Close Rolls, Richard II: December 1381

Pages 30-31

Calendar of Close Rolls, Richard II: Volume 2, 1381-1385. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1920.

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December 1381

Dec. 12.
Like order, mutatis mutandis, to the sheriff of Suffolk for election of a coroner instead of Thomas Rose, who is insufficiently qualified.
Like order to the sheriff of Suffolk for election of a coroner instead of Henry Jernemuth.
Oct. 22.
Order to the sheriff of York to cause a verderer in the forest of Spaunton to be elected instead of John Stevenson of Appulton, who is dead.
Dec. 30.
To the collectors of customs and subsidies in the port of London and the controller there. Order to suffer the mayor and commonalty of the city or their deputies to take the whole of the subsidy in that port upon wool, hides and woolfells from Easter next until contented of the arrears of 2,000l. by them delivered as a prest to the king at his request, and at that feast to deliver to them one part of the cocket seal, without both foils whereof the king forbids that any wool, fells or hides shall pass; as on 6 September 4 Richard II by advice of the council the king gave the mayor etc. his bond for repayment of the said sum at Christmas then next, covenanting for deduction of any sum to him granted by the city at the parliament then following, and that the collectors there for the time being should between that date and Christmas pay to them or their attorneys the whole of the said subsidy immediately after 7,000l. should thereof be levied, and that one part of the said seal should remain in their hands until fully paid, and for further security the king caused certain jewels to be delivered to them in pledge in certain coffers and boxes under seal of certain lords; and now the mayor etc. have of their own accord agreed with the council that, although of the said sum 1,000l. or thereabout is in arrear, they shall respite the arrears until Easter, and shall incontinently deliver up the said jewels as they received the same, so that after Easter they shall have the whole of the subsidy as aforesaid until fully contented. By C.
Et erat patens.