Close Rolls, Richard II: January 1382

Pages 31-32

Calendar of Close Rolls, Richard II: Volume 2, 1381-1385. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1920.

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January 1382

Jan. 2.
To John de Seynesbury bailiff or lieutenant in the port of Kirkele. Order of the herrings in a ship called the 'Seint Marie' of Lesclus in Flanders by him lately arrested, for delivery whereof the king and council have yet taken no order, to deliver two lasts to Baldwin de Seint Homer the master for his sustenance and sustenance of the seamen, putting the ship and gear in safe keeping and the residue of the merchandise therein until further order, as he will answer it.
Jan. 13.
To the sheriff of York for the time being. Order to pay to William de Wyndesore 100l. a year and the arrears since 5 November 5 Richard II, on which date the king confirmed letters patent of the late king, granting to the said William for good service 100l. a year of the issues of that county for life or until the king should make him provision for life of 100l. a year of land or rent.
Et erat patens.
Jan. 28.
To Simon de Quyxley mayor of York, Richard Stanton, John Thorneton and John Emlay chamberlains of the Gildehall of that city. Strict order under a pain of 1,000 marks to be in person in chancery on Monday before St. Peter's Chair next, bringing with them and delivering to the court the sums hereinafter mentioned, to shew cause wherefore the same being levied by force and duress ought not to be repaid; as by complaint of William Tykhill of York, Richard del See, John de Eston, William Belle and Roger de Burton of York, by their petition presented to the king and council, it is shewn that at the time of the late devilish insurrection of certain rebels in Kent and Essex they were by the said mayor and others taken by force of arms and imprisoned in the city prison until to save his life and have his deliverance every one of them paid great sums of money to the Gildehall chamber. By K. and C.
Et erat patens.
To Simon de Quyxlay mayor of York and William Ageland, William Pounfreyt and William Goldyng late bailiffs. Like order, and order to bring and deliver also divers bonds and statutes merchant with condition for not impeaching or troubling the mayor and bailiffs or any other of the city, which by threats of beheading them and by fear of death the said mayor and bailiffs compelled the complainants to make and deliver, to shew cause wherefore the same should not be cancelled.
Et erat patens.
To William de Selby, Robert Ampelford, John Cotyngham and John Benetson. Like order to bring and deliver bonds and statutes merchant which (as above) the complainants were compelled to make and deliver to them.
Et erat patens.
Memorandum of a mainprise under a pain of 1,000 marks made in chancery on 29 January this year by Robert Acclum, Henry Roston, John de Gisburne, Adam Wellom and John Leuenton for William Tikhulle, Richard del See, John Eston, William Belle and Roger de Burton, that they shall be ready in chancery on Monday aforesaid to sue against Simon de Quixley mayor of York, John Stanton, John Thorneton and John Emlay chamberlains of the Gildehall, William Ageland, William Poumfreit and William Goldyng late bailiffs, William de Selby, Robert Ampelford, John Cotyngham and John Benetson touching the matter specified above.
Jan. 26.
To the dean of Coventre, John Russhale and William Hopkynson clerks of the diocese of Coventre and Lichefeld. Commission and order to inhibit Thomas de Kirkeby, pretending to be official or commissary of the dean of the king's free chapel of Wolvernehampton, and all others from any attempt to prejudice Richard Nicholes of Wednesfeld the appellant in the prosecution of his appeal while pending before the king, his chancellor or commissaries, and order to cite Parnell wife of the said Richard to appear before the king etc. on Friday after St. Scolastica next in the church of Holy Trinity Coventre, certifying the king etc. at the day and place aforesaid of their action in the matter; as on behalf of the appellant the king is informed that in his absence without contumacy, though he was not lawfully cited, admonished, confessed or convicted, without cognisance of his cause or order of law in such case required or reasonable or lawful cause whatsoever, contrary to the statutes of the general council the said Thomas has excommunicated the said Richard, and at the said Parnell's instance and procurement has unlawfully proclaimed him excommunicate, when in law he was not, from all which grievances he has appealed to the king or the chancellor.