Close Rolls, Henry IV: 1407

Pages 283-284

Calendar of Close Rolls, Henry IV: Volume 3, 1405-1409. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1931.

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1407 Membrane 6d.
Katherine sometime wife of Roger Chambyrlayn of Stoke co. Suffolk to Richard Baynarde, John Ewelle, Roger Recham, Richard Holbeche, Thomas Graungier and John Marlere, their heirs and assigns. Quitclaim with warranty of all the lands, rents and services etc. in Halstede, Coggeshale, Markeshale, Ferynge and Teye co. Essex called Palmeres, which they had by feoffment of Ralph Chambyrlayn her son. Witnesses: Richard Wythermersshe, William Clopton, Philip Maunoke, William atte Fen and William Taillour of Stoke. Dated Stoke, 1 April 8 Henry IV.
Memorandum of acknowledgment within the priory of St. Botolph Colcestre 12 May before the prior of that church, by virtue of a dedimus potestatem which is on the chancery file for this year.
Richard Baynarde of Messynge to Brian Eglyshale. Letter of attorney, appointing him to deliver to John de Boys of Tolshuntte Tregoz, William Hanyfelde, John Ewelle, Walter Gawtroun citizen of London, Robert Warener of London, Roger Rye of Kent and William Tasseburgh parson of Reylegh seisin of the manors of Messynge, 'Brychehalle' and le Castelle in the hundred of Lexedoun co. Essex, and of all the lands, rents and services in Messynge, in Worthe, Ferynge, Great Bryche, Little Bryche and Copforde in the said hundred called Suttonys, Goters and Nenardys, and all other lands etc. in the said town which the said Richard now has. Dated Messynge, 10 April 8 Henry IV.
Memorandum of acknowledgment in chancery at Westminster, 7 June.
William Threelle of the parish of Frankfelde co. Sussex to John Charteseye of Brokysbourne co. Hertforde. General release of all actions real and personal, all suits, plaints and demands. Dated 8 June 8 Henry IV.
Memorandum of acknowledgment, 8 June.
Joan dame Fitz Wauter of Wodeham to John Stonhous and John Perie. Letter of attorney, appointing them to give William Bourgchier knight, Robert Rikedoun, Thomas Remis, John Eldres, John Basset of Chishelle and John Ailwarde chaplain seisin of the castles and manors of Lenhales and Dorston in Herefordshire and the march of Wales, with the fees, lordships, parks, warrens, liberties etc. thereto belonging, of her purparty of the manor of Bisshopeston co. Hereford or lands etc. there sometime of John Deverose knight her father, of all lands, rents and services in Newenton in Wales of her said father, and of the manor of Morston co. Kent. Dated Lenhales, 1 June 8 Henry IV.
Memorandum of acknowledgment, 10 June.