Close Rolls, Henry V: November 1414

Pages 166-167

Calendar of Close Rolls, Henry V: Volume 1, 1413-1419. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1929.

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November 1414

Nov. 4.
To William Sopere of Suthampton. Order to deliver to John Martynes, master of a ship of the queen of Castille called the 'Seint Clare' within the port of Suthampton, two standards of the said queen's arms, two crossbows, one 'tourne,' one 'case' of 'veritoues,' three basinets, two hauberks, one new 'aiust' of hemp and one dog lately taken out of the said ship and in the said William's keeping as the king is informed, suffering him to dispose thereof as he will. By K.
To the treasurer and the barons of the exchequer. Order, if certificates are made and received at the exchequer before the feasts hereinafter specified, not to trouble Henry archbishop of Canterbury and his brethren the bishops of that province by reason of the writs to them addressed, although lately by divers writs the king commanded them to appoint trusty men of the clergy of their dioceses for whom they would answer to collect two tenths, one payable at the Purification next and the other at the same feast a year later, for defence of the realm and church of England, of all benefices in that province, exempt and not exempt, which are assessed and used to pay the tenth, any liberties, immunities or privileges granted them to the contrary notwithstanding, so that answer should be made for the same at the said feasts, and to certify the treasurer and the barons of those collectors' names before Christmas next at latest; as at the prayer of the archbishop and bishops the king's will is that they certify the names of the collectors of the first before Christmas as aforesaid, and of the second separately before the second Purification, those writs notwithstanding.
Memorandum (in margin), to ask for the date in the exchequer.