Close Rolls, Richard II: August 1377

Pages 36-37

Calendar of Close Rolls, Richard II: Volume 1, 1377-1381. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1914.

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August 1377

Membrane 20.
Aug. 25.
To the sheriffs of London. Order to deliver to William bishop of Winchester all temporalities of his bishopric in their bailiwick, and the issues thereof since 18 June last, meddling no further therewith, and staying altogether the distress made against him by the king's command for the said issues since that date; as on 17 November in the 50th year of his reign, for particular causes laid before the lords of England and others of the great council specially appointed and sitting judicially, the late king by writ of the exchequer ordered the sheriffs to take the said temporalities into his hand and safe keep them until further order; and on 18 June last with assent of the council he restored the same to the bishop with the knights' fees, advowsons etc.
Aug. 24.
To the sheriff of Bristol. Order to stay until further order the distress made upon Walter de Derby of Bristol to answer or account before the treasurer and the barons of the exchequer for two ships of Spain lately taken at sea by the king's lieges and brought to that port, or for the price or value thereof, which ships were by grant of the late king delivered to the said Walter in part recompense for a ship and divers merchandise of his taken at sea by the king's enemies.
Aug. 26.
To the mayor and bailiffs of Sandwich and the keepers of the passage in that port. Order, upon petition of John Haddele citizen of London, to suffer him to take thence to the city of London a crayer called 'la Cristofre' of Sandewiche, and the merchandise therein which came from Flanders; as he has shown that he is hindered from so doing by reason of a prohibition of the passage of ships now made by the king and council, and the king takes note that his prayer is not contrary to that prohibition, and the said John has taken upon him in chancery to bring the same to London and nowhere else at his peril.
To the same. Like order mutatis mutandis, upon petition of John Martyn merchant of the city of Bordeaux, shewing that in Flanders he laded 21 tuns of wine in a ship to bring to London, that for fear of the enemy the ship has now touched at the port of Sandewich, and that he is prevented from bringing the same to London; as he has made oath to bring the ship and wines thither and nowhere else.
Aug. 29.
To the same. Order, upon petition of divers merchants of London and others, shewing that at Flanders they have laded and do daily lade merchandise in divers vessels to bring to London, and that the same are in the port of Sandewich arrested by reason of the said prohibition of the passage of ships, and may not pass to London, to suffer whatsoever vessels in that port with merchandise of the petitioners, and such as shall hereafter come thither, to pass out of that port to London notwithstanding the prohibition and the arrest made by the mayor and bailiffs, first taking security by oath and otherwise that the same shall be brought to London and nowhere else. By C.
Aug. 28.
To the abbot of St. Edmunds. Order to draw without delay to Walton co. Suffolk there to abide with his household, men at arms, armed men, hobblers and archers so long as need be upon the safe guard of the country, as he and his predecessors of old time used to do in time of war with all their retinue and power, as the king has learned by report of many.