Close Rolls, Richard II: July 1377

Pages 88-89

Calendar of Close Rolls, Richard II: Volume 1, 1377-1381. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1914.

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July 1377

Membrane 34d.
July 25.
To S. archbishop of Canterbury. Order, in consideration of imminent peril by attacks of the king's enemies of France and their adherents, to arm and array all abbots, priors and ecclesiastical persons of his diocese between the ages of 60 and 16, every man according to his estate, possessions and means, putting them in thousands, hundreds and twenties ready at the archbishop's command to march with other lieges against the enemy; as the king has information that, assembling a great fleet and host of men of war, they have attacked and destroyed divers towns upon the coast of England, and are striving to overturn the realm and church of England, wherefore the king has in every county appointed certain lieges to arm and array all the fencible men between the ages aforesaid, and to keep them in array ready to march for defence of the realm; and the clergy are bound to lay to their hands for defence of the church and realm. By K. and C.
The like to Alexander archbishop of York, and to singular the bishops in England and Wales.