Close Rolls, Richard II: October-December 1377

Pages 111-112

Calendar of Close Rolls, Richard II: Volume 1, 1377-1381. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1914.

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October-December 1377

Dec. 28.
To the sheriffs of London. Writ of supersedeas, by mainprise of Thomas Elyngham, Henry Wolsy, John Eggesfeld and Robert Burleston of the city of London, in favour of William Tyryngton at suit of Agatha Pykard, for admitting to his service and retaining John Stouen who left her service before the term agreed.
Nov. 12.
To the treasurer and the barons of the exchequer. Writ of supersedeas in a plea pending between the king and Lettice who was wife of John Kyryell knight concerning a messuage and one shop with quayage adjacent in the parish of St. Mary atte Hull in Byllyngesgate ward London, sometime of Richard Double.
Membrane 19d.
Dec. 22.
To the sheriff of Norffolk. Writ of supersedeas, by mainprise of William Payoun, William de Snetesham, John Wysebech and Simon de Salle of Norffolk, in favour of Mary Willesservant Smyth of Herleston at suit of John Scathelok for leaving his service at Herleston before the term agreed.
To the sheriff of Norffolk. Writ of supersedeas, by mainprise of William Payoun etc. (as the last), in favour of William Smyth and Christiana his wife at suit of John Scathelok for debt.
Dec. 27.
To A. archbishop of York. Strict order, as he will answer for the peril to be feared for the king and realm, to attempt nought, and so far as in him lies to suffer nought to be attempted, procured or done on any pretence at the request or command of any man, which may tend to impair the effect of the late king's writ forbidding him to attempt aught tending to impair the privileges or liberties granted to St. Cuthbert and the church of Durham, to the disturbance of the people, or the comfort and encouragement of the king's enemies of Scotland, or any article thereof, and order to revoke anything so attempted, procured or done, knowing that if he shall do aught to the contrary the king will deal with him as the cause of such disturbance and encouragement, a despiser of his commands and breaker of his peace; as that writ issued upon information received that the archbishop purposed to visit the person of Thomas bishop of Durham the clergy and people of his diocese, and to do other unheard of things which used not to be done time out of mind; and the king is aware that since he took upon him the governance of the realm those enemies have made inroads, committed manslaughters and robberies, and have spied out and burned boroughs and towns within his realm and dominions. By C.
Oct. 28.
To the sheriff of Suffolk. Writ of supersedeas, by mainprise of Walter Sybille, William atte Lee, John Boterwyk and John Cavendissh 'fissher' of the city of London, in favour of Richard Gardyner, otherwise called Richard Arnald, and John Mouse at suit of John Gladwyne of Ixnyng averring threats; and order to set free the defendants if taken for that cause.
Nov. 19.
To the mayor and sheriffs of London. Order to cause proclamation to be made that all who will sue Alice Perriers for offences against the king and people shall present their petitions to the council in this parliament before Saturday next. By K. and C.