Close Rolls, Henry IV: December 1406

Pages 165-166

Calendar of Close Rolls, Henry IV: Volume 3, 1405-1409. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1931.

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December 1406

Dec. 7.
To William Thirnyng, John Cokayn, Hugh Huls, Thomas Lucy knight, William Palmer, Thomas Crue, William Boteler of Yatton and William Lee, appointed to make inquisition etc. in Warwickshire concerning felonies etc. Order (as above, p. 161, except that the words a diu are here erroneously erased).
Dec. 10.
To the escheator in Somerset and Dorset. Order to give Philippa late the wife of Matthew Gourney knight livery of the manors, moieties, messuages, land and advowsons hereinafter mentioned, and the issues thereof taken; as it is found by divers inquisitions, taken before Robert Grey late escheator, that at his death the said Matthew held as jointly enfeoffed with her the manor of Stoke under Hamedoun with the advowson of the free chapel, the manors and advowsons of Corymalet, Stratton Uppefosse and Telysforde, the manors of Inglescombe, Welweton, Laverton, Harpetre, Farenton and Milton Faconberge, a moiety of the manor of Shepton Malet and the advowson of the church, a messuage and one carucate of land in Northhalle co. Somerset; the manor and advowson of Ryme, a moiety of the manor of Langton Herynge, eight messuages, four carucates of land and 20 acres of meadow in Hamme Mohun, Sturmynstre, Northolt and Baggelake and the advowson of Great Kyngton church co. Dorset by gift of Reynold Grey lord of Ruthyn, William Oterhampton rector of Sulferton, John Hervy, John Brent, John Manyngforde, John Stretche, John Merlande, Thomas Bolour of Hertfordshire, John Judde rector of Allhallows Worcestre, Matthew Coker and John Sparwe to the said Matthew and Philippa and the heirs of their bodies, and that the manor of Stoke under Hamedoun with the advowson of the chapel and the manor and advowson of Corymalet are held in chief, the residue of others than the king; and on 27 October last the king pardoned the trespasses therein committed, granting the said Philippa licence to hold the said manors and advowsons for life, and has taken her homage and fealty. By p.s. [5118.]
Dec. 15.
To the constable of the Tower of London or his lieutenant. Order to receive John Haweley the elder from one who shall deliver him on behalf of the king, and to keep him in custody in the Tower until further order. By K. and C.
Dec. 8.
To the mayor and bailiffs of Plymmouth. Order, with assent of the council, at their peril to safe keep certain ships laded with sweet wines of Leepe and other goods and merchandise of great value, and the wine and goods, not dispersing nor spending the same nor suffering that to be done until further order, or until on behalf of the king of Castille his brother, to whom he is now despatching letters, the king shall be certified whether he will order restitution or recompense to be made to lieges of the said town and of other the sea coast to the westward for wine and merchandise of theirs taken, and for other damages and grievances inflicted upon them in times past by subjects of Castille or no, to the end that if by the answer the king may be sensible of his said brother's intent and will to proceed and make restitution or recompense he shall likewise minister justice to his brother's subjects upon their complaint, and otherwise may deliver the ships, wines and merchandise aforesaid to the captors to be equally divided among them; as the king has information that the said lieges took those ships so laded at sea and brought them to Plymmouth, and particularly that ships, wine etc. pertain to liege subjects of his said brother. By C.
Like writ to the mayor and bailiffs of Dertemuth, omitting mention of sweet wines of Leepe. By C.