Close Rolls, Henry V: January 1414

Pages 106-107

Calendar of Close Rolls, Henry V: Volume 1, 1413-1419. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1929.

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January 1414

Jan. 11.
To the sheriff of Kent. Order to cause proclamation to be made, that the man by whose procurement, instigation, counsel or information John Oldcastelle knight shall be taken shall have for his travail 500 marks, and the man who shall take him 1,000 marks of the king's gift, and that the citizens, burgesses and commonalty of cities, boroughs and towns who shall take him and hale him before the king shall be discharged of all taxes, tallages, tenths, fifteenths and other quotas hereafter granted to the king or his heirs, and the king shall make them letters patent under the great seal, and they shall find him favourable in their business, and in every lawful and honest suit; as the king has information, and it is notorious, that great number of his subjects of the realm, commonly called lollards, by procurement, abetment and maintenance of the said John, who now of late has been condemned for heresy and declared a heretic according to canonical sanctions, have preached and caused to be preached divers opinions contrary to the catholic faith, and have contrary to their allegiance falsely and traitorously imagined the king's death, for that as a true christian prince he has made him a party against them and their opinions, as he is bound by oath to do, and other imaginings to the destruction of the catholic faith and of the estate of lords and great men of the realm, spiritual and temporal, purposing to make unlawful assemblies for accomplishing their nefarious intent, and ceasing not so to do day by day; and the king is aware how that some of them have been taken and adjudged to die, and for the sake of peace his will is to take order to avoid the shedding of christian blood, especially the blood of his lieges whom he desires with his whole heart to preserve from punishment because of the tender love which he bears toward them. By K.