke and John Stachesdene fishmongers of London, their heirs and assigns, tenants of the manor of Westbury co. Bukingham, and to Philip fitz Eustace esquire of Essex. Release of all actions by reason of a statute staple in 40l. by the said Philip made to him 6 July 22 Richard II before the mayor and constables of the staple at Westminster; reciting that after the same was made the said Philip and Blanche his wife by fine levied in the king's court at Westminster did give the said manor to Nicholas Wollebergh and the others and to the heirs of the said Nicholas, and that and forasmuch as the said sum is paid he has delivered up the statute to the said Philip uncancelled, willing that the said manor be not therewith charged, nor any parcel thereof; and general release of all actions, plaints, suits, claims and demands real and personal. Dated London, 16 February 5 Henry IV. French.
Memorandum of acknowledgment, 13 March.
March 23.
To the abbot and convent of Crowlande. Request and order to take again letters patent under their common seal made to William Corby concerning a maintenance for life which he has in that abbey, if he be minded to demise his estate therein, and to admit William Flete the king's clerk, Henry son of Lawrence de Flete and Amy his wife mother of the said William to their house, and minister such maintenance to them for life and to the longest liver, making and delivering to them letters patent under the said seal with mention of what they shall take, and writing again by the bearer what they will do; as William Corby is minded to demise his estate therein to the end that the said William Flete, Henry and Amy may have it, as the king has learned, and the king has granted the same to them and to the longest liver. By p.s. [3982.]


  • 1. The dorse of membranes 18 and 17 is blank.