Close Rolls, Henry IV: April 1407

Pages 278-279

Calendar of Close Rolls, Henry IV: Volume 3, 1405-1409. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1931.

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April 1407

Membrane 8d.
April 18.
To the sheriff of Kent. Order to cause proclamation to be made in the hundreds of Larkefelde, Filbarowe, Strete, Newecherche and Worthe, that all lieges who ought and are bound to do watch and ward shall at their peril do it at a place called 'Brodehill' by the sea in the parts of 'Romneymersshe,' as used to be done of old time upon threat of war; as the king is informed that divers lieges of those hundreds used there to do watch and ward for defence of those parts against sudden attack and invasion, and are yet bound to do it; and the king's will is to make provision for such defence, as he is bound to do, that no hurt or peril arise for lack of watch and ward, especially in this time of war.
Eleanor who was wife of Nicholas Dagworth knight to Thomas Erpyngham and Robert Berney knights, their heirs and assigns. Quitclaim, with warranty during her life, of the third part of the manor of Blyklyng co. Norffolk, which she lately held in dower by assignment of Geoffrey de Fraunsham esquire, Richard Pygot and William Taverham, who gave the said manor and the reversion of that third part to the said Thomas and Robert, their heirs and assigns, by charter dated Blyklyng, 31 March 8 Henry IV, and of a rent of 25 marks to her due for life for the said third part, which by charter indented, dated 2 June 5 Henry IV, she granted for her life, subject to that rent, to the said Thomas, his heirs and assigns. Witnesses: John Dorewarde, John Wynter, Dru Barentyn, Thomas Geney, Walter Stratton. Dated Blyklyng, 14 May 8 Henry IV.
Memorandum of acknowledgment, 14 May.