Close Rolls, Henry IV: May 1406

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Calendar of Close Rolls, Henry IV: Volume 3, 1405-1409. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1931.

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May 1406

May 13.
To all sheriffs, mayors, bailiffs, ministers and other lieges of the king to whom etc. Order not to put the men and tenants of Edward duke of York of his manor of Wendore, which is of the ancient demesne of the crown it is said, upon assizes, juries etc. without the manor court for lands held of that manor, unless they hold lands of another tenure whereby they ought to be put thereupon according to the statute, releasing any distress upon them made; as according to law and the custom of the realm hitherto observed and approved men and tenants of manors of the ancient demesne ought not to be put upon assizes etc. for lands therein held, save only for such as ought to be held in the courts of such manors.
May 30.
To the receiver of the castle and lordship of Werkeworth co. Northumberland for the time being. Order, upon petition of the prior and convent of Durham, to take information touching the matter and, if assured that 20s. of yearly rent of Werkeworth mill is due and in arrear, to pay the same to them from time to time, and any arrears thereof, as used to be done of old time; as their petition shews that time out of mind they were endowed with that rent, and were thereof possessed, and that by reason of the forfeiture of Henry late earl of Northumberland the mill among other his possessions was seized into the king's hand; and by divers charters, produced, which concern the right and title of the petitioners therein it appears likely that their submission is true. By K.
May 24.
To Robert Claydoun the king's clerk, keeper of the hanaper of chancery. Order without taking the great fee for the seal to deliver to Richard de Hoghton the king's knight letters patent whereby the king has granted him licence to found a perpetual chantry in honour of the Virgin Mary, in a chapel built on the north side of the cathedral (fn. 1) church of Ribelchestre, for one chaplain and his successors to celebrate every day as he shall appoint, and licence to grant to such chaplain and his successors lands, rents and services to the value of 10l. a year held of the king as of the duchy of Lancaster and of others. By p.s. [4867.]


  • 1. Sic. In the warrant, 'the parish church.'