Close Rolls, Henry IV: November 1406

Pages 166-170

Calendar of Close Rolls, Henry IV: Volume 3, 1405-1409. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1931.

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November 1406

Membrane 28.
Nov. 30.
To the escheator in Wiltesir. Order to take of Mary who was wife of Roger Beauchamp knight an oath that she shall not marry without the king's licence, and in presence of John his son and heir, or of his attorneys, to assign her dower of her husband's lands.
To the escheator in Kent. Like order in favour of the said Mary, of whom the king has commanded the escheator in Wiltesir to take an oath etc.
Nov. 6.
To the keepers of the passage in the port of London, Dovorre, Sandewich, Orwelle or Great Jernemuth. Order to suffer Peter Chirche, who with licence of the king is journeying on pilgrimage to the city of Rome, to pass in one of those ports, so that he take with him nought to the prejudice of the king or realm.
Nov. [ (fn. 1) ].
To the escheator in Worcestershire. Order to take of Constance who was wife of John Sutton an oath etc., and in presence of Sanchia who was wife of Walter Blount knight, to whom the king has committed the ward thereof, or of her attorneys, to assign to the said Constance dower of the said John's lands.
To the escheator in Staffordshire. Like order in favour of the said Constance, of whom the king has commanded the escheator in Worcestershire to take an oath etc.
Nov. 18.
To the escheator in Somerset. Order to give John Godeston and Amy his wife seisin of the manor of Frome Valeys; as it is found by inquisition, taken before Thomas Bathe the late king's escheator, that the said manor came to the hands of King Edward III and of the late king by death of John Payn of London 'armorer,' and by reason of the nonage of William his son and heir, who died within age in ward of King Edward III, and that Amy daughter of John Payn is sister and next heir of William, and was lately within age; and she proved her age before Richard Whityngton late mayor of London and the late king's escheator therein, and for 2 marks paid in the hanaper the king has respited until the Purification next the homage of John Godeston due by reason of issue between him and the said Amy begotten, having taken his fealty.
Nov. 19.
To the treasurer and the barons of the exchequer. Order not to suffer Ralph Shelton knight the son to be troubled for his homage; as upon the finding of an inquisition, taken before Edmund Oldehalle escheator in Norffolk, that Joan who was wife of Ralph Shelton knight at her death held no lands in that county in chief in her demesne as of fee nor in service, but held jointly with her husband the manor of Brendilley of the king as of the honour of Helioun by the service of one knight's fee and a half, by feoffment of John de Kentforde parson of Shelton and William Garden to them and the heirs of their bodies with reversion to the right heirs of her husband, that she died 8 June, and that Ralph the son is her next heir and of full age, and for a fine paid in the hanaper, the king respited the homage of Ralph the son until a day yet to come, commanding livery to be given him of the said manor; and the king has taken his homage. By p.s. [5095.]
Dec. 8.
Order to the sheriff of Warrewyk for election of a coroner instead of Roger Whatecroft of Birmyncham, who is insufficiently qualified.
Nov. 1.
To the justices appointed to hold pleas before the king. Order, upon petition of Joan Despaigne otherwise Southerey, daughter of Alice de Perrers, to proceed to rendering of judgment in the cause hereinafter mentioned, the king's former writ and the allegation of John Prophete the king's clerk, William Ploufelde and John Cheser notwithstanding; as it is found by inquisition, of his office taken before Helming Leget escheator in Essex, that John Deyncourt knight died seised of the reversion of the manor of Upmynstre after the death of Lora who was wife of William Morewode, that the reversion of the said manor, otherwise called the manor of Gaynes in Upmynstre, was sometime of William de Wyndesore knight, by gift of the late king to him and his heirs, that the said Lora, the tenant thereof for life, died 4 November 17 Richard II, that the said manor is held of the king, by what service the jurors knew not, and is worth 10l. a year beyond reprises, that the said John died on Monday after Allhallows 17 Richard II, and that Roger Deyncourt is his son and next heir, and at the date of that inquisition was within age and in ward of the king; and at suit of Joan Southerey, shewing that long before the said John's death John Neve was seised of the said manor and, by name of John Neve of Herdewyke cousin and heir of John de Freton clerk, demised the same, by name of the manor of Upmenstre co. Essex, to her as his tenant at will, and after by writing produced, dated Upmynstre Michaelmas day 2 Henry IV, made a release