Close Rolls, Henry V: October 1413

Pages 43-44

Calendar of Close Rolls, Henry V: Volume 1, 1413-1419. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1929.

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October 1413

Membrane 11.
Oct. 24.
To the justices appointed to hold pleas before the king. Order, upon petition of John Kyngesson of Waynflete 'litster,' to proceed to rendering of judgment in the plea hereinafter mentioned, the allegation of Gilbert Umfravylle and the terms of the late king's writ de procedendo notwithstanding; as at suit of John Kyngesson, shewing that before the late king he impleaded Gilbert Umfraville, John Knaresburgh, John Gunny, John Yoman, Robert atte Dam, Stephen Hegge, William Stobbes and Thomas Polayn for that on Thursday before Easter 11 Henry IV by force of arms, namely with swords and staves, the said Gilbert with the other defendants did assault him at Waynflete, and did beat, wound and imprison him from that date until the Nativity of the Virgin following contrary to the peace, damages 200l., that the said Gilbert came by Thomas Waldeby his guardian, and said that no answer ought to be made, because the plaintiff is the neif of the said Gilbert pertaining to a fee of his called 'Lyndewodefe' in Fryshnay, and that he and all his ancestors being lords of that fee, and all they whose estate he has therein were seised of the plaintiff and his ancestors as their neifs time out of mind, craving judgment whether answer ought to be made, that the plaintiff said he ought not to be barred from his action, because he is a free man and of free condition and no neif of the said Gilbert, and put himself upon the country, that thereupon the said Gilbert said that he took it the justices would proceed no further without advising the late king, for that Thomas Umfraville knight his father, whose heir he is, died seised of the said fee, and of divers other lands held in chief by knight service, the said king seized that fee among other lands into his hands, and it was in his hand by reason of the said Gilbert's nonage, craving aid of the late king, and shewing that by colour thereof the late justices did defer to proceed, the late king by writ commanded them to proceed that allegation notwithstanding, so that they should not proceed to rendering of judgment without advising him; and now the plaintiff's petition shews that by death of the late king the cause remained without a day, that process being again continued to a day now past the jurors have given a verdict, but that by reason of the terms of the said writ the justices have deferred to render judgment.
Oct. 28.
To the chief butler for the time being, and to his representative in the port of London. Order to deliver to Lucia des Viscontes countess of Kent four tuns of wine of Gascony a year for life, and the arrears since 12 July last, on which date the king confirmed letters patent whereby the late king granted her for life of his gift four tuns a year of such wine in that port.
Et erat patens.
Sept. 24.
To the collectors of customs and subsidies in the port of London. Order to suffer Thomas Neweport, master of a ship called the 'Thomas' of London, to lade in that port two bales with thirteen short cloths without grain, three pieces of Welsh frieze, two chests with 3 yards of scarlet, 8 ells of broad cloth without grain, three pairs of hose and other harness, bought and purveyed in the city of London for the use of Thomas earl of Dorset by Nicholas Noble clerk his attorney and deputy, and without payment of custom or subsidy to take the same over to Bordeaux.