Close Rolls, Henry VI: July 1436

Pages 20-24

Calendar of Close Rolls, Henry VI: Volume 3, 1435-1441. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1937.

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July 1436

July 3.
To the customers in the port of Kyngeston upon Hull for the time being. Order to suffer the mayor and citizens of Lincoln, in relief of the intolerable charge upon them in the payment of of the fee farm of that city, without payment of any subsidy of 5 nobles the sack thereupon to ship in that port and carry to the staple of Calais fifty sacks of wool to their use and profit; as in the parliament last holden at Westminster with assent of the lords spiritual and temporal the commons granted the king for defence of the realm, and especially for safe guard of the sea, a subsidy of 5 nobles upon every sack of wool and every 240 woolfells issuing from the realm, to be levied of every native merchant from Martinmas 1436 to Martinmas following, with a proviso that it shall be lawful for the said mayor and citizens in relief of the said charge to ship and carry to the said staple within that time fifty sacks of wool to their own use and profit without any such payment, and that they shall be discharged of the subsidy thereupon.
Et erat patens.
July 6.
To the mayor, aldermen and sheriffs of London. Order upon their allegiance, as they would avoid the king's grievous wrath, to take order in the best and speediest manner they can, that all armourers, bowyers, bolt makers (fn. 1) and men of other misteries who have for sale armour, artillery or other habiliments of war within that city shall, under pain of forfeiture thereof or the value thereof, sell the same at a reasonable price without excessive gain, and neither they nor their servants be paid but reasonably for their travail under pain of imprisonment at the king's will; as by complaint to him and the council made the king is informed that such armourers etc. are selling armour etc. at an excessive price for shameful gain, and that servants of armourers and workmen of that mistery are refusing to serve without excessive hire. By p.s. [3358.]
June 22. (fn. 2)
To the justices appointed to hold pleas before the king. Order by advice and consent of the council to adjourn until the octaves of Michaelmas next all pleas of the quinzaine of St. John Baptist in the state wherein they are, or ought to be if the writs touching the same had been returned before the king, fixing that day for the parties, and commanding singular the sheriffs of the realm severally to keep with them until that day all writs by them returnable up to that day, and then return them, and order upon such writs to proceed as if the days therein named were kept; as for urgent business specially moving the king and council, by their advice and consent the king has appointed that all pleas before him pending from this date until the octaves of Michaelmas shall be continued until that day in the state they now are. By p.s. [3353.]
Like order, mutatis mutandis, to the justices of the Bench.
Membrane 4.
Feb. 18.
To Thomas Fetiplace. Order to meddle no further as one of the justices in an assize of novel disseisin concerning tenements in Iddebury, Foxcote and Chirchehylle co. Oxford arraigned by John Tame against Richard Bury, Elizabeth his wife and others, although by letters patent the king appointed William Westbury, John Golofre, Thomas Heuster, Thomas Perquos and the said Thomas Fetiplace justices to take the same; as by other letters patent, while that assize is pending, the king has appointed him during pleasure keeper of that county, which office as sheriff he has occupied hitherto, and it pertains to him by reason of his office and to none other to execute writs and orders touching the assize, so that while sheriff he may not do what pertains to the office of justice. The king has commanded the said William, John, Thomas and Thomas, three and two of them if all may not be present, the said William being one, to proceed therein without awaiting the presence of Thomas Fetiplace.
To William Westbury, John Golofre, Thomas Heuster and Thomas Perquos. Order, if all may not be present, that three or two of them, the said William being one, proceed in the assize (above mentioned) not awaiting the presence of Thomas Fetiplace, although etc. (as in the last); as by other letters patent etc. (as before).
June 25.
To the escheator in Leycestershire. Order to remove the king's hand from a capital messuage in Prestwolde which is ruinous, a cottage with enclosure there, and certain lands, meadows, pastures and rents in the towns (sic) and fields thereof, and the issues thereof taken; as it is found by inquisition, taken by virtue of his office before Richard Hotoft late escheator and returned before the treasurer and the barons of the exchequer, which the king has caused to come before him in chancery, that Robert Nevylle died thereof seised, that he held the same in chief, and that John Nevylle was his next heir, and of the age of fifteen years and more, and was in ward of Thomas Wodevyle; and that inquisition being read in chancery, and the matter understood, after deliberation with the justices, serjeants at law and others of the council learned in the law, it seemed to them that the same was insufficient, and the seizure of the premises of no force, wherefore by their advice it was determined that the king's hand should be removed.
July 6.
To the treasurer and the barons of the exchequer. Order, upon petition of the prior and convent of the house of Jesus of Bethleem Shene of the Carthusian order, to make inquisition concerning all matters not contained in the letters patent hereinafter mentioned and, if assured that their statement is true, to discharge the now sheriff of Berkshire and all future and previous sheriffs from the date of those letters patent in their yearly accounts of 35s. for hidage, 'wardcorne' and sheriff's aid in their payment of the farm of that county; as the petitioners have shewn that 40 marks a year are demanded of the sheriff in the exchequer for the said farm, towards payment whereof the sheriffs for the time being used to levy of tenants and residents in 'Esthenreth' 12s. for hidage, 9 bushels of wheat price 6d. a bushel for 'wardcorne' and 2s. for sheriff's aid, in 'Esthauney" 6s. for hidage, 6 bushels of wheat for 'wardcorne' and 18d. for sheriff's aid, and in Martelestone 4s. for hidage and 2s. for sheriff's aid, amounting together to 35s. a year, that those towns are and have been time out of mind parcel of the alien priory of Noioun and 'Newmarket,' that by letters patent of 1 April 3 Henry V the late king, being founder of the said house, gave among other things to John Wedryngton then prior and the monks there and to their successors the said alien priory and appurtenances, belonging to the abbey of St. Evroul in Normandy, and among other liberties thereby granted that they, their men and tenants and other the residents in 'Esthenreth' and in the lands, lordships, fees and possessions of the late prior and monks, and their successors, should be quit of all aids of kings and sheriffs, hidage and 'wardcorne,' that by virtue of those letters the prior and his successors were seised of the said whole towns in right of their house as parcel of the said alien priory, and that notwithstanding the same the now sheriff ceases not to distrain therein for hidage, 'wardcorne' and sheriff's aid, for that the treasurer and barons have until now deferred to discharge the sheriffs of the 35s. a year which they were used to demand, praying for remedy. By C.
July 10.
To the escheator in Somerset. Order to remove the king's hand and meddle no further with 2 acres of meadow in 'Estcoker,' two cottages and curtilages, two tofts, 23 acres of land and a piece of meadow called 'Wereacre' in Kyngeston by Yevelle, delivering to Simon Blyke, Alice his wife, Ralph Britte esquire and Agnes his wife any issues thereof taken; as it is found by inquisition, taken before William Bythemore late escheator, that John Warmyll at his death held the premises in his demesne as of fee tail, and that they are not held of the king; and by another inquisition, taken before the escheator, it is found that he so held the same by gift of John Peny and John Trocke to the said John Warmyll, by name of John Warmwelle, and Margery his wife and to the heirs of their bodies, by name of all their mills, lands, meadows, rents, services and reversions of all their tenants there, and that the said Alice and Agnes are daughters and next heirs of John Warmyll and Margery.


  • 1. Petiliarii, translated in the warrant (French) flecchers.
  • 2. The warrant is dated July 3.