Close Rolls, Henry V: August 1413

Pages 31-34

Calendar of Close Rolls, Henry V: Volume 1, 1413-1419. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1929.

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August 1413

Aug. 26.
To the sheriff of Middlesex. Order not to omit by reason of any liberty to enter the same and give notice severally to all farmers of alien priories and possessions, with the exceptions hereinafter mentioned, to be before the treasurer and the barons of the exchequer at Westminster in the quinzaine of Michaelmas in order severally to treat and agree with them for taking the same again into the king's hand and to have their farm further according to the late ordinance in preference to others, or to shew cause wherefore they ought not to be put out and the priories committed to others who will render more, and order then to have there the names of such farmers, and of them by whom such notice shall be given; as in the parliament lately holden at Westminster order is made that all possessions of alien priors and other possessions of aliens which are occupied by virtue of royal patents shall be taken again into the king's hands, except that the priors aforesaid if they are perpetual and conventual shall have and enjoy their priories, and that after the voidance of alien priories English priors shall be made in their room, and except such alien priories, fees, advowsons, lands, rents, services, liberties etc. of those of the chief houses over sea as were or should be by the king's lieges spiritual or temporal purchased in inheritance, for life or years, in perpetual almoin or for duration of the wars by licence of King Edward III, King Richard II or the late king, that that ordinance shall come into force from Michaelmas next, that after that feast no farmer shall be thrust out of priories or lands without reasonable warning, that the farmers shall have the preference in taking their priories to farm, paying as much as others will pay, and that afterwards the farmers shall have a reasonable day and time for removing their goods and chattels quick and dead whither they please out of the priories or possessions aforesaid.
Like writs to singular the sheriffs throughout England, and to the chancellor of the county palatine of Lancaster.
Membrane 20.
Sept. 20.
To the sheriffs of London. Order by mainprise of Thomas Grace 'copirsmyth,' John Baude 'brewer,' John Rede 'brewer' and William Yonge 'armurer,' all of London, to set free John Grove of London 'brewer'; as they have mainperned in chancery that he shall do or procure no hurt or harm to Philip Possell.
Sept. 18.
To the warden of the Flete prison or his representative. Order by mainprise of Walter Mullewarde, William Egelyn, Roger Shusshe and John Pelham the younger of Hertforde to set free Richard Purcell, whom the king lately ordered them to receive from one who should deliver him on behalf of the king, and to keep him in custody in that prison until further order; as Walter Mullewarde and the others have mainperned in chancery to have him there in the quinzaine of Michaelmas next in order to answer touching what shall be laid against him.
Membrane 19.
Aug. 19.
To the keeper of the king's forest this side Trent, or his representative in the forest of Whitelwode. Order, upon petition of Queen Joan, to suffer buyers whatsoever of certain underwoods within that forest to carry the same away when cut down, and make their advantage thereof, notwithstanding the late writ whereby the king commanded that the keeper etc. should execute no warrants to them addressed for oaks, lopping of boughs or cutting of underwood belonging to the crown until further order, and to keep any oaks cut down for timber, delivering them not until the king should be further advised; as the queen has submitted that before that writ was made she sold certain underwoods within the said forest, whereof she is tenant for life by grant of the late king, and that the buyers caused them to be cut down likewise before the writ was made. Proviso that the said buyers shall lead no timber out of the forest by virtue of this command. By K.
Aug. 12.
To the bailiffs of Great Jernemuth. Order under a pain of 200l., upon petition of William Salaun and William de Sale of Brittany merchants, to compel all lieges of Great Jernemuth to whose hands, by inquisition before them taken, they may find that salt of the petitioners is come, to make restitution thereof, or of the price or value thereof if it exist not, according to the truce made between the late king and them of Brittany; as the said petition shews that contrary to the truce 800 quarters of salt of the petitioners was now of late taken at sea by certain lieges of Dertemouth, and brought to Dertemouth, and that the same after came to the hands of lieges of Great Jernemuth.
Membrane 18.
Sept. 18.
To the collectors of customs and subsidies in the port of London. Order without taking custom or subsidy to suffer Alice who was wife of Francis de Court knight to have a fardel with divers things needful for the household, a parcel of her raiment, and two chests with the 'tiere' and other her things needful therein, shipped in a galley of Venice which is in that port. By K.
Aug. 23.
To the warden of the Flete prison. Order, for particular causes laid before the king in chancery, to receive brother John Burwelle and Thomas Hamonde canons of Dereforde abbey from one who shall deliver them on behalf of the king, and to keep them in custody in that prison until further order.
July 27.
To the mayor and bailiffs of Wynchelse. Order at their peril, upon petition of Wolfridus Jonesson of Holand master of a ship called the 'Marie Knyght,' if by due proof or sufficient information assured that his petition contains the truth, to make restitution to him and the seamen of the said ship and the goods and merchandise therein at the time of the capture, in whose hands soever they shall be found; as he has shewn that on 20 June last John Broun of Wynchelse by force of arms took that ship at sea off the coast of Selande, laded with beer of Hambergh, robbed the master and seamen of all their goods and merchandise therein, and brought ship and goods to the port of Wynchelse.
Aug. 23.
To the keeper of the New Forest or his representative there. Order according to the late king's will to deliver to Master John Prophete the king's clerk twelve oaks within that forest, any command of the king to the contrary notwithstanding; as those oaks were given him by the late king in aid of the repair of his church of Ryngwode and of his rectory houses there, and were cut down before the late king's death. By p.s. [86.]
Aug. 20.
Order to the sheriff of Wiltesir for election of coroners for the city of New Sarum; as the power of those made in the late king's time ceases and is annulled by his death.