Close Rolls, Richard II: September 1381

Pages 10-14

Calendar of Close Rolls, Richard II: Volume 2, 1381-1385. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1920.

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September 1381

Membrane 35. (fn. 1)
Sept. 12.
To the mayor and bailiffs of Sandewich. Order on sight etc. to call before them Thomas atte Welle and others of the town, in whose hands is a quantity of plaster taken from a ship called the 'Scoueweder' of Lescluse in Flanders, Henry son of Andrew master, and any others whom they shall see fit, in presence of Hugh Sprot and John Warner proctors of the owners or one of them to hear their arguments touching restitution thereof, and to do speedy justice according to the alliance between the king and them of Flanders, that for lack of remedy and justice they of Flanders have no cause to arrest merchandise of the king's subjects in their power or to bring trouble upon them; as on behalf of John Beek and Arnald de la Mare burgesses of Lescluse complaint is made that certain of the king's subjects in barges at sea took the said ship on the voyage to Flanders between Calais and Dovorre, and brought it so laded to Sandewich, although the complainants shewed letters under seal of the count of Flanders and the commonalty of Lescluse witnessing that the plaster was theirs, which is wrongfully detained under arrest in the hands of the said Thomas and others contrary to the alliance aforesaid; but by other letters under seal the count and commonalty have witnessed that the same was and is the property of the complainants.
Aug. 6.
To the abbess of Shaftesbury for the time being. Order of the fee farm which she is bound to render for the town of Shaftesbury by the hands of the sheriff of Wiltesir to pay to John Roos the king's serjeant one of the yeomen of his chamber 12l. a year for life, which John Bray physician in his life time had by the late king's grant; as for good service the king has granted John Roos that sum for life or until he shall take other order for his estate.
Et erat patens.
Mandate to the said sheriff to discharge the abbess thereof during the life of John Roos.
Et erat patens.
Oct. 8.
To the treasurer and barons of the exchequer. Order not to distrain or trouble Richard de Burle knight for his homage and fealty for lands in England by him held in chief, releasing any distress made; as the king has taken his homage and fealty. By K.
Oct. 15.
To William Stile escheator in Somerset. Order to meddle no further with the purparties of the lands of Emma Coffyn and Isabel Coffyn assigned and delivered to Thomas Rutherdene, Elizabeth Heghne, Matthew White and Joan his wife and to Richard Burdene respectively, delivering to them any issues thereof taken since 4 June 51 Edward III, and certifying in chancery any cause wherefore they ought not so to do; as upon the finding of an inquisition, taken by Robert James the late king's escheator, that at their death Emma and Isabel Coffyn held no lands in that county in chief, but held a moiety of the manor of Thorne Coffyn and the advowson by knight service of the heir of Edmund de Clyvedon knight, a minor in the late king's wardship, who held the same by knight service of the heir of Edward le Despenser likewise a minor in that king's wardship, that the said Thomas being son of Alice one of the sisters of Richard Coffyn their father, the said Elizabeth being daughter of Thomasia one of the daughters of Maud another sister, John Culleye being son of Elizabeth Culleye another daughter of the said Maud, Agnes Verlegh, Christina Verlegh and Juliana Verlegh being daughters of Alice Verlegh one of the daughters of Emma Verlegh the third sister, Joan wife of Matthew White another daughter of Emma Verlegh, and Richard son of Christina Burdene the fourth sister are their cousins and next heirs, the said Thomas, Elizabeth Heghne, Joan and Richard Burdene being of full age, and the said John, Agnes, Christina Verlegh and Juliana within age, on 4 June aforesaid the late king commanded the then escheator to take the fealty of the said Thomas, Elizabeth, Matthew and Richard, to take security for their relief and the said Joan's, in presence of the heirs and parceners to make a partition of the premises into four equal parts, and to give them livery of their respective purparties, keeping the residue in the king's hand until further order; and now the said Thomas, Elizabeth, Matthew, Joan and Richard Burdene have petitioned the king for remedy, shewing that partition was made and livery given as aforesaid, but that the now escheator is nevertheless meddling with their purparties, and taking the issues and profits to the king's use.
Oct. 15.
