Close Rolls, Richard II: 1377

Pages 74-75

Calendar of Close Rolls, Richard II: Volume 1, 1377-1381. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1914.

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Membrane 46d.
Memorandum that on the death of King Edward, who died 21 June, namely on Sunday before Midsummer 1377 in the 51st year of his reign about the seventh hour after noon in his manor of Shene, in the chamber of King Richard at the said manor on 22 June the feast of St. Alban at the hour of vespers William de Burstall keeper of the rolls of chancery, Richard de Ravensere archdeacon of Lincoln and Thomas de Newenham clerks of chancery, being then keepers of the great seal in the absence of Adam bishop of St. Davids his chancellor who was over sea on the business of the realm, in presence of Simon archbishop of Canterbury, Henry bishop of Worcester, John king of Castille and Leon and duke of Lancastre, John de Mountfort duke of Brittany, Edmund de Mortuo Mari earl of March, Thomas de Bello Campo earl of Warrewyk and other lords, delivered to the king's own hands the said seal in a purse of white leather sealed with their seals, and the said king of Castille took it from the king's hands, and delivered it to the custody of Nicholas Bonde knight of the king's chamber.
And after on the return of the bishop of St. Davids, on 26 June following at his manor of Kenyngton in the chief chamber thereof, in presence of the said king of Castille, the bishop of Worcester, John bishop of Hereford, Robert de Assheton the late king's chamberlain, Simon de Bureley chamberlain of the now king and others of his household, King Richard delivered to the bishop of St. Davids the chancellor his great seal for the ruling of England enclosed in a purse, first taking of him an oath truly to perform his office, and bidding him do that which pertains thereto; and the same day in his chapel at his inn in Fletestrete London the chancellor opened the purse, drew out the seal, and caused divers letters patent concerning divers officers of the realm to be there sealed.
Eleanor who was wife of Richard Turberville knight to Robert Turberville her son. Quitclaim of her dower in all lands etc. in Byre co. Dorset and in the hundred of Byre; and surrender of her estate for life in all lands in Byre which she had by gift of Thomas Brideport, John Turberville and Jordan rector of Andruston. Dated Byre, 6 June 51 Edward III.
Memorandum of acknowledgment in the chancery at Westminster, 30 June this year.
Robert Turberville, son and heir of Richard Turberville knight, to Eleanor Turberville his mother. Grant for life of a yearly rent of 80 marks to be taken of all his lands in Byre, with power to distrain for arrears. Dated Byre, 12 June 51 Edward III.
Memorandum of acknowledgment, 30 June this year.
Eleanor Turberville and Robert Turberville, son and heir of Richard Turberville knight. Indenture of defeasance of the foregoing rent, upon condition that in consideration of the foregoing surrender and quitclaim the said Robert shall from Michaelmas next pay the said Eleanor 40 marks a year for life. Dated Byre, 18 June 51 Edward III.
Memorandum for acknowledgment by the parties, 30 June this year.
Robert Turberville, son and heir of Richard Turberville knight, to John Dygoun of Dorset. General release of all personal actions. Dated Byre, 1 June 51 Edward III.
Memorandum of acknowledgment, 30 June this year.
Ingram Brun, son and heir of William Brun knight, to Robert Marny knight and Alice his wife, mother of the said Ingram, and to his said mother's heirs and assigns. Charter with warranty of the manor of Southwokyngdon co. Essex, the manor and advowson of Bekynham co. Kent, the manors of Rounor and Fordyngbrigge co. Suthampton and Randolveston co. Dorset. Witnesses: Ralph Seyntleger, Thomas Tyrell knights, John de Gyldesburgh, Thomas de Belhous, John Stodaye. Dated Tuesday after St. John Baptist 1377.
Memorandum of acknowledgment, 1 July.
Ingram Brun to Sir Robert de Marny knight. Acquittance of the covenants contained in an indenture made at Kyngeston upon Hulle 15 November 48 Edward III between Katherine widow of Sir William de la Pole knight and Sir Edmund de la Pole knight his son of the one part and the said Robert of the other part. Dated Southwokyngdon co. Essex, 1 July 1377. French.
Memorandum of acknowledgment, 1 July.