Close Rolls, Henry V: April 1413

Pages 67-68

Calendar of Close Rolls, Henry V: Volume 1, 1413-1419. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1929.

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April 1413

April 14.
John Haule of Dertemuth to the king. Recognisance for 500 marks, to be levied etc. in Devon.
Condition, that before a month after Easter next he shall make restitution to Peter Gunsales, master of a balinger called the 'Saint Croice,' of his balinger with the gear thereof, and shall pay him for the freight thereof, as may be agreed between them.
April 14.
To the sheriff of Lincoln. Order to give notice to Th. archbishop of Canterbury to be in chancery on the morrow of the Ascension next, to shew cause wherefore there ought not to be a stay pending the appeal of John Barowe chaplain, claiming to be vicar of St. James Grymesby in the diocese of Lincoln, writ of supersedeas, and order by mainprise of John Benelandes, John Gasegill, both of Yorkshire, William Symond of Lincolnshire and Thomas Bradley of London to set the appellant free, if taken; as at the request of the archbishop, signifying that by his authority as ordinary, by reason of his late metropolitan visitation in the city and diocese of Lincoln, John Barowe was excommunicated for contumacy, neither would he be justified by censure of the church, the king commanded the sheriff to justify him by his body until he should content holy church for his contempt and wrongdoing; but he has appealed to the papal see, and is minded to prosecute his appeal as he avers, and the king has given him the day aforesaid; and John Benelandes and the others have mainperned in chancery to have him there at that day, and that he shall prosecute his appeal.
April 9.
To the sheriffs of London. Order to cause proclamation to be made of the king's grace and pardon, giving notice to the lieges severally before the octaves of St. Peter's Chains to sue for charters of pardon, if they shall think fit; as with his mind's eye the king sees what evils of discord have arisen in England in time of divers kings, not without great destruction of the lieges, and now the king of peace and lord of lords has raised the king to the royal dignity, with the banners of peace stilling of his mercy the whirlwinds of discord in the realm, and he is assured that it will be pleasing to God and most agreeable to peace that he shall give all his lieges of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland who desire the same to drink of his grace, that the good may rejoice and abide the firmer in faith and love toward him, and rebels and evildoers may speedily return to his allegiance; and therefore the king has pardoned them for all treasons, insurrections, rebellions and felonies heretofore committed for which they be indicted or appealed, murder and rape excepted, and all outlawries published against them, granting them his peace, provided they be not his provers, or condemned men, or in prison without mainprise or bail, or the officers or ministers of the mistery of the mint, coinage or exchange in the Tower and city of London and in Calais who have found no security that they shall stand to right touching what shall be laid against them, whom because of certain defaults and impeachments charged against them in the late king's last parliament, whereof they are not yet fully excused, the king will not suffer to enjoy this pardon, for that those impeachments do concern the common weal, and provided they stand to right in chancery if any man will imparle them, and saving to the king any forfeitures to him of lands and goods by them incurred. By K.
Like writs to singular the sheriffs throughout England.
April 17.
To the sheriffs of London. Writ of supersedeas omnino in respect of taking a second time of Robert Adam 'brewer' any security for keeping the peace at suit of Gregory Fynde and John Silvester 'brewer,' and order by mainprise of John Rous 'brewer,' Reynold Brewer, Thomas Seincler, all of London, and Henry Benet 'brewer' to set him free, if taken.
Memorandum of a mainprise under a pain of 40l., made in chancery 28 April this year by John Benelandes of Yorkshire, John Mallynge of the parish of 'Fanchurche' London, Thomas Bradeley 'draper,' Ralph Mallyng 'draper,' Richard Eweyne 'cotiller,' Philip Caddeman 'barbour,' Thomas North 'cordewaner' and William Bosen 'ferrour,' all of London, to have Thomas Pamfelde there in the quinzaine of Easter next, or sooner if required, and from day to day until dismissed.
Memorandum of a mainprise under a pain of 1,000 marks, made in chancery 12 May this year by Arnald Martynson of Durdraght, William Vanderdeft of Gawe and Arnald Claydoun of Skedam, merchants of Holande, to answer and content the king for three and twenty ships of Selande and Holande and the wheat therein laded in the port of Sandewich, now under arrest, in case it be hereafter found by due proof and information that ships and corn are enemies' goods.
Thomas Compworth and Nicholas atte Welle of Northamptonshire to William Walderne mercer and Walter Gawtroun draper, citizens of London. Bond in 8l. payable at Christmas 1417. Dated 29 May 1413, 1 Henry V.
Memorandum of acknowledgment, 29 May.