To the sheriff of Norffolk for the time being. Order to pay to John Cray for life from 16 February last so much of 20l. a year allowed to the sheriff for keeping the gaol of Norwich castle as pertains to him as keeper thereof, according to the king's letters patent of that date, committing to him during pleasure the keeping of the said castle and gaol with the fees thereto pertaining, and other letters of 4 September last committing the same to him for life with such fees and profits as other keepers used to take; as the treasurer and the barons of the exchequer have certified in chancery that the allowance aforesaid is found in the rolls and memoranda of the exchequer.
Et erat patens.
Oct. 14.
To the treasurer and the barons of the exchequer. Writ of supersedeas, by mainprise of Hugh Fastolf citizen and fishmonger of London and William Cressewyke citizen of London to save the king harmless, in favour of John de Haddele citizen and merchant of London, upon his petition, and of William Neuport in respect of their demand for 25l. or an account; as in 50 Edward III in time of truce between the late king and Charles his adversary of France certain goods of merchants of London laded in ships of Flanders were by the king's enemies of France taken at sea and carried away contrary to the truce, and at suit of the owners the king after commanded certain goods of those enemies found in the hands of divers men of the said city to be arrested and by mainprise to be found before the then mayor, namely for saving the king harmless, to be delivered to the said merchants as a reprisal in part of their loss; and now the said John's petition shews that goods of his to a great sum were among those taken as aforesaid, that in part thereof 25l. of the enemies' goods arrested in the city remain in his hands, and that he fears he shall be therewith charged at the exchequer, for that the treasurer and the barons are distraining John Warde then mayor and the said John and William then sheriffs of London to account for the enemies' goods so arrested.
Membrane 34.
Sept. 6.
To the president and all preceptors and brethren of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem in England. Prohibition upon their allegiance and at their peril against departing out of the realm without special licence of the king, taking or sending any money or any jewels or goods of the Hospital to foreign parts without such licence, which at present the king refuses to grant, or attempting aught which may tend to contravene this command.
Et erat patens.
Sept. 11.
To the searcher in the port of London. Order to dearrest and deliver to Alice wife of William del Strother or to her servants a silver cup with gilt cover by him arrested on pretence that she had put it in a ship to be taken without licence to foreign parts; as Richard de Clifford the king's clerk has witnessed to the king and council that she never purposed so to do, but delivered the same to a servant to take to her lodging.
Sept. 6.
To Ralph Wykes escheator in Huntingdonshire. Order, upon complaint of the burgesses of Huntyngdon, by mainprise of William Wightman to suffer them to take seisin of all chattels found in the town of felons concerned in the late insurrection, certifying the same in chancery, and the price thereof, before the next parliament; as among other liberties etc. granted to the said burgesses by charters of former kings, confirmed by the king, it is granted that they shall have the chattels of all felons, fugitives and outlaws, as well tenants dwelling within the town and liberty as strangers and others there found, so that they may take seisin thereof in aid of their farm without let of the king or his ministers whatsoever, and without rendering account to them; and now their complaint shews that the escheator purposes to seize the chattels of divers insurgents there found, which pertain to the burgesses, pretending that in such a case they ought to pertain to the king.
Aug. 30.
To the guardians of the peace and justices of oyer and terminer in Devon. Order to send into chancery under seal the tenor of all indictments, records or processes made before them or any of them by virtue of their commission, certifying also any mainprises before them had, and all things which concern their office, the manner and form thereof. By K.
Et erat patens.
The like to the guardians and justices in the following counties:
Sept. 22.
To the good men and commonalty of the town of Cantebrigge. Order, as they will save them harmless, to cease every excuse, and of the burgesses to cause a fit person for whom they will answer to be elected to the office of mayor for the coming year according to the king's charter, instead of John Marchall of Cantebrigge 'smyth,' his election notwithstanding, and notwithstanding letters of exemption from office to any person previously addressed; as it has come to the king's ears that the said John is not sufficiently qualified, as appears by noteworthy evidences laid before the council, wherefore the king has removed him; and in this perilous time it is needful that a fit person be elected as well for the repose of the people of the town as for keeping the king's peace there. By C.
