Close Rolls, Henry V: June 1413

Pages 30-31

Calendar of Close Rolls, Henry V: Volume 1, 1413-1419. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1929.

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June 1413

Membrane 21.
June 8.
To the treasurer and the barons of the exchequer. Order not to trouble William de Mitforde, son and heir of John de Mitforde knight, for his homage; as the late king took his fealty for the lands which his father held in fee and fee tail, for a fine paid in the hanaper respited his homage until a day now past, and commanded livery to be given him of those lands; and the king has taken his homage. By p.s. [44.]
June 7.
To the collectors of customs and subsidies in the port of London. Order without taking custom or subsidy to deliver to Thomas de Lancastre duke of Clarence, or to his attorney, 22 tuns of wine of Gascony bought and purveyed in Gascony to his use by William Gélder his butler, as the said butler has made oath in chancery.
Like writ to the collectors in the port of Sandewich concerning six tuns.
June 10.
To the collectors of the subsidy of 3s. the tun and 12d. in the pound in the port of London. Order without payment of custom or subsidy to suffer John Colvyle knight, who was lately in France upon the late king's service, to have and take whither he shall please thirteen tuns of wine which he brought with him to London for the use of his household, as he has made oath in chancery.
May 30.
To the keeper of Gildeforde gaol. Order by mainprise of John Toche 'smyth,' John Shirston 'goldsmyth,' John Eustace 'goldsmyth,' all of London, and Reynold White of Suthwerke 'carpenter' to set free John Saiyene; as they have mainperned in chancery that he shall do or procure no hurt or harm to John Gay of Coudham or any of the people.
May 26.
Order to the sheriff of Surrey for election of a verderer in Wyndesore forest instead of Thomas Bussham, who is too sick and aged to travail in exercise of that office.
May 27.
To the escheator in Devon. Order in presence of Edward duke of York, to whom the late king committed the ward of all lands of William Bonevyle knight, or of his attorneys, to assign dower to Alice who was the said knight's wife, and the issues thereof taken since 25 January last; as on that date the late king ordered the late escheator to take of her an oath etc., and in presence of the duke etc. to assign her dower of her husband's lands, taken into that king's hands by his death and by reason of the nonage of William son of John Bonevyle his cousin and heir; and the late king died before that writ might be executed.
To the escheator in Somerset and Dorset. Like order, mutatis mutandis, in favour of the said Alice, of whom the late king ordered the late escheator in Devon to take an oath etc.
May 17.
To the mayor of Suthampton. Order to dearrest a ship called the 'Seyntpere' of 'Saynt Mayo en Byskey,' Lope Martyn master, and another called the 'Seyntpere' of the same town, Eunocus Martyn master, which were by him arrested by command of the king and are under arrest, suffering them to pass to any parts they will with the masters, seamen and other the goods and merchandise, any former command to the contrary notwithstanding, provided that before their departure they pay the customs, subsidies etc. thereupon due.
May 16.
To Thomas Walssh master of a ship called 'le Gabryell' of la Toure. Order to deliver by indentures to the customers in the port of Melcombe a hundred quintals of iron taken by him and other lieges his fellows at sea in a ship of Byskey in Spain, with the ship and all the gear thereof, and with all other property therein. By C.
July 18.
To Henry Kays the king's clerk, keeper of the hanaper of chancery. Order without payment of the fee for the great seal to deliver to John Leukonore one of the yeomen of the chamber of King Richard II letters patent confirming to him a house in 'Wydmarschstrete' in the suburb of Hereforde with 25 acres of land in Amberley co. Hereford called 'Reveslonde.' By K.
July 17.
To John Preston marshal of the King's Bench. Order by mainprise of Thomas Burwelle of London 'sherman,' John Gaudeby of Castelcombe co. Wiltesir, John Fysshlake of Yorkshire and Thomas Curteys of Dorset to set free Richard Forster of Woxbrigge; as they have mainperned in chancery that he shall do or procure no hurt or harm to Richard Colyngburne of Wiltesir.
July 8.
To Robert Morley warden of the Tower of London. Order to have Thomas Clerk and Ellis Lyuet knight, imprisoned in the Tower in his custody, before the king on Tuesday next to answer touching certain treasons for which they are indicted. By K.
June 27.
To Henry Kays the king's clerk, keeper of the hanaper of chancery. Order without taking a fee to deliver to John Laweles letters patent in the clerk's keeping, confirming a grant of the late king to the said John for his life of 45s. 6d. a year of the farm of the city of Dublin in Ireland. By K.
June 13.
To the constable of the Tower of London and his lieutenant. Order to receive John Whitlok and Thomas Clerk from one who shall deliver them on behalf of the king, and to keep them in custody in the Tower until further order. By K.