Close Rolls, Richard II: November 1377

Pages 99-100

Calendar of Close Rolls, Richard II: Volume 1, 1377-1381. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1914.

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November 1377

Nov. 2.
John Boys of Tolshunte to Thomas Strete clerk and Geoffrey Hundene. Recognisance for 200l., to be levied etc. in Essex.
Cancelled on payment.
Nov. 3.
To the sheriff of Notyngham. Order to make proclamation of a fair in the town of Maunnesfeld in Shirwode forest on the two days before St. Peter and St. Paul, on that feast and the morrow thereof; as at the petition of the good men of the town his tenants the king has appointed the same to be held, so that it be not to the nuisance of neighbouring fairs. By p.s. [128.]
Nov. 16.
William Byce citizen of London to Godfrey atte Pyrye and Alice his wife. Recognisance for 20l., to be levied etc. in the city of London.
Cancelled on payment.
Oct. 29.
To the treasurer and the barons of the exchequer. Order, for the considerations hereinafter mentioned, and in consideration of their costs in the safe conduct of the king's envoys last sent to Calais to treat for peace, to stay their demand upon the barons and those claiming to be of the liberty of the Cinque Ports for the portion falling upon them of the subsidy of 4d. of every lay person of the realm granted to the late king by the commons, thereof discharging them and the collectors within the liberty of those ports; as in consideration that his navy of the said ports might not be supported but at great cost, King Edward [I] granted that they of the Cinque Ports and all claiming to be of the liberty thereof and willing to enjoy the same should contribute every man according to his means to perform the king's service concerning his ships when by him commanded; and the late king confirmed that grant, and forasmuch as debate arose touching the general words 'according to his means,' by counsel of the prelates, earls, barons and commons in parliament in the first year of his reign the late king granted that all they of the said ports and those claiming as aforesaid should contribute to maintain the said navy and perform the said service of all their goods without and within the liberty, and if need be should be compelled so to do by the mayors and jurats of those ports and by the constable of Dovorre castle, and that their goods so taxed should not be taxed with goods of men without towards tallages or other charges whatsoever.
Nov. 19.
John de Sutton parson of Tunstall to Robert de Haldanby the elder and Richard Giffoun. Recognisance for 400l., to be levied etc. of his lands and chattels and ecclesiastical goods in Yorkshire.
Nov. 6.
To John de Cavendissh and his fellows justices appointed to hold pleas before the king. Writ of supersedeas in favour of Nicholas de Atherton upon his petition, touching an indictment for the death of William de Bredkirke, and order to deliver him from the marshalsea prison to John king of Castille and Leon duke of Lancastre or his attorney, to be taken to his prison in the duchy and there kept in custody until his delivery upon an appeal for the same made against him and others at suit of John son and heir of the said William before William de Skipwith chief justice of the said duke; as that appeal is pending without debate, and the parties have a day at Lancastre on Wednesday after St. Andrew next, and the prisoner has shewn the king that upon an indictment made before the coroner of Lancashire he is imprisoned in the marshalsea prison, and may not nor ought to answer at the same time before the king touching that indictment and in Lancashire to the said appeal. By C.