Oct. 9.
To John Bygod escheator in Yorkshire. Order in presence of John de Neville knight and Elizabeth his wife, daughter and heir of William de Latymer knight, to assign dower to Elizabeth who was wife of the said William, of whom the king has commanded an oath to be taken by the prior of Gysburne that she shall not marry without the king's licence, sending the assignment to be enrolled in chancery. By K.
The like to the following:
Nicholas de Reymes escheator in Cumberland.
John Carnelle escheator in Norhamptonshire.
Thomas Peyvre escheator in Bedfordshire and Bukinghamshire.
William de Walleworth mayor of the city of London and escheator therein.
Oct. 12.
To the steward of the king's lands in Devon, or the keeper of his chace of Dertemore for the time being. Order of the issues and profits of the herbage of Dertemore to pay to John de Sully 20l. a year and the arrears since 22 March 1 Richard II, according to letters patent of the king's father, confirmed by the king while prince and likewise on the date aforesaid, granting him the same for life.
Et erat patens.
Oct. 12.
To the reeve or the king's receiver of the manor of Bradenynch co. Devon for the time being. Order of the issues of the manor to pay to John de Sully knight 40l. a year and the arrears since 22 March 1 Richard II, according to letters patent etc. (as the last), granting him that yearly fee for life.
Et erat patens.
Oct. 24.
To Simon de Burgh, to whom the king lately committed the wardship of all lands of Geoffrey Cobbe in Wympole, Orwelle, Crawedoun, Papworth, Harleton, Wrastlyngworth and Aruyngton, forfeit it is said by reason of his treason and felony. Order not to meddle therewith; as the king has pardoned the said Geoffrey the suit of his peace for treasons, felonies and trespasses whatsoever in the insurrection lately made in divers parts of the realm, and it is the king's will to restore him his lands, for that upon view and examination by them of the council learned in the law of a certificate of the escheator in Cambridgeshire making mention of that treason etc., it seemed to them that the cause therein expressed was not sufficient for forfeiture.
Membrane 33.
Sept. 14.
To the bailiffs of the liberty of Westminster of the abbot of Westminster. Order to receive from Thomas Sayville serjeant at arms John Glasene and John Webbe both of Manytre of the hundred of Tendryng, and to keep them in safe custody in the abbot's prison until the octaves of Michaelmas next, when they shall come before the king. By C.
Sept. 16.
To the sheriff of Kent. Order to arrest Robert Sibthorp parson of Maydenston and John parson of Orpyngton, so as to have them before the council on the morrow of Michaelmas next, in order to answer for their contempt in not coming before the council at a set day, as the king lately commanded them to do, and for matters contained in his command aforesaid. By C.
Sept. 20.
To John de Ravenser the king's clerk keeper of the hanaper of chancery. Order to discharge Richard earl of Arundell of 100l. whereby he lately made fine in chancery for licence to give to certain persons the castle, manors and lands of Chirk and Chirkeslond which are held in chief, and for licence in mortmain to give to the master and chaplains of the college of Holy Trinity Arundell 1 acre 3 roods 6 perches of land and the advowson of Goryng church co. Sussex, which sum the king has pardoned him by reason of costs by him incurred in the king's service. By p.s. [1912.]
Sept. 24.
To the mayor of the city of London. Order, upon petition of certain merchants of that city, to take information how goods of English merchants in Flanders are dealt with, and to dearrest or keep under arrest accordingly goods of Flemings whatsoever arrested in the said city and the suburbs; as their petition shews that divers goods of theirs were lately kept under arrest at Lescluse in Flanders at suit of certain Flemish merchants, who complained of divers losses inflicted upon them at sea by certain English subjects, that the king wrote to the count of Flanders for delivery of the same, but the count and commons of Flanders would [not] deliver them until the merchants of London found a mainprise under a pain of 800l. of Flanders groats, and that divers goods of Flemish merchants to the value of 700l. are now under arrest in London, praying that the same be kept under arrest until the owners shall find a mainprise for discharge of the said mainprise of London merchants. By pet. of C.


  • 1. The face of membranes 37 and 36 is blank.