thereof to her, by the name first mentioned, in her possession being, that she peaceably continued her possession of the same until unlawfully thrust out by colour of the said inquisition and of letters patent of 5 July 4 Henry IV, whereby the king granted the keeping thereof to the said John Prophete, William Ploufelde and John Cheser rendering 20l. a year at the exchequer, as she is ready to prove, without that that John Deyncourt died seised of the reversion thereof, or ever had aught in the manor or reversion as by the inquisition suggested, and praying revocation of the king's grant, and that she might be restored to possession, and have the issues taken since her expulsion, the king ordered the sheriff to give John Prophete and the others notice to be in chancery in the quinzaine of Easter last in order to shew cause wherefore that ought not to be done; and upon return of that writ the cause was sent for debate before the king, and the said Joan appeared by Robert Hore her attorney and John Prophete and the others by Thomas Holme, and alleged the grant aforesaid to them, that after the death of John Deyncourt by gift of the late king to him and his heirs William de Wyndesore had the reversion of the said manor, in that king's hand by death of the said Lora and John Deyncourt and by reason of the nonage of the said Roger, for a set rent so long as the same should remain in the king's hand, not being thrust out for any increase during that time, and craved aid of the king, and for that cause the justices deferred to proceed; and upon petition of the said Joan the king commanded them to proceed that allegation notwithstanding, so that they should not proceed to rendering of judgment without advising him; and now she has shewn the king that pleading has proceeded to an issue of the country, and that the jurors of an inquisition whereupon the parties put themselves have given their verdict, but that by reason of the said former writ the justices have deferred to proceed.
Dec. 15.
To the escheator in Kent. Order to take the fealty of Elizabeth late the wife of Reynold Cobham of Rundale knight, and to give her livery of the manor of Melton by Graveshende, and the issues thereof taken; as the king has learned by inquisition, taken by Walter Roo late escheator, that at his death the said Reynold held the same as jointly enfeoffed with her by gift of John Hadle and Thomasia his wife to them and the heirs of the said Reynold, and that it is held of the king as a member of the barony of Munchensey by the fourth part of one knight's fee.
Dec. 23.
To the customers in the port of Sandewich. Order without taking custom to suffer John Bothe of Brouneswyke in Almain merchant to bring to London seven lasts of butter and four sacks of wool of his, taken at sea by the late admirals and now in the port of Sandewich, so that he find security to bring the same thither and nowhere else. By K.
Membrane 27.
Nov. 28.
Order to the sheriff of Cornwall for election of a coroner instead of John Tregoys, who is dead.
Nov. 11.
Like order, mutatis mutandis, for election of a coroner in the Westrithing in Yorkshire instead of Richard Normanvyle, who is insufficiently qualified.
Nov. 9.
To the escheator in Herefordshire and the march of Wales adjacent. Order to remove the king's hand and meddle no further with two thirds of three messuages, 120 acres of arable land and 5 acres of meadow in Luyde Priour, Luyde Sausy and Luyde Godfray late of Robert de Preston vicar of the choir of Hereforde cathedral, delivering to Gerard Braybroke knight and Hugh Harpere parson of Busshopeston any issues thereof taken; as it is found by inquisition taken before William Walweyn late escheator by virtue of his office, that Walter Brut, who forfeited to the king and was convicted before the constable and marshal, was thereof seised jointly with the said Gerard and Hugh, who had the same by feoffment of Philip Harolde, that so on the day of his forfeiture he died seised of one third of the premises, and that of whom they are held or by what services the jurors know not.
Nov. 15.
To the collectors of customs and subsidies in the port of Newcastle upon Tyne. Order, upon petition of the merchants of the staple of Calais, henceforward to suffer no merchants or others of whatsoever estate or condition in that port to ship wool or woolfells unless they shall find security to take the same over to the said staple and nowhere else, and if they shall refuse, not to suffer the same to be shipped until further special order; as the complaint of the said merchants shews that a number of merchants and others of Northumberland, Cumberland and Westmerland and of the parts adjacent have often heretofore shipped and cease not daily to ship their wools and fells in the said port in no small quantity, and take them to foreign parts elsewhere, to the prejudice of the king and damage of the said staple. By C.


  • 1. The day left blank.